Most Common Symptoms From Lyme Or Tick Born Disease.


I put a list together of symptoms of Lyme from people I have talked to and my own experience on how they have progressed. These are symptoms I have not found listed anywhere. I figure it may help others. I tried to put them in order of how they occur but each person is different. I have not listed all symptoms just the most common ones. You will have to excuse how I have put this together. My medical knowledge is limited. If you think I should add something to this or change something please let me know. There are symptoms that others have suffered that I have not listed. There are also symptoms I had that others didn’t suffer. I only put the most common symptoms, ones that almost all of us suffered. Some suffered them in different orders but this is about how most of us suffered them.

Symptoms Of Lyme As I Believe They Commonly Occur.

Well get the allergic reaction from the tick bite. They claim it will be a bulls eye rash but very few people it talked to have gotten that. I will post a picture of both types of rashes I have seen with Lyme sufferers.

Lymebite 256px-Lyme_Disease_Rash_on_5_year_old

Difficulty adjusting to temperatures especially sudden temperature changes.

Started having head aches that got worse over time.

Started becoming allergic to things that previously were not allergic to before. Spices, environmental things, various foods especially read meat.

Urine becomes dark no matter how much water is consumed it does not seem to get lighter.

Stomach starts feeling bloated then starts becoming painful and cramped nausea and frequent indigestion.

Will  get rashes that look like poison ivy or poison oak.


Bowel movement become erratic will have diarrhea one day and be constipated the next.

Started having sharp pains in eyes, then started having a difficult time focusing eyes as the months went by vision became blurred. One or both eyes water.

Started getting pains that appeared in different parts of the body each week. Different muscles, joints, kidney paint etc.

Started feeling tired all the time. When going to bed and waking would have spasm in feet and legs.

Joint and muscle pain would become more frequent and and persistent and severe. In later stages the joints start popping and grinding.

Started getting light headed and dizzy, can not concentrate and have difficulty remembering things.

Body temperature would fluctuate but when it is at a steady level it would remain around 96 degrees Fahrenheit .

Develops a sensitivity to alcohol. Would get sick or intoxicated from very small amounts. Would also develop a sensitivity to caffeine. It will make you sick and light headed.

Would feel dehydrated no matter what amount of water is consumed.

Bodies natural clock would become distorted so patients become unaware of length of time, would start waking and sleeping at unusual times of the day with more difficulty sleeping at night.

Muscles start trembling all the time like when shivering from being cold causing more fatigue and soreness at the points that muscles connect. Not visible but can be felt. At later stages becomes visible can do nothing to stop it and becomes worse as time progresses stress, anxiety, anger, cold and many other things trigger it. Trying to fight it makes it worse. Muscles will feel stiff and hurt like as if they are pulled. Will have severer muscle fatigue.

Started having cirrhotic rashes on different parts of the body. Sometimes get marks on body that looks like red stretch marks.

Slight drooping of at least one eye.

One or both eyes water.

Burning in feet.

Will develop lumps on muscles and joints.

Will get nauseated by various odors ones that you were never bothered by before. Even common everyday odors like food cooking. Perfume and the smell of cleansers is the worst.

Skin become sensitive to things like perfume in soaps and laundry detergent. Skin also becomes very dry.

Get tired or light headed after eating, same thing will happen if standing too long.

Random numbness of body parts like foot , hand, side of face etc.

Just a note for me Zithromycin is harmful to Lyme sufferers. Steroids are also very harmful to Lyme sufferers.

2 thoughts on “Most Common Symptoms From Lyme Or Tick Born Disease.

  1. spice January 23, 2015 / 9:44 pm

    Reading this made me so sad because I remember the terrible journey. Thanks so much for sharing! Others neeeeeeeeded this

    • iamajuicer January 24, 2015 / 12:32 am

      Spice that is the advice you gave me. It helped me so much when I was at my worst that I knew I had to share it. Thanks for being there.

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