Does God work in mysterious ways?

If you don't read it how can you have faith.   Has anyone ever told you God works in mysterious ways. Do you know that is a lie. The Bible says he is a revealer of secrets. (Dan2:27,28) (Isaiah 46:10) If they make that statement you should be asking someone who can answer the question you ask , because it means the one you are asking has been blinded to the truth. Here are some scriptures that show what can blind someone’s mind.
John 14:22 , 2 Corinthians 4:3,4 Ephesians 4:17,18 1 Timothy 3:6, 6:5 1 John 2:11 .
These scriptures show you who he reveals the secrets to. Deuteronomy 29:29 , Amos 3:7 . So the next time you have a question ask one of Jehovah’s Witnesses they will not tell you that lie. Their minds have not been blinded so they will know the things that the blind ones call mysteries.