Genes are they permanently written?



This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

If you have read my post on your gut and gut microbiome you know by now it is the microbes in your gut that influence your genes more then inherited genetics. You can turn genes off and on to correct problem genes. This is known as epigenetics. There are many things that can cause negative epigenetic changes. Stress, toxins, glyphosate breaks the glycine cleavage system in the body causing many negative epigenetic changes. Heavy metals and even the lifestyles we choose like drug abuse, alcohol abuse or smoking. These epigenetic changes can be passed to children. But many of these things can be corrected. I have discussed many things surround this like addressing acidosis, oxidative stress, and correcting metabolic issues which helps our bodies to correct gene issues we may be having. Since our gut microbiome regulate gene expression it is very important to learn the microbiota that modulate or regulate those genes.

The microbes in our gut modulates our genes. That is why pharmaceuticals , farm chemicals found in our food and toxins in our environment have such an impact on our genes.

Stress can cause epigenetic changes that get passed to children.

Meaningful meditation can cause positive epigenetic changes.

Many things can effect autophagy which helps to maintain gene integrity. It is very important to correct any metabolic issues because they have negative effects autophagy.

Even exercise causes positive epigenetic changes.

Even yoga promotes positive epigenetic changes.

Hacking our environment hacks our genes.

Vaccinations are known to cause negative epigenetic changes that is why the vaccine manufacturers are protected from the liability of vaccine injuries and death. Most medical professionals are not trains to identify and report vaccine injury that is why the government stated only about 10% of vaccine injuries are reported.

then you get people like this who believe genetics are hard wired and will blame vaccine injury on genetics even though the toxins found in vaccines have been shown to cause negative epigenetic changes.

Dr. Ben Lynch states it best when he says we cause our genes to become dirty. Once that happens it is a long road back but we can fix them.

Once our genes get dirty we develop excess oxidative stress which increase the rate of the negative epigenetic changes. I have posted on oxidative stress.

Glyphosate which has been found to be high in our food supply and water supplies has been shown to dirty our genes up. So it is very important to detox it and other toxins.

If your genes get dirty it is a long road back to recovery because you will have to become your own researcher because how to reprogram the genes is just now being researched and the information on doing it safely is scarce. Your best bet is to hope you meet some people who have been there and figured things out and are willing to share what helped them.

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