Internet Explorer allternative.

computer  If you are looking for an Internet Explorer alternative then I would recommend Mozilla Firefox. It loads the pages fast, almost never crashes and there are a countless number of plug ins and add ons that you can install. I seen on the news today that there is a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. I have found Firefox to be very secure.   Go to   give Firefox a try you won’t regret it.  If you need to translate a page you can install Google’s translation extension. I have never tried it though so I can’t comment on how well it will work.

Another alternative that has some pretty cool features, is the Chromium web browser by Google. It has a lot of cool features. The last time I used it there was a feature for translating web pages. I personally didn’t like it so I went back to Firefgox. You can download it here.

What Is Love? How To Find Love?

If you don't read it how can you have faith.Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Test Your Ability To Love.

Just a note, some bibles will say charity instead of love. They both require an act of giving that comes from the heart.

1.  Do I know the origin of love?  (1 John 4:8)

2. Do I know how much I am loved by God and Jesus? (Romans 8:38,39, John 3:16)

3.  Do I know the qualities of love? (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

4.   When someone upsets me am I quick with my tongue or do I follow Jesus example? (1 Petter 2:23)

5.   Am I happy when something good happens for someone or do I get jealous? (James 3:13-16)

6.   Do I try to make myself  look greater or make others feel like they are less? (James 4:13-16)

7.   Do I think more of myself then I should? (Matthew 18:4)

8.   Do I behave properly? (Hebrews 13:4)

9.   Do I always put my own interest first or do I try to help others? (Luke 14:12-14)

10. Do I get provoked easy or do I try to keep peace? (Proverbs 12:18)

11.  Do I hold a grudge or am I forgiving? (Romans 12:17-21)

12.  Am I happy with unrighteousness or do I find joy in bible truths? (Isaiah 5:20-23)

13.   When someone errors do I try to help them or do I tell everyone about it? (Proverbs 11:12,13)

14.  Do I believe the truths in the Bible? (2 Timothy 3:16)

15.  Do I trust God or do I follow my heart? (Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 28:26)

Look the scriptures up, apply what you have learned and you will know God better and in knowing him you will know love and be able to identify it in others.

If you need to know more about something go to . They have a wonderful online library that you can search.




Why use God’s name Jehovah?

If you don't read it how can you have faith.It is respectful to use someone’s name when you are addressing them. If you were a plumber would you like if your name was never used but you were just called the plumber. Your name encompasses the  whole person that you represent. If someone just called you by your occupation then that would be the only characteristic that they would know. If someone said my friend is the  seamstress then people would only know that aspect of the person. Now if they say they are a seamstress name Sue the picture starts getting clearer. Now it is narrowed down to a seamstress named Sue.

Now God’s name Jehovah is unique. There are many false Gods but only one true God. How do you identify the true God? By his unique name.

I have done a lot of research on the meaning of his name and one word cannot describe the meaning. I do not profess to be a scholar on any of this, but I have read many articles and books and from my research I am convinced that Jehovah is his name. From what I have gathered  his name covers his oneness, his eternal existence and  his ability to become what is needed by the ones he loves.

There are many terms used to describe qualities of God and a lot of people confuse the terms with names. These terms don’t get the whole picture of who he is. That is why you should use his name and not a term like Shiloh…etc.

His name occurred thousands of times in the original writings. Most Bibles have removed his name and replaced it with titles. Below is a list of bibles that still contain his name in them.

Living Bible  it appears 408 times.

Wycliff     (Genesis 22:14, Exodus 6:4, Exodus 17:15, Judges 6:24)

King James   and Authorized King James    (Genesis 22:14, Exodus 6:3, Exodus 17:15, Judges 6:24, Psalm 83:18, Isaiah 12:2, 26:4

American Standard has it in many places

Not only is Jehovah one God. (Deuteronomy 6:4, Isaiah 45:6)) , we are to tell others his name. Exodus (9:16, John 17:6) . Hebrews 13:15 says we are to offer a sacrifice of praise, and to make public declaration of his name.

Malachi 3:17  tells us those in fear of his name will be written in the book of remembrance. Proverbs 18:10  shows that knowing his name can protect you.

Psalms20:7 says that putting faith in Gods name is better then weapons. Those who call on the name of Jehovah will be saved. (Acts 2:21,Romans 10:13

Gods people were known by his name. (2 Chronicles 7:14, Deuteronomy 28:9,10).

