Things that may help with COPD and Asthma.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

There are many causes of COPD such as smoking , breathing in excess particles, vaccine injury esepcially the Covid vaccines. Things that can caused increased fibroid build up such as infection can cause COPD this is why COPD rates on higher in those with Lyme disease. They heal from it you need to get away from what is causing it or correct the health issues causing it.

Many of these things will help with asthma also because they reduce inflammation and histamines. Oxidative stress is a major cause of chronic illness including COPD.

Excess Oxidative stress leads to chronic illness there is a test to see if you have excess oxidative stress. If you do not get it resolved you cannot heal.

There are other test that can help identify which areas of the anti-oxidant system are working and which may not be working. This can help identify the sources of high ROS levels or other toxins produced in the body from oxidative stress.

So far this is what they know about asthma and allergies. I have looked at many studies on allergies and asthma and I do not know why they do not see it but in all the studies the cytokines they mention are stimulated by inflammation. Which indicates there is a problem that needs addressed and asthma is a symptom not the cause. It seems the thing to do now days though is to look at the symptoms and not the cause. What has happened to science that has caused them to become blind to the whole picture? They only look at symptoms and how to treat them instead of trying to find the cause.  I compare that to having a flat tire. The air continually leaks out. Instead of trying to find why the air leaks out you try to figure out how to prevent the air leaking out without addressing the cause. Wouldn’t it be easier to find the cause of the leaking air and repair it if possible?

When someone does figure out what the problem is they seem to go to extremes to solve the problem. Instead of looking for the cause of the inflammation they try to figure out how to prevent the inflammation. As with the flat tire, would it not be easier to find the cause like maybe a leaky valve stem or a nail in the tire and patch the tire or replace the valve stem. There are many causes of inflammation, heavy metals, an imbalance in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Diets are too high in Omega 6 now days and Omega 3 levels need to be higher then Omega 6.  Over consumption of processed sugar causes inflammation. Infection can cause inflammation. Also it can be caused by vaccine injury that causes a T cell imbalance. The list of causes goes on and on.

Those who use inhaled steroids are at greater risk for pneumonia.

Things that can cause COPD.

Many get misdiagnosed with COPD

Lyme can be mistaken for COPD

The lungs have the ability to regenerate.

Antitrypson and COPD

Lactoferrin helps COPD. Trypase is high in those with liver fribrosis and COPD. Lactoferrin is a trypase inhibitor.

It is also an ACE inhibitor.!divAbstract

NAC helps COPD

We need cholesterol for healthy lungs.

TH17 imbalance cause lung inflammation. I covered balancing TH17 in my post on the immune system. High TH17 levels are an indication of inflammation and mast cell activation syndrome.

Substance P causes inflammation in the lungs. There are a few naturals that reduce it.

Vaccinations can cause lung inflammation which can lead to COPD.

COPD can be caused by a B Cells

Early stage COPD have low B cell count and later stage COPD have higher B Cell counts.

How to increase or decrease B cells.

Green tea suppresses B cells but should not be used everyday. Studies have shown if used everyday it will raise histamine levels.

There is evidence that COPD is an autoimmune disorder.

Leptin is increased in the lungs of those with COPD

Many with COPD have metabolic issues that need addressed.

There are natural things you can do that will help.

Vitamin A has been shown to dramatically improve the health of the lungs in those with COPD.

I find it strange that those who have COPD have the same cytokine issues as those who are vaccine injured.

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in COPD.

Methods of increasing oxygen levels.

Serrapeptase helps with mucous clearance. Serrapeptase also helps the body break down and remove scar tissue and calcium deposites.

Propolis has been found to stimulate lung repair in mice.

Those with COPD have excess oxidative stress. So finding the cause and correcting it is a must. It can be caused by infections, toxins, or even stress itself.

Gensing helps with COPD .

Iodized charcoal helps with COPD.

L-carnitine helps with muscle fatigue.

Aerobic exercise helps.

Resveratrol helps with COPD by reducing inflammation.

Quercitin also helps by reducing inflammation.

Inflammation can effect the whole body not just the lungs.

There are many other naturals that help with COPD in a variety of ways.

Spirulina helps by reducing oxidative stress. But should not be used if you have sulfation issues. Address the sulfation issues first, which could also be the cause of COPD.

Probiotics may help to reduce COPD symptoms.

There are many similarities between COPD and IBD showing the importance in gut help in order to heal.

A lack of certain gut bacteria makes us prone to fungal infection and has been found to be prevalent in those with COPD.

There is an association between our gut bacteria and our lung health.

Taurine helps restore mitochondrial function in the lungs.

Pycogenol helps with COPD by suppressing the fibrin response.

Rooibos helps because it is a bronchial dilator.

Those with COPD have high oxidative stress levels.

Plantain herb helps with COPD by reducing ROS.

Lobelia helps fight fungul infections which those whith COPD are prone to. Must be used cautiously. There is an alkaloid similar to nicotine only it is not addictive but just as you can overdose on nicotine you can also overdose on lobelia. Many have used it to quit smoking.

It also helps with nicotine addiction.

Those with COPD often times have CBS issues. This effects the sulfite levels in the body. When they are high we develop inflammation and our cell will not have the ability to function properly. I have posted on sulfation.

Metabolic issues that cause CBS issues.

Reducing oxalates has been shown to reduce COPD

High oxalates can be cause by sulfation issues.

