How green is the green new energy?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

There are flaws with any type of energy we use. Ronald Reagon had it correct. We need to reduce our demand for energy by being wiser about how we use it. Do our best to reduce our demand for energy.

Let’s be real about this green new energy they talk about. One of the most obvious is that our energy grid could not handle the increased demand on our power grid. During the summer months in the U.S. rolling black outs occur because the demand from the air conditioning causes a higher demand for electricity. This causes the power grid to fail because it cannot keep up with the demand. So What do you think is going to occur if they start adding millions of electric powered vehicles to the demand for electricity?

Now consider nuclear power. Not only do they pose a danger because of nuclear accidents which has happened many times around the world, the nuclear waste dumps leak the waste into the environment. They consider nuclear energy as part of the green energy. What is going to happen as even more nuclear waste is added to existing waste dumps or they have to build new dumps which will eventually start leaking into the environment.

Now consider that huge areas of land have to be deforested to set up these wind farms and solar farms. In the past when this has occurred it nearly caused the extinction of many species of wildlife. How is removing thousands and thousands of acres of trees going to reduce the carbon foot print? Not only this but often times land that was formerly used for cropland start being used as solar farms or wind farms which reduces our capacity to produce food increasing our dependence on other nations even more. Wind farms have also been shown to increase surface temperature.

Now consider the wind mills are noisy and also many birds fly into them and get killed. To produce solar panels there are many toxins that have to be used and are produced adding to the toxins that have to be buried in toxic waste dumps.

The materials needed to build this green new energy has to be extracted from the earth. This means more mining which means the destruction of even more land. Not only that but many minerals needed are rare earth minerals that require huge areas of land to be mined. Not only does this green new energy consume vast amounts of land it also consumes far more resources to produce energy then fossil fuel. Now consider the fact that these resources have to be transported to the companies for them to be manufactured, produced and installed. Consider also the resources needed to dig up these minerals and move the earth, and process those minerals. This is consuming even more resources.

France experimented with electric vehicles. They are now stuck with tons and tons of toxic batteries that have been spent. What would the U.S. do with all those toxic batteries? Bury them in waste dumps that always end up leaking no matter how many precautions they try to take?

Many of the materials that are used in the green new energy cannot be recycled. This will ad to the demand for land fills as the waster from this green new energy has to be buried. As parts wear out or get damaged they have to be replaced. Many of the parts are made of materials that can be toxic and cannot be recycled. This is the reason we have difficulty disposing of electronic devices.

Many of the minerals needed would have to be acquired from other nations making the U.S. more dependent on other nations to keep this green new energy power grid functioning. The more dependent we are on other nations the more vulnerable it makes us because we lose more and more independence.

Wind power and solar power require back up sources of energy which would be fossil fuel but dependence on fossil fuel use decline causing companies to go out of business that produces the fossil fuel meaning the fossil fuels become less available. Germany learned this the hard way and now have to depend on other nations to supply their fossil fuel and they could never completely rely on the supposed green energy because of how unreliable it is.

The worst part of it all is most science that supports the climate change model has been proven to have falsified data and outright incorrect conclusions or are very speculative yet the studies are treated as if they are proven science. The earth has always went through cycles of climate change this has been proven so climate change should be expected. Most research shows man has very little to do with the climate change.

Now consider how much the production of this green new energy will increase the toxins produce especially when it comes to the batteries that must be used with the green new energy. There are many toxins produced in the production of those batteries and then the batteries have a limited life span and have to be replaced. Most of the batteries used in their green new energy cannot be recycled and are very toxic to the environment.

Now consider the wind turbine waste. The blade are huge and usually cannot be recycled. Our land fills are already overburdened with waste now add to the tons of waste produced by wind turbines and we are asking for trouble. The U.S. is actually running out of places to bury out waste. So what is going to happen when there is an increased need to bury waster from the supposed green new energy?

Now look at solar energy. It requires just as many resources to produce. It may cause the production of even more toxic waste. It also increased the demand on our land fills. The toxic batteries also come into play with solar energy. Not only that but solar farms have been found to raise the local temperature. Just as with wind power most waster produced cannot be recycled and can leach toxins into the environment.

Solar farms and wind farms have been found to have a dramatic negative impact on wildlife. Often times animals habitats are destroyed in order to put up wind farms or solar farms. Off shore wind farms have been found to interfere with whales sonar resulting in whale beaching.

It seems very clear the supposed green new energy is far more damaging to the environment then fossil fuels are.

There are leaking nuclear waste dumps throughout the U.S. So as you can see these supposed green energy sources harm the environment way more then fossil fuel does only the harm they cause would take hundred and sometimes thousands of years to recover from.

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