Time to stop lying about what causes autism.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not a good editor.

Autism used to be almost unheard of. Then all of a sudden we started experiencing 3 out of every 10,000 infants experiencing autistic like behavior. In our present day it is 1 out of every 100. Modern corporate science wants people to only believe their science is the science that matters so they will call the observational science anecdotal and tell people not to follow the science. They will even harass and destroy the careers of any who do. Now days they have corrupted governments so much that even the governments do not allow the science to be questioned. Observation is a key part of science, so should not be ignored. If the science is valid then we should be able to question it because the truth defends itself. When you cannot question something then , it is a sure sign there is something to hide. We cannot blame it on genetics because science has shown that few genetic imperfections get passed from parents to the children even if a mutation does occur in the parent it rarely gets passed to the children. Most children start to develop autism or behavior abnormalities between the ages of 16 months to 24 months old. This is a very good clue to the things that contribute to autism and behavior abnormalities. All these things can also explain why depressive disorders are rampant now days.

Researchers know what causes Autism and behavior disorders but would never directly state what the trues causes are. Most funding comes from corporate sources. Especially from the pharmaceutical industries and biotech industries who are probably the major contributors to the epidemic of autism and behavior disorders. The evidence is very clear what causes these things to occur. It is time to stop pointing fingers and face the truth in matters. The only way this will stop is if the public learns the truth and lets their government know that they know the truth and not let up on the pressuring them to put an end to it. Governments world wide get a lot of funding from corporate entities and many politicians do. So they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them unless the outcry becomes loud enough. Medical professionals get heavily pressured and may even lose their carrier if they speak out about these things. So I will discuss things known to cause autism and the things that cause this to occur.

Some common things found in autism and behavior disorders is brain inflammation, leaky blood brain barrier and a failure of certain areas of the brain to develop. High levels of oxidative stress are usually found in the brains with those who have autism or a behavior disorder. Digestive issues and food sensitivities are also common in children who have autism or behavior disorders. The human body is very resilient so it usually takes a combination of things to make something go wrong. So now I will discuss the things that contributed to the brain swelling, metabolic issues, mitochondrial issues, and oxidative stress. The covid vaccine have been found to cause all these things to occur. So can you imagine the state of the brains in those who got the Covid vaccines. Those vaccines have been found to be much much more harmful to children. It is why many nations banned giving them to children it was causing a lot of deaths in children.

Vaccines are known to damage the immune system causing systemic inflammation. Many of the substances used in vaccines are known to stay in the body for a very long time causing inflammation to persist. Some substances used in the production of vaccines such as peanut oil and egg are known to cause a person to develop allergies to them when directly injected into the body which is occurring with vaccines. Consider the fact that the child immune system is already being over stimulated by the vaccines, now add the toxins and other things they come in contact with to a body that is already burdened and as the child gets older they will slowly develop more and more health problems. Many of the chemicals used in vaccines are known to cause excess oxidative stress. Most medical professionals are taught to gas light and brush these things off so the vaccine injury will go unreported. Since the child will develop frequent infections because the vaccines have destroyed their immune system they will be given antibiotics frequently. These antibiotics destroy the gut microbes that keep us from developing autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases and they help keep our hormones balanced. All these things are occurring shortly after an infant is born. So now we can see why by the ages of 16 months and 24 months we start to see children developing autism or behavior disorders. Vaccines have been shown to cause brain inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain. When our microbiome gets altered it causes excess inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

Also by the time a child is 16 months old they are starting to eat solid foods. Most foods contain farm chemicals now days. Glyphosate is one of the most harmful and our food supply is heavily contaminated with it. Glyphosate alters our microbiome, causes inflammation in the gut, causes genetic and metabolic issues that cause our immune system to be altered and causes systemic inflammation that can lead to inflammation in the brain and a leaky blood brain barrier. As mentioned earlier food sensitivities can cause autism and behavior disorders. Glyphosate also causes excess oxidative stress in the body. Now add all the chemicals they are adding to foods that are known to be harmful to the body. The BT Toxin that is found in the genetically modified foods is known to cause inflammation in the gut and body. There is a lot of processed sugar in foods now days. Processed sugar is known to be very inflammatory. There are other farm chemicals found on fruits, vegetables, beans, grains that we are consuming that are known to cause health issues that can lead to brain inflammation and excess oxidative stress. Nutrient deficiencies are very common now days and have been shown to stunt the growth of the brain, cause excess inflammation and autoimmunity. Over farming has cause the foods to be deficient in many micronutrients. Not only that but many crops are hybrid so they grow faster. Studies have shown the fast rate the plants are growing is preventing them from taking up the micro nutrients they would if they had grown at a slower rate. This means the plants are much less nutrient dense. Now add to the fact that glyphosate chelates minerals from the soil and chelates them from the bodies of those who consume them and I think we can see the picture being painted. This also shows why cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver, kidney disease and cancer are rampant. Glyphosate has been shown to increase the risk of lymphatic cancer and pancreatic cancer. Antibiotic uses increases the risk of pancreatic cancer so you can see why it is also rampant now days. Consider the fact these poor children and being nailed by these things left and right. The age of mortality has dramatically declined in the last ten years. These poor kids do not stand a chance. Each generation is dying younger and younger. All these things cause excess inflammation and excess oxidative stress.

Now consider most drink public water and it is loaded with toxins such as heavy metals, cadmium, farm chemicals, and they are also treated with chlorine or fluoride which has been shown to cause damage to the brain. Well water often times has been found to be contaminated with farm chemicals, or run of from land fills which has toxins in it. Some well water is high in iron or sulfur which is why consumption of well water has been found to be the number one cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. So with the above mentioned things happening to the children and now they struggle to get a safe source of water we can start seeing a broader picture of things. But this is not everything.

Studies have shown that negative epigenetic changes can occur to the child while they are developing in the womb if the mother is subjected to the above mentioned things while carrying the child. So even before the child is born things are occurring to make the child prone to illness, autism and behavior disorders. Stress or trauma can cause brain inflammation and alter hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the brain. If the mother experiences stress or trauma while carrying an infant it can cause negative epigenetic changes in the child that will make them much less able to tolerate stress and trauma. Stress levels are high now days and the family is not like it used to be. The family environment is not as stable as they used to be, chronic illness is rampant causing stress in the family, immorality is rampant causing families to become broken, children are having to deal with many types of stress they did not have to deal with before. All this causes inflammation , effect the immune system, cause brain inflammation, alter hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the brains.

With all the evidence out there to say we do not know what is causing not only autism and behavior disorders but also the epidemic of chronic illness we are lying to ourselves and not holding those responsible accountable. Being silent makes us just as guilty because our silence is a sign of our approval that these things are happening. If someone is drowning and we were in a position we could help them and we walked away , we are guilty if they die. To ignore what is occurring now days and not petitioning our leaders and speaking out about it we are just as guilty as if we seen someone drowning and we walked away.


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