Supplement and Nutrient Information I have accumulated.

This is not medical advice I am putting this here for informational and educational purposes , so this should not be taken as medical advice.

Know this you will not find accurate information from the FDA. They have work for big corporations pretty much since they have been founded. They will deliberately suppress real science while promoting corporate science. Nothing has changed even in our times. If you want accurate information on nutrition you will have to look somewhere other then the government. I am finding this is the case with governments around the world.

It is very important to eat organic. Most of our food has either had glyphosate applied or contains it. Glyphosate is a chelating agent and can cause nutrient deficiencies which has a major impact on our health and ability to heal. Not only that but glyphosate and glufonisate cause nutrients to go to the wrong areas of the body.

This a list of things I believe will help with healing especially Interstitial Cystitis.

If you have leaky gut then you may want to read the leaky gut section of this first because it is futile to try to heal Interstitial Cystitis with a leaky gut because the high histamine levels caused by leaky gut adds to the problem.

I prefer natural anti-inflammatory nutrients because NSAIDs can damage the gut if taken for too long which can lead to many forms of chronic illness.

Homeostasis is the goal. When you start feeling better I found it is good to stop taking a supplement daily and take maintenance doses. If not you will deplete enzymes and could end up making yourself sicker.

I have learned before you can heal you need to open the methylation pathways that are blocked are address ones that are being over expressed . Before you do that you have to detox because when they open up the body with start to detox at the cellular level. Once you detox them open the Methylation pathways. Then continue to detox for a while. It may irritate your bladder but it is necessary for healing.

So things that kill pathogens will make you herx. You need to ease into them and give you body time to detox and slowly build up the dose. When I first took mugwort it is very good at killing pathogens. I could only do three drops then had to wait three days. It took me three months to work up to the full dose and taking it daily. With a herx reaction you will also experience nausea and muscle tremors. Not sure why none of the sites mention that.

Methylene Blue – reduces bladder pain and spasms, reduces frequency of urination, reduces symptoms of depression. Used in cyanide poisoning. Reduces Alzheimer symptoms and has been shown to extend life span. Helps reverse sepsis. If you are G6PD deficient or anemic you should not take this. Glyphosate and glufonisate can make you G6PD deficient.


Chloropyll – improves the health of the blood. Removes heavy metals. Protects good gut bacteria while killing bad. Reduces inflammation, also will reduce bad breath and body odor.

Why people should rethink taking iron supplements.

Citrilline – opens the biotoxin pathways. Improves circulation and endurance.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) – detoxes liver and the body, prevents aluminum toxicity. Has antidepressant properties. Taking to much or too often can can have negative instead of positive effects. Do not take this to often or you will lose the benefits. They found using it in moderation fought cancer over using it gives you cancer. It has been found to protect the lungs. Protects the brain and neurons and protects us from toxins.

Dandelion – removes many toxins, help clean the renal system out. Has been shown to reduce cancer. Stimulates DIG1 which helps remove toxins. Has been shown to fight cancer. When any supplement or nutrient stimulates and enzyme it is a good idea to pulse it so you do not deplete that enzyme and make yourself sicker. Dandelion protects the liver and fights cancer. It reduces oxidative stress. Protects the heart. It also protects from glutamate toxicity.

Threonine – Helps prevent fatty liver, helps maintain proper protein balance in the body. Helps break down fats. Most vegetarians are low in this. It is important in maintaining the health of connective tissue and bone. Deficiency in threonine results in digestive system and low immune function. Threonine deficiency can cause fatty liver. Unfortunately the sources of threonine are meat and plants that are high in sulfur so we much address high sulfite levels that can be cause by gut dysbiosis and metabolic issues that cause high sulfite levels.

Foods high in threonine.

Selenium helps remove mercury and cadmium from the body, improves circulation, helps repair DNA. Also increases Glutathione which helps reduce histamines but do not take too much. Selenium improves cognitive function and improves sleep. It reduces the risk of cancer. Iodine deficiency can cause fatigue. Iodine deficiency can cause hair loss and dry skin. Feeling could is a symptoms of iodine deficiency. Most table salt that is fortified is fortified with potassium iodide which protects you from radiation. Too much potassium iodide can cause excess potassium levels in the body and thyroid disorders. Too much iodine period can cause thyroid issues. Too much potassium can cause kidney failure.

Iodine – most bioavailable form is atomic iodine. Improves blood flow, helps repair DNA, helps prevent hypothyroidism and metabolic disorders. Detoxes flouride and bromine from the body.To much can have a negative effects on the thyroids.

