How the whole world has become victims of narcissistic abuse.

Writte by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

Many governments, politicians, corporations especially the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical industries use narcissistic tactic to get the public to do their will and empower themselves. They use a variety of fear tactics, intimidation and outright brain washing tactics to get the public to do their will. Something I learned while researching narcissistic abusers the main tools they use are fear, isolation of the victim, destroying the victims credibility if they try to expose the truth in matters, and doing all they can to make people dependent on them and force them into letting them make the decisions for them.

For example the CDC and NIH have been caught lying about the flu, ebola and many other epidemics and they would exaggerate the severity of those illnesses and the number of deaths. They have been caught many times deceiving the public. Often times this was because people in positions of authority had money invested in the ones producing vaccines or drugs and would profit heavily from them. Even though vaccines have been shown to do more harm then good and most medications have been shown to work by the placebo effects they and the governments world wide continue to make false claims about their products and many governments refuse to look at independent research but will only look at corporate funded research which often times when independent research is done the results cannot be duplicated. Most corporate research is so shoddy it reads more like and advertisement for the company that is producing the product.

So let cover how they use gas lighting to deceive people. Gas lighting’s purpose is to get people to not trust their own reasoning or perception of reality. Or to convince people they lack the wisdom to make a decision on their own. Something to take note of narcissist repeat thing often that are untrue. Studies have shown if a person repeats something enough times people will start to believe it even if they know what is being said is not true.

These are the warning signs that gas lighting is occurring:

They tell blatant lies and will go to extremes to protect those lies.

They deny they ever said something or did something.

They will slowly introduce the lies so they can wear you down over time.

They will use people and things near and dear to you that may be a part of your identity to convince you that you are no adequate or to convince you that you are in the wrong frame of thought.

They will use positive reinforcement to confuse you. They will cut you down then use positive reinforcement to get you to do their will. For example the pharmaceutical companies will make it like a person is a bad parent. But if they cave to the pharmaceutical companies will, the medical institutions are trained to treat the victims of thier narcissism as heroes.

One way the government lie is they will repeatedly claim they care about lives and will quote things they have done to save lives. But this is where you look at there actions. Some of the wealthiest nations in the world citizens die of starvation, are homeless and live in severe poverty. In the mean time their governments are funding wars, space exploration, giving money to big corporations supposedly to improve their products for the people. Crime is rampant yet they want to defund law enforcement.

They use projecting to get the citizens to look they other way by blaming the police for being to violent. They find a way to blame the poverty on the citizens to make them feel guilty, the allied with the biotech industry who lies and says their GMOs are going to prevent starvation when they are actually contributing to a decline in our food supply. They have caused the extinction of many of our pollinators , species of plants, and animals from their GMOs and the toxins needed to spray on them. The toxins sprayed on these GMO crops make it into our food supply and causes chronic illness. This is why cancer and digestive disorders are rampant. Yet our governments continue to give grants to corporate farms especially if they are growing GMOs. Narcissist always have a hidden agenda and by gas lighting they keep you too confused to be able to see the truth of matters.

The pharmaceutical companies gas light. They will lie and say vaccines do not harm but studies have shown they harm 100% of the time and the damage usually starts out as food sensitivities or allergies and the person slowly over time becomes more sensitive or allergic to things as time progresses. They vaccinate babies to hide this fact. Then they will brush things off as being a coincidence, anecdotal or they will even blame the person genes. Anyone who questions things they will label as crazy or try to prove this person is not wise and can not be trusted. They will attack and assassinate the character and integrity of anyone exposing their lies. They will even use people around someone or people they have to depend on to help convince people of their lies. The pharmaceutical , biotech and even many governments have been caught paying people to troll people online and try to distract, cause confusion , attack the character or integrity , lie , pit people against each other who were exposing the truth. They have even paid medical professionals to attack people online and paid researchers to put together ghost studies. When a pharmaceutical or biotech research paper has been proven to be flawed they never get retracted yet they have harassed scientist and tried to destroy their reputation of scientist who had valid and well designed research papers. They put so much papers on that many publisher who published the papers retracted them because it did not fit false narratives of the medical, pharmaceutical or biotech industries. They do what is called stalking. They will have people watch those exposing their lies trying to find incriminating evidence to draw attention away from their own guilt. They will even paint the person exposing their lies in a negative light and try to make them look crazy.

