Who should you believe, Dr. Oz or the media?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Why we should defend Dr. Oz and others like him.

I am not writing this because Dr. Oz is a politician. I am writing this because the lies and attacks on him involve natural healing. They promote it as fraudulent when natural healing is much more effective then drugs. Drugs usually cause new health problems and a person ends up having to take medications to treat the symptoms the previous drug has induced causing them to spend more and more money on medications and they end up eventually having to take multiple medications which eventually destroy their health to the point of no return. The lies they are telling about the things Dr. Oz recommends is an attack on natural healing. I have never seen research that shows humans have a drug deficiency. What you will notice is drug manufactures can make claims that are not true about their products , yet those who make claims about certain naturals are dealt with a heavy hand by the FDA. The FDA has been corrupted and gets a lot of funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So if the pharmaceutical industry loses money so does the FDA. The ties between the pharmaceutical industry and governments world wide have become so tight that citizens world wide are now victims of narcissistic abuse as a result of it.


These are things they are claiming are bogus that Dr. Oz promotes. They claim they are a scam. Well anyone who knows anything about health would know these things are very effective because they reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. He often times will talk about these things helping with weight loss. By now most should know that Obesity is caused by an inflammatory state or metabolic issues. Excess inflammation and excess oxidative stress causes obesity and diabetes. Green coffee bean extract is very effective at blocking the effects of endotoxins , reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. I do not promote one specific supplement because each person is unique and should seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner or naturopath, but up to 80% of modern medicine is based on speculation. Drugs have well known severe side effects. There are clinical trials that support many of the things Dr. Oz talks about that show they can be effective.

Modern medicine only treats the symptoms functional medicine and naturopathic medicine treats the cause of illness. Treating the symptoms keeps people on a medical hamster wheel guaranteeing a life time customers. Treating the cause of illness often times restores ones health so they no longer have to depend on medical treatment. I find it odd that society has come to accept being ill as normal. Chronic illness is more rampant now since people no longer depend on naturals for healing. In times past it was normal to use naturals or diet to prevent and reverse certain illnesses.

The clinical trials on either side are of poor quality and they do not mention in some of them if there were diet changes. For example eating GMO foods or foods high in glyphosate causes obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Oz has promoted green coffee bean extract. I did not see in the clinical trials if they made certain diet changes but they did show green coffee bean extract reduces inflammation and oxidative stress which would help to improve the health of those who are obese or have diabetes. So either way whether for or against naturals. The clinical trials funded from both side of the debate are not factoring everything in. So we need to consider the fact that the body needs nutrients and medications are not a substance the body requires to survive. Many health problems can be linked to nutrient deficiencies or from gut dysbiosis. Medications are known to cause negative alterations in the microbial makeup of the gut. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found in certain foods and herbs have proven health benefits.




Dr. Oz is called a fraud because he says eating GMO foods is bad for a person’s health . There is a lot of science to support that claim. The BT Toxins produced in GMOs dramatically effect a person’s health and even causes food intolerance that can result in autoimmunity and even inflammation in the brain. They use many farm chemicals on GMO foods which are known to cause chronic illness even when ingested in levels lower then what is considered safe. The fraud being committed is by the governments world wide who have worked to cover these facts up. The negative health effects of GMO foods and foods that have had toxic farm chemicals sprayed on them have been well documented and researched.

Dr. Oz recommended Lavender aroma therapy for restless leg syndrome. Lavender has been shown in clinical trials to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression. Drugs have well known and documented negative health effects. The herbs or supplements that Dr. Oz recommends have a proven history of being safe and most have even been researched for their toxicity and had no toxic effects to the body.



Dr. Oz promotes Trubiotics , he may have financial ties to the company that produces them. But those who promote pharmaceutical products have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry so if we use that standard to accuse someone of being a fraud then pretty much most modern medicine and those who promote it is fraudulent. I do not believe in a person taking one specific probiotic because these need to be taken according to the individuals needs. But I can discuss the health effects of each individual strain of microbes in Trubiotics. Truebiotics contain Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis, retinyl acetate (vitamin A 2500 IU), ascorbic acid (vitamin C 60 mg), vitamin E ( dl-alphatocopheryl acetate 30 IU), and sodium 5 mg. I do not like this product because it contains titanium dioxide which has many negative health effects. It also has skim milk powder which could cause problems for some people. That being said lets see what health effects the main ingredients have.

