How I Started healing and correcting my methylation issues and my BH4 enzyme deficiency.





This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

These are the things I did that got me headed in the right direction to healing. Many things like autoimmune issues, sulfation, detoxing from GMOs and even herb information I have covered in other post. This is to show people the things I did that got me started on the path to healing. Homeostasis is the goal once you start feeling better and can eat the foods that contain certain nutrients I stopped taking the nutrient and only took maintenance doses to make sure levels did not get low. If you continue to take things after you have corrected certain health issues you can push things to far the other way for example I had high ammonia levels. I pushed things too far the other way and developed acidosis.

I am trying to put a list together of things that helped me the most. For example I had so many metabolic issues that choline was causing me a lot of problems. I would get indigestion if I ate anything with choline in it. It is very important to address issues causing us to not be able to break down proteins because the body needs choline for many metabolic pathways. The choline issues is because of the high phenylalanine levels and I was not recycling it properly so ammonia was getting produced that caused me to have high ammonia levels especially if I consumed things that had animal flesh because it is high in phenylalanine. Potatoes are another thing that was high in Phenylalanine. This can indicate MTHFR enzyme issues which can lead to BH4 issues. This can lead to endogenous oxalates being produced from the other downstream metabolic pathways that are effected. It usually leads to high insulin levels which causes low glucose levels. It also leads to the mitochondria pretty much shutting down so no nutrients are being exchanged and your cells cannot detox. Folic Acid is man made and added to our food. It causes a lot of health issues because it build up in our blood and can negative impact the NMDA receptor in the brain and it inhibits MTHFR enzymes and BH4 enzymes. So I would avoid processed foods because once those enzymes shut down you will become deficient in nutrients because you will be unable to absorb them. You will lose your ability to produce short chain fatty acids from the loss of gut bacteria and enzymes needed to produce them. You also will lose the ability of your body to produce the fats it needs. BH4 helps in the creation of our feel good hormones and the hormone we need for restful sleep. When we are deficient in it we will experience anxiety, indecisiveness and we may display high risk behavior and difficulty sleeping. We become deficient in tryptophan. Many had good results with 5-HTP which is a type of tryptophan that does not need to be metabolized for the body to use it. Once things get working right we need tryptophan for our good gut microbes to get established. BH4 is needed to produce and use the ammino acids throughout the body. Oxalates can be produced in a few different ways if we are deficient in BH4 enzymes and we may develop phylketonuria it can also lead to issues with pyrroles.

Many of my friends would take methotrexate and they would feel good at first and then get worse because it inhibits MTHFR and BH4 enzymes.

Fluoride , chlorinated water and fluoroquinolones can also inhibit these enzymes.

I was so ill I would even throw water up and I have very good quality well water. I struggled to get the nutrients I needed in my body. To prevent nausea I had to put parsley, nutmeg, ginger or clove in my teas to settle my stomach.

Each person is different but these are the basics of things that helped the most people. Please do your research and make sure it is safe for you to use the things I mention. The only animal protein I was able to consume was white fleshed fish except blue fish. I reacted very bad to blue fish.

My gut was a wreck from not knowing how toxic GMOs were, I have posted them and how the effect the body especially the gut. Now add all that to having tick born illness and things good bad very quickly. No matter how ill you are if you plan your protocol and take notes on your health, on how various foods effect you, on how you are effected by your environment it can help you develop a protocol unique to you that is more directed at your healing because each of us are unique.

Because we need protein and I could not eat many proteins I used bee pollen, why protein which you have to watch many of them and proteins to them and you especially have to watch that they did not add phenylalanine. The other proteins it is best to make sure they have and L in front of them for example L-Tyrosine that means it is bioavailable to the body. When you have BH4 or MTHFR enzyme issues you will usually need L-tyrosine, L-valine, L-leucine, L-threonine, L-Serine and L-arganine. If you are under a lot of oxidative stress then you may want to hold off on L-arginine until you get it under control. I posted on oxidative stress and the antioxidant system.

Beta Glucan found in organic oatmeal and mushrooms helps also. Some have had good results with taurine especially those of my friends who were vegetarians.

Other minerals needed downstream that can effect these enzymes are manganese and molybdenum. I took them until I started to feel better then I cut back to three times a week because if levels get too high they can become toxic.

To help my gut bacteria get established I used grape fruit seed extract 2 days then waited a week because it inhibits Cytochrome P450 enzymes needed detox drugs and other chemicals. It should never be used when taking medications. I also took Pepto Bismo because it helps fight the bad bacteria in the gut and it helps fight many pathogens. It takes a very high level of Bismuth to be toxic.

