How the PCR test caused the world to be deceived resulting in many deaths.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice if you are ill seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

The Corona virus most likely is real and does kill people but so are the common cold and the flu, evidence showed the vaccine for Covid were killing more people then the infection and it is the reason many governments have pulled that information down and is now hiding it from the public. The deaths from Covid have been greatly exaggerated.

The makers of the PCR test state that they are not to be used for diagnostic purposes but for research purposes. I am going to discuss below the reasons for this. Studies have shown that the PCR test for Covid has a high rate of false positives.

The PCR test was not meant to be used for a diagnostic tool. The test has a high right of false positive results in other words it will show someone has a disease when they do not. If you do your research you will find most test that are used to test for disease has a very high false positive rate. Cancer is one example of this, studies have shown up to 80% of those diagnosed with cancer may not of had cancer.

PCR test only look for fragments or partial DNA so indentifying a specific pathogen is nearly impossible it is only testing for certain proteins produced by that pathogen but often times those proteins can be produced by other types of microbes especially if they are in a similar family. For example there are many types of Corona viruses and most of them are harmless to humans. Often times pets carry these harmless strains. The common cold is a type of Corona virus. If you have come in contact with any of these then you could test positive for Covid even if you do not or have not had it. Not only that but the PCR test does not test for an active infection it only test whether someone has come in contact with the infectious agent or not. They use a numbers game to try and justify it’s use for diagnosing infection but numbers can be manipulated, humans are fallible.

What gets me the most about Covid is that the CDC and other government organizations world wide have announced there was going to be pandemics in the past yet it was no more severe and often times even less severe then the flu season. Which if you take note of the flu season, it occurs shortly after they start their flu vaccine campaigns. That is a heck of a coincidence.

PCR test are very prone to even the slightest bit of contamination and human error. All this can cause false positive test results. The study used to promote the use of the PCR test as a diagnostic tool to detect if a person had a Covid infection was so scientifically flawed that researchers are requesting the paper be retracted. Many medical professionals are confused on the definitions and measurements used to determine if someone has Covid which is causing the numbers of those diagnosed with Covid to be exaggerated. What I find interesting is if you read the numbers collected in a study the government did in the U.K. it appears getting the vaccine increase your chances of dying it does not decrease it. Not only that but the CDC admitted the test for Covid could not distinguish between Covid and the Flu which would also help to explain why there have been almost no flu infections or deaths in the last few years.

If you look at the stats the number of people infected with the flu became almost non existent. Many claim that it was the steps taken to prevent Covid infection caused this decline. That does not pan out because when you look at the numbers the states that had the most restrictions with this Covid outbreak showed an increase of Covid infections and Covid deaths. If the measures to stop Covid did not work to prevent Covid infection then how could the prevent infection from the influenza viruses? To add insult to injury they actually paid hospitals to find and treat Covid. If you read the way the CDC recommends a person is diagnosed with Covid if the person shows symptoms and has come in contact or even was suspected of coming in contact with someone who had Covid then it is to be marked down as Covid as the cause of illness or death. Studies have shown that often times commorbities such as heart disease or liver disease was the actual cause of death but Covid was being listed as the cause of death. Many states in the U.S. required them to list Covid as the cause of death even if the person died in an accident if they tested positive for Covid. So you can clearly see how the PCR test isn’t only causing the numbers of infections and deaths by Covid to be exaggerated it is causing them to use the test to exaggerate the numbers. New Yorks requirements for listing a death as being caused by Covid are so loose that if the person dies within 60 days of anything it is still to be listed as Covid as the cause of death.

The use of this PCR test caused lock downs that were not only ineffective but not necessary and the deaths that resulted from that probably are not calculated because many surgeries were canceled because of the Covid epidemic. Many became isolated so when they had a heart attack or other major health issue that required emergency care they died alone. I am still hearing stories of people who had been dead for days before they were found because people had isolated themselves so much that they weren’t even visiting friends and family. The CDCs own data supports this conclusion death from strokes and many other things rose because people feared going to the emergency room. They were afraid they would be diagnosed with Covid and be farther isolated. The rate of suicide rose dramatically. If you look on social media many EMTs are reporting that suicide related deaths and attempts have taken a dramatic increase. Studies in the past have shown that social isolation increases a persons risk of depression . There are studies coming out now showing that the lock downs were ineffective and actually caused the time the epidemic took to run it’s course to increase. Shortly after the lock downs started the rates of domestic violence and homicide started to drastically increase. Many have been struggling to get food because of the hard ships caused by the lock downs which has caused many to become malnourished which make them more prone to disease and even death if they already have a health issue that could cause their health to rapidly decline if they are malnourished.

The CDC got caught a number of times exaggerating the number of Covid infections and Covid related deaths.

The new Covid vaccines have a very high death rate. So high that nations around the world have started hiding the data on the adverse reactions to the vaccines. They are forcing those vaccine on children even though children have been shown to have a very low mortality rate from Covid. Why would you force a medical treatment on a child that has a better chance of causing mortality then the virus itself would? Many studies have shown that there was no documented proof for many who were diagnosed as having Covid as being positive for Covid.

Not only this but there is plenty of evidence to show that the media has been exaggerating the number of Covid infections and deaths. Now consider the fact that hospitals were told to test everyone for Covid. The chances of testing positive for Covid is very high and if a person test positive they are consider to have an active infection even though they may have had Covid or one of other corona viruses. So this would cause the numbers for Covid to be exaggerated. Once again the PCR test whether intentional or not is being used to causer an increase in the number of Covid causes reported. Why do they not do things like this during the flu or measles outbreaks? You could be certain this would also increase the number of people who were testing positive for them because those who are not injured by GMO foods, processed foods, Vaccines or medicine would be able to fight the infections and my not even realize they had them.

Doctors around the world expressed their concern with the extreme measure that were being taken and how it was causing more deaths. If any of them exposed the corruption they are silenced and even have their careers destroyed.

I mentioned the related Corona viruses earlier, well studies have shown those who had come in contact with those less harmful Corona viruses were provided immunity against Covid.

They are silencing anyone exposing these truths. The truth defends itself and only has to be silenced when it is exposing a lie. A lie exposes itself because when the truth exposes the lie it takes more lies to defend that lie and eventually the truth makes it more difficult for that lie to be defended so it must be silenced. This is why so many are being silenced around the world and even removed from social media.

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