Things that may help with fatigue.


This is not medical advice if you are ill see a doctor. I am posting these for educational and informational purposes.

Things to help the adrenals. This list needs updated I did this one a few years ago.  I have better notes but needed to post this for now and will update it with links when I get the time.

If you have not detoxed you need to detox first or you will be defeating the purpose. I posted a previously on detoxing.

Stress is a killer to the adrenals studies have shown those who read and apply the bible and pray and have faith and act on it handle things that most could not, they also live longer.

Having high cortisone levels can cause much damage in the body. When you are ill some times the adrenals can get stressed from over producing cortisone.

The next thing is to focus on positive things. Look for good in people as much as possible. Take the time to look at the sky, the stars, nature. Do little things that make you happy.

Studies have shown that those who take an interest in others can deal with stress better and are happier so try to help others or just call to so hello and let them know you care.

Studies have shown that positive social interactions even on social networks reduce stress levels.

Avoid Orexin inhibitors like processed sugar, leptin, opoids, cannaboids, nociceptin and berberine.

De-Glyanized Licorice Root – if Licorice Root is not de-glyanized it is very harmful. It does help normalize the adrenals and ease the symptoms of leaky gut and interstitial cystitis.

Ginkgo Biloba – lowers cortisone levels. Studies have shown long term use can cause liver damage.

Shisandra – reduces stress hormones.

Rhodiala – lowers stress hormones, increases stamina. This herb has many healing properties.

Ornithine – reduces cortisone, helps with fatigue and helps the body excrete ammonia.

Glycine – lowers cortisone, reduces adrenal fatigue, inhibits bacterial overgrowth, helps remove ammonia from the body, usually low in vegetarians.

Taurine – helps to sleep, use at night because it has sedating qualities, most vegetarians are low in taurine. Also reduces cortisone levels.

Threonine – helps in the metabolizing of proteins. Needed for proper functioning of the brain.

Coconut Oil – Contains caprylic acid and monolauren. They protect and heal the brain. They also help fight many pathogens.

Cholesterol – needed for proper function of the brain, used by all parts of the body.

Perriwinkle contains Vinocetine – has nuero protective properties, improves blood circulation in the brain, kills many pathogens, also has anticonvulsant properties, and reduces inflammation.

Lysine – needed to produce serrotonin.

Chlorella – boost energy levels, removes heavy metals including mecury. Make sure you do not have sulfation issues because it is high in sulfur. Also make sure it is not from contaminated sources.

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) has antidepressant properties, prevents aluminum toxicity, helps the body to remove many other toxins. Helps repair DNA and improves blood circulation. This should not be taken everyday. Studies have shown that taking this too often results in it having the opposite effects.

Glycerophosphate – reduces symptoms of depression, helps the body to produce new bone growth.

Methylene Blue – reduces symptoms of depression, reduces Alzheimer symptoms , has been shown to extend lifespans. If you are anemic or G6PD deficient you cannot take this. I can be purchased at most drug stores.

PPQ (Pyrroloquinoline) Enhances mitochondria function, improves memory, protects and heals the nerves, improves sleep and moods, helps to reduce cortisol.

Bacopa – has been shown to help heal brain damage, also lowers ammonia levels. Has been shown to improve blood flow and heal blood vessels.

Maca Root – stimulates and nourishes the hypothalmus and pituatory glands. Helps restore the bodies electrolytes, also high in energy.

Lotus Root – reduces cortisone, strengthens the immune system, Has been shown to improve gut health.

Glycoproteins – help provide the brain with energy, they promote healthy cell to cell communication. They have been shown to fight many pathogens. They prevent carcinogens from attacking the cells. They strengthen the immune system. Can be found in whey protein and mushrooms.

Zinc – protects our memory, necessary for the synthesis of proteins. Zinc is needed for the proper function of the immune system. It also aides in the repair and function of DNA. Do not get to much of it or it will push the copper from your body. I get mine from organic raw honey.

Fisetin – reduces inflammatory cytokines, can up-regulate gluthione production. Protects the brain and nerves.

Catuba Bark – opens blood vessels and improves circulation, has anti inflammatory properties, has antidepressant properties, reduces symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Shown to be affective against HIV and other viruses. Has been shown to heal the gut.