When God rebuilds the booth of David it refers to the nations upon who his name has been called. (Amos 9:11,12) . And in Acts 15:14  it states God turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name.

We Are To Make His Name Know.

   King Solomon made God’s name  known. He even put God’s name on the temple he built. He desired all to know God’s name. (2 Chronicles 32,33)  If you do not know someone’s name how can you trust them. The bible tells us those knowing God’s name will trust him. (Psalm 9:10)

   Most people know what the day of Jehovah is. They know it as judgement day. The bible tells us everyone calling on his name will be saved. If we do not know his name how can we call on it. (Joel 2:1)

    Israel was to declare God’s name and make his works known. (Psalms 105:1-3)  When they obeyed him the bible tells us that his name would be called upon them. So Israel was called by God’s name. (Deuteronomy 28:10) (Jeremiah 14:9)

   Nothing has changed in respect to that. When God gathers his people together in the last days they would proclaim his name and be known by it. (Acts 15:14-17)(Amos 9:11,12)

   Were would these people come from? The bible tells us the whole earth from every direction. (Isaiah 43:1-10)(Romans 9:24-26)  (Hosea 2:23)

   What convinces me the most that Jehovah is God’s name is that it is the most contested truth that people challenge. Why would Satan and his people work so hard to convince people that it is not God’s name if it wasn’t. If you were worshipping falsely do you think it would be contested?  Satan would be promoting it not trying to stop people from using it because if you worship a false God you are worshipping Satan. He does not want you to know the one and only true God Jehovah.


If you need to know more go to  they have a wonderful online library that you can search. Try searching for (God’s name) you will pull very interesting information up.

What is the best New Testament? Colwell’s Rule of Bible Translation.

If you don't read it how can you have faith.I found this very interesting. Scholars rated different Bible translations for accuracy. The best is at the top of the list. New World Translation which is what Jehovah’s Witnesses use was at the top of the list. I like using more then one Bible though so I will try to find some of the others that were at the top of the list.

What is the best New Testament? Colwell’s Rule of Bible Translation..

You can read the New World Translation at

   For those who prefer the King James Bible. There is one that has put our creator’s name back were it belongs. It is called The Divine Name King James Bible. I have not had a chance to read it. I am going to get one though because I prefer having many bible versions to study with.

The link for more information is here.


If you do not want to read the New World Translation there is a new King James Bible that has been updated. This is the link to the site explaining it.

Best blog search engine,

computer I like searching blogs, you find rare gems of information things that just can’t be found anywhere else.  Usually when you do a search on blog search engines you have to weed through a bunch of trash to find the gems. With Icerocket this is not the case I was surprised at  the search results. I find those gems very quickly. I don’t know what methods they use to get their results but I am impressed by the results. Give it a try and you will see what I mean. If you are looking for  linux tips, fishing you name it, it is worth a try.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on Icerocket there is another blog search engine I like.  The results are pretty good and I found a lot of gems using this one. You have to weed through a few links to find the gems but it wasn’t too bad . Not as good as Icerocket but it gets my vote. I found some blogs that didn’t come up in my Icerocket searches.


Do you know those who fear what others think about studying and sharing the truth will be destroyed?

If you don't read it how can you have faith.The Bible list cowards among those who will be destroyed.  (Revelation 21:8)   Are you afraid of what others think about taking in knowledge of God and sharing it with others? The Bible also says being afraid of men can lay a snare. (Proverbs 29:25)

Did you know that having a fear of man can hinder your ability to love. (1 John 4:17).

Jesus set the perfect example of courage, many times people tried to kill him. He did not let that hinder his worship of the true God. (Luke 4:28-30. The disciples followed Jesus example. (Hebrews 11:37-38) .

Remember salvation comes from God. Those persecuting you will eventually die, but God will not. (Isaiah 51:8,12)

You must enter through the narrow gate, few would make it. Be courages and God will remember you. You are valuable to our creator. (Matthew 7:13-14, Malachi  3:16, Mathew10:29-32).

Have faith God can undo anything man or Satan does. (Hebrews 13:5,6)

We can draw courage from the fact that Jesus conquered the world, in doing so he showed us the path to follow. (John 16:33)

When you are anxious pray to our father, he will give you the courage and strength to endure. (Philippians 4:6-7, Proverbs 18:10, 2 Timothy 1:7)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have God feel towards you what he felt towards others who remained faithful and courages no matter what Satan and his people did. (Hebrews 11:37-38) .

