Say goodbye to paper money.

Written by Lee Stevenson

Your paper money is about to be replaced with Biden Bucks. Crypto currency designed to control your money. Paper money will be done away with. They can control your money. If you buy guns, leave too big of a carbon foot print, or do not earn enough social credits then your Biden bucks can be taken away from you. I warned that Biden wanted to implement something like this before he got in office. They are going to do this on a world wide scale very soon. If you are labeled a rebel against the government for speaking the truth. If you refuse medical treatments they want to force on you then your Biden bucks will be taken. Sound familiar you will not be able to buy sell or trade unless you accept the mark of the beast.

Who should you believe, Dr. Oz or the media?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Why we should defend Dr. Oz and others like him.

I am not writing this because Dr. Oz is a politician. I am writing this because the lies and attacks on him involve natural healing. They promote it as fraudulent when natural healing is much more effective then drugs. Drugs usually cause new health problems and a person ends up having to take medications to treat the symptoms the previous drug has induced causing them to spend more and more money on medications and they end up eventually having to take multiple medications which eventually destroy their health to the point of no return. The lies they are telling about the things Dr. Oz recommends is an attack on natural healing. I have never seen research that shows humans have a drug deficiency. What you will notice is drug manufactures can make claims that are not true about their products , yet those who make claims about certain naturals are dealt with a heavy hand by the FDA. The FDA has been corrupted and gets a lot of funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So if the pharmaceutical industry loses money so does the FDA. The ties between the pharmaceutical industry and governments world wide have become so tight that citizens world wide are now victims of narcissistic abuse as a result of it.

These are things they are claiming are bogus that Dr. Oz promotes. They claim they are a scam. Well anyone who knows anything about health would know these things are very effective because they reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. He often times will talk about these things helping with weight loss. By now most should know that Obesity is caused by an inflammatory state or metabolic issues. Excess inflammation and excess oxidative stress causes obesity and diabetes. Green coffee bean extract is very effective at blocking the effects of endotoxins , reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. I do not promote one specific supplement because each person is unique and should seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner or naturopath, but up to 80% of modern medicine is based on speculation. Drugs have well known severe side effects. There are clinical trials that support many of the things Dr. Oz talks about that show they can be effective.

Modern medicine only treats the symptoms functional medicine and naturopathic medicine treats the cause of illness. Treating the symptoms keeps people on a medical hamster wheel guaranteeing a life time customers. Treating the cause of illness often times restores ones health so they no longer have to depend on medical treatment. I find it odd that society has come to accept being ill as normal. Chronic illness is more rampant now since people no longer depend on naturals for healing. In times past it was normal to use naturals or diet to prevent and reverse certain illnesses.

The clinical trials on either side are of poor quality and they do not mention in some of them if there were diet changes. For example eating GMO foods or foods high in glyphosate causes obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Oz has promoted green coffee bean extract. I did not see in the clinical trials if they made certain diet changes but they did show green coffee bean extract reduces inflammation and oxidative stress which would help to improve the health of those who are obese or have diabetes. So either way whether for or against naturals. The clinical trials funded from both side of the debate are not factoring everything in. So we need to consider the fact that the body needs nutrients and medications are not a substance the body requires to survive. Many health problems can be linked to nutrient deficiencies or from gut dysbiosis. Medications are known to cause negative alterations in the microbial makeup of the gut. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found in certain foods and herbs have proven health benefits.

Dr. Oz is called a fraud because he says eating GMO foods is bad for a person’s health . There is a lot of science to support that claim. The BT Toxins produced in GMOs dramatically effect a person’s health and even causes food intolerance that can result in autoimmunity and even inflammation in the brain. They use many farm chemicals on GMO foods which are known to cause chronic illness even when ingested in levels lower then what is considered safe. The fraud being committed is by the governments world wide who have worked to cover these facts up. The negative health effects of GMO foods and foods that have had toxic farm chemicals sprayed on them have been well documented and researched.

Dr. Oz recommended Lavender aroma therapy for restless leg syndrome. Lavender has been shown in clinical trials to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression. Drugs have well known and documented negative health effects. The herbs or supplements that Dr. Oz recommends have a proven history of being safe and most have even been researched for their toxicity and had no toxic effects to the body.

Dr. Oz promotes Trubiotics , he may have financial ties to the company that produces them. But those who promote pharmaceutical products have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry so if we use that standard to accuse someone of being a fraud then pretty much most modern medicine and those who promote it is fraudulent. I do not believe in a person taking one specific probiotic because these need to be taken according to the individuals needs. But I can discuss the health effects of each individual strain of microbes in Trubiotics. Truebiotics contain Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis, retinyl acetate (vitamin A 2500 IU), ascorbic acid (vitamin C 60 mg), vitamin E ( dl-alphatocopheryl acetate 30 IU), and sodium 5 mg. I do not like this product because it contains titanium dioxide which has many negative health effects. It also has skim milk powder which could cause problems for some people. That being said lets see what health effects the main ingredients have.

Lactobacillus acidophilus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing oxidative stress. It improves cholesterol levels in the body. It decreases beta glucuronidase levels which can help prevent hormone imbalance and certain types of cancer. Helps reduce TH17 levels. High levels of TH17 can cause inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity.

Bifidobacterium animalis helps increase fat burning in the body. It helps to prevent bloating in the gut. It increases expression of the antioxidant genes which would help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. It increases Akkermansia munciniphila which is a keystone microbes in the gut known to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. A munciniphila also kills many types of infectious microbes. B animalis reduces TMAO levels which causes the fish smell disease. TMAO has also been linked to diabetes obesity and age related deterioration in the brain. Helps break down gliaden which would help to prevent intolerance to wheat products.

Retinyl acetate helps increases resistance to measles, helps improve skin health, reduces oxidative stress, inflammation , and can improve eye health. Helps reduce the negative effects of endotoxins produced from infection or from leaky gut.

Most know the beneficial effects of vitamin C so I will not discuss it.

Vitamin E has potent antioxidant effects. Vitamin E helps to prevent ischemia in the body and prevents excess blood clotting. Vitamin E and Vitamin A should be taken together because they compete with each other. Vitamin E deficiency during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, preeclampsia and preterm birth.

Dr. Oz promoted a product called PanTheryx. It is a colostrum and probiotic combination. It also contains Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus planatarum, Lactobacillus paracasei, and Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis can prevent many types of infection but can cause problems if not taken with another Baccillus species to help keep it in check. So I do not like that they only have Bacillus subtilis and not another species of baccillus in the probiotic.

Colostrum has man proven health benefits. Colostrum is very nutrient dense. It also contains lactoferrin which helps to balance iron levels and fight infection. It also contains growth factors known to prevent obesity and diabetes. Colostrum provide antibioties which can help provide immunity against infection. It improves the health of the gut by stimulating growth of intestinal cells and improves gut health. It helps to prevent leaky gut. Colostrum improves wound healing in the body. It improves cell regeneration throughout the body. Colostrum can increase muscle growth and promotes a lean body type.

I already discussed Bifidobacterium animalis so I will discus the effects of the other probiotics included in Pantheryx. Lactobacillus rhamnosus improves resistance to cancer, prevents diarrhea, improves immune function, helps prevent Candida overgrowth and infections such as E coli. Increases resistance to infections. Improves tryptophan metabolism, blocks the absorption of many toxins into the body, helps to prevent food intolerance or allergies, increases tolerance to stress by reducing stress hormones and improves brain function. Help to maintain immune system balance.

Lactobacillus planatarum has many of the same properties as L rhamnosus. It helps reduce the risk of viral infection and from infections such as E coli, It decreases TMAO levels, it reduces inflammation in the body, helps to maintain immune system balance, it helps to prevent excess fibroid build up in the body which would protect the organs from fibrosis. Improves leptin sensitivity which could help to prevent obesity. Produces GABA which helps improve overall health of the body. Helps to reduce biogenic amines which can cause a histamine like reaction if levels get too high , so it prevents the negative health effects of biogenic amines. Increases antioxidant enzymes in the body.

Lactobacillus paracasei reduces TH17 levels which can help prevent autoimmunity and arthritis. Makes flavonoids more available to the body. Increases IL-37 which improves immune system balance. Helps improve resistance to viral infection. Stimulates opoiod receptors which would reduce pain in the body. Prevents allergies by reducing IgE levels in the body. Decreases beta glucuronidase. Helps prevent bloating by improving the degredation of FOS and GOS in beans and legumes. Improves intestinal health by increasing the guts defenses against infection and improves gut integrity.

Dr. Oz has been paid to promote CellSentials pack. This is no different then the kick back medical professionals and government employees get from the pharmaceutical industry. Yet no one complains about that but they will complain about someone who is promoting things that are much safer then pharmaceutical products. Who stands to profit from discrediting Dr. Oz? It would be the pharmaceutical industry and the political figures they sponsor. CellSentials contains many nutrients most are deficient in now days and it contains many very potent antioxidants. It also has nutrients that support the antioxidant system and many detox pathways in the body. It does seem like overkill to me. I do not like one size fits all supplements. But this supplement would have many health benefits.

Dr. Oz promoted Hepasil designed to improve liver function. Hepasil contains silymarin (milk thistle). It is a potent antioxidant and stimulates many detox enzymes in the body. It also contains lecithin, inositol choline, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, it contains many B vitamins that people are deficient in now days such as B12, B6, thiamine, riboflavin and niacinamide. Most know the B vitamins prevent neurological damage and related metabolic issues. B vitamins are also needed by many detox pathways in the body. Magnesium is need by almost every cell of the body and in almost every metabolic process. It is also needed for neurtransmitter balance and function.

Lecithin decreases LDL and increases HDL. Improves white blood cell function, and increases natural killer cells which the body uses to prevent cancer growth. It improves mucus in the gut which would prevent gut inflammation and leaky gut. Improves gall bladder and liver function. Improves skin health by improving skin hydration. It increase saliva production in the mouth. It improves cognitive function and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Choline deficiency can cause fatty liver disease. Choline deficiency during pregnancy can cause the child to be born with birth defects effecting the neurological system. It improves memory and attention span, it improves the metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body. The body uses fat and cholesterol to fight infection, for cellular repair, to transport nutrients throughout the body and for detoxing the body. Low choline can cause the bile ducts and bile flow to be inhibited. This can cause many chronic health problems. Choline helps to prevent muscle fatigue and pain. Choline prevents excess homocysteine in the body. If homocysteine levels get too high it can cause systemic inflammation, chronic illness, obesity and heart disease.

Inositol helps to balance neurotransmitters in the brain. Helps to prevent depression and anxiety. Has been found to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. Improves metabolic function which helps with diabetes and obesity by improving insulin sensitivity and preventing high glucose levels. Helps with OCD and other brain related dysfunction. Inositol improves respiratory health.

