Data overload hamster wheel.

This is not medical advice. It is an opinion based on my observations. This should not be taken as medical advice.
I keep seeing people do amazing research but they remain ill because they do not try anything because they develop paranoia from the data overload. So they run on this hamster wheel of ill health. You cannot get off the hamster wheel if you do not try something. Keep notes of your reactions and of what helps and what does not. You have to develop a protocol unique to you. It gives you a foundation to build from. Add one thing at a time so if you have a reaction you will be able to identify what had caused that reaction. It takes time and patients to heal. It takes a lot of research but it also take applying that research. There is a lot of misleading information out there take note of the source of information. If it is from the pharmaceutical industry then be cautious in trusting it they have a history of deception to promote their agendas to fatten their pocket books.
One example of the data overload hamster wheel are the people who are paranoid of oxalates. So much so that they will eat almost nothing and cannot heal because almost all foods has or will produce oxalates. The thing that produce oxalates only do so if there is a problem in the body. Instead of addressing the problems they run on a hamster wheel of fear of oxalates and never heal.
Then I see people with metabolic issues who have read so much misinformation that they do things that are detrimental to their health and just keep doing them remaining on the poor health hamster wheel. I have found many groups on Facebook I call hamster wheel groups. They have become so convinced of certain things they cannot see their way off the hamster wheel.
Another of the hamster wheel groups is the mold groups. They have become convinced the mold is the problem. The mold would not be able to infect the body or to effect it if something was not wrong. They complain about the mold and how they have to get out of it and become so convince it is the problem that they cannot see their way off the hamster wheel. Mold sensitivity is a symptoms and not the problem. People have lived in mold for many years and were never effected. They need to ask themselves what has changed? Why have people all of a sudden started developing problems that did not exist before?
The other hamster wheel groups are the autoimmune groups they go from an allopathic hamster wheel to a naturopathic hamster wheel. They take herbs to treat the symptoms instead of the cause. These groups cannot see out of the box so they view the symptoms as the cause. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine does. They get off one hamster wheel and jump on another.

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