Often times when the governments were experimenting on citizens, or doing experiments that caused harm they would label the people who figured it out as crazy or conspiracy theorist. Historically if you look at the records the biggest part of the time the conspiracy theorist were correct. But they were labeled and called paranoid or crazy. They would try to convince those exposing the truth that they were not thinking clearly and get them to doubt their own reasoning and sometimes their own identity. They would pressure the people into believing they could not trust their own thoughts. It turns out historically all those people labeled as crazy or paranoid were often times correct.

The pharmaceutical, medical industries and political organizations frequently lie and have been caught covering up for the harm a major corporation was doing. Researchers have been paid to do research that would paint the corporations in a positive light. Most of the research has been shown to be ghost written , or outright flawed yet it does not get retracted. Yet the medical industry , and government organizations will not look at the real research because much of their funding comes from those corporations so they will work to destroy anyone exposing the lies of their corporate sponsors. They have even resorted to using various government agencies to discredit or destroy peoples reputations and falsely accuse them. Even after the person is found to be innocent the government has had them arrested. Though the charges would get dropped the corporations would use that to smear the reputations of the victims. Any error a person has made whether they corrected it or not would be throw out there to get the person and people around them to doubt their reasoning or thinking abilities.

Even thought the government organization have been caught lying and hiding the harm their corporate sponsor have done they will deny it. The corporate sponsor especially the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has a huge criminal record. Yet they will deny their wrong doing and the government will work with them to hide their lies and wrong doing. They constantly repeat that they are telling the truth and those exposing the lies are lying. As I mentioned earlier if you state something repeatedly enough times even those who know something is a lie will eventually become convinced it is the truth. This is why the pharmaceutical industry and government organizations work together to keep repeating the lies. The also work together to label anyone who questions them as crazy, paranoid or mentally deficient. Even those who are aware of what is happening will often times side with the narcissistic abuser so that they do not get attacked. Doctors who have exposed corruption have had their lives and careers destroyed. Even though the evidence is there of their guilt they will continually deny it and attack those exposing it. This will get others to submit to their will and refuse to look at the evidence in fear they will be labeled or harassed. Sometimes those who side with the narcissistic abusers like the pharmaceutical or medical industry may be a part of the lies or deception and would be exposed if they did not participate in the narcissistic abuse.

These corporate , government or they allies who are involved in the narcissistic abuse will project their guilt onto the victims and continually repeat it until others believe it. They do not believe in or will not take responsibility for their actions but find ways to justify their actions so they believe they are not wrong. The will try to create confusion, chaos or cause the person to become so overwhelmed they will be too busy to think about or expose the deception or lies. For example when they got caught lying about the flu and how deadly and contagious it was they falsely made it appear they had to lie in order to get people to respond and protect themselves. But when you look deeper many who sounded the alarms had money invested in the ones producing the flu vaccines. It was obvious they had hidden motives for lying and manipulating people into a state of fear.

Narcissist always offer a solution and it is one that will benefit them but they make it appear as if they are looking out for someone else interest or doing it to protect others. In actuality they are offering false hope. For example medical error is the third leading cause of death in the world. Vaccine injuries and deaths are rampant. The NIH falsely claims 10% of the adverse reactions to vaccines are reported but studies have shown that it is closer to 1% of adverse vaccine reactions that get reported. Meaning that many deaths and injuries caused by vaccines do not get reported. Adverse reactions to drugs almost never get reported so hard to tell how many died from adverse reactions to drugs. So all in all when you think about it medical treatment is most likely the number one cause of death in the world.