I do know often times when a metabolic or detox pathway opened up and started working correctly all heck would break lose for a few days and I even felt pain. Especially when I started detoxing oxalates , I dumped so many so fast that my bladder took a bad hit and hurt for a while and the pain of urinating them out was almost beyond what I could bare because it is like peeing little pieces of glass out.

Then as the bad bacteria died off and my good started getting established my intestines detoxed. I was excreting some pretty scary things. Slime that was shaped like my intestine, dead intestinal tissues and the fiber that had not moved through my body but was sitting in my digestive tract. I t looked like worms and I thought I had parasites. I thought I was defecating part of my intestines out because often times the slime would come out shaped like my intestine. Also our body uses bile to detox some things like copper so diatomateous and psyllium husk helps with that, also inulin helps because the body will attach the toxins to fiber to be excreted. I was so full of toxins that this took a month to resolve. I found grape seed extract, bacopa, butchers broom and many claim hawthorne help prevent hemorrhoids. I learned that after the fact but the really helped reduce my hemorroids. I would only take the psyllium a few times a week because it can over feed the good gut bacteria and cause dysbiosis.

I have posted on the various gut bacteria and what they do. The gut bacteria that produce our feel good hormones need butyrate to thrive. They also produce it themselves and it helps establish the other good bacteria. Good sources of butyrate is raw milk, butter and ghee.

I had to slowly reintroduce fruit back into my diet. It would take me a week to eat and apple. But I would slowly increase the amount of the fruit I would eat and my good gut bacteria slowly started to reestablish.

I still limit my meat intake because it causes high bacteroides levels which is the cause of most types of inflammatory bowel diseases. Those who get constipated often should avoid meat because it alkalizes the digestive system which causes bacteroides to get into the upper part of the digestive tract and will cause the muscles of the bowels to become paralyzed. The cycle they cause can be broken but takes a lot of work and planning and constant protocol adjustments.

I tried my best to get my nutrients from natural sources once I got my digestive tract working.

The vitamins that we are usually deficient is are:

B12 I found methylcolbalamin seem to work the best for most.

B12 needs vitamin B6 to convert to a form the body can use. Most had the best results with Pyridoxine Phosphate (P5P).

MTHFR and BH4 enzymes need folate not to be mistaken for toxic folic acid. It cannot function without B6 and B2 (riboflavin) .

Most with these health issues are deficient in vitamins D, E, A and K2 which are mostly oil soluble so should be taken when you take an oil. Sun Flower lecithen also helps with the enzymes we need and would be an oil we could take them with along with something that contains butyrate because butyrate increases nutrient absorption. You do not want to take too much K2 or any of the other vitamins. Homeostasis is the goal once things start working again you want to back of and let things balance out. High doses of vitamin D can cause oxalates so I only took about 4000 IU about three or four times a week. Coconut oil is another oil that is good to use. It has monolauren which heals the brain and kills many pathogens. Olive oil is good to use because it is an Nrf2 activator which helps with oxidative stress.

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) helped me a lot, I only took it about three times a week. I found that most studies I read the most benefits were in limiting the number of times it is taken a week. If consumed too much you seem to lose the benefits and make yourself prone to illness.

Betaine (trimethylglycine, or TMG) helped with my digestive issues and helps reduce ammonia levels from the metabolic issues. They also help reduce bad gut bacteria and increase the good.

The proteins we need should be in the form that has an L in front of them which indicates they are bioavailable so the body doesn’t have to convert them. The proteins that most have benefited form are L-tyrosine, L-Valine, L-Lysine, L-threonine and L-Arginine. L-arginine is used by BH4 to produce Nitric Oxide to regulate our blood pressure.

Many appear to be low in iron but actually are high in a type of iron the body cannot use and it inhibits absorption of the good iron. Lactoferrin or colostrum will hell reduce the bad iron and restore iron homeostasis. Curcumin chelates iron from the body but if take too long it can make you anemic.

Many of use develop sulfation issues which I have posted on. So for a short period of time will as we address the causes like gut dysbiosis , heavy metal toxicity or high farm chemical levels like glyphosate it helps to avoid high sulfur foods like cruciferous vegetables, onions and garlic. If our sulfide levels get too high they will interfere with many metabolic pathways. With the nutrient deficiencies they do not get recycled and converted to the good sulfates which we need. Also if we have gut bacteria imbalance high sulfide levels will occurs. Once our metabolic pathways are working our sulfide levels will come down. This will help reduce our hormone levels.

