Causes of Obesity and Things That May Help.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

They blame genetics for obesity. Many things caused by modern medicine and toxins they blame on genetics. Also it is our life styles and eating habits that we inherit from our families that influence our health. If you read some of my post you would see that most things are not genetic as they falsely claim.

They constantly blame genetics but if you do your research you would see that our gut microbiome modulate our genes and if you are lacking a certain microbiota the genes it modulates will be effected. I have posted on it is not your genes but it is your gut and gut microbiome. A change in our microbiome from farm chemicals in our food, BT Toxins from GMOs, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and heavy metals can change our gut bacteria. This can result in obesity.

To prevent children having a life full of illness it is important to make sure they develop a balanced gut microbiome while young.

Our environment effects our jeans. Also a childs health is determined by the bacteria they get will still and infant.

We need to ask ourselves why has obesity , chronic illness and heart disease increased so dramatically? If modern medicine, TV and the government is right then our health should be improving not declining. Studies have shown that we eat far less fat and cholesterol in the U.S. then we did in the past and we eat more fruits and vegetables. So why are these conditions increasing?

Increasing Leptin sensitivity can reduce body weight.

Increasing insulin sensitivity will help with leptin levels.

Ghrelin can also effect our weight and those who are obese seem to have lower levels of ghrelin but are more sensitive to it. They believe this is because many obese people have been shown to have high cortisol levels. This makes us more sensitive to ghrelin. Rooibos, suma and maca are adaptogenic herbs. Ghrelin, insulin and leptin communicate with each other so issues with those will effect our ghrelin levels.

Things that effect ghrelin.

Ghrelin regulates our glucose levels in the body and many other things.

Often times weight loss can cause a rise in appetite because of the raised Leptin levels. Once leptin levels come down this resolves itself.

Also what contributes to obesity is the low nutrient food and they manipulate advertising to influence what we eat.

Inflammation and high histamines can cause issues with our cannabinoid receptors and this can lead to diabetes and obesity.

How stress impacts the body and contributes to obesity.

Diet effects gut bacteria and can cause obesity and diabetes. Food additives are one of the biggest culprits contributing to obesity.

Information about gut microbiome and what they do.

Microbiota that cause weight loss and weight gain.

How to boost the good gut bacteria.

Our gut bacteria determines our body type. Remember our gut bacteria modulate our genes and will determine if we are thin or obese based on what the composition of our microbiome is.

Vaccines and antibiotics contribute to obesity. Just like anything else obesity is actually an illness. Most who are obese are not obese because they are lazy. I know many obese people who were very hard workers.;year=2016;volume=8;issue=7;spage=297;epage=306;aulast=Geier

So we have established obesity can be an autoimmune disorder but it can also be a metablolic disorder.

Our diet can contribute to this.

Antibiotics can cause many health problems including obesity and diabetes.

Our gut bacteria modulate our metabolism.

The sad part is the drugs to counter act the health effects of the first drug causes even more severe health problems.

Good carbs and bad carbs. Many avoid carbs but our gut bacteria need them to keep us healthy.

Camu Camu can help with that though. Camu Camu helps reduce stress and inflammation.

Rose hips helps with obesity.

Eating GMOs causes weight gain by changing our gut bacteria and our metabolism.

GMOs, farm chemicals and drugs can effect bile flow which can lead to obesity.

All the above mentioned kill our butyrate producing bacteria which keep us from gaining weight.

Most allergies are caused by farm chemicals in our foods, processed foods, BT Toxin in GMOs cause the body to react the same would your body would if it had food poisoning. This can lead to allergies. Antibiotics kill our good gut bacteria which can lead to allergies. This can result in obesity.

Exposure to heavy metals can lead to obesity by causing inflammation and metabolic issues.

Stress, chemicals especially chemicals like glyphosate and glufosinate found in our food can raise zonulin levels. Many medications can raise zonulin levels setting things into motion that can lead to many health problems and obesity.

Lipocalin and obesity.

Lipocalin oxidizes fat causing weight loss.

Our gut bacteria need iron tho thrive but the iron they fortify food with is the wrong type. Iron found in curly dock and burdock root will supply you with iron without causing toxicity unless you have certain liver diseases. If you have iron toxicity lactoferrin will restore iron homeostasis. Curcumine will reduce iron levels in the blood also but do not take it too long or you can become anemic.

Luteolin helps with obesity.

Good vagus nerve health protects from obesity.

Many of the food manufacturers know processed sugar , processed fructose is even worse and causes inflammation which leads to obesity but they blame the people and hide the fact they new that it has ill effects on our health. I have not included the research in this blog post but processed honey acts pretty much like processed sugar but raw honey does not. Sugars in fruits help fight illness and have health benefits showing that we need the cofactors along with the sugars.

I have posted on oxidative stress. It can lead to many health problems including obesity.

Resveratrol found in grape seed extract helps reduce inflammation which is a cause of obesity.

Sage helps with diabetes.

Vitamin A helps with diabetes and obesity but it and Vitamin D have to be balanced.

Vitamin D deficiency causes obesity, those with darker complexion are more prone to vitamin D deficiency.

Even gut bacteria can positively impact our health.

A list of diet advice by Dr Axe.

Diet effects our health by changing our gut bacteria.

Smoking can cause weight gain.

Sulfur is needed by almost every cell in the body. A deficiency or issue with sulfation can cause obesity. I have posted on sulfation.

BH4 is involved in energy metabolism. It is effected by high sulfite levels, inflammation , oxidative stress and nutrient deficiencies. This can lead to obesity. A person with BH4 or CBS issues will be sensitive to sulfur containing foods and drugs.

Toxins found in our food can cause issues with G6PD especially glyphosate and glufonisate which can lead to obesity.

Houttyynia can help with obesity.

Dandelion helps with diabetes.

The flavonoids found in the white part of citrus fruit helps with obesity.

Part of the problem is we do not get enough saturated fat now days.

Beta Glucan found in oats, barley and mushrooms help with obesity.

We know inflammation can cause diabetes. Endothelins can cause inflammation.

There are many herbals that will reduce obesity by reducing the things that cause obesity like inflammation, histamines and autoimmune issues or addressing the nutrient deficiencies that can lead to those things.

Nrf2 activators help with diabetes.

Lactoferrin helps with obesity by reducing the gut bacteria that cause obesity.

Spirulina helps with obesity but is high in sulfur for those dealing with sulfur issue they may not be able to use this one.

Many spices have healing properties.


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