There are things that help the lungs to repair

RAGE is increased in COPD natural ACE inhibitors may helps.

ACE contribute to fibrosis.

Some natural Ace inhibitors.

Celery seed helps COPD.

There are many natural ACE inhibitors.

Gouda Cheese is an ACE inhibitor.

Sunflower seeds are ACE inhibitors.

Black Rice is an ACE inhibitor.

Rice Bran is an ACE inhibitor.

Tuna is an ACE inhibitor.

Seems a number of fish have ACE inhibiting properties.

Peas are ace inhibitors.

Pomegranate is an ACE inhibitor.

Lactoferrin is an ACE inhibitor

Good article on COPD.

Melatonin helps reduce COPD symptoms.

Black Sativa helps the lungs heal. Black Sativa is amazing it helps many things heal.

I have posted on acidosis, if you have acidosis you will have brain fog, tunnel vision, depression and will feel tired often. It can damage the lungs and many other things in the body.

Magnesium has been found to be low in those with COPD. So has vitamin D.

Cat’s Claw helps with COPD.

Insulin resistance is common in COPD, this is a sign of metabolic issues that need addressed.

Olive leaf extract helps with insulin resistance.

Breathing exercises that help.

Didn’t get to research this lung disorder much , it is when someone is coughing up too much mucous.

C-reactive protein may be high in those who are ill. It can dramatically negatively impact our health so we need to work on reducing inflammation, which means we need to address the cause whether it is toxins, infection, stress, nutrient deficiencies or metabolic issues.

I believe the clinical trials failed when they tried to reduce inflammation in COPD patients is because they where treating the symptoms and not the cause of the inflammation which is a common theme in allopathic medicine. They cannot distinguish the symptoms from the cause. They view the symptoms as the cause.

Naturals have been shown to be effective against inflammation in COPD

Those with COPD are at risk for type 2 diabetes which indicates a metabolic issue and excess oxidative stress.

There are infections that can cause lung issues. If not diagnose in time it can result in death. I did a post on the immune system. There are ways to keep it healthy and strong.

Infections can be the cause of COPD

A ketogenic diet seems to help COPD but I do not recommend staying on it and those with type 1 diabetes should not fast or try a ketogenic diet.

Diosmetin found in the white part of citrus fruit helps with COPD.

Thunder God vine has been shown to help with COPD.

resveratrol found in grape seed extract and genistein help with COPD.

Purslane helps with asthma.

They test for Nitric Oxide in the breath of those with asthma. This should set alarms off in their heads that there is excess nitrosative stress. I have posted on this. This indicates a problem that needs addressed but allopathic medicine only looks at the symptoms they do not look for the cause. Makes me believe they do not want to cure people. There is no money in a healthy patient. A healthy patient is a lost customer.

Inhibiting PAI-1 helps reduce the fibrosis in COPD.

Other methods of reducing fibrosis.

Pine Bark Extract helps with fiborsis.

Carnitine helps increase endurance in COPD.

Muscle strengthening helps with COPD.

Celery helps with memory impairment caused by oxygen deprivation.

If endothelians are high it can cause lung issues.

High HSP90 levels contribute to COPD. I am posting on HSP.

Hawthorne leaves and berries have many health benefits they also help reduce lung inflammation.

It also helps regulate the antioxidant response.

Beta glucan protects from fibrosis which is found in COPD and NAFLD.

Whey protein increases strength and muscle mass.

Elevated Angiotensin Converting Enzyme is high in COPD. Inflammation can cause high ACE levels.

ACE inhibitors have been shown to improve the outcome in those with COPD. There are many natural ACE inhibitors that I have posted about in my hypertension post.

Thiocyanate deficiency can cause COPD, this can be cause by metabolic issues especially those involved with cholesterol and sulfation. I have posted on thiols and sulfation.

We do not want to get too much thiocyanate because it can interfere with iodine.

NAD+ may help with COPD but I would do it in moderation.

Nrf2 is a target for COPD. I have posted on the Nrf2 in my post on oxidative stress.

Trelahose reduces oxidative stress by regulating Nrf2/keap1 pathway.

Gut bacteria and COPD

Ginseng helps with COPD by reducing oxidative stress.

The lungs can regenerate.

Things we inhale cause COPD by raising the warning signaling hormone Cathepsin B which causes inflammation.

There are natural Cathepsin inhibitors but have not found studies on their effectiveness.

Vaccine injury can cause COPD

Lipoxin reduces inflammation which should help with COPD. I have not had a chance to research how to increase lipoxin.

Grape Seed extract prevents airway inflammation.

Antitrypsin deficiency causes COPD. Raw egg whites and Lima beans inhibit trypsin but I do not know if it will help , I could not find research on humans. There are studies on mice showing the effectiveness of beans that contain trypsin inhibitors being effective. There also also studies showing the trypsin inhibitors fight cancer.

Lysinuric protein intolerance can cause COPD. This causes high ammonia levels. I did a post on proteinuria it should help with this.

Those with COPD have a cholecystiokinin deficiency. This is a sign of inhibited macrophagy.

Snail1 involvement in COPD also pointing to an issues with macrophagy.

Macrophagy issue also cause lipogenesis issues.

Glycolysis issues and in indication of inhibited macrophay and sure enough those with COPD have glycolysis issues.

Lysosomal issues are a sign of inhibited macrophagy.

Covid vaccines COPD


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