Acidosis and the difference between it and Alkalosis.

Acidosis is very serious and results in chronic illness and even death. Symptoms can be difficulty breathing it becomes deeper and more rapid as the body tries to rid itself of CO2 , nausea or vomiting, fatigue, you will be drowsy and sleep a lot, you will become dissociated and get tunnel vision.

Acidosis destroys the pancrease which leads to many other forms of chronic illness.

One of the differences between acidosis and alkalosis is that nerves become hyper sensitive in alkalosis and we become excitable. In acidosis nerves are depressed and we become drowsy.

If not addressed it will result in damage to the pancreas.

Acidosis causes hypercalciuria which causes osteoporosis, and kidney stones. It also causes increased levels of vitamin D3 which causes sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis will cause granulomas to form throughout the body. It often gets mistaken for non alcohol fatty liver and COPD. Sarcoidosis is brought on by an infection and T cells that are out of balance from a result of the acidosis. When in more severe stages the granulomas can be seen under the skin especially around the muscles. This also increase adrenaline which can increase us taking risk and we could develop paranoia.

Those with acidosis would probably be harmed by aspirin. It can make acidosis worse.

Acidosis can also be induced by our diet. Our body needs nutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables to regulate our bodies PH. If we eat too much meat and carbohydrates and not enough fruit our blood could become acidic. Our blood is supposed to be alkaline about 7.3 or a little above. When it drops below that we become acidic. The digestive system and bladder are acidic and should be kept at an acidic PH.

And you guessed it Glyphosate also causes acidosis.

It can actually switch cancer cells from Warburg effect to OXPHOS phenotype.[0]=9746

Acetaminophen can cause acidosis.

Sodium bicarbonate prevents cardiac arrest from acidosis.

Hyperventilating can reduce acid levels but if done improperly can cause a person to pass out so I do not recommend this.

Thiamine deficiency causes increases symptoms of acidosis and gastrointestinal problems.

Thiamine deficiency can also cause brain swelling.

Though acidosis destroys the renal system it can recover at any stage.

Reducing the acidosis with bicarbonate and chelating iron helps fight pathogens.

Benefits of drinking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Kind of ironic I do not like raisins but craved them when I was ill. They help with acidosis.

Metabolic issues cause acidosis especially porphyria.

This is an example of them treating the symptoms but not the cause. Acidosis is a symptoms, but they treat the acidosis instead of figuring out and treating the cause. It is why they did not correct the problem in this experiment. Only 6% of modern medicine is based on science because they are looking at the mind set of thinking the symptoms are the cause. Naturopaths for the most part look for the cause and treat it. That is why they are more successful. Allopathic medicine views successfully treating the symptoms as a success even the the cause is making a person sicker they figure hiding the symptoms is good.

Whether a food is acid or base has nothing to do with what it does inside the body. For example lemons are estremely acidic but it cause the body to become more alkaline. I found this list to be some what accurate but the mention a lot of high sulfur foods which should be avoid if you have BH4, CBS issues or high sulfite levels it will make the acidosis worse. Once you have addressed what is causing the acidosis whether it be and infection, toxin, or nutrient imbalance you will not have to worry whether the food alkalizes or not because you body will be able to regulate it’s own ph again.

In acidosis a person will have high plasma potassium levels and in alkalosis they will have low potassium levels.

If we are deficient in magnesium, calcium or salt our body cannot properly regulate our ph levels. Calcium is usually not a problem but because of the myths about salt many have ended up being deficient and there are many deficiencies in minerals because of over farming and glyphosate chelates minerals from the soil.

I believe fasting would be bad with someone who has acidosis because ketones are acidic though I have not found studies to show they raise acidic levels , it would only stand to reason, especially since our body becomes acidic when glucose levels drop.

As with many types of chronic illness a lack of variety in our gut bacteria causes acidosis.

Those with SIBO or gut dysbiosis usually have acidosis. Candida causes alkalosis. This is why increasing bile production is important because if the food ferments from inhibited bile it will increase acidosis.

It is the reason those with dysbiosis have bad breath often times. It is also why after stimulating bile , using chlorophyll reduces bad breath it balances the gut bacteria out restoring the good and killing the bad.

The optimal ph of the large intestine is 6 , in those with acidosis it is around 4 which reduces the good bacteria. I think that is why sipping on a cup of water with half a tablespoon of baking soda in it helped restore my gut. It probably raised the ph of my bowel by reducing the acidity of my chime. As for the alkalinity of the baking soda making H Pylori go from commensal to pathogenic. That would be addressed by bile if you have done things to improve bile production, bile keeps it commensal.

Many toxins especially glyphosate and endotoxins can inhibit BH4 that can lead to acidosis so addressing BH4 issues should help. I addressed that in some of my other post if you do a search for BH4 they should come up.

In my other post I showed how BH4 becomes uncoupled. This can lead to acidosis , taking the correct nutrient will help correct this problem. If not corrected it can lead to cardiovascular disease.

All the issues caused by toxins and endotoxins lead to acidosis. They inhibit blood flow which farther increases acidosis. That is why I used grape seed extract to thin my blood to improve blood flow. It also reduces inflammation and bradykins.


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