Lyme Disease Is Scarey.

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When you have Lyme Disease it is very scarey. Some people die because of the complications. The best advice I received when I was at my worst is remain calm. Do not worry about anything no matter what. You will have emotions that don’t make sense because it does affect your mind. There isn’t a part of your body that Lyme does not touch.

Keep a journal of your symptoms, your emotions, what works for you and what doesn’t because Lyme affects everyone differently. Make sure you put in the journal what you ate and how you feel afterwards because when you have Lyme you will develop many allergies. I developed one to red meat which is common with certain strains of Lyme.  Most Lyme sufferers suffer co-infections. The most common are Babesia and the other is Ehrlichia and another is Bartonella. When you are being treated for Lyme I have found out that Lyme sufferers are prone to Candida infections so you have to watch your gluten intake.

Take Herbals they do help tremendously. I took a few but not that many only ones that I knew worked from people that I know  who  have used them. Before you take an herbal remedy make sure it is safe.  Only take one new herbal at a time because if you have a reaction you will be able to tell which one it is. Always do research on the herbal.

Join a Lyme group so you have someone to talk to. Lyme is one of those illnesses that usually only another Lyme sufferer will understand.  This is the thing that helped me the most because there are many wonderful people who have been through it and are happy to help you. We are taught not to vent but you experience some crazy things with Lyme so it is good to vent. There is a difference between venting and whining. Those who vent talk about the troubles they experience and then take action, those who whine talk about it and talk about it but do nothing.

When your symptoms are bad it is scarey, it is ok to be scared. Lyme ruins your life financially , it ruins your social life and family life. If not treated in time it can ruin your body. Don’t feel guilty because you can’t help others or can’t cook or do the things you did before, worrying about it will not help anything and will prolong your recovery.  Don’t worry about what people say because they will say many hurtful things. Lyme sufferers look healthy even though Lyme is destroying our bodies.  When you are very ill you will think there is no way your body can recover from all that but don’t believe it. I have talked to many that have completely recovered. Even people who have had it for years. There are a very few who develop Chronic Lyme I think it is somewhere near 20% . So chances are in your favor that you will recover.

Do not get desperate and do things out of desperation.  I have read many article were scammers offered miracle cures to take advantage of a Lyme sufferers desperation. I have also read were Lyme sufferers have done dangerous things like having peroxide put into them intravenously and it has cost them their lives. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. No matter what the treatment is Lyme takes a long time to recover from.

You will have to learn as much as you can about Lyme because most doctors knowledge of Lyme is limited. Some don’t even believe it exist. Also find a Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor.

For those who are religous no God is not punishing you. There are many reasons people get ill but don’t think God is punishing you. If you go to this link you will see that is not why we suffer.

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