Empower Covid shot injury victims and those who may want to be a whistle blower.

Written by Lee Stevenson sorry I am not the best editor.

In the past those who wanted others to have a better life made sacrifices. They lost their source of income. Sometimes starved and was even killed so the future generations would not have to endure the corruption and oppression, and outright abuse by the wealthy or those in positions of power. Many are in positions to expose the corruption causing all the harm now days. When they face God how will they explain that they did nothing about it when they were in positions where they could make a difference? What will future generations think if they did nothing , because things will get worse if people do not start making sacrifices.

Once these vaccines are approved for children no legal action can be taken for the harm they Covid injections are doing. The data is coming out showing the jabs have killed and harmed more people then Covid. The FDA, NIH and CDC receive a lot of funding from the pharmaceutical industry so they are trying to rush the approval for these jabs for children through because once they get approved for children you cannot sue if you have been harmed by the jabs. They have always put the interest of the pharmaceutical industry ahead of safety and protection of citizens.

Many politicians and medical professionals have prostituted themselves out to the pharmaceutical industry. This has given the pharmaceutical a lot of power world wide and even political figures have a difficult time going against them. So anyone who exposes the truth about them, medical experts or political figures surrounding the corruptions needs as much support as we can give them.

I am doing this article to hopefully empower others. I ask friends who have dealt with corruption what a person working for the government or pharmaceutical industry what a person could do to protect themselves. I also ask what a person they are trying to be forced to get the Covid shot could do to protect them. I put as many resources as I could find based on our conversations. I also included part of the answers of our conversations below. I tried to include resources and evidence that people may be able to use.

Most who have been injured by the Covid injections are being ignored and removed from social media so they have been starting websites.




The injuries being reported in databases kept world word on adverse reactions to the Covid injection is being ignored.

If you search WHO’s database you will find over two million have been harmed by the vaccines.


The vaccine adverse reaction database for the U.S.


Database for Europe.




The ones who need to stand up to end all this are those who are being silenced the most. They have a lot to fear from victims who are seeking public forums to expose what has happened to them. They have a lot to fear if these ones start seeking whistle blower protection. The more they get away with the more power that gives them. They only have as much power as those who are in positions to expose the truth will leave them. I know if you are a victim or you are someone who would like to blow the whistle may be afraid of the consequences but the consequences of not speaking out will be much worse.

People need to speak out. Whether it be pharmaceutical , medical or political corruption surrounding these vaccines those doing the harm are only going to become more power and make things even worse if no one speak out. I was embarrassed that I had been deceived and it took me quite a while before I had the courage to speak out. It is difficult to overcome the mental and emotional control the narcissistic abuse causes but once you do escape that fear you empower yourself and other victims.

Doctors are trained to brush aside adverse reactions to drugs and vaccine injury. These Covid injections are causing brain swelling, myocarditis, excess blood clotting , Chronic inflammatory response syndrome, mast cell activation sydrome. This is why people are experiencing numbness, breathing difficulty, mental lapses, confusion, rashes, muscle tremors, digestive issues, and many other problems. If these things are not addressed they can result in a slow and painful death. Doctors are being told to tell patients those things are proof the vaccine is working. They are being told to ignore when I patients states concerns when these things are happening as paranoia. The longer this goes on the more who are going to die.

There is a lot of blood guilt going on . We all will have to face our maker some day. When God ask why we chose to do nothing what would we tell him? God does not accept excuses. For those who are sick they should focus on healing before they try anything because the stress could make you sicker. I would get a lawyer to help you and I posted resources below that may help with that.

You can file your own VAERS report, but you need to have the lot numbers and administration information. I believe that would require getting your medical records first. They count on people being too lazy or unknowing to do all of that.

It’s important to file VAERS reports because there might be a chance of some kind of chance for change and for monetary awards . The sad thing is I have been asking friends to ask their doctors if they know what VAERS is and most of them have no idea what it is. Meaning they most likely cannot identify adverse reactions to vaccines and if they could they have no idea how to report them.

You should ask for both. If you have a v-card, that type of information might be on it already

Sure. If someone feels they have a vaccine injury, they can call to report it. They can call this number for assistance:
Depending on what state they’re in, they will just need to look up the state medical board contact information and that would be where they would let someone know that the doctor is refusing to help or submit any report for potential adverse effects.



  1. File complaint with employer if they work for a health system
  3. US DEPT of HHS
  4. Contact FRONTLINE DOCTORS .. they can refer you to others who are collecting this evidence for

Both Children’s Health Defense and The Highwire have their own reporting systems for vaccine injuries to make it simpler than the official ones.

OSHA encouraging employers not to report adverse reactions to vaccines.


If this is true now would be the time for whistle blowers to speak out.


They are firing medical professionals and even revoking their medical license. In order to protect themselves when they report adverse reactions to the vaccines they have to become whistle blowers.

A congressional report concluded only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines has been reported. Now consider how medical professionals careers are being threatened if they report adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. The percentage is most likely close to zero.

Doctors around the world are practically begging their governments to halt the use of the Covid vaccines but their request are falling on deaf ears.

If you have been injured or know someone who has been injured by the quackzine and they are refusing to report it. YOu can give a statement here. Please share this if you can.


Life insurance pay outs have increased 258%


Maybe the adverse reaction can be reported to the FDA since they are preventing them from being able to be reported through other means.


If you are a medical professional or a victim of the vaccines you may be able to contact these sites to be heard.

Injury and deaths world wide by the vaccines are far worse then they are reporting.


The Covid adverse reactions are not covered by former bills passed . This is information on where a person may be able to report adverse reaction.

Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) 1-855-266-2427 (1-855-266-CICP) cicp@hrsa.gov https://www.hrsa.gov/cicp

Click to access COVID_Vaccine_Claim_Information_20210901.pdf

Chances of being compensated are very low.


The counter measures act was implemented for compensation for the Covid vaccine injuries.


This law group helps whistle blowers and vaccine injured.



Here is a list of law firms that may be able to help.






Adverse reactions far higher then they are claiming.


Children’s health defense may help publicize if you have been vaccine injured. They also may have some legal resources to help.


This is other websites where you may be able to find legal information to help.




This site is being built but should have legal information soon.


Information on the truth about vaccines. If you have been vaccine injured and are not being heard you may be able to contact some of these sites and they may be able to help you be heard. If you are a medical professional and you are being silenced they may be able to help break the silence.

https://www.v-ial.org This site tells you what steps to take if you do get the vaccine.






Pulse test should be done on those who had the vaccination.

Not a source for true information but a comprehensive list of the ingredients in vaccines.


Information on vaccine exemptions.



Vaccine friendly doctors.

Whistle blowers are coming out showing the harm being done but they are being quickly silenced by government organizations and media.




If a person wants to report what they are being prevented from reporting they can also become a whistle blower. It would give them some protections.


Information that may help those in the pharmaceutical industry that wants to be a whistle blower.


For those in government who may want to blow the whistle.



The pharmaceutical industry may not be protected if they committed fraud.

Vaccines increase risk of mortality.


Why mortality is higher in the vaccinated.



English version an English version https://www.skirsch.com/covid/GermanAnalysis.pdf


French have concluded the same thing.


Children are 52 times more likely to die from the vaccines.



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