Now when you look at the things Dr. Oz is promoting most of it is nutrients that have proven health benefits. GMO foods, farm chemicals in our foods and many pharmaceutical drugs especially antibiotics are killing the microbes in people guts. The loss of certain microbes in the gut has been shown to cause many types of chronic illness. They falsely accuse him of promoting snake oil remedies. These things have proven health benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has a long criminal history and a history of corruption. Governments world wide have been caught colluding with the pharmaceutical industry to cover up the harm they are doing and the damage the pharmaceutical products do to people. So who are you going to believe. You cannot believe the media, most of their funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

I do not endorse or would I even recommend the products Dr. Oz promotes because I do not believe there is a one size fits all supplement. Each person needs should be addressed on an individual bases. But the products he promotes do have many health benefits and a lot safer tract record then pharmaceutical products. Why is the media and politicians attacking Dr. Oz so much? Could it be because he poses a threat to their pocket books? He is making people aware of the things that can truly bring healing. When people learn they can heal they get off the medical hamster wheel which cuts into the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry’s profits. Many have been falsely led to believe illness is a part of life and people have become so indoctrinated to believe those things that they actually call the pharmaceutical products such as drugs “my medicine”. Why do they not consider food and nutrients for healing and say “my vitamins” or “my minerals”. Because they have been indoctrinated to believe the true source of health is not the answer to their health problems and the media has thoroughly convinced them that the pharmaceutical industry will save the. The results of that , is chronic illness is rampant on the earth like it has never occurred before.

They do not question doctors and it has been proven that 80% of modern medical treatment is based on speculation and often times they speculate incorrectly. Medical error is the third leading cause of death. Now add to that fact people have had adverse reactions to medications and vaccines which have cause many deaths. Adverse reactions to vaccines and adverse reactions to drugs are rarely reported so the deaths from them are most likely much higher then we are led to believe. So modern medicine is most likely the leading cause of death in the world. When you consider all these things who really is the snake oil salesmen. It would seem like the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry is the number one promoters of snake oil remedies.

So we need to ask, who should we believe a person promoting nutrients known to have many health benefits or someone who trust and believes the pharmaceutical industry and corrupt government entities? We all need to make money to survive. I would rather someone made money from promoting healthy things then someone who falsely labels nutrients as snake oil while never mentioning the harm that modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are causing.

Why isn’t society asking why?

written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Chronic illness used to be rare. Now people have come to accept it as a normal part of life. I do not understand why they are not questioning things and wondering why this is the case now days. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are rampant. So many new types of chronic illness have been springing up there are new diseases with new name springing up left and right. Why would these diseases no one every heard of or seen before start happening? Why isn’t society asking why? Since the introduction of the Covid vaccine people are dying suddenly of cardiac failure , liver failure and kidney failure on a level never seen before in history. Many of they are very young. People are developing types of cancer that medical professionals have never seen before. They are saying it is the most aggressive and fastest growing cancer they have ever seen since they have introduced the Covid vaccines. Why are people not asking why? There are many things we should be questioning and should have been before they introduced the Covid vaccines.

They tell us that nitrite and nitrate will cause cancer we should avoid eating it. It is needed to protect the body in many ways and a deficiency can cause ischemia to organs in the body leading to organ damage and brain damage. It can also cause obesity and metabolic diseases. Low nitric oxide makes a person very prone to infection. Low nitric oxide causes cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Who profits from all these illnesses? You have to consider many of the government organizations world wide get most of their funding to do research from the pharmaceutical industry. Political figures world wide get most of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So who are they going to protect the citizen or the one who is keeping them in power?

They tell us that cholesterol and fat are bad for us. Every cell in the body needs fat and cholesterol. The heart and brain cannot function without fat and cholesterol. The brain is made up of at least 60% fat and cholesterol. The body uses fat as it’s main source of energy. If it does not get enough fats the mitochondria start to become dysfunctional, they start relying on glucose for energy which can cause systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. Cholesterol is one of the most potent antioxidants. Studies have shown those with lower LDL die younger and are more prone to mental decline when they age. If LDL is high it indicates the antioxidant system is working but the body is fighting something whether it is a toxin, infection, injury from a pharmaceutical product or even stress. If your under a lot of stress or have an infection or have been exposed to a toxin and your LDL remains low then you have a much higher risk of mortality because it indicates your antioxidant system may not be working. Reducing LDL instead of addressing the problem causes the brain to shrink, damages the heart and many other organs and rapidly speeds up aging. Who profits from this?

Society has been indoctrinated to be afraid of germs. They have found those who get certain infections like zika, measles, or chicken pox have a higher resistance to developing cancer and allergies. Certain pharmaceutical products that are supposed to protect you from those supposed dangerous infections do the opposite they make you more prone to developing cancer and allergies. Who profits from this? Do you give government entities money to do research? The political figures world wide are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. They are going to continue to help those who put them in power , have a steady supply of customers so they can guarantee their political careers are more secure. Go against the pharmaceutical industry and you have pretty much guaranteed political suicide. They make people paranoid of dirt but dirt is were we get our microbes that protect our brain, keep our microbes in our gut balanced and prevent infections. Who profits from all of this?

The biotech industry is owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Our food supply has become severely toxic. The governments world wide know this but do all they can to protect the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. They only care about power and money. The political figures who do go against the biotech or pharmaceutical industry will not remain in power long. We got to see the power and authority the pharmaceutical industry has with the Covid pandemic. They easily got things forced on people and rights taken away. Peoples greed for power and money has blinded them to the fact that they are powerless without the pharmaceutical industry. They will have to face God for putting their faith in man and not God and caving to the sinful will of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. God does not take excuses for answers. So ultimately they will pay for what they are doing.

I remember a time where people died in their sleep and lived a life pretty free of suffering. Chronic illness is so rampant now that most die a slow and miserable death. Many have come to accept this as normal. Cancer and autoimmunity used to be rare now it is common and people don’t even think twice when someone has cancer or autoimmune disease. When I was younger it was even rare for elderly to be on a medication now going by statistics up to 80% of U.S. citizens are on a medication. Medications only address the symptoms they do not address the cause of illness. Medications usually damage the body causing a person to eventually rely on multiple medications. They get people on medical hamster wheels by damaging them with their vaccines, medications, farm chemical, GMO foods and then they have life time customers who die slow miserable deaths. Why have people come to accept these things as normal?

How repressed or suppressed guilt effects the mind.

Written by Lee Stevenson.

Guilt helps us recognize when we have done something wrong and guides us to taking corrective actions so we do not commit the error again. Suppressing guilt by willfully forgetting the sin that they committed causes damage to the brain and the body. There is a lot of research supporting this. The science has validated what the bible has already taught us. The brain damage gets worse and worse the more the person refuses to remember the guilt and holds onto it. By not repenting it damages their brain and body more and more. They also lose the ability to tell right from wrong causing more and more moral decline. they will take many steps to try to feel they have done no wrong such as increasing acts of charity and kindness, paying more attention to external appearance of themselves and the things around them become obsessed with them looking perfect. The friends they choose will become lower and lower in morality because by surrounding themselves with those who are less moral , they compare themselves and in their minds they say , I am not that bad of a person. But because their morals will continue to decline so will the friends they select, they will select friends who are more and more immoral. They will look at others short comings and pick at them about it that have more morals then they do to try and convince themselves they are morally ok. They well start hating and resenting those who have more morals then they do, even family and start pushing them away.

The problem with suppressing guilt the more guilt someone suppresses the more lies they have to defend until they become suspicious of any questions and will attack a person for asking you questions. This is because they realize how easily they could slip up and reveal something. They will down play what they did and consider it a laps in judgment but those lapses get easier and easier . To the point they no longer feel remorse or guilt but actually view those trying to point out their error as their enemy and in doing so because their actions towards them , they have made them their enemies in their minds. This longer the suppressed guilt is not dealt with the more they will project their negative emotions on others and lash out at them for the littlest things. They are sad in a worldly way, of what they have lost because of their sin. They are not sad in a good way and that means of the loss of being closer to God.

To compensate they will become obsessed with image and how things appear in an attempt to be viewed as righteous to others. They will become obsessed with thier appearance, they will try to use a tone of voice that seems kind to appear to be kind, they will start trying to control everything around them.

Eventually when they have reached the bottom they will take pride in wrong doing and how well they have gotten at hiding it. But they are not hiding it, those aware of their spiritual condition will start trying to distance themselves from them. The only ones they will fool are those in the same low spiritual state. They will see their spiritual state and take advantage of it. (Habakkuk 2:4)  4 Look at the one who is proud; He is not upright within himself. But the righteous one will live by his faithfulness.

King David suppressed his guilt. He had a harsher judgment of others because of his suppressed guilt. It resulted in God punishing David in front of everyone. Because king David do not easily admit his guilt it brought more severe punishment on him .

God would not bless Cain because he was refusing to admit he was sinning. There are many examples of this occurring, people chose to suppress their guilt. This causes them to hate the ones who are righteous. Resulting in them attacking and hating those who are. This is why Cain killed Able.

David did pay the consequences for his sin but God forgive him when he repented thus preserved his life.

Studies have shown repressed memories of guilt ruins your mental and physical health. Causes depression, poor memory , anger , violent tendencies, arrogant attitude which presents as someone looking down on others and seeking out their imperfections and short comings lead to depression and a loss of self identity. It is also them to have unwanted intrusive thoughts. This is because they made their battle to return to God much more difficult. (Luke 11:24-26) 24 “When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through waterless places in search of a resting-place, and after finding none, it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I moved.’ 25 And on arriving, it finds the house swept clean and adorned. 26 Then it goes and takes along seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and after getting inside, they dwell there. So the final circumstances of that man become worse than the first.”

They will start seeing the wicked as good and even downplay their wickedness, essentially acquitting the wicked and actually find pleasure in it and are learning to hate those who adhere to God’s word. They can fool those who do not know their bibles well. But those who do their actions will show those how remain righteous who the person really is. Sadly they will try to help them , and it will cause them to lash out at them and be resentful and hateful towards them. These one may appear to have a form of Godly devotion but because of their repressed sin they will fear God’s great day of judgment.

On a science level repressing and suppressing memories of guilt makes the frontal cortex shrink, and it continues to shrink until eventually starts causing lose of cognitive function, brain fog, dementia, loss of motor skills causing clumsiness, loss of self identity. When they try to think who They are they do not know. They will lose the ability to switch between thoughts or ideas, causing them to become easily confused. They will lose the ability to understand another persons point of view. they will lose the ability to control emotions so anger, frustration, excitement will become exaggerated.

The bible validates the science. (Daniel 4:31, 32) 31 While the word was yet in the king’s mouth, a voice came down from the heavens: “To you it is being said, O King Neb·u·chad·nezʹzar, ‘The kingdom has gone away from you, 32 and from mankind you are being driven away. With the beasts of the field your dwelling will be, and you will be given vegetation to eat just like bulls, and seven times will pass over you, until you know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind and that he grants it to whomever he wants.. . .

(Deuteronomy 28:32-34) 32 Your sons and your daughters will be given to another people while you look on, and you will always long for them, but your hands will be powerless. 33 The fruitage of your ground and all that you produce will be eaten by a people whom you have not known, and you will always be defrauded and crushed. 34 You will be driven mad by what your eyes see.

They lose the ability to even recognize when they are sinning.(Proverbs 5:3-6)  3 For the lips of a wayward woman drip like a honeycomb, And her mouth is smoother than oil.  4 But in the end she is as bitter as wormwood And as sharp as a two-edged sword.  5 Her feet descend into death. Her steps lead straight to the Grave.  6 She gives no thought to the path of life. Her course wanders, but she does not know where.