Most products produced by the pharmaceutical industry have been recalled because of the harm they have done . When government organizations learned of the harm being done they would start working with the pharmaceutical industries to gas light and hide the harm being done.

Eventually citizen outcry would get so loud that they could no longer hide their lies. In order to divert the harm they do and are doing or divert attention from their harm being done, lies and deception they do what is called love bombing. They will make the victims feel like they are special, even promote them like they are heroes . The whole time they will blame the victims illness on an unknown cause, genetics or coincidence when the pharmaceutical or biotech industries were the ones who actually caused the illness. They will set up charities that will donate money to help the victim. The whole time they will get others around them to love bomb them to prevent them from asking questions or seeing the truth of matters. They will act like they are trying to find a cure for their illness even though they are the cause. They will act like they produce their products because they care and anyone who does not trust them has to be mean a villain or insane. Classic narcissistic abuse, make those exposing the lies a villain. They will make promise they know they cannot fill like they will work to cure the disease. Logic would even tell you that would be stupid. If they cured an illness they would not longer have a customer . Their goal is to create lifetime customers which their products are very good at doing. They all come with side effect especially vaccines. Because many of the ingredients in vaccines contain animal tissue and aborted fetal tissue they no longer have to list all the ingredients that on in vaccines on the vaccine insert. Many people refused vaccines when they seen the side effects were worse then the disease it supposedly protected them against and death could be a result of the vaccine they no longer have to list all the side effects on vaccine inserts.

Those who administer vaccines are not trained in administering them and most of them do not know the ingredients in the vaccines. They do not know how to identify vaccine injury to report it but are taught to gas light when a patient does complain that something is wrong after they have gotten a vaccination. Not only that but if a someone gets in the habit of reporting adverse vaccine reactions the medical community , government and pharmaceutical industry will victimize them and many have lost their jobs for doing what was right. Nacissistic abusers are all about retaining power and control. Most of the time their efforts are covert.

The whole world has become victims to this narcissistic abuse. Next I will discuss how to protect ones self from narcissistic abuse.

To protect yourself recognize the behavior. When they continually repeat something they are trying to gain control and trying to get a person to doubt themselves. Learn to draw lines quickly when you identify narcissistic behavior. If they use blanket statements or generalizations. For example blanket statements and generalizations by the pharmaceutical and medical industries are “correlation does not mean causation” or “that evidence is anecdotal” those are blanket statements designed to get a person to doubt themselves or what they believe. When you know something is true hold on to it and draw the boundaries when they narcissistic abusers start using blanket statements.

When they use those around you to try and cause chaos, confusion or make you feel threatened start documenting things. Document things said, times, dates, witnesses and save any proof. Do not let them get you off center or lose your identity. Stay focused and keep your boundaries. Do not listen to them when they are critical or have other being critical of you or are trying to make you feel like you are not adequate. Remember they have hidden motives driving them to do this.

Be cautious because these ones can fake empathy and compassion very well and will use these to get you to drop your guard so they can get their foot in the door. When they get close enough they will destroy you. They will break you down and try to make you dependent on them. This is how they gain their power. They will cause division around you to take your support system away or they will turn friends and colleagues on you so you do not have a support system. Make those they are using aware they are being used in this way. Some are aware they are being used in this way be cautious of those ones they may sure in the guilt or deception or they may be afraid of the consequences of siding with the side of truth. Once way a narcissistic abuser will fake empathy they will do things to remove privileges claiming they are doing it for your benefit or because you do not have the ability to use your own common sense so you need them to do it for you. It is fake compassion and empathy. They use this to get their victims to give up their rights. The more the victims leave the occur the more the abuser will take from them.

Do not let the pharmaceutical industries , corrupt corporations or corrupt government entities nitpicking get to you. They use destructive criticism to tear people down to paint themselves in a more positive light. They also try to use nitpicking against those who become aware of the lies, error or deception to try to destroy their confidence and trust in their own thinking. They will try to get them to doubt themselves. They also use nitpicking to blame shift to make the person who exposed the error , deception or lies. The will try to make the person who exposed them look like the villain and make themselves appear to be a victim. Draw boundaries and also make sure you can prove their nitpicking is not valid. Stick to what you know is true and do not take the nitpicking to heart it is meant to destroy a person and take their identity from them and make them dependent on them.