For detoxing I alternated between dandelion, curly dock, rooibos, sumac , curly dock, burdock, and chamomille so I would use different liver enzymes and would not end of depleting certain ones. Most spices are great for detoxing but you have to watch thyme and rosemary they raise white blood cell count and have been know to raise them too high if taken for too long or in to high a dose. I also used raw honey in lemon juice in the morning to help with glucose levels and to provide zinc to my body. Lemon helps detox the body including the toxins produced by regular body function. Honey also contains pectin which helps the good gut bacteria to get established.

Biotin, selenium and Boron are great for detoxing heavy metals. Selenium can help with sleep. Iodine helps with detoxing heavy metals but if taken in excessive amounts it can damage the thyroids so I got mine from seaweed , also I could eat shrimp and lobster without getting ill.

The fruits and vegetables that seem to help me the most was pistachios, walnuts, hickory nuts and pecans. Green peppers really helped , carrot leaves, celery leaves or celery, bananas. I noticed the very ripe bananas and the under ripe ones I reacted to. I could only eat the bananas that were just ripe to were they had just turned yellow with no green but were still a little firm. Pineapple helped me a lot but the only one I could eat was the ones that had turned dark yellow and were close to turning red and fermenting. I had to ease into fruits and vegetables and slowly work into eating them and slowly add new ones until my gut bacteria got established. I also had to do the same thing with dairy products. I found once I got my mast cell activation syndrome under control fermented dairy like butter milk, kefir, and cheeses help me get over my dairy intolerance. Once I got my leaky gut healed I was no longer sensitive to gluten and gliadin. If you have issues with it, it is a sign of a deficiency in gut bacteria or leaky gut.

We are usually deficient in magnesium. I alternated between magnesium chloride and magnesium citrate. I took the magnesium citrate about three times a week at first then I backed of to twice a week. Citrated is recycled by the body. If levels get too high it can cause liver problems and start to damage the red blood cells. Once I got my oxalate levels down I stopped taking the magnesium citrate. I took magnesium later in the day because it helps you sleep.

Herbs that helped me relax and sleep better were rooibos, camu camu (amla fruit), angelica, mugwort or wormwood they are chemically similar. I also used yarrow in the morning it energizes you and reduces pain. Most of what I just mentioned raise GABA levels. Pau D Arco also raises GABA levels. Gingko Biloba raises GABA levels but gave me a headache the first few times I took it. After that I actually could feel my mind thinking clearer. It should not be taken too long studies have shown after about three months it starts to damage the liver.

Exercise even yoga increases BH4 enzyme levels. Vitamin C increases BH4 levels but man made ascorbic acid has been shown to cause oxalates. If you take vitamin C in high doses it can break down red blood cells. The only sources of vitamin C that did not bother me when my oxalates where high was green peppers, camu camu (amla fruit) and sumac.

We need sunlight to produce vitamin D but getting sun burned can inhibit BH4 enzymes.

We may develop high copper levels because our bodies get rid of excessive copper through our bile. If our digestive tract is not working right and we are having difficulty getting enough fiber then we will absorb the reabsorb the bile back into our system with the toxins still in it because fiber and our gut bacteria detox the bile for us. If this happens we should avoid colloidal silver because it can inhibit our bodies ability to use the copper.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps detox many things from the body. It provide the bicarbonate the body needs to regulate PH balance and provide molecules needed to produce stomach acid. I would drink a cup with a tablespoon of baking soda in it three times a week. I would sip on it throughout the day. Increased iron can help reduce copper. Too much vitamin D stop production of cerruloplasm needed for the regulation of copper. Usually I do not suggest taking too much molybdenum but it will reduce copper levels. If copper is not high I only take it three times a week. Silica also helps get our copper levels down and is needed for bone growth and repair.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone helps feed the good gut bacteria and restore balance, heals nerves and has many other healy qualities.

CoQ10 helped with my energy levels. I got the kind you dissolve under your tongue because I did not seem to notice any benefits to the once you consumed.

Nicacin is needed to produce NAD. Tryptophan is also needed.

To help with my adrenal fatigue I used maca root, suma root and kudzu.

To help heal my gut I used plantain herb, liquid aloe vera gel and oatmeal for the beta glucan. Then when I addressed my metabolic issues I added bone broth. Those who do not consume animal products may be able to use arrow root it helped me. Black seed oil is amazing and heals just about everything. Toxifolin also known as isoquerciten is great for all around healing. It is found in milk thistle.

When I was in pain I used opium lettuce and california poppy.

Avoid Folic Acid it is man made and toxic to the body especially the NMDA receptor and it can cause a deficiency in MTHFR and BH4 enzymes.

folate deficiency cause a loss of MTHFR enzyme which will deplete BH4 enzyme.

This study says Folic Acid helps recycle BH2. I think they meant Folate because folic acid depletes MTHFR which causes a decrease in BH4.


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