LG Optimus Home And Back Keys Don’t Work.

How I Got My Soft Keys To Work

    Hello, I was having problems with the soft keys on my Android phone. It is an LG Optimus. I would have to hit the home and back buttons repeatedly to get them to work. This is how I got mine to work. I went into settings, then I opened display, at the bottom you will see calibrate. It will tell you to lay it on a level surface.  You will see an image similar to the picture below. It looks like a cross hair.


   Now you will be told to lay your phone or android device on a level surface. If you have done that then it should look similar to this picture.


  The next thing I did was put something under the phone or device until it looked like the picture below. Notice part of the cross hair is visible at the bottom. That is the part close to the soft keys or buttons or the home and back keys.


  Now you will tell the phone to calibrate. You will see this at the bottom of the screen. Once I did this my buttons started working. I figure what ever sensor they have to detect how level the phone was is off a little. That is why I tried this.

   Mine is working fine after doing this. I hope it helps anyone else who is having trouble. Sorry about the bad graphics. I don’t have much experience at that sort of thing.