If you are teaching someone to heal you should require these things.

Written By Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

Things a person needs to do to keep track of their healing are:

Keeping a health journal which included medical reports, allergies, intolerance, environmental exposures, family history of illness, diet choices.

Food journal this should include food intolerance or allergies. How a person feels after eating . How a person feels after eating certain foods.

Keeping a supplement list and notes on how the supplement has effected them.

Keeping a health goals list and what they have achieved on the list so they can see what progress they have made.

Keep a diary of how they feel each day. This benefited me because I did not think I was healing the progress was so slow but when I looked back at how ill I was I had realized I was much better then before I started a protocol to heal.

This may seem like a lot to do but in the long run it saves a lot of trouble because when ill it is easy to forget things and this makes it easier to keep track of things which speeds up the process of figuring out what a person needs to do.

If a person will not do these things they will consume a lot of the person helping them time and will put unreasonable demands on the person helping them which is unfair to those who work hard to teach others to heal heal. .

In my opinion if a person refuses to do these things you most likely are wasting your time because they lack the self discipline to heal. They will have many excuses why the do not keep records of things or why they lost them if they do try to keep records of these things. Those people usually jump from one protocol to another looking for a magic bullet to heal. It takes time to heal and there is no magic bullet. It is best to focus your time on those who realize this and are willing to commit to healing and self discipline themselves and do all they can do to cover the short comings that come with being ill for example I could not remember if I drank water or even ate my meals so I would mark on a calendar when I drank water and what time of the day and when I ate meals and what I ate. If they truly want to heal they will do all they can to assure it happens.

The healing journey is theirs. You cannot take if for them. Some will try to force their burden of healing on you. If you leave this happen it will waste hours of your time because they will not progress and they will not heal. I have even sent people the things they needed to heal because they were not disciplining themselves. As soon as they run out of the things you sent they go back to making the same errors they have made before. So I recommend making sure a person is committed to healing and shows they are committed to healing by their actions.


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