Please do not drink urine.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

Things commonly found in urine. I see post on people drinking urine. It is your bodies way of getting rid of waste products. If you drink the waste your body is trying to rid itself of you increase the burden on your body.

Uric Acid high levels cause hyperuricemia

Urine is high in oxalates which increases risk of stone formation.

We come in contact with many heavy metals, our body will excrete some of them in the urine. Most know the dangers of elevated heavy metals in the body.

Mold is everywhere, we are subjected to it daily. The mycotoxins are excreted in our urine. If we are ill our ability to detox them can be inhibited. Drinking urine would put them back into a body that is already burdened.

Our enviroment is heavily contaminated with BPAs and they are found in our urine.

There are many toxins our bodies come in contact with that are excreted in our urine. Drinking urine would reintroduce those toxins back into our bodies.

Our body detoxes endotoxins produced by dying pathogens. They are very harmful to the body.

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