Modern medicine is not based on real science, it is corporate and special interest science. Or what science has wrong.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and information purposes. I have more I will be adding to this later.



Keep in mind businesses and governments accepted science as proven , only to find out that scientist were wrong. This has happened many times throughout history and even happens in our times. It takes centuries for man to accept the true science. For example they still teach that photosynthesis does not occur in humans but it does and we are actually more efficient then plants at it.

When you hear the words the science is settled it usually means they are trying to hide something because historically science is never settled. Many times in history they have killed scientist that opposed the supposed settled science, only to find out decades later they were correct. Here is an example of unsettled science. Now they claim the earths core is solid.

I got very very ill. Allopathic medicine was making me worse. So I decided to start reading the research to see why I was getting sicker instead of better. As I read the studies done by the pharmaceutical industry I noticed that their studies were full of errors, conditional and confirmation bias. The studies read more like an advertisement and they would leave data out of their studies that did not fit their conclusion and would explain away inconsistencies. So I started looking for other research.

They claim genetics cause disease but more and more they are finding that is not true.

What I found is most modern allopathic medicine is not based on science. It is unlikely real science will be performed by them because their main concern is about keeping their stock holders happy. They supply much of the funds that are used for modern day research so even many of the educational institutions have sold out. Their concern isn’t about doing valid scientific research but putting documents out that appear to be research and then promoting it as valid science. Another problem is allopathic medicine is 30 to 50 years behind the valid science.

The pharmeceutical companies spend billions trying to reproduce the results of previous experiments only to find out they cannot. Yet if you read the other studies the studies with the positive results are published and the ones that could not be reproduced are buried.

Many of the decisions doctors make are not based on science but their beliefs. Since that is the case we need to consider what would shape those beliefs.

An example of medicine being fake is stents do not extend life or lower the risk of mortality yet they still use them.

Another example of fake medicine is hormone replacement therapy. Though it was found to be ineffective it is still used.

Hormone treatment in some cases was even shown to increase the risk of heart disease yet they still use it.

Many blood pressuring lowering drugs were not found to prevent cardiovascular disease they only improve the blood pressure numbers at the time of death.

This study says it takes ten years for medical practice to catch up to the science. This is generous because many medical practices have been proven wrong decades ago and they are still heavily relied on. For example the research surrounding Lyme disease from decades ago was proven to be outright fraudulent research yet it is still heavily relied on by the medical community. The corruptions surrounding Lyme runs deep so it is unlikely Lyme patients will ever get proper treatment or even be treated like the victims they are. They will continue to be swept under the carpet by society.

Another example of fake medicine is blood pressure medication being used to prevent high blood pressure in those with type 2 diabetes. It has been shown to have no benefits but many side effects. So why do they use it when science shows it does not work. Could it be the money made from prescribing the medications and the permanent customer they are creating from all the side effects and harm to the body many medications cause?

Often times clinical trials end up not translating over into real world patients. Yet they continue the same treatment , even if evidence around them shows they do not work.

The sad thing is most published research findings are false now days.

Real science has been lost, it has reached the point of being ridiculous. Studies show that everything you eat cures and causes cancer. No wonder people are so confused , who do they believe? Is real science dead? No it is not there are still ones who will publish their results no matter what the scientific community thinks because they know it is the right thing to do. That takes courage.

H Pylori is an example of this. It is commensal but can become pathogenic when things get out of balance.

Candida is needed by the body but when things get out of balance it becomes pathogenic. Yet candida is treated like it is something bad. Candida is an indication that either the person is lacking certain gut bacteria or they have high ammonia levels.

Those who get measles naturally are less prone to allergies.

Our body needs viruses.

Viruses protect us from cancer.

Zika protects from cancer.

Chicken pox seems to protect from brain cancer.

Getting the measles protects us from allergies , getting the vaccinations does not.

We are taught fungus is bad but we are born with commensal fungus.

Since infection fights cancer they are trying to figure out how to duplicate it.

The appendix has important immune functions.

Removal of the appendix makes us more prone to antibiotic resistant bacteria infections.

The appendix is believed to be a safe house for our commensal bacteria.

Some studies have shown that an appendectomy can result in recurrent infections.

They teach anemia is bad but it protects us from infection. If we are anemic then it shows we may be fighting infection.

Iron supplementation can increase risk of certain infections and should be considered before supplementing.

Cholesterol is another thing medicine got wrong. High cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

High cholesterol protects us from infection and artheriosclerosis

Cholesterol status does not indicate our risk for heart failure.

Medicine is so wrong they used to say that LDL was bad and HDL was good. Now they say HDL is bad and LDL is good.

Low cholesterol is worse then high.

Lowering inflammation reduces the risk of heart disease not lowering cholesterol.

Disturbances in cholesterol function negatively effects the


It is why statins cause cognitive disfunction. The brain can usually heal but it cannot repair the damage done by statins.

Those with low LDL have a higher risk for heart failure.

Statins do not lower the risk for heart failure.

Processed sugar raises the risk for heart disease.

Your body cannot make hormones without cholesterol.

Statins cause muscle and joint damage.

One of the worlds most renowned heart surgeons speaks about the importance of cholesterol.

Our gut bacteria regulate our cholesterol status.