Another thing that narcissistic abusers do is keep changing the goal for proof and manipulating things so people believe they are the source that should be accepted as setting the goals and standards. When someone has exposed the deception and lies using their own standards or conditions they will change them and even make the goal for the evidence higher while lowering the standard for their own evidence. Document when they do this and also point out that it is a conflict of interest for them to set the goals and standards and that they are manipulating the goals and standards to paint themselves in a positive light. Also point out how they set the standards and goals so that the truth remains hidden and their lies will not get exposed.

They will try to make you feel guilt and try to belittle you to shame you into submission. One example of this is the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industries pay trolls to laugh at and poke fund of those exposing the truth and they will use the laugh emoji a lot to try and shame or belittle someone to make whip them into submission. If your motives for exposing the truth is not for selfish reasons, or because you want things to be better there is no reason to feel shame. They may use a bad habit, an error you have made in your past. They may use something you have said or done in the past to try to shame you. If you have moved forward and learned from your error or mistake then there is no reason to feel shame. We all make mistakes and errors it is part of learning. Do not let them use them to shame you it will get you to lose center and start doubting yourself.

Another thing that narcissistic abusers do is belittle what their victims have achieved while boasting or speaking about what they have achieved. They will use this as evidence why you cannot trust your own common sense and should count on them. The pharmaceutical industry uses this tactic often in their commercials.

Another tactic they will use is to point out a victims flaws or weaknesses. They do this to get the victims to believe they need to count on them for knowledge and insight and get them to doubt themselves. They try and convince the victims they will fulfill their needs if they trust them. They use this to make the victims feel like they can not be independent and need them to function and that they cannot function without them. If this does not work they will try to convince the victims they are crazy or paranoid. If that does not work they will try to convince those around the victims that those things are true about the victims. We all have flaws and weaknesses , the abusers are better at hiding them. But with time and paying attention they can be seen. Do not let them use your flaws or weaknesses to cause yourself to have doubts. Draw the boundary quickly acknowledge your weakness but also be aware of your strengths and dwell on those we each have our strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect and it is unreasonable to expect ourselves to be.

I covered the threats they make and the things they do sometimes they are covert and will do and say subtle things, when they get desperate they may resort to more obvious threats. When it comes to the medical , pharmaceutical or government organizations take those threat seriously and start being more aware of things you say and do so they can not use anything against you. Dot your Is and cross your tees do your best to give them no leeway and acknowledge and correct when you do make errors. They try to instill fear and insecurity into the victims to take their power away from them and hinder their thinking abilities. Do your best to remain calm and not respond. Pay very close attention to the things you say and world them wisely.

Many of there tactics such as labeling or name calling can be turned on them by using a label or name that would describe their errors. Often times when someone labels or tags a name on someone that is what people will remember. Draw the line quickly if they do that and let them know it will not be tolerated. The abusers can be labeled with names or tags. But make sure the name and tag is accurate. The names and tags they use are often times not accurate or true but it is effective at getting people to avoid listening to the victim and they will even side with the abusers.

Keep in mind deceptive and manipulative abusers always have to vouch for themselves. You ever see how many times the biotech industry and pharmaceutical industries have to vouch for their integrity and concern for others. To avoid becoming a victim look at their present and past history. Both the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have committed many crimes and had products recalled because of the hundreds of thousands of people they have harmed and they both worked with corrupt government organizations to hide these things. Look at their actions and not their words.

