About me

meI have a variety of interest. When I have a problem and I find a solution that I think may help someone else I am going to post it. If I find something interesting that I feel someone else may like I will post it here. I will probably post things of a spiritual nature and the linux operating system. If you are interested in the spiritual things I post and want to learn more go to http://www.jw.org. They will have more detailed and up to date information. It is a very interesting site. They have an online library with a search function. There are videos you can watch. If you prefer a one on one lesson you can contact your local Kingdom Hall and they could help you with that.

If you find anything useful on my blog please feel free to share it. If you speak more then one language feel free to translate it and repost it on a blog or if you have a website you can post it there. I want others to know they can heal and there are answers.

If you like my post could you please rate it, that let’s the search engines know that the pages are worth indexing.  This is a link to my Facebook page. I usually won’t friend someone unless I know them or their Facebook pages are not bad in the biblical sense.  https://www.facebook.com/lee.stevenson.54390

I have pretty much recovered from my illness but my body was damaged so bad I cannot work. I was denied disability 3 times. I have learned that even though I have worked since I was 14 it does not matter to the government. I always believed they would take care of me if something happened. I have found out that is not true. I tried to work again and could not do it. I thought if I only pushed through it things would get better but they did not they got worse and worse until I just could not work no matter how hard I tried.

I finally have a store online so I can make some money.


Translate to your language https://iamajuicer.wordpress.com/about/translate-to-your-language/?preview=true&preview_id=132&preview_nonce=9709bae973

Traducir a su idioma. https://iamajuicer.wordpress.com/about/translate-to-your-language/?preview=true&preview_id=132&preview_nonce=9709bae973

Traduire dans votre langue. https://iamajuicer.wordpress.com/about/translate-to-your-language/?preview=true&preview_id=132&preview_nonce=9709bae973

Перевести на свой язык.https://iamajuicer.wordpress.com/about/translate-to-your-language/?preview=true&preview_id=132&preview_nonce=9709bae973

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