Things that may help with lysosomal storage disease.


Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice. I am posting this for educational and information purposes.

Those who have lysosomals storage issues I noticed also have gut issues.  This is a post on things that may help those with the most difficult gut issues and may help those with lysosomal storage issues. It takes time to heal and lots of research and patients. You have to develop your own protocol there is no one size fits all. As you heal you have to adjust your protocol.


Autophagy and immune system.

Lithium helps with lysomoal protein degreadation by stimulating autophagy.

Inhibiting mTOR helps with lysosomal storage disease, by stimulating autophagy.

Autophagy helps correct Lysosomal Storage issues.

L-leucine and SPNS1 helps with LSD.

SPNS1 is required for activation of mTOR to induce autophagy.

Autophagy also corrects issues involved with fatty acid abosorptions.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism.

Hypoxia increases V-ATPase. V-ATPase is needed for stomach acid production.

Many with Lysosomal Storage issues have IBS, this is information on enzymes that may help.

Endothelium and LSD.

Green Tea may help with LSD.

Nobiletin may help with LSD by inducing autophagy. Autophagy helps clean out the cells.

A list of nutrients that my restore autophagy.

Spermidine found in wheat germ, mangos and mushrooms restore macrophagy.

Exercise induces autophagy.

Beta glucan may help with LSD.

Whey protein may help.

Increasing TEFB expression may help with LSD.

Akt inhibition increases TEFB.

Curcumin activates TEFB.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism.

Sidt2 deficiency can inhibit autophagy.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism which is needed to produce bile and digestive enzymes.

Hydrogen peroxide is needed for lipogenesis.

SOD increases H2O2. The only bioavialable source in food is the chaga mushroom.

Curcumin increase SOD but should not be taken too long it chelates iron and can cause anemia.

I found this study interesting ghrelin effects glycogen storage.

Click to access 06_c6.pdf


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