Exposing the Covid vaccine lies.

This is not medical advice. If you are thinking about getting any vaccine talk with a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner before you make your decision.

The media and politicians are not a good source of information for making medical decisions. They both are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. They are not going to tell the truth they would be biting the hand that feeds them. Most pharmaceutical research has been shown to be either fraudulent, ghost written and often times the results cannot be reproduced meaning their research is pretty much useless. If you want accurate information try to find studies that were done independently. You cannot trust the CDC or the NIH because they are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry and have been caught lying many times. We really cannot trust them right now because they have been removing data from their websites showing the number of people killed and harmed by the Covid vaccines. We need to ask why are they doing that? The head of the NIH has gotten caught lying many times so he cannot be trusted. We should not have blind faith when it comes to our or our families health. The CDC director got caught lying about the number of Covid deaths among the vaccinated. It was 30 times higher then she was claiming. So it is very important we do our research and not count on non science related sources. Science is never settled and you should be suspicious of anyone who says that because anyone who knows science know it is never settled but always changing.

The Covid vaccine is useless when compared to natural immunity. They are trying to force the vaccine on those who acquired natural immunity. Studies have shown this offers not benefit to those who acquired natural immunity. Studies have shown that the vaccines offer very little protection. So again we have to ask why are they pushing these Covid vaccines?






If you look at the research it seems the vaccinated are the ones spreading the new variants of the Corona virus. This has happened in the vaccinated in the past , when the vaccinated come in contact with a person who has been vaccinated they cannot develop immunity but those who got natural immunity could so easily overcome the infection. Because the vaccinated cannot fight the infection it mutates and adapts learning how to overcome the immune defenses in the human body. This appears to be happening with those who have been vaccinated for Covid. The areas with the most heavily vaccinated populations are the areas the new variants of the Corona viruses are springing up. A study done by the CDC showed that three quarters of those infected with the Delta variant were vaccinated so it seems to prove history is repeating itself and the vaccines are causing Corona viruses to mutate and become more virulent. Studies have shown that by the time the vaccines came out most had already come in contact with and developed immunity against Covid and those who developed natural immunity are barely effected by the new Delta variant.





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