Causes of vaginitis/thinning or atrophy of the vaginal walls and things that may help.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

Causes of thinning vaginal walls.

There are a number of causes and symptoms. When it is from a lack of lubrication it is called vaginal atrophy. Usually caused by reduced estrogen.

Antibiotics have been shown to make vaginitis worse.

Things that may helps.

Phytoestrogen may help.

DHEA helps.

Bathing in organic oatmeal can reduce inflammation.

Boric Acid helps with vaginitis.

Infection can cause a condition called vaginitis.

Bacteria including Lyme are usually what contributes to vaginitis.

Those suffering from vaginitis are having an allergic type reaction.

Chemicals can also cause it.

How they test for vaginitis.

There are medical treatments but many I have talked to have said they do not help.

There are natural remedies that help.

Probiotics help.Many of my friends said they made probiotic suppositories from coconut oil and it really helped them.

Candida causes vaginitis. There is a myth that alkalizing the body makes candida less pathogenic but the opposite is true.

Candida is commensal but turns pathogenic when there is a gut imbalance our gut becomes too alkaline.

Acidic environment gets candida back to commensal.

Akalizing the gut can also cause gut disbiosis.

Candida symptoms.

Often times people think they have candida and they actually have gut dysbiosis.

One of the major causes now days is aluminum and glyphosate.

Many with candida are deficient in acidophilus.

Nutritional deficiencies also cause candida.

Caprylic Acid is good for fighting many infections.

Gut dysbiosis can lead to chronic illness.

Many with vaginitis are lacking Lactobacillus Crispatus.

There are many strains of lactobacillus that help.

Vaginal suppositories also help.

Better result are acquired if oral and suppository are used.

Many believe mushrooms make candida worse but the opposite is true. They help fight candida.

Candida can cause psoriasis and other skin issues.

Antibiotics are a major cause of candida becoming pathogenic.

Low stomach acid production can cause candida to become pathogenic.

If left unchecked for too long Candida can cause autoimmune disorders.

Pau D Arco helps with candida.

Very good information on fighting candida.

Why candida diets do not work.

Fruit is necessary to maintian gut health. Mango is very good for gut health.

Many believe kombucha is good for Candida but it can have some negative health effects.

There are many foods that fight candida.

Biotin helps fight candida. It is high in eggs.

Those with candida require more molybdenum.

If not addressed candida can cause methylation issues.

Candida contributes to the difficulty of fighting tick born illness.

Once candida turns pathogenic it can form biofilms.

Nicacin helps fight candida. But can be toxic if we take too much.

It is important to get good fats (omega 3s) because spingolipids help to get candida back to commensal.

Probiotics help to keep the urinary tract healthy.

Probiotics help with candida also.

Many have made their own probiotic suppository using coconut oil.

Boric Acid suppositories help with candida.

Bathing in vinegar can reduce candida but will not eliminate it.

These are things friends said helped them but I have not verified them.

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