Cholesterol – needed in almost all parts of the body for healing and protecting the cells, cleans the lymph glands out. Brain cannot function without it, it is needed for bile production. The body cannot produce bile without it so your detxing abilities will be hindered if your cholesterol is low. High oxLDL is a sign of oxidative stress.

Lactoferrin – helps remove bad iron ions from the body. Heals the gut and helps balance microbiota.

Taking lactoferrin with the right lactobacilli improves bladder health. I say right lactobacillie because we need one that raises the acidity of the digestive system and bladder. Alkaline feeds pathogens and can make candida switch from commensal to pathogenic form. Lactoferrin inhibits plasminogen which will fight many pathogens including Lyme but should not be used in high amount or for too long because this can lead to fibrosis caused by plasminogen deficiency so those with fibroids, NAFL, or COPD may not benefit from taking this and most likely would see a negative inmpact on their health. We have to remember homeostasis is the goal. Lactoferrin inhibits the damage caused by fungal toxins. Lactoferrin helps with osteoporosis. When we have excess oxidative stress we get moleculed of iron that build up that the body cannot use. Lactoferrin chellates them and stabilizes the iron in our blood.

Zinc – helps remove heavy metals and helps with DNA repair do not take too much or it can remove copper from the body. Most are deficient because of the high glyphosate usage.

Zinc reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces inflammation, reduces histamines, improves the health of the immune system and fights cancer. Deficiency in zinc can cause hormonal imbalance. If we are deficient in zinc our ability to heal is inhibited, we can experience hair loss and fatigue.

Omega 3 fatty acids – helps boost the livers ability to detox. Heals and protects the brain improving cognitive function. Improves the function of the anti-oxidant system. If a person has pyrole issues oils will make them ill, they will have gall bladder pain when consuming oils and may get indigestion. This must be corrected before taking oils or they will make you worse. Without lots of fat in our diets we will become very ill because just about every cell in the body uses and needs lipids. They protect the cells from pathogens and help transport nutrients to the cells. If our body fat gets below 12% it can negative effect our health. Omega 3s reduce oxidative stress and protect our heart and many other organs. One of the best sources of Omega 3 is cod liver oil. But it can raise histamines if it is old. If the capsules smell fishy they are old. I refrigerate mine as soon as I get them and I buy a brand that contains a little lemon juice which prevents it from oxidizing. Those with pyrrole issues have been found to be deficient in zinc, biotin, Alpha Tocopherol and vitamin B6. It can also be caused by gut dysbiosis.

Reduce intake of Omega 6, most diets contain too much and when to high instead of reducing inflammation it will cause it.

Work on metabolic pathways. P5P, methylcobamin (methyl B12) and magnesium, are needed by many pathways. Molybednum and manganese are needed by many pathways but only take about three times a week. Too much can cause problems. P5P should be taken before the B12 so the B12 can be used by the body.

These should help get the body methylating. When the methylation pathways open the body will start detoxing so you should continue the detox protocols the whole time. This could cause the bladder to become irritated again until the toxin levels are down.

I alternate between using Rooibos, dandelion and chamomille for detoxing. Alternating prevents you from depleting enzymes needed to detox. A teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water is also great for detoxing it helps remove heavy metals, endotoxins and afloxin. Has been shown to lower risk of cancer. It is renal protective but will not reverse kidney disease. It also improves endurance. It normalizes urine ph and decreases uric acid. It raises ketones so those with diabetes should use with causion.


L-Glycine – usually low in vegetarians, has sedative affects, reduces stress hormones. Inhibits bacterial overgrowth in the body. Needed in many parts of the body for healing. Also needed for creatine production. Glycine – inhibits bacterial overgrowth in the bladder, helps remove ammonia, Needed for healing throughout the body. Also helps the adrenals by reducing stress hormone. Glycine protects pancreatic B cells from oxidative stress. It reduces inflammation in tendons. Glycine is neuro protective.

Tyrosine – works as a stimulant, reduces stress hormones. Reverses neurological decline. Improves cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Tyrosine is an important factor in digestion. Sulfation issues can cause interfere with gastron production because sulfation of tyrosine is needed. High sulfite levels from dysbiosis or metabolic issues will interfere with sulfation. Oxidative stress can negatively impact the function of tyrosine in the body this can result in a degradation of brain function, heart disease, hypoglycemia, and neurodegeneration. So we must reduce oxidative stress the best we can so it’s functions are not inhibited. Uric acid is a good scavenger of peroxynitrtrates so of you of high porphyrin levels you must address that because it interferes with the processes needed to reduce oxidative stress. B12 also helps prevent the oxidations of tyrosine by peroxynitrates and is needed to reduce the oxidation of tyrosine by peroxynitrate. Some have metabolic issues that prevent them from converting B12 to a form that can be used by the body. Herbicides and pesticides can cause phylketonuria. If this happens ammonia builds up in the body. Those who have this have to avoid meat , potatoes and other foods high in phenylalanine. Tyrosine helps when this occurs.