Lactobacillus acidophilus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing oxidative stress. It improves cholesterol levels in the body. It decreases beta glucuronidase levels which can help prevent hormone imbalance and certain types of cancer. Helps reduce TH17 levels. High levels of TH17 can cause inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity.

Bifidobacterium animalis helps increase fat burning in the body. It helps to prevent bloating in the gut. It increases expression of the antioxidant genes which would help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. It increases Akkermansia munciniphila which is a keystone microbes in the gut known to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. A munciniphila also kills many types of infectious microbes. B animalis reduces TMAO levels which causes the fish smell disease. TMAO has also been linked to diabetes obesity and age related deterioration in the brain. Helps break down gliaden which would help to prevent intolerance to wheat products.

Retinyl acetate helps increases resistance to measles, helps improve skin health, reduces oxidative stress, inflammation , and can improve eye health. Helps reduce the negative effects of endotoxins produced from infection or from leaky gut.

Most know the beneficial effects of vitamin C so I will not discuss it.

Vitamin E has potent antioxidant effects. Vitamin E helps to prevent ischemia in the body and prevents excess blood clotting. Vitamin E and Vitamin A should be taken together because they compete with each other. Vitamin E deficiency during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, preeclampsia and preterm birth.

Dr. Oz promoted a product called PanTheryx. It is a colostrum and probiotic combination. It also contains Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus planatarum, Lactobacillus paracasei, and Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis can prevent many types of infection but can cause problems if not taken with another Baccillus species to help keep it in check. So I do not like that they only have Bacillus subtilis and not another species of baccillus in the probiotic.

Colostrum has man proven health benefits. Colostrum is very nutrient dense. It also contains lactoferrin which helps to balance iron levels and fight infection. It also contains growth factors known to prevent obesity and diabetes. Colostrum provide antibioties which can help provide immunity against infection. It improves the health of the gut by stimulating growth of intestinal cells and improves gut health. It helps to prevent leaky gut. Colostrum improves wound healing in the body. It improves cell regeneration throughout the body. Colostrum can increase muscle growth and promotes a lean body type.

I already discussed Bifidobacterium animalis so I will discus the effects of the other probiotics included in Pantheryx. Lactobacillus rhamnosus improves resistance to cancer, prevents diarrhea, improves immune function, helps prevent Candida overgrowth and infections such as E coli. Increases resistance to infections. Improves tryptophan metabolism, blocks the absorption of many toxins into the body, helps to prevent food intolerance or allergies, increases tolerance to stress by reducing stress hormones and improves brain function. Help to maintain immune system balance.

Lactobacillus planatarum has many of the same properties as L rhamnosus. It helps reduce the risk of viral infection and from infections such as E coli, It decreases TMAO levels, it reduces inflammation in the body, helps to maintain immune system balance, it helps to prevent excess fibroid build up in the body which would protect the organs from fibrosis. Improves leptin sensitivity which could help to prevent obesity. Produces GABA which helps improve overall health of the body. Helps to reduce biogenic amines which can cause a histamine like reaction if levels get too high , so it prevents the negative health effects of biogenic amines. Increases antioxidant enzymes in the body.

Lactobacillus paracasei reduces TH17 levels which can help prevent autoimmunity and arthritis. Makes flavonoids more available to the body. Increases IL-37 which improves immune system balance. Helps improve resistance to viral infection. Stimulates opoiod receptors which would reduce pain in the body. Prevents allergies by reducing IgE levels in the body. Decreases beta glucuronidase. Helps prevent bloating by improving the degredation of FOS and GOS in beans and legumes. Improves intestinal health by increasing the guts defenses against infection and improves gut integrity.

Dr. Oz has been paid to promote CellSentials pack. This is no different then the kick back medical professionals and government employees get from the pharmaceutical industry. Yet no one complains about that but they will complain about someone who is promoting things that are much safer then pharmaceutical products. Who stands to profit from discrediting Dr. Oz? It would be the pharmaceutical industry and the political figures they sponsor. CellSentials contains many nutrients most are deficient in now days and it contains many very potent antioxidants. It also has nutrients that support the antioxidant system and many detox pathways in the body. It does seem like overkill to me. I do not like one size fits all supplements. But this supplement would have many health benefits.

