Things they would rather you did not know about Lyme.

This is not medical advice I am posting this here for educational and information purposes.

There is a myth that the tick must be attached for 24 hours to get Lyme, this has been proven untrue. It is the amount of spirocheets in the ticks saliva that determines whether Lyme is transmitted or not. Lyme can be transmitted maternally, through sex and many other means. It is much more contagious then HIV. Most illnesses people are diganosesd with are most likely either vaccine injury or Lyme disease.

Ticks transmit infection almost immediately.

Symptoms of Lyme

Many experience seizures with Lyme disease.

Lyme can cause aplastic anemia.

Lyme can cause a loss of vision.

Lyme disease causes bodily stress syndrome.

Though they deny that Lyme can be chronic there are hundreds of peer reveiwed studies showing it can be chronic.

Lyme is a major cause of suicides.

Some have used GABA to help alleviate the anxiety.

Those with hypothyroidism will suffer much worse from Lyme.

Many have Lyme and don’t even know it.

There are many coinfections that usually come with Lyme infection they to get overlooked.

Lyme mimics hundreds of diseases.

Lyme can imitate hundreds of diseases. It has been mistaken for Parkinson’s.

It is the reason Lyme is misdiagnosed so often.

Lyme can cause neurological issues like brain swelling and facial paralysis.

It has been proven by many studies that the Lyme test fails to detect Lyme 70% of the time and still nothing has been done.

Lyme Fibromyalgia.

Lyme sometimes gets misdiagnosed as COPD.

Lyme and Alzheimer’s

If untreated Lyme can lead to endometriosis.

Lyme is one of the major causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lyme has been mistaken for Leukemia

Lyme can cause lesions in the breast.

Lyme has been mistaken for lung cancer.

If left unchecked tick born illness can result in the development of cancer.

Lyme can cause the Blood Brain Barrier to leak.

That can lead to dementia.

Lyme can cause gut issues.

Also the antibiotics used for Lyme cause gut issues.

Many with Lyme disease can develop pyrrole disorder. If you suffer from this you will get ill or get indigestion when you consume fats.

Lyme can cause severe jaw pain.

Lyme can cause interstitial cystitis.

Lyme cardidtis can result if not diagnosed in time and most cardiologist do not recognize it.

Untreated infection can lead to arthritis.

Misdiagnosing Lyme has resulted in many deaths.

If Lyme is diagnosed too late it can become very difficult to cure.

Some things that help with Lyme.

If you develop chronic Lyme you can expect bone loss.

Chronic Lyme is very difficult to cure.

We must develop our own protocol but this site has information on developing a protocol.

We must detox before getting treated for Lyme because the sudden burden from endotoxins can cause high ammonia levels in the body.

Why many do not remember being bit by a tick. Because they were not bitten. Lyme is now asexaully transmitted disease.

You can be born with Lyme.

Ticks aren’t the only insects that can transmit it so can flies, fleas and mosquitoes.

Blood transfusions

You can get it from raw meat.

Many of the cost for Lyme disease is not covered by insurance companies. Prisoners of war get better treatment then Lyme sufferers.

They deny treatment of Lyme sufferers to cover up the crimes they have committed.

Why the test for Lyme fails to detect it.

It is why Lyme disease should be a clinical diagnoses.

There are some trying to help with those who do not have money to get testing.

Babesia is a coinfection that many get when they get Lyme. It can be even deadlier.

Most with tick born illness also have a mycoplasma infection.

Lyme has dramatic negative effects on our psychology.

The government denies Lyme exist in many areas but veterinarians keep very accurate records and their maps tell a different story.

Lyme disables the immune system.

Lyme Cryme: How it all Went Down

Lyme disease and leptin.

This article states very well what Lyme sufferers go through.

Stevia extract is effective against Lyme.

These links explain why Lyme is so difficult to treat.…/1742-2094-5-40…/wp-c…/uploads/2013/05/chroniclyme.pdf

This is the link to the only Lyme disease guidelines that have been accepted.

The government guidelines were removed because they were based on falsified science.

Because of the many coincidences many believe the government created Lyme.

Under Our Skin is a very informative documentary about Lyme.

You must make sure when treating any illness you detox first. The herx reaction can make you very ill and give you sepsis.

We need to develop detox protocols.

Tick born illness can damage the kidneys so we must focus on healing them. This is the symptoms of kidney damage.

Meat allergy can be a sign of tick born illness.

Another tick born illness symptom list.

Tick born illness can cause mast cell activation syndrom.

Tick born illness can cause a variety of rashes.

There is a new therapy for Lyme but I know little about it. It is called phage therapy.

Ticks and Fleas carry many disease that frequently get over looked.

There are nematodes you can buy to help control ticks and fleas in your yard.

Oppossums reduce tick populations.

Some claim chickens eat ticks.

this is a video on how to build a tick treatment station for deer.

This video is for making tick tubes to get rid of ticks on rodents.

Fantastic homemade insect repellent.

Another site explaining how Lyme causes autoimmunity.

Lyme causes excess inflammation and oxidative stress. This results in mitochondrial dysfunction.

Lyme can also cause hyperammonemia.

Lyme takes many forms to protect itself, which is why it can become chronic. It can take a cyst form or form a biofilm.

Lyme attacks the Lymph nodes so it is important to support lymph health.

It is important to control inflammation with any infection.

It is the cause of Lyme arthritis.

Fish oil has been found to reduce inflammation.

There are many nutrients we need to support healing from Lyme.

Lactoferrin has been found to be effective against many pathogens.

There are many natural alternatives to antibiotics that have been found to be very effective.

The reason we have issues in our ligaments is that Lyme degrades the chitin in our connective tissue and uses it.

Sadly they have know for many years that antibiotics do not work against Lyme.

There are many pathogens that are immune to antibiotics. They do not work.

Lyme is not like most pathogens that use iron it uses manganese.

Lyme has many methods of evading the immune system. It can inhibit lymphocytes by attacking the lymph nodes.

It inhibits antigens from forming.

It stimulates interleukin 10 production

It desensitizes the immune system.

It down regulates TLR5 monocytes.

Lyme disrupts T Cell balance.

It stimulates TLR2

Lyme subverts the adaptive immune response.


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