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My Linux

   For those who are using Linux. This is how to safely remove Zeitgeist. The first thing you have to do is go into one of your package managers and install the Gnome classic desktop.
After you do that at login choose Gnome classic for your desktop. Then open your terminal and type these commands in. If you are using the Unity desktop I don’t think you can remove it. It is a memory hog though.

Open the terminal and type these commands in.

sudo zeitgeist-daemon –quit
sudo apt-get –purge autoremove activity-log-manager-common activity-log-manager-control-center zeitgeist zeitgeist-core zeitgeist-datahub
sudo rm -fr {/root,/home/*}/.local/share/zeitgeist

The other files don’t matter. It is ok to leave them. I tried this on a variety of Linux versions and didn’t have any problems. Make sure when you install Gnome that you choose it at login before you remove zeitgeist. If you do not you will not be able to access anything you will only see your wallpaper. Everything else will be missing.

There is another way to remove zeitgeist. Remember before you remove zeitgeist be certain that you have Gnome installed and have chosen it at login. Then make sure you have Synaptic package manager installed. Open synaptic. Type zeitgeist in the search bar. Click on zeitgeist core and choose mark for removal, do not click on mark for complete removal you will not like what happens.  Then click on zeitgeist datahub and click on mark for removal. Once you have them checked click on apply.   Before I remove it I usually go into system tools and open system monitor.  Then I click on the processes tab and stop all the zeitgeist processes.  Then I open the terminal and use this command.

sudo rm -fr {/root,/home/*}/.local/share/zeitgeist




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