Eucommia Root (siberian gensing)– helps to stabilize blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, helps the adrenals by lowering cortisone. Note that not all Ginseng is the same, each has it’s own benefits. Siberian Ginseng helps lower cortisone, and has been shown to improve mental health. It is an adaptogen, studies have shown that it strengthens the immune system. It has been shown to reduce the outbreak of herpes. !! If you have high blood pressure do not take. !!

Lions Mane Mushroom – reduces plaque in the brain, protects the brain and nervous system.

Hops – lowers cortisone, has been shown to improve brain function, is a relaxant that has been shown to improve the function of the thyroids. Protects the cardiovascular system, heala the adrenal system. !!Too using too much can cause seizures. !! Has a cannabinoid similar to THC.

Thyme – boost the feeling of well being, increases the production of white blood cells. Relaxes the muscles, has been shown to reduce oral infections. Has many minerals needed by the body. !! If taken in large doses it has many side affects. !!

Hovenia Dulcis (japanese raison tree) – has been shown to protect the brain and nerves, has also been shown to protect the renal system.

Polygala Teniofolia – reduces cortisone and improves memory.

Arginine – improves exercise tolerance, improves blood flow, helps regulate creatine levels which if they get low it hinders brain function. Promotes Nitrous Oxide production. If under a lot of oxidative stress or nitrosative stress I would not take this.

Theanine – has calming affect, reduces mental confusion, fights cancer and heart disease. !! Toxic in high doses. !!

Manganese – neccassary for pituatary function.

Ashwanga – lowers cortisone, improves muscle strength, also improves the health of the cardiovascular system. Has benefits throughout the body. !! Has many side affects if taken in large quantities and can cause misscariages. !!

Cellery Seed – protects the brain, reduces histamines, reduces risk of stroke.

Avena (Oat Straw) reduces cortisone, balances electrolytes, improves the health of the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. Is a relaxant.

Choline – The brain is mostly fat, choline helps the body break down and use fats more effectively which improves the health through the body. Also provides the brain and body with more energy. Some with certain health issues will not be able to convert choline. In those instances sun flower seed lecithin will help. Those with issues involving choline will get indigestion and may not produce the digestive enzymes they need.

Collinsonia Root – reduces cortisone, strengthens and heals the cardiovascular system, heals the gut has been shown to reduce pain.

Inositol – reduces anxiety, makes you feel happy, helps reduce symptoms of depression and OCD. Reduces the occurrence of mood swings.

Cholesterol – necessary throughout the whole body, the brain and heart cannot function it levels get too low. You will also develop leaky gut if cholesterol levels get too low. Progenolone is the type of cholesterol that heals the nerves and brain.

Wormwood and mugwort– reduces swelling in the brain, has been shown to stimulate healing in the brain. Kills many pathogens and has been shown to improve problems with the bladder. They also raise GABA levels which helps give the feeling of well being.

Curcumin – increases brain growth factor, reduces inflammation throughout the body. If taken for too long it can make a person anemic. It chelates iron from the body.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – inhibits brain cell death, helps reconnect damaged nuerons.

Glycogen – fuels the brain when awake, needed by the body when under oxygen depletion, decreases aggression and irritability. The liver stores some amounts but if they get to low it affects the cognitive functions. Good sources are organic honey and organic black strap molasses.

P5P and Methylcolbamin – they both improve brain function and healing. They need magnesium to work.

Gaba (Gamma-Ammino-Butyric-Acid) – Calms nerves, normalizes brain waves and stimulates human growth hormone, improves production of endorphins.

Astaxanthin – Crosses the blood brain barrier to heal the brain, provides the brain with energy, reduces peroxidation, improves symptoms of many brain disorders.

Nobiline – repairs brain and nerves, repairs DNA and is neuro protective. It stimulates cellular macrophagy so you would not want to use this often.

Lemon Balm – improves sleep, improves memory problems and problem solving. Has calming affect, relieves pain.

Pycogenol – reduces symptoms of Alzheimer, protects nerves and brain, improves memory, reduces symptoms of endometriosis.

Anise – reduces brain fog, reduces lipid peroxidation, protects the gut.

Valine – helps improve sleep, maintains muscle function and growth, heals the nervous system increases exercise endurance. Can be found in kidney beans.


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