Arginine – reduces aging, reverses cardiovascular damage, promotes human growth hormone production and reduces inflammation. Arginine increases NO production and is important in cell signalling. Arginine increases insulin sensitivity which would prevent many forms of illnesses. During oxidative stress or sepsis arginine and citrulline can become deficient increasing the degree of illness.

Lysine – needed to produce serrotonine and most connective tissue throughout the body. Also helps remove ammonia from the body. Lysine is needed to convert body fat to energy. Decreases the outbreak of herpes. Reduces symptoms of mental disturbances. Lysine increases the absorption of calcium. Helps heal the gut.

Fiber – helps the body to produce butyric acid which protects the gut, helps the body break food down so that it can more readily use the energy from it. Helps heal mucus membrane. Sometimes you will see it called butyrate. It is also found in butter and ghee. Ghee is good for those sensitive to dairy. Fiber also helps remove toxins from the body. I am not going to cover this in detail because I am going to do a whole post on it. Those who have excess sulfur digesting bacteria should avoid the fermentable fibers like pectin, beta-glucans, gaur gum, innulin and oligofructose. Those who have leaky gut those are great at healing leaky gut. If you have both you will have to learn to balance your intake of them and work on balancing your gut bacteria, resistant starch helps with that.

Catalase – helps reduce hydrogen peroxide, helps protect body from damage, studies show it may increase life span. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. It is generated from oxidative stress, toxins like farm chemicals, lead, mercury, cadmium and when the body is unable to identify a pathogen it uses H2O2 to unleash and all out attack. This can damage many things in the body. It deteriorates mucous membranes, can break down the blood brain barrier causing brain swelling and make it easier for pathogens to enter the brain. Catalase is important to the integrity of our cells. Decreased levels of catalase can cause graying of the hair. Fats in the diet stimulate catalase production. If we are deficient in catalase we could develop diabetes. Vitamin D3 increases catalase. Resveratrol found in grape seed extract increases catalase. Zinc increases all antioxidant enzymes. Our gut bacteria needs manganese to produce catalase to protect themselves. We can get iron overload but appear to be anemic, curcumin chelates iron from the body. It is why over use of curcumin can make you anemic. But in cases of iron overload it would help restore catalase levels because iron overload depletes catalase. Lactoferrin reduces levels of bad iron while replenishing the good iron.

We need to balance things because H2O2 protects us from cancer, pathogens and toxins. So if we lower levels too low we lose protection. The goal should be homeostasis.

To much oxidative stress and our bodies start wasting away.

Chaga Mushroom – kills pathogens contains the most absorb able form of super oxide dismutase.

But super oxide dismutase is part of the antioxidant system and helps protect us from many types of illness. It protects us from toxins and free radicals. It protects our DNA from damage. If you are not healing you may need SOD. If you are deficient in manganese you cannot detox ammonia. SOD needs manganese to detox ammonia.

Vitamin A – helps heal mucous membrane in the bladder and gut. Helps with healing throughout the body. Vitamin A helps keep the skin and eyes healthy. There are too many benefits to list. Measles is caused by a vitamin A deficiency which explains why when there were measles parties when I was a child I could not get measle I ate lots of carrots. They have found synthetic vitamin A increases risk of cancer. Those who are vegetarians need sources of vitamin A the body can readily convert. Plants that contain A-carotene, B-carotenoids, and B-cryptoxanthan will convert to retinol in the body. Consuming fat with sources of Vitamin A makes it more readily absorbed by the body.

Vegetarian information.

Coconut oil contains Monolaurin – protects and heals the brain, kills many pathogens. Good source of phospholipids. Reduces inflammation, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces oxidative stress. It contain most of the electrolytes needed by the body. It helps fight many infections and can cross the blood brain barrier. It to has too many benefits to list.

The right fats like those found in coconut oil are very important to good health. You must make sure you address porphyria issues because this causes pyrrole issues and can cause phenylketonuria. Coconut oil reduces amyloid-b which causes Alzheimer’s and amyloidosis which can be deadly. Amyloidosis can develop when there are high toxin levels in the body including afloxin and endotoxins. Coconut oil also protects us from diabetes. Coconut oil switches our renal system to an anti-inflammatory state from and inflamed one.