Narcissistic abusers will try to keep you off center by getting you involved in meaningless or chaotic arguments. This is to side tract your thinking and keep you off center so you do not see the truth of matters. You see politicians doing this now days and even using false information to support their reasons for these arguments. This is not only designed to keep the victims from being mentally focused but it side tracks and distracts them so they cannot see the reality of the situation. The pharmaceutical industries and biotech industries have been caught paying trolls to do this online to get people off center or off there game. Do not let them switch the subject of the argument. Do not let them present evidence for an argument that has nothing to do with the subject your may be arguing about. Do not let their insults or belittling behavior effect you. It you have to stop listening draw the boundary of the argument and if they do not stay in those boundaries refuse to engage them. If they do not listen then do not engage them. They are not trying to resolve anything they are only trying to fulfill their agenda.

Pay attention to how they treat others. This says a lot about them. If they have a history of destroying people careers who challenge them , or they have a history of deception and violations of the laws then their actions show who they really are. If you chose to trust them then you have chosen to be their victim. So when their products harm you and you become one of their customers/victims , you would have no one to blame but yourself. Remember actions speak louder then words.

They use destructive conditioning. They paint themselves in a positive light then subtly make you feel inferior and like you do not have the knowledge to decide or wisdom to make decisions for yourselves. You see this type of conditioning in commercials for pharmaceutical products. They even pain their product in a positive light even though their products come with many harmful side effects. By getting people to doubt their own ability to make decisions they can get them to ignore the harm and accept it as being normal. Once this occurs it becomes easier and easier for them to impose their will on the victims.

They also use isolation. They will get the people around the person to avoid them, ostracize them or even help isolate them. They will have people watch them and do things to get the person in trouble or make it appear the person is doing something they are not. Often times they even convince the victims they are doing things they should not do. You are seeing this on a world wide scale on social media. If a person exposes a certain truth, or exposes corruption or lies by the abuser they will be banned from social media platforms or temporarily suspended to punish them. Do you best not to let them isolate you . Let those around you aware they are helping the abuser and they could be next when they decide that something they are doing does not fit their agenda. Those who still help the abuser avoid because they are most likely a part of the agenda or lie.

Another thing narcissistic abuser do is they will paint a person good or strong qualities in a negative light and try to use that as evidence they are arrogant or or believe they are superior. They do this to invalidate your right to have thoughts or emotions. They will accuse you of whining, complaining or being unappreciative. Set boundaries do not let them use your strengths and good qualities in that way it will Rob you of your identity. Their weakness is they will make false assumptions or conclusions and try to present evidence to support those facts. This is usually based on the fact that this is what they would do. I have seen rare instances where victims had become like this as a protective mechanism but it is easy to tell when the person has been a victim and when they are being controlling or manipulative. Controlling people will do some of the other things I have mentioned also.

Abusers try to make people dependent on them. They try to cause doubt in the abused victims. They will try to cause people to doubt the victims sanity or integrity this is also part of isolating them. They will spread lies while pretending like someone else made the false statements. To prevent the abuse hold fast to what you know is true. They will manipulate the order of facts to try and distort and confuse the truth do not let them do that. Check the sources of their information and even inquire of the people. If they cannot tell who gave them the information or who made the statement then they are lying and trying to deceive the victim or those around the victim. If the ones around the victim chooses to believe the lies then it tells you something about them. They should be avoided they may be a part of the deception or lie or they may have their own agenda.

Most of all do your own research. Think about what is in it for the person presenting the information or product. What could their motives be? Do they profit from the knowledge or product? If a person has a lot to lose and still exposes the truth about things don’t you think they should be heard? Why would anyone risk destroying their lives and careers to expose corruption and lies? Why would people spend their own money to expose corruption and lies when there is not profit in it for them. So who should you listen to the narcissistic abusers or the victims of the narcissistic abusers?

