How society has become submissive and does not realize it.



I have been watching how people even those who seem very wise are easily swayed. This is what I have observed when I see things in public, on tv, in schools, and even social media. I have been watching this happen even with those who started out with good intentions and seen them slowly get swayed. Being on social media I have seen things at an accelerated rate. This has given me the opportunity to observe what is happening and see things in more detail and learn much faster what is happening and how people get easily swayed.

One thing I have seen society do is to create a crisis or exaggerate one that does exist. Even if they are the cause of the crisis they will not let people know but will use propaganda and misinformation to program them into a way of thinking that is favorable to them. I noticed that people develop tunnel vision when they believe there is a crisis. When they create the crisis they do not identify the source of the crisis. They hide facts and pretend they do not know what is causing the crisis. This causes people to panic and to become irrational and start losing confidence in their own abilities to figure things out. They start forming groups . This causes even more division because the groups usually disagree with each other. If the groups start uniting they will try to cause conflict among the groups. This makes them become even less confident in their abilities to resolve the perceived crisis. They start believing their thinking is incorrect and start looking for answers from supposed wiser ones or those supposedly more adept at handling things.

This person or persons give them a false message of hope and even use statistics, misquote science, they will mix fiction with facts to make things seem true that are not to gain peoples trust. Then they condition them to believe what they want them to believe by saying they have the solution and offer false hope. Because the people have come to doubt their own thinking abilities they easily hand over the decision making to those they perceive to be wiser.

For those that are more difficult to program into the way they want them to think they will use peer pressure, try to make them feel like they are not a part of the group and are missing out, they will even put financial pressure on them to get them into the state of panic. The key is to get them into the tunnel visions state of mind. When a person is calm they reason things out, they think more adaptively and make wiser decisions that are best for everyone. In doing so they lose the power to influence them because they want what they perceive is best for society. So they will use any means they can to put pressure on people to get them into a panic state of mind in order to get them to panic and to develop tunnel vision.

Once they get them into that state they control the environment to keep them under their control. The pay the media to spread propaganda to promote their supposed solutions and how well they work. They use statistics, or will quote professionals in a way that will put them in a positive light even though the things they say are part truth and part fiction. Vaccinations are a very good example of that. Though they cause more harm then the diseases they are supposed to prevent , people have been indoctrinated at very young age that diseases kill. Even though death from infection only occurs in the malnourished or those whose health has been compromised by bad life styles or toxins.

They will then try to get people to unite behind a common cause or goal and claim it will solve the problem. They do this by creating a common problem or common enemy. For example Hitler convinced the people the Jews were a common enemy and the cause of their woes. He paid people go around and harass anyone who opposed that viewpoint. He even had them get violent with anyone who opposed that viewpoint. He convinced the people that by euthanizing those who were less intelligent or who had health problems they were creating a healthier society so it was for the benefit of all the people. He used propaganda to mislead people into believing problems existed that had not or he exaggerated problems that did exist. Sound very similar to how the pharmaceutical industry works doesn’t it.

In order to get people to follow what they want them to believe they use media and peer pressure to deprive them of their individuality. They use media to condition people to believe what they like and do not like. They condition them to accept how life should be and condition them to pursue those things. They use things like jewelry, money, life styles, fads, fame, and promote them as being goals people should strive to acquire. Those are all things they can control and thus giving them control over the herds environment. By controlling the environment they can control the herd.

They also will create turbulence and fragmentation in society to cause division and confusion. This causes discomfort in people so they will look for a solution. They use slogans and fancy sayings to convince people they have the answers even though they are the ones who created the disturbance and confusion. They keep the crisis going for as long as it give them the control they desire over people. When they do this they try to get people to focus on self preservation and self benefit so that they can control people on an individual basis. When they refer to a person are group of people they will use the words them, they, or those people to cause a dehumanization of the people they are referring to. Then to get you to believe you are a part of their movement they will use words like us, we, and our frequently.

If those things do not work they will degrade things morally. They will speak one thing while promoting the morale decline which puts them in a position to more easily control others by feeding that immorality. We see this in the media. They talk about morality but then they promote immorality in their shows, movies, and even commercials. They keep people distracted by these things so they do not realize they have given control of their lives over to someone else who can now easily manipulate how and what they think. They will try to learn our personal characteristics and try and use our habits and life styles against us. For example if we like fishing they will try to get us to become obsessed with fishing which give them control over that aspect of our lives. All it takes is relinquishing control in one area of our lives to give them the leverage to start controlling our environment and how we think.

They can even use our good qualities like our compassion and love for others to get someone caught up in a cause that the do not plan on solving. Cancer and diabetes are examples of that. They view them as the disease when in actuality they are symptoms of an underlying illness. This leads me to believe they have no intension of curing them but only in using them to gain control over others and keep them distracted. I see the wealthy who claim to represent the homeless and starving yet they sit on millions of dollars and go around begging money for their cause from those who can barely afford it. Only to pocket most of that money and mismanage it leaving very little for those who need it. They continue this cycle which give them control over even the compassion and charity of others. It is best to help your neighbor yourself.

I noticed something else they do. They will develop a theme and use a certain message to promote that theme. In order to promote their theme they will convince others their way of thinking is wrong. They will use humiliation tactics, attack the character and even sanity of anyone who questions them. They will use sarcasm to convince people to look down on the group of people or person who may be exposing them. Others do not want to be viewed this way so they will conform and follow blindly without questioning things and will stop using their own cognitive abilities but leave it up to others to decide for them. Doctors are a good example of this occurring. I have seen healthy people get convinced to take medication they did not need because they were told their family genetics means they would eventually develop a certain illness and the drug would help prolong it occurring. Their health would start to decline from the side effects so the doctor would prescribe a medication for the side effects and so on and so on. By the time all is said and done the medications have ruined the persons health and they are taking about ten prescriptions.

Another method they use is scapegoating. Those who know what is really going on will be attacked and blamed for the problems or crisis. They will dehumanize the person or persons. They will use fear or cause hysteria and blame the victim of their gas lighting. I have seen the FDA and CDC do this often with those who expose the truth. They do this mainly to groups and usually will go after the one they view as the weak link so it is very important to help one another when we are under attacks of this sort because they believe that if they can break the weakest link they will break the whole chain.

Because marijuana makes people passive and many are waking up I believe they are legalizing it to stop the awakening that is happening.

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