Mankind are now enslaved cash cows. Who has enslaved mankind?

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am not the best editor.

These Covid vaccines are not only the most harmful thing the pharmaceutical and medical industries have done but it’s the biggest con in the history of the world. They have developed a two cash cow system. They have manipulated things to the point mankind has become enslaved to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Millions are paid out for quality of care to doctors by insurance companies.. This quality of care is based on a points system and they get well rewarded for including vaccines in that quality of care. This creates two cash cows because vaccines injure 100% of the time. It isn’t always noticeable at first but starts becoming noticeable over time as a person starts developing allergies and food intolerance. By the time the vaccine injury is noticeable enough time has elapsed they can easily lie and attribute it to something else, usually they will call the illness idopathic or genetic when it has been caused by some form of medical treatment especially vaccines and drugs. Doctors receive too much money from the insurance companies to risk losing their cash cows. This is most likely the reason only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported. I have personally seen doctors brush off peoples vaccine injury as paranoia.

Now you have the second cash cow the victims of the vaccines. These new Covid vaccines are causing severe vaccine injury. Most of them are causing excess blood clotting. So much so the FDA just approved a blood thinner for children. They call the blood clotting rare but in actuality it is rarely reported. When a person dies unexpectedly after getting the vaccine they blame it on a comorbity and not the vaccine. The vaccines are the most probable cause of the comorbity. Just as in times past they are hiding vaccine injuries and deaths. If you do searches you can find thousands of cases of excess blood clotting from the vaccines. Keep in mind only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported so there are probably hundreds of thousands of cases. Look at the obituaries. They usually list the cause of death now most obituaries are stating they died unexpectedly.

How these insurance companies cannot see they are being conned and so is society is beyond me. But I will provide links to blog post I did that shows thousands of studies showing the harm vaccines do. The Covid vaccine trials will not end until 2023. A certain percentage of those getting the vaccine are in a placebo group so they are not getting the actual vaccines. They are using the fact that not all are harmed by the vaccine to support their claims of it’s safety, but they are including the placebo group in those numbers. The medical industry does not make money from healthy patients they only make money from sickness. How they keep this con job up is beyond me but it has reached a scale I could not believed it could reach with this recent Covid vaccine. It has been the biggest con in the history of the world. The pharmaceutical industry and medical industry pretty much view everyone as cattle that generates cash for them. The pharmaceutical industry makes money from drugs that treat the symptoms of the injury caused. You even see commercial for drugs to treat the symptoms caused by other drugs. It has reached a point of being so beyond ridiculous that I couldn’t even think of words to state how ludicrous it is. People have replaced God with their pharmaceutical and medical gods and because of this they are constantly in a state of fear induced by the media that gets most of their funding from the pharmaceutical and medical industries. So even the media are beneficiaries of these cash cows. The media sets the stage. Then starts to induce fear, if this does not work the media will try to make people it is their moral responsibility to do their will. So even the media has become gods to people now days. People no longer reason for themselves but let others tell them what to think. They do not do real research by looking at independent research but they look at industry funded research which has been proven to be flawed and severely in error. Most pharmaceutical research cannot be duplicated because it is so fake yet our governments are so corrupt they will only look at pharmaceutical or biotech research when they make decisions on medical devices or drugs.

These cash cows are much bigger now but as those harmed by them start to die only those who could not be so easily lied to will be left then where will they get their money? They already figured that out. By forcing their harmful products on those who on onto their con game. Those who refuse to be enslaved they are trying to force into enslavement.

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