Fiber feeds those bacteria and is how it reduces LDL.

This is why statins contribute to heart disease.

Glycolysis is very important in cholesterol homeostasis.

Glyphosate one of the most used herbicides interferes with proper glycolysis function.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes play a role in cholesterol homeostasis. Glyphosate and many medications have effects on CytP450 enzymes.

Glyphosate suppresses CytP450 enzymes.

If you want to deal with artheriosclerosis Nattokinase seems to be a safer option.

Diets change with the seasons and results in nutrient deficiencies which can result in heart disease.

Nrf2 plays a role in cholesterol homeostasis.

sulfation is also very important in cholesterol homeostasis.

Calcium D Glucurate can help with cholesterol issues.

So we need to know the truth about cholesterol.

Most heart issues can be corrected with life style changes.

Vaccinations are known to cause autoimmunity. That can also cause heart disease.

Statins cause antiphospholipid syndrome which means they turn your body on itself.

Statins speed up aging.

Statins cause cancer.

Statins deplete CoQ10 causing mitochondrial disfunction.

High cholesterol can be caused by a T cell imbalance which can be caused by vaccinations.

Cholesterol protects us from inflammation.

Those with high LDL live longer.

Statins decrease life span.

High fat diet decreases cholesterol.

Cod Liver oil

Omega 3s help.

Fulvic Acid reduces LDL

Astanxathin reduces cholesterol by reducing oxidative stress.

Bacopa reduces inflammation and heals blood vessels.

Grape Seed extract reduces inflammation and blood pressure.

Flavoniods in fruits and vegetables help.

PQQ helps.

Sodium bicarbonate helps.

Camu Camu helps.

Evening Primrose helps.

Fasting restores many metabolic processes so it can reduce LDL.

B-glucon found in oatmeal lowers LDL

Rooibos helps by reducing oxidative stress.

Dandelion helps by reducing oxidative stress.

Japanese Honeysuckle helped me. All other honeysuckle is poisonous.

High oxalates increase oxidative stress. N-acetycysteine decreases oxalates thus helping with cholesterol homeostasis.

Cholesterol dysfunction can lead to autism.

All these things work because inflammation causes heart disease and they reduce inflammation.

Very good articles on cholesterol.

This article explains the types of cholesterol in the body.

We need sunlight, reduced exposure to sunlight increases our risk of cancer.

We need the sun to get enough vitamin D.

This is why those who avoid the sun have a higher mortality rate.

When we get sunlight vitamin D is produced. Vitamin D kills melanoma cells.

This explains why most melanoma forms in areas that are clothed.

Those who get sunlight have a lower mortality rate because they have a reduced risk of developing cancer.

Titanium Dioxide used in sun screens is toxic to humans and the enviroment.

Just as with most disease vitamin deficiencies make us prone to skin cancer.

Our skin absorbs things it contacts. This makes many types of sunscreen neurotoxic.

Sundscreen is suspected of causing endometriosis.

Sunscreens are suspected of being endocrine disruptive.

Sunscreen mimics estrogen in the body.

Additives in sunscreen actually increase the risk of cancer.

This is why only 10% of skin cancers have been attributed to excess sun exposure.

Those who work outdoors have a lower risk of melanoma.

Here is a good sunscreen guide.

Excess sun exposure just like anything else can cause cancer. We must do things in moderation.

Those with lighter skin do have to limited their UVR more then others.

Noon is the best time to get sun we get the optimal amount of vitamin D.

They used to believe the spleen served no purpose but have since found it has many functions.

Our spleen protects us from infection. Spleens that have grown from splenosis seem to function to protect us from sepsis and infection.

The spleen stores monocytes which is important for wound healing especially for healing damage to the heart.

The gallbladder is another organ that was once believed to be useless. We know know it serves specific functions like storing extra bile for digestion.

We can develop many issues involving cholesterol, the gallbladder also helps the body to detox.

The gallbladder is very important in aborption of fat soluble vitamins.

If you have the gallbladder removed you can still eat fat with a few changes.

Many have their gallbladder removed only to find it was not the problem.

Germ theory is constantly proven wrong.

Vaccinations are based on germ theory but antibodies do not give immunity.

Just about all parts of the immune system can work independently to kill pathogens.

I remember when I first read this I thought it was crazy but have now learned that most of it is true.

Scientist in the past used to be persecuted for not accepting science that was believed to be true and nothing has changed.

They still do not know how the immune system works. Vaccinations are based on assumptions and speculations. For example they have just recently realized autophagy is involved in immunity.

How can their germ theory account for the fact that our gut bacteria train our immune system?

It is clear their germ theory is incorrect because vaccinations have the opposite effects.–3

Antibiodies are neither needed or required to develop immunity.

Now the blood loss myths.Transfusion of blood is not necessary.

Blood transfusions do more harm then good.

Transfusion has been shown to increase mortality.

The more blood transfused the worse the outcome.

There are many risk involved in blood transfutions.

Many methods of preventing  blood loss have been developed and used on Jehovah’s Witnesses who do not believe in receiving blood transfusions.

We know how our body reacts to foreign DNA. When given a blood transfusion that person DNA can remain in the body for up to a year.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a good article on alternatives to blood transfutions.


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