How to escape the narcissistic abuser

Victims of narcissistic abuse often times suffer from what is called Stockholm Syndrome. They start seeing their abuser as their protector and develop a sense of security and trust for them. They identify with their abuser and has learned to disown their own perception of reality and have even learned to deny their own emotions. They convince themselves their abusers will keep them safe and secure from harm. Remember the narcissistic abuser creates situations then falsely claim to be able to solve them and make it appear as if they have even though often times someone else resolved it or the situation resolved itself. The pharmaceutical industry does this with many of their drugs and vaccines. They falsely claim their drugs are the solution to someones illness when in actuality many types of illness could be corrected with adjustments to someones diet. Studies have shown those who avoided drugs and adjusted their diets were much more healthy then those who took medications for their health problems. The government does acts that make them appear to be solving problems by giving many public assistance. In the mean time there are many who do not qualify for that public assistance so end up homeless and starving. The biotech industry has caused chronic illness to become rampant. But the narcissistic abusers have conditioned their victims to accept these things as normal and has convinced them they are saviors. For example the biotech industry is actually causing famine to increase yet they falsely claim they are working to prevent famine, while many nations are trying to figure out how to deal with food wastage. Society has been conditioned by narcissistic government entities, the pharmaceutical companies and biotech industries from early childhood to view them as their saviors and to trust them and not rely on their own thinking or reasoning and those who do are the bad guys.

They have conditioned their victims to have cognitive dissonance. The victims have been conditioned to believe any alternative to their situation or any changes would be worse then the abusive relationship they are in. Remember the abusers repeat things many times and will manipulate the truth. Even though studies have shown that learning the cause of disease and taking corrective actions like proper sanitation prevented many forms of disease and wiped it out before the introduction of vaccines the pharmaceutical industry conditioned people that vaccines have brought that about even though many studies show with the introduction of vaccines the diseases started occurring again and vaccines caused them to mutate and become more virulent. The biotech industry has many convinced their products are saving the environment by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals needed to farm when in actuality they are increasing the amount of toxic chemicals needed for farming and are causing chronic illness. Because people have been conditioned at a very young age to trust the narcissistic abusers and have developed a condition called cognitive dissonance. This occurs because the victim has become conditioned to center their identity and perception of reality around what the abuser has told them was true. These things have become part of the victims identity. The cognitive dissonance causes a variety of emotions they will experience anything from anger, confusion , frustration, which can result in the person seeing the ones presenting the truth or reality as the bad person and they may even attack and feel bitter towards that person. They will try to defend their abuser and even blame themselves for what the abuser has done. To change their thinking they have to learn who they are, struggle to learn what the truth actually is while dealing with a big part of their life being false or incorrect. They have to learn who they are as an individual and learn to trust their own decisions. This is why often times victims return to their abusers. A big part of their identity involves the abusers. The pharmaceutical companies have conditioned people to call vaccines and medications “my vaccination” or “my medication” . This indicates how deeply the corporate and government narcissist have conditioned people world wide.

To change their thinking it often times requires them changing their entire way of life. Many do not realize they can heal and we have to remember they have been lied to and told their illness is genetic, or the cause is unknown to hide what is actually causing people to become ill. So they have to learn that certain nutrients and diet changes can help them heal. They have to learn there are options out there. They have to come to realize the reality of things for example things such as almost all infections can be linked to specific nutrient deficiencies. So if we tell someone that vaccines are actually spreading disease we need to also let them know what causes the disease and how they may avoid it.

Also when they do realize the truth they may blame themselves and be overwhelmed with guilt so we must prepare to help them through that.

Another thing that makes it difficult for victims of narcissist abuse victims to escape from their abusers is the tactics the abuser used to manipulate and control the victim. They the abuser has done things to isolate the victim. They have done things to take their support system away by convincing people the victim is crazy, paranoid or lacks the ability to make decisions for themselves. The pharmaceutical companies and medical communities are big on this. Those who suffer from tick born illness ant interstitial cystitis experience the most narcissistic abuse from the medical industry and government organizations. The medical community and government organizations have even went so far with their intimidation that they have taken children out of the families falsely claiming the children were being abused. They do things like this to convince those around them of the lies or deception. Anyone who question things are labeled. It is necessary to document all things including things that have been stated and not let oneself be provoked into saying anything that could be misconstrued and used against them. If we are helping someone escape the medical abuse we have to help them find the alternative methods of healing and make them aware it exist. The medical community, pharmaceutical industry and corrupt government organizations try to make people believe they have no choice when it comes to health. If they do not believe their lies they will do all they can to pressure them into doing their will and doubting their decisions.

