Lyme Brain.

Written by Lee Stevenson.

The brain can heal but it takes someone very experienced to heal the brain from Lyme. Something not mentioned lyme can cause thrombosis that inhibits blood flow throughout the body. Covid and the covid vaccine can also cause many of these things to occur. The issues in the brain caused by Lyme is referred to as neuroborreliosis. Gut dysbiosis, mold exposure, many other infections especially herpes, and toxin exposure can cause much of this to occur but Lyme seems to really hit the brain. Many vaccine can cause this to occur.

Infection causes many of these things to occur. It can also occur in gut dysbiosis , tick born illness especially Lyme disease causes the most severe symptoms. I am going to discuss how the brain is effected by Lyme disease but keep in mind other infections and the things I mentioned can also cause these things to occur. Vaccine injury resembles the symptoms of tick born illness, especially injury by the Covid vaccines. Many who are vaccine injured often times get misdiagnosed with tick born illness. Vaccine injury makes a person more prone to getting tick born illness.

Somnolence which is excess sleepiness. This is caused by the brain swelling and many other injuries to the brain. A person will feel excessively sleepy no matter how much they sleep.

Insomnia difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Those who have had lyme call this wired but tired.

Emotional lability short emotional outburst, sudden episodes of laughing or crying. Over response to things emotionally. This can be caused by the brain inflammation or brain ischemia. Lyme causes both. Lyme can cause extreme episodes of depression.

Lyme causes impaired memory and concentration this is from the inflammation, damage to the brain and sometimes the ischemia.

Dementia impairments in memory , thinking, emotional problems, issues with language processing. Psychological symptoms can include depression, psychotic hallucinations and delusions, apathy, and anxiety. The most commonly affected areas include memory, visuospatial function affecting perception and orientation, language, attention and problem solving.

Lyme causes brain lesions which damages many areas of the brain.

Lymphocytic meningitis severe headache, possible fever, photophobia(light intolerance or light sensitivity) and meningism (swollen meningism usually causes neck stiffness, when severe it can cause severe swelling at back of the neck). Stiffness in knees, change in appetite, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, seizures, loss of consciousness, non-blanching rash (skin lesions that do not fade when glass is pressed to the.)

Cranial neuritis blurred vision, Bell’s palsy, tingling and numbness in various areas, skin sensitive to touch. Week or paralyzed muscles, visual changes like blurred or double vision, issues with hearing.

Radiculopathy pinching of nerve in spinal cord. This can effect a variety of areas , it causes weakness or numbness in limbs, can cause pain and tingling. There will be pain in the area the spinal cord is pinched. Pain in and around the chest while breathing.

Hemorrages in the brain. Bleeding in the brain.

Myelitis inflammation in nerves that causes pain, tingling in extremities, loss of strength in extremities, loss of feeling, pain in area myelitis has occurred. Could cause problems with bowel or bladder control. And can develop a fever.

Vasculitis which can result in stroke. This is inflammation in the blood vessels which results in inhibited blood flow. This can cause headaches, fatigue, weight loss, aches and pains throughout the body. Can cause pain after eating and cause stomach ulcers. Can cause numbness in hands or feet, you can develop shortness of breath and even cough up blood, and bleeding under the skin which can cause skin lesions.

Brain atrophy the brain pretty much starts dying.

Brain calcification calcium deposits in blood vessels in the brain which severely effects how it functions. This can cause movement disorders, mental dysfunction, muscle rigidity and muscle trembling. It can cause uncontrolled movement of the limbs, difficulty swallowing, decline in intellectual function, impaired speech, headaches, severe dizziness, seizures and either the inability to urinate or excessive urination.

I do not make money from this blog. By the time I recovered from the Lyme and the damage from  the fluoroquinolones I was too old for anyone to even look at my application, so I have not been able to find work. I suspect I do not get phone calls because of my age. I am 58 years old and they probably view hiring me as a liability. So I have no source of income. I do have a link where a person can donate to help me out. As long as I am not working I am going to try and post things I believe will help people. I post this information for free so don’t feel obligated to donate. I would prefer if it came from the heart and not because of a feeling of obligation. This is a link to my Cashapp.$TrulyWildHerbs


9 thoughts on “Lyme Brain.

  1. esoterica August 11, 2022 / 9:27 am

    Lyme is no joke. I have experienced many of these symptoms after 9 years of (unknown) mold exposure. If you haven’t already, you may consider a scan called the NeuroQuant, which can quantify specific regions of brain atrophy and edema associated with Lyme or mold. I know that treatment is another story, though… Good luck in your journey to recovery!