Their health will decline mentally and physically. But if they repent they can heal. (James 5:14, 15) 14 Is there anyone sick among you? Let him call the elders of the congregation to him, and let them pray over him, applying oil to him in the name of Jehovah. 15 And the prayer of faith will make the sick one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. , (Proverbs 3:7, 8)  7 Do not become wise in your own eyes. Fear Jehovah and turn away from bad.  8 It will be a healing to your body And refreshment for your bones. , (Psalm 38:5-8)  5 My wounds stink and fester Because of my foolishness.  6 I am distressed and extremely downcast; I walk around sad all day long.  7 There is a burning within me; My whole body is sick.  8 I have grown numb and become completely crushed; My anguished heart makes me groan aloud.

(James 2:10, 11) 10 For if anyone obeys all the Law but makes a false step in one point, he has become an offender against all of it. 11 For the one who said, “You must not commit adultery,” also said, “You must not murder.” If, now, you do not commit adultery but you do murder, you have become a transgressor of law.

(2 Corinthians 7:9, 10) 9 now I rejoice, not because you were just saddened, but because you were saddened into repenting. For you were saddened in a godly way, so that you suffered no harm because of us. 10 For sadness in a godly way produces repentance leading to salvation, leaving no regret; but the sadness of the world produces death.

(2 Samuel 12:5, 6) 5 At this David grew very angry against the man, and he said to Nathan: “As surely as Jehovah is living, the man who did this deserves to die! 6 And he should pay for the lamb four times over, because he did this and showed no compassion.”

(2 Samuel 12:7) 7 Then Nathan said to David: “You are the man! This is what Jehovah the God of Israel says: ‘I myself anointed you as king over Israel, and I rescued you from the hand of Saul.

(2 Samuel 12:11, 12) . . .This is what Jehovah says: ‘Here I am bringing against you calamity from within your own house; and before your own eyes, I will take your wives and give them to another man, and he will lie down with your wives in broad daylight. 12 Although you acted in secret, I will do this in front of all Israel and in broad daylight.’”

(Proverbs 22:8) Whoever sows unrighteousness will reap disaster, And the rod of his fury will come to its end.

(Romans 8:13) for if you live according to the flesh, you are sure to die; but if you put the practices of the body to death by the spirit, you will live.

(Romans 2:13-16) . . .. 14 For when people of the nations, who do not have law, do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law to themselves. 15 They are the very ones who demonstrate the matter of the law to be written in their hearts, while their conscience is bearing witness with them, and by their own thoughts they are being accused or even excused. 16 This will take place in the day when God through Christ Jesus judges the secret things of mankind, according to the good news I declare.

(Genesis 4:3-7) . . .. 4 But Abel brought some firstlings of his flock, including their fat. While Jehovah looked with favor on Abel and on his offering, 5 he did not look with any favor on Cain and on his offering. So Cain grew hot with anger and was dejected. 6 Then Jehovah said to Cain: “Why are you so angry and dejected? 7 If you turn to doing good, will you not be restored to favor? But if you do not turn to doing good, sin is crouching at the door, and its craving is to dominate you; but will you get the mastery over it?”

(Genesis 4:8) 8 After that Cain said to his brother Abel: “Let us go over into the field.” So while they were in the field, Cain assaulted his brother Abel and killed him.

(2 Samuel 13:11-18) . . .” 12 But she said to him: “No, my brother! Do not humiliate me, for such a thing is not done in Israel. Do not do this disgraceful thing. 13 How could I live down my shame? And you will be regarded as one of the disgraceful men in Israel. Now speak, please, to the king, for he will not withhold me from you.” 14 But he refused to listen to her, and he overpowered her and humiliated her by raping her. 15 Then Amʹnon began hating her with a very intense hatred, so that his hatred for her became greater than the love he had felt for her. Amʹnon said to her: “Get up; go away!” 16 At this she said to him: “No, my brother, for sending me away now is worse than what you have done with me!” But he refused to listen to her. 17 With that he called his young attendant and said: “Get this person out of my presence, please, and lock the door behind her.” 18 (Now she was wearing a special robe, for those were the garments that the virgin daughters of the king wore.) So his attendant led her outside, and he locked the door behind her.

(Psalm 32:1-3) 32 Happy is the one whose transgression is pardoned, whose sin is covered.  2 Happy is the man whom Jehovah does not charge with guilt, In whose spirit there is no deceit.  3 When I kept silent, my bones wasted away because of my groaning all day long.

(Proverbs 17:15) 15 Anyone who acquits the wicked one and anyone who condemns the righteous one —Both of them are detestable to Jehovah.

(Proverbs 17:15) 15 Anyone who acquits the wicked one and anyone who condemns the righteous one —Both of them are detestable to Jehovah.

(John 8:44-47) 44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie. 45 Because I, on the other hand, tell you the truth, you do not believe me. 46 Who of you convicts me of sin? If I speak truth, why is it that you do not believe me? 47 The one who is from God listens to the sayings of God. This is why you do not listen, because you are not from God.”

(1 John 1:8-10) 8 If we make the statement, “We have no sin,” we are misleading ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous so as to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we make the statement, “We have not sinned,” we are making him a liar, and his word is not in us.

(Proverbs 28:13, 14) 13 The one covering over his transgressions will not succeed, But whoever confesses and abandons them will be shown mercy. 14 Happy is the man who is always on guard, But whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity.

(2 Samuel 12:13) 13 David then said to Nathan: “I have sinned against Jehovah.” Nathan replied to David: “Jehovah, in turn, forgives your sin. You will not die.

(Hebrews 10:26, 27) 26 For if we practice sin willfully after having received the accurate knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice for sins left, 27 but there is a certain fearful expectation of judgment and a burning indignation that is going to consume those in opposition. . .

Knowing if someone committed infidelity.

I would often times be betrayed in my relationships. I wanted to know how I could be more aware of when someone has been unfaithful, so I looked at how the one who was unfaithful is effected. I have found this to be very common changes in people who have cheated on someone. I usually keep my nose out of it when I see this occur but it still hurts seeing it happen.

Those who have affairs will have increased dopamine at first. They will feel more attractive, more content and have a heightened sense of pleasure. They become more emotionally open increasing their feeling of well being. But when the guilt kicks in it changes their personality. When the affair first occurs they will have more confidence. This behavior can become addictive so they may start having multiple affairs.

These are the most common changes that occur in people when they have had an affair. The guilt and anxiety of the consequences cause the HPA to become upregulated. This effects their sleep, memory becomes poor, they will start having angry outburst and may become withdrawn from people. They start feeling incomplete or like something is missing and lose the knowledge of self identity. This causes them to seek their identity by imitating others.

When they first commit the act of infidelity they will become withdrawn and avoid the person they wronged. Later to justify in their minds the wrong doing they will start pointing out the person they wronged short comings.

In the later stages they become self involved believing everyone is beneath them. They also easily lie because the areas involved in moral values shut down. They become very defensive and will only see things from their perspective. They will get angry at others if they make them aware of a flaw they may have or if they are wrong about something and will lash out at them.

They will only make friendships with those they can control. They start viewing relationships as a means to accomplish things or get what they want so they will only associate with those they can control or manipulate.

They start to devalue others in order to try and reduce their feelings of guilt. They will lose the ability to see good in others for the most part and will only see their negative qualities in an effort to make themselves feel better by believing others are worse then they are. This also causes them to not accept the opinions or ideas of others and they will become angry at ones who do try to share an idea or opinion with them. They become very closed minded and pick and choose knowledge they accept if it supports them down playing their guilt.

Because the areas of the brain involved in feeling guilt shut down they also lose the ability to feel empathy for others.

Internally they will feel inadequate, but will overcompensate by being overly confident or will start basing things on appearances and their achievements but inside they have many fears. The fears for the most part is because these things cause them to lose their self identity they no longer know who they are. To farther add to the loss of identity they will hide who they really are from people and only display positive behavior to them.

Thet start rebuking others often and start believing the world is wrong and they are right. They will seek out information to support that belief and reject anything that exposes the reality of their thinking and will get angry and lash out at anyone who provides information that shows they are incorrect about something. This causes them to start being overly defensive if they are incorrect about other things or if they have made an error and it has been pointed out. This is in an effort to maintain their belief they are right and the world is wrong. What adds to this behavior and makes it is worse because they did something wrong they believe others are capable of wrong doing. They start only seeing others negative qualities this causes them to lose their ability to trust others. Areas of the brain involved morality are shut down from the guilt, this causes them to only be able to access memories of when they have made errors farther increasing their lack of trust in others because their brain can no longer access positive memories.

They lose their ability to feel satisfied after sex. They also have the reduced ability to feel love. This will cause them to seek the attention of others trying to compensate for it. But they may have episodes where they become withdrawn when this does not make them feel better.

Those who have had an affair often times lose their ability to set goals and quickly lose interest in things. This causes them to make many bad decisions because they start making decisions based on impulse.

They also will display excess anger partially because they are now unable to see the positive things in people and are mostly aware of their negative qualities. This is is a way to try and make themselves feel better about their guilt and make themselves feel better by convincing themselves others are worse then they are.

Their ability to make decision becomes impaired and they will make decisions based on impulse but because they no longer can access positive memories often times they will make errors in their decisions that effect their lives or others negatively.

If they are a spiritual person they will avoid any scriptures that may make them feel guilt or make them aware of their error and will choose to listen to scriptures that seem to support their behavior.

If a person admits their guilt, learns from it their brain can heal and they will learn from their error.

Things that may indicate guilt.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

We are living in the last days. I believe it can works as a protection to know when someone may be guilty, but we should not over think the things that can indicate guilt, if there are many of the things I mention occurring at once it may be wise to start paying a little more attention to things.

There are ways to tell if someone may be guilty of something, things you can watch for. Now these are not absolute because there are those who grew up being falsely accused of things so will feel guilt for any little thing they feel they failed at or even believe they have guilt they do not. I am going to discuss the ones who will have guilt and who hide it. These ones usually act over confident and will point out what they view as others short comings to keep the attention away from them. I will discuss common tactics used by those who have guilt they are hiding. But this should not be taken as advice for using it to convict someone. It can be useful in determining if this person is hard on themselves which can cause a negative reaction or over reaction to many things or if they truly have guilt. This would take knowing the person’s previous behavior compared to their present behavior. When I was a child my did bought me psychology books. This does not qualify me to make an evaluation I am writing this because I feel these things could be useful considering the times we are in. I use the term victims because when a person is guilty of a wrong doing there are multiple victims involved because when the main victim suffers from a person’s wrong doing it often time effects their friends and family. I have found many of these things to be true especially if many of these things occur frequently. If they occur here and there and not frequently I would be hesitant to believe the person had guilt. But if it is a pattern that keep occurring a person may need to pay attention. If we find ourselves doing these things we need to keep in mind that with guilt there are victims and it hurts purple. If we have made an error , it is best to admit it hope your are forgiven so that you and others can move on. Hiding guilt draws out the person who is guilty misery and the victims misery. It also ends in many people no longer wanting to associate with a person who has hid their guilt, because of the extreme measures it takes to hide guilt. Granted admitting guilt takes time to regain peoples trust but it is better then losing them entirely.