Biotin – helps reduce carbon dioxide levels, needed for cell growth and repair. Helps reduce MS symptoms. Biotin is needed for energy production in the body , it is water soluble and cannot be stored by the body. It helps with the break down of proteins and fatty acids synthesis. It is important for nail and hair health. Biotin deficiency causes inflammation, and T cell imbalance. The very ones commonly found in interstitial cystitis and many forms of chronic illness like lupus. Biotin deficiency causes lactic acidosis. Biotin is important in the proper function of the VMAT receptor. When the VMAT receptor is not functioning right it results in many types of mental illnesses. Biotin is responsible for dopamine homeostasis.

Extra biotin is needed if you do a ketogenic diet because it is used more during gluconeogenesis. Those with MS also require higher amounts of biotin.

To much biotin causes sperm cell death and sudden weight loss. It also reduces the size of the liver and kidneys. They do not know what these effects will do so it would be wise to stay within the recommended dosages.

Methylene Blue – reduces bladder pain and spasms, reduces frequency of urination, reduces symptoms of depression. Used in cyanide poisoning. Reduces Alzheimer symptoms and has been shown to extend life span. Should not be taken if you are G6PD deficient or anemic. Methylene blue helps with sepsis. If you are taking DHEA you should not use methylene blue. Also those with hypertension should not use methylene blue it can make it worse. When under oxidative stress from toxins, infection, pathogens or even stress in life we can develop high levels of Fe3. This inhibits the bodies ability to transport and use oxygen. Methylene Blue restores the blood to normal. !!Be careful methylene blue inhibits MAO so can cause serotonin toxicity. Also methylene blue should not be taken if you are taking medication !! It can be purchased in the section for urinary infection because it also helps fight renal infection. One brand I can think of is Urolene , Uribel or something like that and I think the other was Azure. Methylene blue dissolves amyloid plaque so it may help with amyloidosis. Methylene blue improves memory. Methylene blue protects the heart. You may not see methylene blue on the package it may say methylthioniniun chloride. Copied this information on methylene blue which may help find it. It inhibits mast cells so should help with MCAS

Brand names and proprietary formulas of methylene blue. Desmoid piller, Desmoidpillen, Panatone, Urolene Blue, and Vitableu. Its synonyms include Phenothiazine-5-ium, 3,7-bis(dimethylamino)-, chloride (9CI), C.I. Basic Blue 9 (8CI), methylthionine chloride, methylthioninium chloride, tetramethylthionine chloride, swiss blue, aizen methylene blue, and C.I. 52015

Rhodiola – increases red blood cell count, reduces cortisol, increases stamina. Reduces symptoms of depression. It is an adaptogen, which means it helps with hormones. Increases energy by increasing ATP. It lowers cortisol. It improves exercise performance. Helps reduce symptoms of menopause.

Quercetin – heals the gut and bladder linings, also helps repair nerve damage. Those who over methylate may have problems with this so address metabolic issues before taking it. I prefer getting things from natural sources. I found I usually don’t react to them when in foods we can consume and often times the nutrient needs the cofactors in the foods to be absorbed by the body. Often times the cofactors compliment the nutrient. When something is isolated from a plant it acts more like a drug then a nutrient which creates it’s own set of problems, especially if you have metabolic issues. Quercetin fights inflammation, fights free radicals, reduces histamines, improves heart health, reduces pain and fights cancer.

Plants with highest levels of quercetin and which parts have it, not all parts of a plant contains it. I noticed radish leaves contain it. They are one of my favorite things to put in salads.

Vitamin D – helps with depression, helps with healing throughout the body. Helps with bone repair. Also helps with many autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D is important in the regulation of insulin levels. If you have gut dysbiosis, excess oxidative stress or metabolic issues then taking vitamin D3 is usually useless. You need to address those to get the full benefits of vitamin D . Too much vitamin D can cause oxalates. Your skin makes vitamin D when you get sunlight, this is why lifeguards have one of the highest rates of kidney stones. Most information I have seen says not to get over 4,000 IU of vitamin D a day. If you have high levels of glyphosate or glufosinate then you will not be able to convert your D to D3 and would benefit from taking D3. The body cannot absorb vitamin D unless taken with an oil. In order for out bodies to make vitamin D and convert it to forms needed by the body, we need to get adequate amounts of cholesterol. If you are low in magnesium your will be intolerant to vitamin D and get ill from it.

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