Cause of flaccid myelitis.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.


Flaccid myelitits is vaccine injury and should be reported there is a time limit. Vaccine injury of this type takes time to manifest and will start out as allergies or food intolerance. Most medical professionals have no training with vaccines so do not recognize vaccine injury. When it does occur most go to the emergency room and they do not look at a patients vaccine history so they will not make the connection. When they discovered toxins and vaccine injury were the actual cause of polio they renamed it flaccid myelitis and declared polio eradicated. So now instead of saying a person has polio they say they have flaccide myelitis. It is polio with a new name. With these new Covid vaccines we will see a dramatic rise in supposed Polio and Flaccid myelitis. They use these as a smoke screen to cover up the vaccine injury. Look at the symptoms of flaccid myelitis, and polio they are the same. Then look up how many have developed flaccid myelitis after getting vaccinated.

It has been a recognized vaccine injury that is awarded in vaccine court.

There are many documented cases of it.

Some vaccine inserts even state flaccid paralysis as a side effect.

Click to access IJCEP1103001.pdf

There is a lot of corruption at the CDC and they contribute to hiding the truth about vaccinations. You have to take it on yourself to be aware of the harm they do.

The CDC admitted that vaccines were spreading polio and making it more virulent. Their response was lets declare victory and move on.

Vaccinations are harming more then they are helping.

Polio vaccine is causing it to become more virulent.

Polio used to be rare until they introduced vaccines for it.

Vaccinations destroy the immune system making a person more prone to infection so those vaccinated no longer have a resistance against the entorviruses. It is why those who are vaccinated are frequently catching a variety of illnesses.

This is why paralytic diseases have increased in children.

Vaccines are often suspended because they have frequently been found to be contaminated with a dangerous infectious agent. Not only are they contaminated with things like deadly infectious agents they have been found to be contaminated with extremely toxic substances. So the toxins would weaken the body and make it more prone to infection. Some ingredients used in vaccines like mercury and aluminum they falsely claim are no longer used are still on the ingredients list of many vaccines indicating they do still use them. The poor infants who are being injected by these things don’t stand a chance. They will be making frequent doctors visits because they will be plague by a variety of illnesses. There are so many types of mycoplasma and there are no test for many of them so they have no real way to test vaccines for mycoplasma contaminations but studies have shown 65% to 80% of vaccines are contaminated.

Sometimes when they are ask to recall a vaccine because of contaminants they refuse to. This is why new studies are showing vaccines do more harm then good.

Vaccinations have even been contaminated with viral agents known to cause cancer.

Now imagine vaccines are contaminated with pathogens and now add to the fact they are known to activate dormant pathogens.

Vaccinations reactivate dormant infections.

Toxins were found to cause polio. No virus has ever been isolated. Their existance is based on speculation. One of the main toxins that was contributing to polio was DDT. It was being used as a disinfectant and they were spraying children with it to prevent lice.

Click to access 101502128.pdf

So we need to ask ourselves what is really causing people to become susceptible to paralysis? Why did this rarely occur but there are actually epidemics of it occurring now.

Certain infections like Lyme disease can also cause it but the test has a failure rate of up to 80% so if a person has Lyme their chances of getting properly diagnosed is very slim.

Click to access 22-2-298.pdf

No virus has been proven to exist. They are mistaking exosome used by the body to heal for viruses. There has been no science proven the isolation of a virus. If you look at pictures of exosome in the body and of their supposed viruses , they are identical. Exosome are used to heal the body and remove toxins. They bind to cells just like their supposed viruses do. Nutrient deficiecies, injury, stress, toxins and many other things have been found to increase exosomes.

Click to access 00004211.pdf*h3cb78*_ga*NDMyODE4NjAzLjE2NzE2NDIzMDc.*_ga_7PV3540XS3*MTY3MTY0MjMwNy4xLjAuMTY3MTY0MjMwNy42MC4wLjA

What Science Calls Viruses May Really Be Exosomes

What About Rabies?

I did a blog post on identifying vaccine injury.

Many drugs can also cause flaccid myelitis especially fluoroquinolones.


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