When they are first guilty they will love bomb the victim or victims. They will overcompensate by being overly nice and helpful. Some are naturally overly nice and helpful but when things are out of character for someone is when we need to pay attention.

People who have guilt will try to justify their actions in detail and try to discuss why that may have taken actions that seemed suspicious. They will target a persons vulnerabilities and use their insecurities to keep the victims distracted so they will not see clearly and be able to think clearly about matters.

If a person has guilt it can cause them to get over emotional. The brain gets stuck in fight or flight mode. If they are questioned about their suspicious actions often times the guilt will present as anger and direct that anger towards the victims. If this does not work they often times will go into sympathy mode and try to get the victim or victims to feel sorry for them. Emotions are very strong and they will try to use emotions to keep people from reasoning.

Guilt often time causes sleep disruptions.

A tactic often used by guilty people to try and make a person like like they are lying is asking the same question only different ways. No one has a perfect memory we always deviate a little from how we remember thing. Any deviation to how we first told something is used as evidence the victim is lying even though they are telling the truth. Lawyers are aware of this fact and will use the fact our memories are not perfect in court to make it appear a person is being deceptive. This is why it is very important to state you do not remember exactly or if you don’t remember then say you do not. In court you have to answer the questions, sometimes we may make errors in how we recall and remember later. If we try to correct this guilty people and lawyers will try and use that to prove you are being deceptive.

Often times the guilty will go out of their way to avoid the victim and make excuses for avoiding the victim. They may even try to paint the victims in a negative light to hide the true motive for their avoidance. They will spend less time around the people or things that could trigger the guilt. Thy will get preoccupied by things to use as a cover for the avoidance and exaggerate their importance. They may even create scenarios that will keep them too busy to have to face the victims so they do not have to face their guilt.

When the guilt progresses they will start accusing others of the things they are guilty of. They may also start to justify their actions. Like the avoidance, or the angry outburst. They also may start exaggerating their victims guilt.

When it seems they are going to get caught they may start shaming the victim and pointing out their flaws and short comings. This justifies their actions in their mind. If the victim or victims are getting close to the truth they will also use this method to prepare them so they can use this for an excuse to justify their actions. They will nit pick at the victim or victims pointing out any flaws and even convincing them they have flaws they may not have. This is also to induce an emotional response which can prevent a person from being able to reason things through or get them to false reason on things.

Gas lighting is also used to try and alter the victims perception of reality. They will accuse the victims of being overly sensitive or overly reactive. They may even use this as evidence to try and say this is proof the victim is guilty of something. When they are gas lighting they will do little things here and there to draw the victims imperfections out and get them to react to them. Then once the victims do react they use this to guilt them.

If they are sure they are going to get exposed they will start playing the victim so that when the lie is exposed those around them will not believe the victims. Usually by the time guilt is exposed the guilty party has already put things in place and has convinced people to lie for them and to validate things for them to cover over their guilt. This prevents their guilt from being exposed to others because no one would believe the victims. Often times they will start arguments in front of people or fights and do it in a way that it will make the victim look like they started it. This is to produce evidence to discredit the victims by making them look irrational and making them look unreasonable.

We all have our short comings. If someone is using guilt , embarrassment , or the many other ways they have to justify what they do, it does not make the victim at fault. Many of us may come close to being guilty of things but when someone crosses the line, just because we may have almost made a similar error this does not make the victims guilty. We recognize those lines and do not cross them. If they cross the line the guilt is their own and any excuses they have are not justifiable.

If the guilty readily admits their guilt they could save themselves and the victims a lot of trouble. If you study the bible it is required we forgive them if they truly repent. Keep in mind how good it feels when you make an error and you are forgiven. We all make errors admitting the guilt prevents suffering for the guilty and the victims because once someone is forgiven and no longer commits the offense again, everyone can move on and put it behind them. It is unreasonable to think anyone will be innocent at all times. But it is how we respond when we are in error that is the important part. Most of the trouble with society now days is when someone does repent many refuse to forgive them. They will beat someone with their error over and over again. If we are a victim and someone has repented, we need to keep in mind how good it feels when we are forgiven and how much weight is lifted off when we can put things behind us and move on. If a person is unforgiving it may be best not to remain in contact with them if possible then can cause a lot of stress and tension. The bible tells us we will be forgiven as we forgive others. So even if the guilty person does not repent we should not hold a grudge it will only take from us mentally and even effect our health.

History has shown science should rarely be trusted.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

We are told to trust the science now days. We are told the science is settled. Anyone who knows science knows the science is never settled and historically we should have learned science is wrong the biggest percentage of the time. Scientific bias has plagued science for centuries. When science is wrong society and even religion would put pressure on those who exposed the errors of the science. History has shown science cannot be trusted. It is easily manipulated and corrupted. The flawed research or falsified research is not always intentional but by design. Educational institutions are now teaching methodologies that will protect their corporate sponsors and prevent their flawed science from being exposed. The saddest part I have seen is there are many female researchers who are breaking through the fake science but they have a bigger obstacle. Female researchers even now rarely get acknowledged. I found this surprising. Many more of them are being acknowledged but not to the degree they should be. This also silences a lot of valid science because male bias is prevalent in research now days.

Most modern medical treatment is not backed by science and what research they do cannot be replicated. If the science is valid it can be easily replicated. There is the fear of losing funding or even , the researchers job if they do not publish research. So many of them falsify research in order to achieve status, job security or to maintain funding. They do this to paint those providing the jobs or funding in a favorable light. The pharmaceutical and medical industry has a lot of power. They have destroyed the careers of many researchers and even politicians who have opposed their fake and falsified science. The pharmaceutical industry has because so powerful most world leaders are powerless against them. We just got a demonstration of this power with the world wide lock downs and forced experimental injections of citizens world wide. Much of the funding for government entities comes from the biotech industry or the pharmaceutical industry. This has caused government entities world wide to become corrupted and they have been caught many times covering up that the research produced by the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industries was falsified or flawed. Even educational institutions now will falsify research to paint those funding their research in a favorable light. Or the research is biased and the results of the research have been determined before the study is even done and the data is manipulated so that they will appear to achieve the results the study needed to. But if a person scrutinizes the research they will find data has been omitted or even manipulated.

Scientist are no longer open minded. They are forced into only researching a very specific way by the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industry. This is because if they follow valid scientific methodology it will reveal the fake pharmaceutical and biotech science. Anyone who uses good scientific methods would expose the truth about pharmaceutical and biotech research and risk having their careers and reputation destroyed. They even pay media and researchers peers to help to destroy the reputations and careers of those who expose their flawed research. If their scientific methodology is not used then most won’t even acknowledge the research papers that have been published because it does not fit the modern fake science narrative.

They constantly say trust the science. How can you trust the science when it has been thoroughly corrupted and even falsified? My question is what science? There is very little valid medical science now days. The naturopathic community is publishing researching with pretty good science, but I am starting to see it get corrupted as competition to develop products that can be patented occurs.

You want to find the real science. Find papers written by those who have been attacked by government entities, the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and even the medical industry because they protect their corporate sponsors. Most of the media companies including social media and many search engines are heavily funded by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry so it is very difficult to find the truth. They have essentially killed real science or silenced it. So what we need to ask when someone says “trust the science” is what science? There is very little valid medical or biotech science now days. We could even apply that to climate science. Most climate science has been shown to be severely flawed. So being told to trust the science is like being told to believe the lies and ignore the truth. Sadly I am seeing what happened centuries ago occur to those exposing the errors in science, occur now days. Citizens world wide, government entities and even religious organizations are putting faith in science and attacking those who will not. It would be wise to not put our faith in science when historically it has been wrong often times easily corrupted or biased.

This is why chronic illness and disease is rampant on the earth now because people trust the science. So we need to ask ourselves should we trust the science or trust what we are seeing? The science is so corrupted it is causing a lot of harm. In the mean time just as in times past , most have been indoctrinated to ignore the truth and attack and persecute those exposing the corruptions and errors in science. So we need to ask ourselves is it really wise to trust the science? Notice how much society attacks those who pay attention to what they are seeing instead of trusting the science. They are playing a childish high school game that is used by other students to ostracize to get others to ignore or belittle someone. Most want to fit in. So if they start belittling someone or attacking them others will join in just so they are not viewed as being different. Many wonder why they are not happy now days but they no longer think for themselves they want to be a part of the bigger community and in doing so they lose themselves. Is it really worth giving up our unique individuality just so we will be respected by those who prefer to live a life of lies and deception. I prefer not being easily deceived and being looked down on and even rejected by society rather then live my life protecting lies.

The truth will defend itself but it takes more lies to defend the first lie. In order to prevent having to tell more lies it is easier to silence people , because once the lies become too numerous it gets harder to defend the first lie. It is much easier to quickly silence those exposing the lies then to keep defending the first lie with new lies. This is why they try and quickly silence those exposing the lies. When someone is being silenced that should raise alarms because if the persons is lying eventually the lies would expose themselves, so there is no need to silence someone who is lying.

People just trusting the science and not questioning it has hindered scientific progress for centuries. We have many examples in history of those who knew the science of that time was in error and if they proved it they were persecuted, ostracized and even killed. It wasn’t until centuries later that those people were proven to be correct. Nothing has changed those in positions of power or authority refuse to leave the science be questioned. This hinders any real progress.

I could list hundreds of articles showing modern science is severely flawed and corrupted but I feel the links below are adequate to prove my point that we should not trust the science and science is never settled.

Our environment determines our genotype and our phenotype.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Our environment determines our phenotype. Our phenotype chances with age based on the effects our environment has had. Phenotypes can change over time and environmental changes. Our microbiome are the major regulators of our phenotype. Our epigenome connects our genes with our environment. Our microbiome helps to maintain a balance between our environment and our genes. If there are changes to our environment these can even effect the expression of our genes and even gene splicing. Our environment can negatively effect our genes and this can have a negative impact on our microbiome and verse versa. This shows the importance of restoring gut health and improving our environment. The two are connected. If we do not improve both the we cannot heal. The genetics model of chronic illness is slowly being proven wrong day by day. Our environment and microbiome determine how our genes are expressed or not expressed. Even our diets can effect our phenotype. Even our SNPs are effected by our environment and microbiome.

Empower Covid shot injury victims and those who may want to be a whistle blower.

Written by Lee Stevenson sorry I am not the best editor.

In the past those who wanted others to have a better life made sacrifices. They lost their source of income. Sometimes starved and was even killed so the future generations would not have to endure the corruption and oppression, and outright abuse by the wealthy or those in positions of power. Many are in positions to expose the corruption causing all the harm now days. When they face God how will they explain that they did nothing about it when they were in positions where they could make a difference? What will future generations think if they did nothing , because things will get worse if people do not start making sacrifices.

Once these vaccines are approved for children no legal action can be taken for the harm they Covid injections are doing. The data is coming out showing the jabs have killed and harmed more people then Covid. The FDA, NIH and CDC receive a lot of funding from the pharmaceutical industry so they are trying to rush the approval for these jabs for children through because once they get approved for children you cannot sue if you have been harmed by the jabs. They have always put the interest of the pharmaceutical industry ahead of safety and protection of citizens.

