How has so many become so ill and what can they do about it?

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

Diabetes, lupus, psoriasis , heart disease and many other illnesses can be linked to CIRS. CIRS stands for chronic inflammatory response syndrome. It can be corrected but takes time. Modern medicine is usually the cause and they only know how to treat the symptoms. Functional medicine addresses the cause of the illness. We have to consider the fact that medical error is the number one cause of death in the world. Then add to that that only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported and almost no adverse reactions to medications get reported meaning modern medicine is most likely the number one cause of death in the world. Not counting the deaths of those who died very slow deaths from the autoimmune diseases , diabetes or cardiovascular diseases they have caused. Once the stage is set for someone to develop chronic inflammatory response syndrome it is a very very difficult thing to break. It takes a very knowledgeable functional medicine practitioner to help someone to heal. Modern medicine only treats the symptoms because treating the cause is not profitable. If a customers is healthy they are a lost customer. If these things are not addressed things can easily get set in motion that can result in a persons health rapidly declining resulting in them becoming bedridden or dying.

GMO foods without the glyphosate have been shown to harm the gut. Once the gut is damaged it sets off an inflammatory response throught the body. When they access the harm BT Toxin causes most studies will use the BT protein from the bacteria in their studies but many studies have shown the proteins in the GMO products is different making those studies invalid. The body reacts to these BT Toxins in GMOs the same way it would if a person had food poisoning this sets another domino up to put things in motion for a person to develop CIRS. Many toxins in our foods are inflammatory especially processed sugar. Once this inflammatory process gets set in motion all that needs to occur is for someone to get an infectious disease especially tick born illness , or to be in constant contact with mold and it will set the dominos in motion and it is very difficult to set them back up. What I am trying to say many things start going wrong in the body setting off other problems.

Toxins in our food like glyphosate, antibiotics and other medications cause gut dysbiosis which lead to inflammation. Keep in mind inflammation can lead to dibetes, fatty liver disease, asthma, allergies, food sensitivities are all symptoms of inflammation and immune dysfunction. It means the scales are tipped in favor of the figurative dominos to fall causing a person to become very very ill. This also makes a person more prone to chronic illness and even death from infectious diseases, toxins and even stress which in it self can set things in motion for a person to develop CIRS.

The longer a person goes the more difficult the problems become to correct and the longer the recovery time is. This is why when some of the first signs like prediabetes, vaccine injury , allergies, food sensitivities should be addressed by a functional medicine practitioner before they reach a point that other dominos start falling. When it reaches the point of a person having CIRS the recovery becomes a long expensive and complicated road to navigate.

Their is a reason tick born illness and mold illness are rampant now. I know people who live in severe mold and have no signs of ill health. This makes you wonder why can they tolerate mold while others cannot. I have seen people who have been bitten buy disease carrying insect and they suffered no ill health effects and they never seemed to get ill. We have to ask ourselves why do these people seem immune while others get very sick? Why is chronic illness rampant now. People are doing what the pharmaceutical industry , medical industry and our government entities are saying we need to do in order to be healthy and people are becoming sicker. Studies have shown up to 80% of the population in the United States is on some form of medication. Why is this happening. Why are children so sick now days. Visits to the doctors office are much more common now. When I was younger people rarely had to see a doctor. What has changed? Our environment, our food and modern medicine is destroying everyone’s health. Functional medicine restores health it does not treat the symptoms. Modern medicine has created enough customers that functional medical practitioners do not have to worry about running out of customers so they treat the cause instead of the symptoms. You either pay for allopathic medicine to makes you sicker while staying on a medical hamster wheel or you could find a functional medical practitioner who will help you get off the medical hamster wheel. If you look at things more deeply you will see those who died from Sars-Covid had comordities which involved the very things caused by the toxic foods and pharmaceutical industry. Even though Sars-Covid turned out to be less deadly then getting the flu , many people still died. Many people are dying from infectious agents that used to pose no threat to humans now. Why are people becoming so susceptible to infection now. If modern medicine is so effective shouldn’t people be getting healthier instead of sicker?

I did a blog post that has information on how to get off the medical hamster wheel that modern medicine gets people on to fatten their pockets. I also give more information about CIRS and I have information on how to find a functional medicine practitioner.

Vaccine induced CIRS is called Post inflammatory syndrome or ASIA syndrome. It is also referred to as transverse myelitis.

Drugs that set things in motion for autoimmunity leading to CIRS.

Farm chemicals.



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