Benefits of butcher’s broom.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus aculeatus)

It has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates enzymes in the body that heals blood vessels, soft tissue and cartilage in the body. This should benefit those who have been injured by fluoroquinolones, glyphosate or any other of the many man made things that cause soft tissue to break down in the body. Infection can also cause this to occur and Butcher’s broom helps to block this from happening during infection.

It blocks TLR4 so it would also help reduces the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and interstitial cystitis. This would also prevent organ damage cause by inflammatory disease.

Butcher’s broom not only blocks the effects of the toxins and infection but can reverse the fibrosis they have caused in organs.

Severe infection, mold toxins, or the previous methods of injury I mentioned can damage the blood vessels which makes it difficult for blood to return to the heart. This also results in varicose veins. Butchers broom helps to correct this and helps to restore proper blood flow in the blood vessels. The improved blood flow should help those who have legs swelling. This also would help those who are prone to getting hemorrhoids.

Something that surprised me about butcher’s broom is it is very effective against bacteria that infect the gut and lungs.

Nuerological damage causes orthostatic hypotension. Damage to neurons in the heart causes the heart to lose the ability to increase blood pressure rapidly enough when a person stands or there is an increased demand for blood in the body. This causes dizziness and muscle weakness. Many who have been injured by flouroquinolones or who have had tick born illness know this as POTS. Butchers broom helps to correct this.

Excess consumption of butchers broom can decrease absorption of minerals in the body so do not use super high doses use it in moderation. Excess consumption can cause stomach issues, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. A person should take no more then 200 mg a day.

Butchers broom is an a-adrenergic stimulator. This would help those who are hypoinsulemic and hypoglycemic. It would increase the production of glucose by increasing fat burning but it may cause ketoacidosis in those with type 1 diabetes by increasing ketone levels.


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