Hepatitis another deadly side effect of the Covid vaccines.

So for there have been thousands of deaths reported from the Covid vaccines. There have been injuries that will take months to run their course but well probably result in death. The main injuries being causes is damage to the heart, cardiovascular system, excess blood clotting and fibrosis throughout the body. Many have developed flaccid myelitis which is the new name they gave Polio when they learned it was mainly being caused by vaccines and toxins.

Now the vaccines are being linked to hepatitis and some have had to get liver transplants after getting the vaccines. Yet the media and government entities world wide are lying and saying they do not know what is causing the sudden surge in hepatitis world wide. Studies have shown children have a much worse advers reaction to Covid vaccines. Children have a much much higher risk of dying from the vaccine then they do Covid. It seems children are much more prone to getting hepatitis from the vaccines. Yet they claim they do not know the cause and they are pretending to be researching it. When they say they are researching it they are actually looking for a way to gas light to hide that the vaccines are the actual cause.

Vaccine producers won documents showed the spike protein sheds to the infant from the mother. So you can be sure infants are going to start suffering hepatitis.

The data coming out is showing the spike protein that the injection is causing peoples bodies to make is causing excess blood clotting, hepatitis, cancer, and many other diseases. So you can expect this to occur to infants when the mother has shed the spike protein to the child.









Vaccinated are now the main route Covid is being transmitted.


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