When those who have cognitive dissonance attack those trying to help them, do not take it personal. They are afraid or they identify with the abusers so may be to overwhelmed by the new information to realize the truth of matters. We have to be patient and give them dew drops to help them slowly come around. We cannot figuratively punch them in the eye it provokes them to suddenly go on the defense. Asking them questions that cannot be answered like if vaccines are helping people, why has chronic illness become so rampant it is now considered epidemic. Another question that they cannot answer is if the medical community know how to heal people why has cancer become epidemic to the point studies have shown most will deal with cancer at some point in there life. Cancer used to be a rare occurrence and usually happened in elderly, now infants are actually being born with not only cancer but autoimmune diseases that used to be rare. If modern medicine works so well why has disease and chronic illness become worse? Do not provide the answer unless they ask questions they may already be overwhelmed by the new ideas or information.

We also have to show the hidden motives behind the fake empathy, compassion or acts of kindness and show they are doing these things to hide the harm they have done and are still doing. They need to learn how those acts of token compassion or kindness are being used to manipulate and control peoples thinking and divert their attention from the illegal and dishonest things they have done. They use those acts of kindness to get the victim’s support system around them to also view anyone who exposed the corruption and lies as the bad guy. This also makes the abused victim develop a false sense of security and trust for the abuser. We also tend to believe we are not vulnerable to deception or lies with hidden motives because we tend to want to believe people would not deliberately do things like that. Often times even those who are not victims will make excuses because we cannot except these things would be done by the abuser deliberately.

Often times the victim will believe if they tough it out they can get the narcissistic abuser to come around. We have to remember narcissist are about power, control and manipulation. They will ignore , make fun of , discredit any truthful information that is presented to them and they will surround themselves with people who support their agenda or who are a part of the lies and deception. Often times the victim believes if they show the abuser trust and love they will come around. The abuser will use that trust or love to increase the abuse because once they get away with one form of abuse they will slowly introduce another form to gradually get the victim to accept the abuse as being normal. Since society as a whole are victims of the political organizations, pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries many have been blinded by their deception and lies. They have also put things in place to punish anyone challenging their lies and deception. This is why the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and government organizations have paid trolls to silence those exposing the reality of things.

Another thing that makes it hard for a person to escape the narcissistic abuser is lack of knowledge on how to escape what alternatives there are and lack of a support system. All these things are needed because when escaping an abuser it involves dramatic life changes and changes in thinking. These changes can be scary and cause anxiety and fear. This is especially true if the abused victim has children because this also effects their life. The abuse victim has become dependent on the abuser. Changes can cost money, need knew resources and knowledge. It also involves changing thinking on things. This can be overwhelming and can cause the victim to return to the abuser. It may even be difficult for them to imagine a life without the abuser. Sometimes because of the love bombing and token forms of empathy, compassion or kindness the victims will convince themselves the abuser cares about them and make excuses for the bad things they have done. The abused do not want to admit they were wrong so look for redemptive qualities in those who have abused them and they even will blame themselves for the abuse believing they have done something to deserve it. The abusers will feed off this mindset and continually remind their victims of their redemptive qualities. The medical community has been trained to love bomb their victims. When you see pharmaceutical ads they pain the pharmaceutical industry like they make the person lives better because they care. Naccissistic abusers paint there abuse in a positive light and make it appear they are doing things because they know what is better and they care.

It also becomes shameful for the victim because they have to learn to acknowledge the abuse happened and that they are partly responsible for not maintain certain boundaries. Sometimes when we learn knew information it brings shame on the things that occurred out of that ignorance. We all make mistakes and cannot move on if we do not acknowledge them and move forward making the changes necessary to prevent those mistakes form occurring again. The victims need to learn to get over this shame or feelings of remorse in order to move forward.


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