Many politicians and medical professionals have prostituted themselves out to the pharmaceutical industry. This has given the pharmaceutical a lot of power world wide and even political figures have a difficult time going against them. So anyone who exposes the truth about them, medical experts or political figures surrounding the corruptions needs as much support as we can give them.

I am doing this article to hopefully empower others. I ask friends who have dealt with corruption what a person working for the government or pharmaceutical industry what a person could do to protect themselves. I also ask what a person they are trying to be forced to get the Covid shot could do to protect them. I put as many resources as I could find based on our conversations. I also included part of the answers of our conversations below. I tried to include resources and evidence that people may be able to use.

Most who have been injured by the Covid injections are being ignored and removed from social media so they have been starting websites.

The injuries being reported in databases kept world word on adverse reactions to the Covid injection is being ignored.

If you search WHO’s database you will find over two million have been harmed by the vaccines.

The vaccine adverse reaction database for the U.S.

Database for Europe.


The ones who need to stand up to end all this are those who are being silenced the most. They have a lot to fear from victims who are seeking public forums to expose what has happened to them. They have a lot to fear if these ones start seeking whistle blower protection. The more they get away with the more power that gives them. They only have as much power as those who are in positions to expose the truth will leave them. I know if you are a victim or you are someone who would like to blow the whistle may be afraid of the consequences but the consequences of not speaking out will be much worse.

People need to speak out. Whether it be pharmaceutical , medical or political corruption surrounding these vaccines those doing the harm are only going to become more power and make things even worse if no one speak out. I was embarrassed that I had been deceived and it took me quite a while before I had the courage to speak out. It is difficult to overcome the mental and emotional control the narcissistic abuse causes but once you do escape that fear you empower yourself and other victims.

Doctors are trained to brush aside adverse reactions to drugs and vaccine injury. These Covid injections are causing brain swelling, myocarditis, excess blood clotting , Chronic inflammatory response syndrome, mast cell activation sydrome. This is why people are experiencing numbness, breathing difficulty, mental lapses, confusion, rashes, muscle tremors, digestive issues, and many other problems. If these things are not addressed they can result in a slow and painful death. Doctors are being told to tell patients those things are proof the vaccine is working. They are being told to ignore when I patients states concerns when these things are happening as paranoia. The longer this goes on the more who are going to die.

There is a lot of blood guilt going on . We all will have to face our maker some day. When God ask why we chose to do nothing what would we tell him? God does not accept excuses. For those who are sick they should focus on healing before they try anything because the stress could make you sicker. I would get a lawyer to help you and I posted resources below that may help with that.

You can file your own VAERS report, but you need to have the lot numbers and administration information. I believe that would require getting your medical records first. They count on people being too lazy or unknowing to do all of that.

It’s important to file VAERS reports because there might be a chance of some kind of chance for change and for monetary awards . The sad thing is I have been asking friends to ask their doctors if they know what VAERS is and most of them have no idea what it is. Meaning they most likely cannot identify adverse reactions to vaccines and if they could they have no idea how to report them.

You should ask for both. If you have a v-card, that type of information might be on it already

Sure. If someone feels they have a vaccine injury, they can call to report it. They can call this number for assistance:
Depending on what state they’re in, they will just need to look up the state medical board contact information and that would be where they would let someone know that the doctor is refusing to help or submit any report for potential adverse effects.


  1. File complaint with employer if they work for a health system
  3. US DEPT of HHS
  4. Contact FRONTLINE DOCTORS .. they can refer you to others who are collecting this evidence for

Both Children’s Health Defense and The Highwire have their own reporting systems for vaccine injuries to make it simpler than the official ones.

OSHA encouraging employers not to report adverse reactions to vaccines.

If this is true now would be the time for whistle blowers to speak out.

They are firing medical professionals and even revoking their medical license. In order to protect themselves when they report adverse reactions to the vaccines they have to become whistle blowers.

A congressional report concluded only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines has been reported. Now consider how medical professionals careers are being threatened if they report adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. The percentage is most likely close to zero.

Doctors around the world are practically begging their governments to halt the use of the Covid vaccines but their request are falling on deaf ears.

If you have been injured or know someone who has been injured by the quackzine and they are refusing to report it. YOu can give a statement here. Please share this if you can.

Life insurance pay outs have increased 258%

Maybe the adverse reaction can be reported to the FDA since they are preventing them from being able to be reported through other means.

If you are a medical professional or a victim of the vaccines you may be able to contact these sites to be heard.

Injury and deaths world wide by the vaccines are far worse then they are reporting.

The Covid adverse reactions are not covered by former bills passed . This is information on where a person may be able to report adverse reaction.

Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) 1-855-266-2427 (1-855-266-CICP)

Click to access COVID_Vaccine_Claim_Information_20210901.pdf

Chances of being compensated are very low.

The counter measures act was implemented for compensation for the Covid vaccine injuries.

This law group helps whistle blowers and vaccine injured.

Here is a list of law firms that may be able to help.

Adverse reactions far higher then they are claiming.

Children’s health defense may help publicize if you have been vaccine injured. They also may have some legal resources to help.

This is other websites where you may be able to find legal information to help.

This site is being built but should have legal information soon.

Information on the truth about vaccines. If you have been vaccine injured and are not being heard you may be able to contact some of these sites and they may be able to help you be heard. If you are a medical professional and you are being silenced they may be able to help break the silence. This site tells you what steps to take if you do get the vaccine.

Pulse test should be done on those who had the vaccination.

Not a source for true information but a comprehensive list of the ingredients in vaccines.

Information on vaccine exemptions.

Vaccine friendly doctors.

Whistle blowers are coming out showing the harm being done but they are being quickly silenced by government organizations and media.

If a person wants to report what they are being prevented from reporting they can also become a whistle blower. It would give them some protections.

Information that may help those in the pharmaceutical industry that wants to be a whistle blower.

For those in government who may want to blow the whistle.

The pharmaceutical industry may not be protected if they committed fraud.

Vaccines increase risk of mortality.

Why mortality is higher in the vaccinated.

English version an English version

French have concluded the same thing.

Children are 52 times more likely to die from the vaccines.

Did the NIH fund cruel animal experiments?

Written by Lee Stevenson, I will warn you now I am a lousy editor.

We are seeing on many news sites that the NIH funded cruel animal experiments. I looked for the documents because I found it hard to believe because the experiments were so cruel. Well there are links below providing documents showing they did fund many of the things they are accused of. There is also a link describing what they funded if you have not read about it yet.

Blog describing experiments NIH funded.

Documents showing vaccine research done on dogs.

Document showing NIH funded gain of function research.

Documents showing Fauci used aborted fetal remains in experiments.

Documents showing they did fund the experiments on dogs.

This is interesting the NIH had data showing they had already sequenced the shamdemic virus before the outbreak at the Wuhan wet market.

China was not alone.

Written by Lee Stevenson

Viruses don’t just spring up over night and travel as quickly as this Covid virus did. Something is not right about all of this.

Why doesn’t anyone think it is suspicious that Obama lifted the ban on gain of function testing then started funding it? Then the NIH lifted it’s ban on funding gain of function research. Then the U.S. started funding the gain of function testing. The U.S. is not alone in this Canada also funded the Wuhan gain of function research. Notice it seems the nations that had the strictest lock downs were the ones funding the research.

China was not alone in this research. Who knows what other nations were involved. There are links below to documents to prove what I have stated.–details-of-the-funded-projects.html

How green is the green new energy?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

There are flaws with any type of energy we use. Ronald Reagon had it correct. We need to reduce our demand for energy by being wiser about how we use it. Do our best to reduce our demand for energy.

Let’s be real about this green new energy they talk about. One of the most obvious is that our energy grid could not handle the increased demand on our power grid. During the summer months in the U.S. rolling black outs occur because the demand from the air conditioning causes a higher demand for electricity. This causes the power grid to fail because it cannot keep up with the demand. So What do you think is going to occur if they start adding millions of electric powered vehicles to the demand for electricity? They estimated they would have to cut down 50% of the trees in the U.S. to put up enough solar and wind farms to supply the U.S. Electricity. Trees absorb CO2, meaning it is going to increase CO2 levels. Cutting the trees down causes soil erosion which depletes nutrients from the soil. It causes excess flooding because trees help the water to absorb into the ground instead of running off and over filling waterways. Trees also prevent excess water evaporation , this is why the lands that were stripped in the west by settlers became deserts and remain that way today. The run off from the erosion changes the PH of the ocean which has a dramatic negative impact on it and the wild life in the ocean. Just considering those facts should get people to think their green energy is not as green as they think. So lets consider other ways this supposed green energy can impact the environment.

Now consider nuclear power. Not only do they pose a danger because of nuclear accidents which has happened many times around the world, the nuclear waste dumps leak the waste into the environment. They consider nuclear energy as part of the green energy. What is going to happen as even more nuclear waste is added to existing waste dumps or they have to build new dumps which will eventually start leaking into the environment.

Now consider that huge areas of land have to be deforested to set up these wind farms and solar farms. In the past when this has occurred it nearly caused the extinction of many species of wildlife. How is removing thousands and thousands of acres of trees going to reduce the carbon foot print? Not only this but often times land that was formerly used for cropland start being used as solar farms or wind farms which reduces our capacity to produce food increasing our dependence on other nations even more. Wind farms have also been shown to increase surface temperature. Trees absorb CO2 and the run off from the deforestation changes the PH of the ocean which reduces the amount of CO2 it can absorb. Much farm land is being used up to create wind farms which reduces the amount of food that can be produced.

Now consider the wind mills are noisy and also many birds fly into them and get killed. To produce solar panels there are many toxins that have to be used and are produced adding to the toxins that have to be buried in toxic waste dumps.

The materials needed to build this green new energy has to be extracted from the earth. This means more mining which means the destruction of even more land. Not only that but many minerals needed are rare earth minerals that require huge areas of land to be mined. Not only does this green new energy consume vast amounts of land it also consumes far more resources to produce energy then fossil fuel. Now consider the fact that these resources have to be transported to the companies for them to be manufactured, produced and installed. Consider also the resources needed to dig up these minerals and move the earth, and process those minerals. This is consuming even more resources.

France experimented with electric vehicles. They are now stuck with tons and tons of toxic batteries that have been spent. What would the U.S. do with all those toxic batteries? Bury them in waste dumps that always end up leaking no matter how many precautions they try to take?

Many of the materials that are used in the green new energy cannot be recycled. This will ad to the demand for land fills as the waster from this green new energy has to be buried. As parts wear out or get damaged they have to be replaced. Many of the parts are made of materials that can be toxic and cannot be recycled. This is the reason we have difficulty disposing of electronic devices.

Many of the minerals needed would have to be acquired from other nations making the U.S. more dependent on other nations to keep this green new energy power grid functioning. The more dependent we are on other nations the more vulnerable it makes us because we lose more and more independence.

Wind power and solar power require back up sources of energy which would be fossil fuel but dependence on fossil fuel use decline causing companies to go out of business that produces the fossil fuel meaning the fossil fuels become less available. Germany learned this the hard way and now have to depend on other nations to supply their fossil fuel and they could never completely rely on the supposed green energy because of how unreliable it is.