    • Lee August 11, 2022 / 3:17 pm

      Thank you I have healed. But it took them 5 years to diagnose me. After five years of antibiotics I started getting worse they stopped working. They floxed me which almost killed me. So I went to all natural healing and I am healed now. I hope you heal well.

    • esoterica August 13, 2022 / 10:24 am

      I’m so happy you’ve found healing. My story is quite similar, just from mold. I was ill got 7 years with no diagnosis, being punted from one specialist to the next. I also pursued more holistic care. Targeted nutrition and supplementation with a brilliant dietician helped me take my first step to recovery, followed by integrative physician. Western medicine isn’t equipped for some of these more complicated ailments, I’ve learned.

    • Lee August 14, 2022 / 11:52 am

      I am getting known in my area for being able to help people heal from things no one else has been able to heal. Because of that many local medical professionals are following me on social media. I have been teaching them. They even invite me to cook outs so they can meet me. I find it strange though because I am the average person who wanted to survive and they insist I am a genius. I am not a genius, I was tired of being sick and told I was going to die. So I learned as much as I could. I did not have the money for even fake medicine let alone ones that use natural methods of healing so I had to learn myself. It was not genius that caused me to learn these things but desperation.

    • esoterica August 14, 2022 / 1:41 pm

      Yes, I can very much relate! My partner and I were both very ill and our choice was either to wither away in bed or try to find a solution, so we read research articles, contacted researchers, tried various diets and supplements, and self-experimented ourselves back to improved health. One of the treatments my partner discovered to resolve his epilepsy has become standard protocol at Barrow Neurological Institute. We need to be out own advocates and the try to go out and help others. I think persistence is a form of genius, and I’m glad to hear you’ve gain the respect of medical professionals. I suspect not many patients are willing to go to the lengths you were to heal themselves.

    • Lee August 15, 2022 / 4:07 pm

      Honestly I was giving up. I was laying on the couch down to 123 pounds I had lost 45 pounds and I used to be all muscle. I was praying to die. I think the world of my nieces kids. I could not get medical professionals to help me. Insurance would not cover my treatment so I lost my home and everything I owned I even had to sell my tools to get treatment. Then when I was out of money they told me I was too far gone and there was nothing they could do for me. Sent me home to die. Every day I prayed to die. But my niece came to visit. See I was so weak I could not walk I had to crawl. I would be so weak I could not get food or water. I begged my family to get me some. They said if you were not so lazy you would get them yourself. So I was giving up. My niece came to visit, When my nieces children one was 4 and the other was 7 seen how ill I was they said uncle Lee are you dying. They said we don’t want you to leave us. I would not answer them. I think the world of them they are very good kids. Well they said we will stay here and help you. So they stayed for three days. Got me food and water and I regained enough strength I could walk. After that I decided I would do what i could to make sure I was around for them. I cannot believe how many people abandon someone when they are chronically ill. There is no money in me teaching others their is a way out and I am severely impoverished but I don’t care because what happened to me happens to many. and me teaching others that there is a way out is better then having money.

    • esoterica August 15, 2022 / 6:38 pm

      Wow, it’s so touching that your niece and her children showed so much love and support. I’ve been through a similarly traumatic experience–gaslighting by doctors, effective treatments not being covered by insurance, and loss of people I thought cared. Finding just one thing to live for really lights the fire… for me, it was the sadness in my grandmother’s eyes when she said that I looked really unwell. She lost her eldest grandson to cancer and I don’t want her to have to go through that again. You’re doing important work in teaching others. You will change lives for the better, if you haven’t already.

    • Lee August 16, 2022 / 7:17 am

      I look at it this way. It showed me who really was my family and friends. I now only give my time to the ones who were there for me. A few apologized because they eventually learned the truth about LYme. The one who apologized said they seen on TV that Lyme disease was not real ant that people that claimed they had lyme were hypochondriacs. I don’t watch TV I always hated it. It is used to manipulate and control peoples thinking. Oh and speaking of Cancer , they diagnosed me with cancer which is very very common with Lyme. It puts out the same markers. When I looked up cancer it did not match the symptoms I was having so I kept searching for a doctor until one finally figured out I had Lyme . Mysteriously all sins of cancer went away and no longer showed up in Xrays after I got rid of the Lyme.

    • Lee September 7, 2022 / 3:25 pm

      It is amazing how love from one person can really drive you. When you see the love they have for you and see how hurt they are when they think they are going to lose you, it really lights the fire to keep fighting. I hope you have gotten well or if not will have been healing.

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