In remaining courageous you could help defeat Satan (Revelation 12:11) . So don’t worry about what the world thinks but show our creator that you have faith. Actions speak louder then words.

If you want to learn more go here and search for (fear of man)


What was God’s first creation, hint it wasn’t the earth.

If you don't read it how can you have faith.Most people think that the earth was God’s first creation but it was not. I will not tell you what his first creation is but I will share some scriptures and you figure it out.

The first clue is when God speaks in the plural referring to us.  (Genesis 1:26, Genesis 11:7)

Next, mentions being produced as the beginning of God’s ways. ( Proverbs 8:22, Revelation 3:14, Colossians 1:15-17) .

By now you have probably figured out it is a person, and who it is. If you have not here are some more clues. All things came into existence through him. He  descended from Heaven and had a fleshly form on earth.  (John 1:14, John 3:13)

He spoke of the things he seen and heard when he was in Heaven.( John 3:31-32)

He spoke of the glory he had beside God before the world was. (John 17:5)

Calls God his father.(John 14:28)

Because of living as a human and being tested, and his suffering he learned obedience.( Hebrews 5:8-9)

By now you have probably figured out who the person is. But this is my favourite part of knowing him. He will rule as king in Heaven and when he is done he will hand the Kingdom back over to God. (1 Corinthians 15:24

If you found this interesting and you want to learn more go to and do a search on “only-begotten”  in quotes like I have it in this sentence.

By now you probably figured out that Jesus is God’s first creation. That is why God is speaking about us in Genisis. I love the online library they have. There is such a vast wealth of information. There is a lot of articles that deal with everyday problems like divorce, bad health etc. If you want to learn who created Satan go to and do a search on (who created Satan)



Boot Disc, f4ubcd

computerI ran into this website awhile back and thought someone may be able to use this if they repair computers.  The website owner put together the best boot cd I have used yet. It has just about every tool you would need. Saves me a lot of time. You need to download the f4ubcd iso, burn it to disc. When you burn it you want to use the burn disc image feature of your burning software. There are to many tools to mention, but you will love it. He does have a wordpress blog. This is the link to the blog if you want more information.  .  The link to the website is .

This is the link to information to download it.


Kernel Panic error.

My Linux

This post is to help people that are installing linux and get a  kernel panic error. When you are installing linux sometimes you will get the kernel panic error when you are installing it. Sometimes the kernel panic error comes up after you have installed it and you are in the boot process. My experience has been one of two things that have caused this. Sometimes I have had ram that was going bad and other times it was the graphics card that was was going bad. When I changed the   bad hardware the error went away.

Satan and the Demons are mortal, they will die.

If you don't read it how can you have faith.I hear so many people talk about Satan and the demons like they are immortal. They are not immortal, they are mortal like us. They will die someday. Read these scriptures and you will see what I mean.

Romans 16:20, Hebrews 2:14, Revelation 20:10-14.  

   Satan tries to convince  people that he has more power and authority then he really does. He tries to get people to believe he is on the same level as God. It makes it easier for people to give up because they think there is no point in trying to resist him. He has already been thrown out of Heaven. He knows he has very little time left. The reason things are getting so crazy Satan and the demons have been cast out of heaven. They know they do not have much time left, so they are trying to deceive as many as possible and those Satan and the demons cannot deceive they are trying to destroy their faith. We should find encouragement from this, times are getting very difficult but it also indicates Jesus is going to redeem those who remain faithful very soon. Revelation 12:7, Luke 21:28

I have realized that people are confusing the abyss which is temporary with the lake of fire. When Satan is thrown into the abyss he will be released again, but that will not be the case when he is thrown into the lake of fire. Here are some scriptures that should help you understand the abyss better.  (Luke 8:31,Psalms 88:6-8, Revelation 20:1-3)

There are people who will join Satan in the lake of fire. (Revelation 21:8). Sodom and Gomorrah suffered the judicial punishment of everlasting fire. We do not see the fire still burning. If you throw something into the fire and burn it, there is nothing but ashes left. The destruction of that item becomes permanent you can’t put it back the way it was. That will be the case for those who choose not to obey God. (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9)