The worst part of it all is most science that supports the climate change model has been proven to have falsified data and outright incorrect conclusions or are very speculative yet the studies are treated as if they are proven science. The earth has always went through cycles of climate change this has been proven so climate change should be expected. Most research shows man has very little to do with the climate change.

Now consider how much the production of this green new energy will increase the toxins produce especially when it comes to the batteries that must be used with the green new energy. There are many toxins produced in the production of those batteries and then the batteries have a limited life span and have to be replaced. Most of the batteries used in their green new energy cannot be recycled and are very toxic to the environment.

Now consider the wind turbine waste. The blade are huge and usually cannot be recycled. Our land fills are already overburdened with waste now add to the tons of waste produced by wind turbines and we are asking for trouble. The U.S. is actually running out of places to bury out waste. So what is going to happen when there is an increased need to bury waster from the supposed green new energy?

Now look at solar energy. It requires just as many resources to produce. It may cause the production of even more toxic waste. It also increased the demand on our land fills. The toxic batteries also come into play with solar energy. Not only that but solar farms have been found to raise the local temperature. Just as with wind power most waster produced cannot be recycled and can leach toxins into the environment.

Solar farms and wind farms have been found to have a dramatic negative impact on wildlife. Often times animals habitats are destroyed in order to put up wind farms or solar farms. Off shore wind farms have been found to interfere with whales sonar resulting in whale beaching.

It seems very clear the supposed green new energy is far more damaging to the environment then fossil fuels are.

There are leaking nuclear waste dumps throughout the U.S. So as you can see these supposed green energy sources harm the environment way more then fossil fuel does only the harm they cause would take hundred and sometimes thousands of years to recover from. Most nuclear waste dumps are leaking. Not only that there are tanks full of nuclear waste with no where to bury them. As they increase production of nuclear power where will they bury the nuclear waste? They have already run out of places to bury it and it is sitting in tanks waiting to be buried. They still have not figured out how to store and dispose of the waster produced by nuclear power plants. Nuclear waste dumps are leaking into ground water and waterways.

They have to use a lot of rare earth minerals that take far more mining then fossil fuels to produce their suppose green energy. Also tons of radioactive waste is produced in the production of their suppose green energy. The U.S. and other nations already have tons of radioactive waste sitting with no place to dispose of it. Once their green new energy is implemented the earth my be destroyed to a point of no return. Those rare earth minerals are toxic to the environment, so much so that the government does not allow them to be buried in land fills so what will they do with all of they when the devices such as wind mils and solar panels need replace? They need to be disposed of some how.

Tactics used by media, the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry to promote their agendas to deceive people.

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

I have been going to websites so I could learn how the pharmaceutical trolls and biotech trolls are taught to spread their agendas and misinformation. I am going to discuss what I have learned so people can learn to identify trolls it is not always obvious and learn to handle them in an appropriate way. Because if you do not support their agenda they will try and get you to respond in a way that will isolate you. I have already seen some of the trolls having success in many groups on social media and many people they have influenced. I am even seeing people unknowingly supporting their agenda by sharing things they us to mask and distract their agenda and discredit those who oppose them. We need to be very careful about the things share, say or do on social media if we are going to try and expose the truth of matters. We all at one time or another have been guilty of the things I am going to mention but we really need to step up our game if we want those whose eyes are starting to open to listen to us.

So now I will discuss the tactics the trolls have been trained to use. Keep in mind it has been shown and proven many the ones I mention pay people to troll social media to promote their agenda.

First they try to gain trust then observe personalities. They try to see what the group is about and what motivates are of the group or individual if they are trolling an individual. They will try to promote the thought processes of using intuition instead of reasoning. They repackage the truth with subtle changes to slowly change peoples thinking.

They are taught to appear graceful and stylish because people tend to judge by what they see and not by actions they see.

Tactic used to hide the truth:

They first hide their intentions. They mask what their agenda is and introduce their ideas slowly while trying to mimic the group. They will throw up decoys and dazzle people with information or sites to distract them. They do this by trying to figure out what a person or groups expectations are and slowly drawing them away from those expectations or changing their expectations.

How they get peoples attention:

They try to access how the group or person perceives things. Then they try to asses how a person or group makes sense of things. Then they asses what effects their actions have so they can determine the best course of action to take in order to promote their agenda. If they do not get the desired effects they will try to manipulate the person or group by diverting their attention or focus.

They will use peoples preconceived notions or ideas to draw them in and then slowly build trust and start manipulating them.

If the group becomes focused they change their focus by controlling their attention by making obvious statements while using their expectations to subtly manipulate them. They will use distraction techniques. They try to divert the group or persons attention. People tend to follow the group so if they can get the group or person to look where they look they can distract them while subtly introducing things to promote their agenda. They will be repetitive in doing this to get people used to it.

They mask their true agenda by imitating the person or group. Then they slowly blend their ideas or agenda in to get their desired target to think what they want them to.

Groups and people react to certain cues. They slowly try to modify how a person or group responds to those cues. For example they may appear to oppose vaccines but will subtly point out not all are injured by vaccines. They slowly introduce subtle things that are non combative to start getting the person or group to doubt their ideals or beliefs. If the group or person does not respond as they desire they will try and do things to shape how they respond. They do this by blurring old cues. For example they may subtly point out the flaws in the old cues. They will slowly try to get the group or person to respond to cues in the way they desire. For example they will like certain post that distract from the group or persons thinking but will not respond to ones that oppose their agenda. In other words they will reward behavior that helps distract and mask their agenda while ignoring the things that do not promote their agenda. If this does not work they will try to dazzle or stimulate many senses to keep the group or persons mind distracted.

How they try to take advantage of sense making:

It is difficult to believe people would knowing do things to harm others or to oppress them. So we tend to believe the best about people and ignore the facts. That take advantage of this quality in people. If the group or person reasons things out they will try and get the group to change their thinking by introducing fragments of new ideas or thoughts that support their agenda. They will be repetitive in doing so and slowly introduce more and more fragments of information. People tend to have certain expectations. They will slowly introduce information that will change peoples expectations. They will swap the real for the false and vice versa to slowly distort peoples thinking. This can cause confusion and doubts. This is why it is not good to read or acknowledge things that do not have solid evidence to back up what it is claiming. Also if they can get others to share this false information it will destroy the person or groups credibility and anyone who is indecisive will view the group or person as a source of misinformation and will turn to those promoting their agenda for answers.

If these tactics do not work they will try to create cognitive stress by inducing fear, anger , or frustration. For example they may bring up certain historical facts that may anger certain groups of people to try and alienate the group or person from each other. If they can incite fear, anger or frustration a person will act instinctively instead of reasoning things out. Often times they will turn to others for answers.

They use peoples desire to comply to their advantage. When people are in groups they tend to try and imitate the group. Most are afraid to stand out from the group they are afraid of what others think. So they will subtly make the group feel they are not complying or imitating the rest of the world. They will try to prevent people from expressing their thoughts on an individual bases.

They use need and greed to their advantage. Some desire to be well known, to be financially successful, or to have prestige. They may subtly introduce things to show if you imitate others who achieved those things you could have them. They will also use peoples desire to be a part of something to their advantage. When in a group people tend to not want to stand out they want to please the group. They will slowly manipulate the target person or group to accept certain things as truth to make those who are not accepting the new ideas feel they are not being a part of the group or not complying with the groups. Studies have shown that people will start saying and doing the things the group does even if they know it is wrong or incorrect and then they eventually start believing the false information or incorrect actions.

They are consistent on their statements or behavior even if they have been proven to be untrue. People do not trust those who are inconsistent.

They will use kindness and flattery to reward those who comply with their agenda but will slowly ignore or ostracize those who do not. By doing it slowly they can get the group to also imitate their behavior and in a sense silence anyone who could expose their agenda. They use subtle distraction techniques to mask the subtle things they are doing.

They try to incite emotions to get people to act on instinct instead of reasoning.

So you can see they introduce the thought or ideas slowly seeding them to get the desired response. Once this has been accomplished they get the person or group to share their ideas or agenda. They do all this while attempting to mirror the group or person to maintain their trust. They will adjust their speech and behavior to mirror the group or person in order to convince them they are a part of the group to maintain their trust. They use the desires and goals of the group to slowly manipulate their thinking. If in a group setting one person does not comply they will try using that persons goals and desires to manipulate them. They will try and make the person feel isolated and unloved. People have the desire to belong and often times this will get people to comply with a group even if they feel the group thinking or actions are wrong.

They try to slowly change the persons perception of security and safety. They create problems or exaggerate them getting people to become distracted or overwhelmed which usually gets people to turn to others for answers instead of them doing things on an individual bases. It is much more difficult to manipulate someone if they think as an individual instead of being involved in group thinking. So they will try to get other members of a group to ignore or even chastise those who do not comply with their subtle tactics to manipulate others. They create false flags and offer solutions to the problems. This false flags are designed to disrupt the group thinking making it easier to manipulate the group as a whole. They again try to isolate anyone in the group who does not fall for the false flags and try to get the other members of the group to do this to the person.

If a group is very united they will try to find the things that push the together and try to destroy those. Such as shared opposition, ideology or beliefs. In order to divide the group they will start using pre-existing differences to cause divisions in the group to make it easier to hide their agenda. They also will start promoting competition in a group to hide or mask the things they are doing.

Sometimes they will say things that do not make sense or make typos so the group or person will not see them as a threat.

In a more difficult person or group they will use emotional warfare. They will pain a vivid picture of what they want the target or targets to believe. For example one type a news agency was trying to promote vaccines. They used an image of an infant that was vaccine injured to promote the measles vaccine. Even though the child was vaccine injured they news agency falsely claimed the child had gotten the measles because they were not vaccinated. The mother of the child exposed the truth about what actually happened but thousands seen that image and rushed their children out to be vaccinated for the measles. If they are describing things they will explain them in extreme details to pain and image on peoples minds and most of the time they are severely exaggerating things.

They create multiple profiles and will comment repeatedly to deceive those who have a certain belief into believing they are a minority and try to use the desire to be a part of the group to change their thinking.

They will try to get the groups to post and promote things like harmful herbs, healing crystals or other things to ruin the credibility of the group and get people thinking the group is crazy when all else fails. They will try to get the group to promote theories that cannot be proven or have no documentation to back them. This helps to ruin the credibility of the group.

If they cannot manipulate their target or targets they will try to incite them to make threats, get vulgar or do something inappropriate so they can report them and have them banned from the social media platform.

What I learned from researching how they train trolls is that in order to maintain the truth and prevent them from hiding it we need to not be selfish, be forgiving and tolerant of each other short comings, be patient. Be very careful about the statements we make and the things we post. Even if they are true society has been indoctrinated and if it seems too ridiculous you could ruin you or the groups credibility which could turn the indecisive ones to the very ones deceiving them for answers. We need to be patient and not let anyone incite us to anger or fear. Maintain our composure and set the example for others so they do not react on emotions like fear , anger , frustration or any other emotion they try and incite to distract or mask their agenda.

The most important thing I learned whether in a group or by ourselves embrace your uniqueness and individuality do not be a follower by trying to please a group. Enjoy who you are and do not be pressured to hide or change who you are just because you want to fit in or be a part of something. You lose who you are and it robs you of your joy. If you join a group maintain your individuality. If the group does not embrace it then find a group they will enjoy your uniqueness and individuality.

