Generation born to be sick.

For those of us who know what the body is supposed to feel like we see the younger ones and you can tell they are sick but they do not realize it. After thinking about this for a while I have come to realize why. These ones are actually born sick. The toxins in the foods their parents eat has effected their parents DNA. The GMO foods and the farm chemicals sprayed on them have been shown to have a negative impact on their DNA. Now consider most medications especially antibiotics negatively effect the DNA. Those negative epigenetic changes get passed on to their children. The human gut microbes are getting devastated by these toxins. Now add to that the amount of stress we all have to deal with now days. Stress has been shown to have a negative impact on our genes and our gut microbiome. We inherit our microbiome from our parents. Studies have shown that many species of microbes are now extinct in the guts of those who live in the industrialized world. Our microbiome make up 80% of our immune system and 80% of chronic illness can be linked to the microbiome.

Now add to that vaccines which have a negative impact on our DNA. These younger ones do not realize that feeling lethargic after eating, getting unexplained rashes, having diabetes, having allergies, having liver, kidney or heart problems is not normal. Doctor visits were rare , but it is now the norm for the younger ones. Their DNA and microbiome are so damaged it takes years to recover when some of the younger ones realize they are ill. These new Covid vaccines damage the DNA so severely I have become convinced we will not be able to heal those ones though I will try to teach parents how to heal them once they have received that vaccine I doubt they will live very long and their lifespan sadly will be very short. When someone dies unexpectedly now it no longer shocks people, it has become the norm. Adverse reactions to vaccines and medications are rarely reported. Medical errors which cause death are almost never exposed.

So most of our problem in teaching these younger ones how to heal is we need to teach them what it is supposed to feel like to when healthy, because they are ill from the time they are born and if not they will be shot so full of vaccines they will become ill. Then they start consuming the GMOs and toxic foods making them sicker and sicker. So being sick is a way of life for them. How do you teach a generation that has been sick all their life they are ill ,when it has become the norm for them. This makes it much more difficult to teach them to heal because they do not realize they are not supposed to feel the way they do. They do not realize cancer and diabetes used to be diseases that only a handful of people would get.

When they eat they don’t realize it should be causing you to feel good and not feel heavy in your stomach or give you indigestion or nausea. They do not realize when you eat you should feel good and feel energized. They don’t realize food intolerance used to be rare. They do not realize their muscles should not be tight and fatigued all the time. They do not realize it is not normal to never achieve REM sleep. I see many struggle to have families and they do not realize that large families used to be very common. Now many struggle to have children. PCOS and other things that can cause infertility are rampant now. Mental illness and autism are rampant.

Where do we begin how do we teach these younger ones what they are supposed to feel like, how their thoughts are supposed to be? With all the brain swelling so rampant how do we reason with them because the brain swelling keeps them in a constant fight or flight mode? How can we teach them the harm being done to them when they have been sick all their lives and have come to accept these things as normal?

The pharmaceutical and medical industries have manipulated things so that children become life long customers from the start of their lives. They have so heavily funded political figures that only God and Jesus can fix the mess man has made. All we can do is try our best to teach people how to avoid becoming sicker while we try and teach them how to heal. They can heal the negative epigenetic changes that have occurred but it takes time and persistence.


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