Dr. Oz promoted Hepasil designed to improve liver function. Hepasil contains silymarin (milk thistle). It is a potent antioxidant and stimulates many detox enzymes in the body. It also contains lecithin, inositol choline, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, it contains many B vitamins that people are deficient in now days such as B12, B6, thiamine, riboflavin and niacinamide. Most know the B vitamins prevent neurological damage and related metabolic issues. B vitamins are also needed by many detox pathways in the body. Magnesium is need by almost every cell of the body and in almost every metabolic process. It is also needed for neurtransmitter balance and function.

Lecithin decreases LDL and increases HDL. Improves white blood cell function, and increases natural killer cells which the body uses to prevent cancer growth. It improves mucus in the gut which would prevent gut inflammation and leaky gut. Improves gall bladder and liver function. Improves skin health by improving skin hydration. It increase saliva production in the mouth. It improves cognitive function and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Choline deficiency can cause fatty liver disease. Choline deficiency during pregnancy can cause the child to be born with birth defects effecting the neurological system. It improves memory and attention span, it improves the metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body. The body uses fat and cholesterol to fight infection, for cellular repair, to transport nutrients throughout the body and for detoxing the body. Low choline can cause the bile ducts and bile flow to be inhibited. This can cause many chronic health problems. Choline helps to prevent muscle fatigue and pain. Choline prevents excess homocysteine in the body. If homocysteine levels get too high it can cause systemic inflammation, chronic illness, obesity and heart disease.

Inositol helps to balance neurotransmitters in the brain. Helps to prevent depression and anxiety. Has been found to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. Improves metabolic function which helps with diabetes and obesity by improving insulin sensitivity and preventing high glucose levels. Helps with OCD and other brain related dysfunction. Inositol improves respiratory health.

Now when you look at the things Dr. Oz is promoting most of it is nutrients that have proven health benefits. GMO foods, farm chemicals in our foods and many pharmaceutical drugs especially antibiotics are killing the microbes in people guts. The loss of certain microbes in the gut has been shown to cause many types of chronic illness. They falsely accuse him of promoting snake oil remedies. These things have proven health benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has a long criminal history and a history of corruption. Governments world wide have been caught colluding with the pharmaceutical industry to cover up the harm they are doing and the damage the pharmaceutical products do to people. So who are you going to believe. You cannot believe the media, most of their funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

I do not endorse or would I even recommend the products Dr. Oz promotes because I do not believe there is a one size fits all supplement. Each person needs should be addressed on an individual bases. But the products he promotes do have many health benefits and a lot safer tract record then pharmaceutical products. Why is the media and politicians attacking Dr. Oz so much? Could it be because he poses a threat to their pocket books? He is making people aware of the things that can truly bring healing. When people learn they can heal they get off the medical hamster wheel which cuts into the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry’s profits. Many have been falsely led to believe illness is a part of life and people have become so indoctrinated to believe those things that they actually call the pharmaceutical products such as drugs “my medicine”. Why do they not consider food and nutrients for healing and say “my vitamins” or “my minerals”. Because they have been indoctrinated to believe the true source of health is not the answer to their health problems and the media has thoroughly convinced them that the pharmaceutical industry will save the. The results of that , is chronic illness is rampant on the earth like it has never occurred before.

They do not question doctors and it has been proven that 80% of modern medical treatment is based on speculation and often times they speculate incorrectly. Medical error is the third leading cause of death. Now add to that fact people have had adverse reactions to medications and vaccines which have cause many deaths. Adverse reactions to vaccines and adverse reactions to drugs are rarely reported so the deaths from them are most likely much higher then we are led to believe. So modern medicine is most likely the leading cause of death in the world. When you consider all these things who really is the snake oil salesmen. It would seem like the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry is the number one promoters of snake oil remedies.



So we need to ask, who should we believe a person promoting nutrients known to have many health benefits or someone who trust and believes the pharmaceutical industry and corrupt government entities? We all need to make money to survive. I would rather someone made money from promoting healthy things then someone who falsely labels nutrients as snake oil while never mentioning the harm that modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are causing.


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