How the whole world has become victims of narcissistic abuse.

Writte by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

Many governments, politicians, corporations especially the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical industries use narcissistic tactic to get the public to do their will and empower themselves. They use a variety of fear tactics, intimidation and outright brain washing tactics to get the public to do their will. Something I learned while researching narcissistic abusers the main tools they use are fear, isolation of the victim, destroying the victims credibility if they try to expose the truth in matters, and doing all they can to make people dependent on them and force them into letting them make the decisions for them.

For example the CDC and NIH have been caught lying about the flu, ebola and many other epidemics and they would exaggerate the severity of those illnesses and the number of deaths. They have been caught many times deceiving the public. Often times this was because people in positions of authority had money invested in the ones producing vaccines or drugs and would profit heavily from them. Even though vaccines have been shown to do more harm then good and most medications have been shown to work by the placebo effects they and the governments world wide continue to make false claims about their products and many governments refuse to look at independent research but will only look at corporate funded research which often times when independent research is done the results cannot be duplicated. Most corporate research is so shoddy it reads more like and advertisement for the company that is producing the product.

So let cover how they use gas lighting to deceive people. Gas lighting’s purpose is to get people to not trust their own reasoning or perception of reality. Or to convince people they lack the wisdom to make a decision on their own. Something to take note of narcissist repeat thing often that are untrue. Studies have shown if a person repeats something enough times people will start to believe it even if they know what is being said is not true.

These are the warning signs that gas lighting is occurring:

They tell blatant lies and will go to extremes to protect those lies.

They deny they ever said something or did something.

They will slowly introduce the lies so they can wear you down over time.

They will use people and things near and dear to you that may be a part of your identity to convince you that you are no adequate or to convince you that you are in the wrong frame of thought.

They will use positive reinforcement to confuse you. They will cut you down then use positive reinforcement to get you to do their will. For example the pharmaceutical companies will make it like a person is a bad parent. But if they cave to the pharmaceutical companies will, the medical institutions are trained to treat the victims of thier narcissism as heroes.

One way the government lie is they will repeatedly claim they care about lives and will quote things they have done to save lives. But this is where you look at there actions. Some of the wealthiest nations in the world citizens die of starvation, are homeless and live in severe poverty. In the mean time their governments are funding wars, space exploration, giving money to big corporations supposedly to improve their products for the people. Crime is rampant yet they want to defund law enforcement.

They use projecting to get the citizens to look they other way by blaming the police for being to violent. They find a way to blame the poverty on the citizens to make them feel guilty, the allied with the biotech industry who lies and says their GMOs are going to prevent starvation when they are actually contributing to a decline in our food supply. They have caused the extinction of many of our pollinators , species of plants, and animals from their GMOs and the toxins needed to spray on them. The toxins sprayed on these GMO crops make it into our food supply and causes chronic illness. This is why cancer and digestive disorders are rampant. Yet our governments continue to give grants to corporate farms especially if they are growing GMOs. Narcissist always have a hidden agenda and by gas lighting they keep you too confused to be able to see the truth of matters.

The pharmaceutical companies gas light. They will lie and say vaccines do not harm but studies have shown they harm 100% of the time and the damage usually starts out as food sensitivities or allergies and the person slowly over time becomes more sensitive or allergic to things as time progresses. They vaccinate babies to hide this fact. Then they will brush things off as being a coincidence, anecdotal or they will even blame the person genes. Anyone who questions things they will label as crazy or try to prove this person is not wise and can not be trusted. They will attack and assassinate the character and integrity of anyone exposing their lies. They will even use people around someone or people they have to depend on to help convince people of their lies. The pharmaceutical , biotech and even many governments have been caught paying people to troll people online and try to distract, cause confusion , attack the character or integrity , lie , pit people against each other who were exposing the truth. They have even paid medical professionals to attack people online and paid researchers to put together ghost studies. When a pharmaceutical or biotech research paper has been proven to be flawed they never get retracted yet they have harassed scientist and tried to destroy their reputation of scientist who had valid and well designed research papers. They put so much papers on that many publisher who published the papers retracted them because it did not fit false narratives of the medical, pharmaceutical or biotech industries. They do what is called stalking. They will have people watch those exposing their lies trying to find incriminating evidence to draw attention away from their own guilt. They will even paint the person exposing their lies in a negative light and try to make them look crazy.

Often times when the governments were experimenting on citizens, or doing experiments that caused harm they would label the people who figured it out as crazy or conspiracy theorist. Historically if you look at the records the biggest part of the time the conspiracy theorist were correct. But they were labeled and called paranoid or crazy. They would try to convince those exposing the truth that they were not thinking clearly and get them to doubt their own reasoning and sometimes their own identity. They would pressure the people into believing they could not trust their own thoughts. It turns out historically all those people labeled as crazy or paranoid were often times correct.

The pharmaceutical, medical industries and political organizations frequently lie and have been caught covering up for the harm a major corporation was doing. Researchers have been paid to do research that would paint the corporations in a positive light. Most of the research has been shown to be ghost written , or outright flawed yet it does not get retracted. Yet the medical industry , and government organizations will not look at the real research because much of their funding comes from those corporations so they will work to destroy anyone exposing the lies of their corporate sponsors. They have even resorted to using various government agencies to discredit or destroy peoples reputations and falsely accuse them. Even after the person is found to be innocent the government has had them arrested. Though the charges would get dropped the corporations would use that to smear the reputations of the victims. Any error a person has made whether they corrected it or not would be throw out there to get the person and people around them to doubt their reasoning or thinking abilities.

Even thought the government organization have been caught lying and hiding the harm their corporate sponsor have done they will deny it. The corporate sponsor especially the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has a huge criminal record. Yet they will deny their wrong doing and the government will work with them to hide their lies and wrong doing. They constantly repeat that they are telling the truth and those exposing the lies are lying. As I mentioned earlier if you state something repeatedly enough times even those who know something is a lie will eventually become convinced it is the truth. This is why the pharmaceutical industry and government organizations work together to keep repeating the lies. The also work together to label anyone who questions them as crazy, paranoid or mentally deficient. Even those who are aware of what is happening will often times side with the narcissistic abuser so that they do not get attacked. Doctors who have exposed corruption have had their lives and careers destroyed. Even though the evidence is there of their guilt they will continually deny it and attack those exposing it. This will get others to submit to their will and refuse to look at the evidence in fear they will be labeled or harassed. Sometimes those who side with the narcissistic abusers like the pharmaceutical or medical industry may be a part of the lies or deception and would be exposed if they did not participate in the narcissistic abuse.

These corporate , government or they allies who are involved in the narcissistic abuse will project their guilt onto the victims and continually repeat it until others believe it. They do not believe in or will not take responsibility for their actions but find ways to justify their actions so they believe they are not wrong. The will try to create confusion, chaos or cause the person to become so overwhelmed they will be too busy to think about or expose the deception or lies. For example when they got caught lying about the flu and how deadly and contagious it was they falsely made it appear they had to lie in order to get people to respond and protect themselves. But when you look deeper many who sounded the alarms had money invested in the ones producing the flu vaccines. It was obvious they had hidden motives for lying and manipulating people into a state of fear.

Narcissist always offer a solution and it is one that will benefit them but they make it appear as if they are looking out for someone else interest or doing it to protect others. In actuality they are offering false hope. For example medical error is the third leading cause of death in the world. Vaccine injuries and deaths are rampant. The NIH falsely claims 10% of the adverse reactions to vaccines are reported but studies have shown that it is closer to 1% of adverse vaccine reactions that get reported. Meaning that many deaths and injuries caused by vaccines do not get reported. Adverse reactions to drugs almost never get reported so hard to tell how many died from adverse reactions to drugs. So all in all when you think about it medical treatment is most likely the number one cause of death in the world.

Most products produced by the pharmaceutical industry have been recalled because of the harm they have done . When government organizations learned of the harm being done they would start working with the pharmaceutical industries to gas light and hide the harm being done.

Eventually citizen outcry would get so loud that they could no longer hide their lies. In order to divert the harm they do and are doing or divert attention from their harm being done, lies and deception they do what is called love bombing. They will make the victims feel like they are special, even promote them like they are heroes . The whole time they will blame the victims illness on an unknown cause, genetics or coincidence when the pharmaceutical or biotech industries were the ones who actually caused the illness. They will set up charities that will donate money to help the victim. The whole time they will get others around them to love bomb them to prevent them from asking questions or seeing the truth of matters. They will act like they are trying to find a cure for their illness even though they are the cause. They will act like they produce their products because they care and anyone who does not trust them has to be mean a villain or insane. Classic narcissistic abuse, make those exposing the lies a villain. They will make promise they know they cannot fill like they will work to cure the disease. Logic would even tell you that would be stupid. If they cured an illness they would not longer have a customer . Their goal is to create lifetime customers which their products are very good at doing. They all come with side effect especially vaccines. Because many of the ingredients in vaccines contain animal tissue and aborted fetal tissue they no longer have to list all the ingredients that on in vaccines on the vaccine insert. Many people refused vaccines when they seen the side effects were worse then the disease it supposedly protected them against and death could be a result of the vaccine they no longer have to list all the side effects on vaccine inserts.

Those who administer vaccines are not trained in administering them and most of them do not know the ingredients in the vaccines. They do not know how to identify vaccine injury to report it but are taught to gas light when a patient does complain that something is wrong after they have gotten a vaccination. Not only that but if a someone gets in the habit of reporting adverse vaccine reactions the medical community , government and pharmaceutical industry will victimize them and many have lost their jobs for doing what was right. Nacissistic abusers are all about retaining power and control. Most of the time their efforts are covert.

The whole world has become victims to this narcissistic abuse. Next I will discuss how to protect ones self from narcissistic abuse.

To protect yourself recognize the behavior. When they continually repeat something they are trying to gain control and trying to get a person to doubt themselves. Learn to draw lines quickly when you identify narcissistic behavior. If they use blanket statements or generalizations. For example blanket statements and generalizations by the pharmaceutical and medical industries are “correlation does not mean causation” or “that evidence is anecdotal” those are blanket statements designed to get a person to doubt themselves or what they believe. When you know something is true hold on to it and draw the boundaries when they narcissistic abusers start using blanket statements.

When they use those around you to try and cause chaos, confusion or make you feel threatened start documenting things. Document things said, times, dates, witnesses and save any proof. Do not let them get you off center or lose your identity. Stay focused and keep your boundaries. Do not listen to them when they are critical or have other being critical of you or are trying to make you feel like you are not adequate. Remember they have hidden motives driving them to do this.

Be cautious because these ones can fake empathy and compassion very well and will use these to get you to drop your guard so they can get their foot in the door. When they get close enough they will destroy you. They will break you down and try to make you dependent on them. This is how they gain their power. They will cause division around you to take your support system away or they will turn friends and colleagues on you so you do not have a support system. Make those they are using aware they are being used in this way. Some are aware they are being used in this way be cautious of those ones they may sure in the guilt or deception or they may be afraid of the consequences of siding with the side of truth. Once way a narcissistic abuser will fake empathy they will do things to remove privileges claiming they are doing it for your benefit or because you do not have the ability to use your own common sense so you need them to do it for you. It is fake compassion and empathy. They use this to get their victims to give up their rights. The more the victims leave the occur the more the abuser will take from them.

Do not let the pharmaceutical industries , corrupt corporations or corrupt government entities nitpicking get to you. They use destructive criticism to tear people down to paint themselves in a more positive light. They also try to use nitpicking against those who become aware of the lies, error or deception to try to destroy their confidence and trust in their own thinking. They will try to get them to doubt themselves. They also use nitpicking to blame shift to make the person who exposed the error , deception or lies. The will try to make the person who exposed them look like the villain and make themselves appear to be a victim. Draw boundaries and also make sure you can prove their nitpicking is not valid. Stick to what you know is true and do not take the nitpicking to heart it is meant to destroy a person and take their identity from them and make them dependent on them.

Another thing that narcissistic abusers do is keep changing the goal for proof and manipulating things so people believe they are the source that should be accepted as setting the goals and standards. When someone has exposed the deception and lies using their own standards or conditions they will change them and even make the goal for the evidence higher while lowering the standard for their own evidence. Document when they do this and also point out that it is a conflict of interest for them to set the goals and standards and that they are manipulating the goals and standards to paint themselves in a positive light. Also point out how they set the standards and goals so that the truth remains hidden and their lies will not get exposed.

They will try to make you feel guilt and try to belittle you to shame you into submission. One example of this is the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industries pay trolls to laugh at and poke fund of those exposing the truth and they will use the laugh emoji a lot to try and shame or belittle someone to make whip them into submission. If your motives for exposing the truth is not for selfish reasons, or because you want things to be better there is no reason to feel shame. They may use a bad habit, an error you have made in your past. They may use something you have said or done in the past to try to shame you. If you have moved forward and learned from your error or mistake then there is no reason to feel shame. We all make mistakes and errors it is part of learning. Do not let them use them to shame you it will get you to lose center and start doubting yourself.

Another thing that narcissistic abusers do is belittle what their victims have achieved while boasting or speaking about what they have achieved. They will use this as evidence why you cannot trust your own common sense and should count on them. The pharmaceutical industry uses this tactic often in their commercials.

Another tactic they will use is to point out a victims flaws or weaknesses. They do this to get the victims to believe they need to count on them for knowledge and insight and get them to doubt themselves. They try and convince the victims they will fulfill their needs if they trust them. They use this to make the victims feel like they can not be independent and need them to function and that they cannot function without them. If this does not work they will try to convince the victims they are crazy or paranoid. If that does not work they will try to convince those around the victims that those things are true about the victims. We all have flaws and weaknesses , the abusers are better at hiding them. But with time and paying attention they can be seen. Do not let them use your flaws or weaknesses to cause yourself to have doubts. Draw the boundary quickly acknowledge your weakness but also be aware of your strengths and dwell on those we each have our strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect and it is unreasonable to expect ourselves to be.

I covered the threats they make and the things they do sometimes they are covert and will do and say subtle things, when they get desperate they may resort to more obvious threats. When it comes to the medical , pharmaceutical or government organizations take those threat seriously and start being more aware of things you say and do so they can not use anything against you. Dot your Is and cross your tees do your best to give them no leeway and acknowledge and correct when you do make errors. They try to instill fear and insecurity into the victims to take their power away from them and hinder their thinking abilities. Do your best to remain calm and not respond. Pay very close attention to the things you say and world them wisely.

Many of there tactics such as labeling or name calling can be turned on them by using a label or name that would describe their errors. Often times when someone labels or tags a name on someone that is what people will remember. Draw the line quickly if they do that and let them know it will not be tolerated. The abusers can be labeled with names or tags. But make sure the name and tag is accurate. The names and tags they use are often times not accurate or true but it is effective at getting people to avoid listening to the victim and they will even side with the abusers.

Keep in mind deceptive and manipulative abusers always have to vouch for themselves. You ever see how many times the biotech industry and pharmaceutical industries have to vouch for their integrity and concern for others. To avoid becoming a victim look at their present and past history. Both the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have committed many crimes and had products recalled because of the hundreds of thousands of people they have harmed and they both worked with corrupt government organizations to hide these things. Look at their actions and not their words.

Narcissistic abusers will try to keep you off center by getting you involved in meaningless or chaotic arguments. This is to side tract your thinking and keep you off center so you do not see the truth of matters. You see politicians doing this now days and even using false information to support their reasons for these arguments. This is not only designed to keep the victims from being mentally focused but it side tracks and distracts them so they cannot see the reality of the situation. The pharmaceutical industries and biotech industries have been caught paying trolls to do this online to get people off center or off there game. Do not let them switch the subject of the argument. Do not let them present evidence for an argument that has nothing to do with the subject your may be arguing about. Do not let their insults or belittling behavior effect you. It you have to stop listening draw the boundary of the argument and if they do not stay in those boundaries refuse to engage them. If they do not listen then do not engage them. They are not trying to resolve anything they are only trying to fulfill their agenda.

Pay attention to how they treat others. This says a lot about them. If they have a history of destroying people careers who challenge them , or they have a history of deception and violations of the laws then their actions show who they really are. If you chose to trust them then you have chosen to be their victim. So when their products harm you and you become one of their customers/victims , you would have no one to blame but yourself. Remember actions speak louder then words.

They use destructive conditioning. They paint themselves in a positive light then subtly make you feel inferior and like you do not have the knowledge to decide or wisdom to make decisions for yourselves. You see this type of conditioning in commercials for pharmaceutical products. They even pain their product in a positive light even though their products come with many harmful side effects. By getting people to doubt their own ability to make decisions they can get them to ignore the harm and accept it as being normal. Once this occurs it becomes easier and easier for them to impose their will on the victims.

They also use isolation. They will get the people around the person to avoid them, ostracize them or even help isolate them. They will have people watch them and do things to get the person in trouble or make it appear the person is doing something they are not. Often times they even convince the victims they are doing things they should not do. You are seeing this on a world wide scale on social media. If a person exposes a certain truth, or exposes corruption or lies by the abuser they will be banned from social media platforms or temporarily suspended to punish them. Do you best not to let them isolate you . Let those around you aware they are helping the abuser and they could be next when they decide that something they are doing does not fit their agenda. Those who still help the abuser avoid because they are most likely a part of the agenda or lie.

Another thing narcissistic abuser do is they will paint a person good or strong qualities in a negative light and try to use that as evidence they are arrogant or or believe they are superior. They do this to invalidate your right to have thoughts or emotions. They will accuse you of whining, complaining or being unappreciative. Set boundaries do not let them use your strengths and good qualities in that way it will Rob you of your identity. Their weakness is they will make false assumptions or conclusions and try to present evidence to support those facts. This is usually based on the fact that this is what they would do. I have seen rare instances where victims had become like this as a protective mechanism but it is easy to tell when the person has been a victim and when they are being controlling or manipulative. Controlling people will do some of the other things I have mentioned also.

Abusers try to make people dependent on them. They try to cause doubt in the abused victims. They will try to cause people to doubt the victims sanity or integrity this is also part of isolating them. They will spread lies while pretending like someone else made the false statements. To prevent the abuse hold fast to what you know is true. They will manipulate the order of facts to try and distort and confuse the truth do not let them do that. Check the sources of their information and even inquire of the people. If they cannot tell who gave them the information or who made the statement then they are lying and trying to deceive the victim or those around the victim. If the ones around the victim chooses to believe the lies then it tells you something about them. They should be avoided they may be a part of the deception or lie or they may have their own agenda.

Most of all do your own research. Think about what is in it for the person presenting the information or product. What could their motives be? Do they profit from the knowledge or product? If a person has a lot to lose and still exposes the truth about things don’t you think they should be heard? Why would anyone risk destroying their lives and careers to expose corruption and lies? Why would people spend their own money to expose corruption and lies when there is not profit in it for them. So who should you listen to the narcissistic abusers or the victims of the narcissistic abusers?

How to escape the narcissistic abuser

Victims of narcissistic abuse often times suffer from what is called Stockholm Syndrome. They start seeing their abuser as their protector and develop a sense of security and trust for them. They identify with their abuser and has learned to disown their own perception of reality and have even learned to deny their own emotions. They convince themselves their abusers will keep them safe and secure from harm. Remember the narcissistic abuser creates situations then falsely claim to be able to solve them and make it appear as if they have even though often times someone else resolved it or the situation resolved itself. The pharmaceutical industry does this with many of their drugs and vaccines. They falsely claim their drugs are the solution to someones illness when in actuality many types of illness could be corrected with adjustments to someones diet. Studies have shown those who avoided drugs and adjusted their diets were much more healthy then those who took medications for their health problems. The government does acts that make them appear to be solving problems by giving many public assistance. In the mean time there are many who do not qualify for that public assistance so end up homeless and starving. The biotech industry has caused chronic illness to become rampant. But the narcissistic abusers have conditioned their victims to accept these things as normal and has convinced them they are saviors. For example the biotech industry is actually causing famine to increase yet they falsely claim they are working to prevent famine, while many nations are trying to figure out how to deal with food wastage. Society has been conditioned by narcissistic government entities, the pharmaceutical companies and biotech industries from early childhood to view them as their saviors and to trust them and not rely on their own thinking or reasoning and those who do are the bad guys.

They have conditioned their victims to have cognitive dissonance. The victims have been conditioned to believe any alternative to their situation or any changes would be worse then the abusive relationship they are in. Remember the abusers repeat things many times and will manipulate the truth. Even though studies have shown that learning the cause of disease and taking corrective actions like proper sanitation prevented many forms of disease and wiped it out before the introduction of vaccines the pharmaceutical industry conditioned people that vaccines have brought that about even though many studies show with the introduction of vaccines the diseases started occurring again and vaccines caused them to mutate and become more virulent. The biotech industry has many convinced their products are saving the environment by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals needed to farm when in actuality they are increasing the amount of toxic chemicals needed for farming and are causing chronic illness. Because people have been conditioned at a very young age to trust the narcissistic abusers and have developed a condition called cognitive dissonance. This occurs because the victim has become conditioned to center their identity and perception of reality around what the abuser has told them was true. These things have become part of the victims identity. The cognitive dissonance causes a variety of emotions they will experience anything from anger, confusion , frustration, which can result in the person seeing the ones presenting the truth or reality as the bad person and they may even attack and feel bitter towards that person. They will try to defend their abuser and even blame themselves for what the abuser has done. To change their thinking they have to learn who they are, struggle to learn what the truth actually is while dealing with a big part of their life being false or incorrect. They have to learn who they are as an individual and learn to trust their own decisions. This is why often times victims return to their abusers. A big part of their identity involves the abusers. The pharmaceutical companies have conditioned people to call vaccines and medications “my vaccination” or “my medication” . This indicates how deeply the corporate and government narcissist have conditioned people world wide.

To change their thinking it often times requires them changing their entire way of life. Many do not realize they can heal and we have to remember they have been lied to and told their illness is genetic, or the cause is unknown to hide what is actually causing people to become ill. So they have to learn that certain nutrients and diet changes can help them heal. They have to learn there are options out there. They have to come to realize the reality of things for example things such as almost all infections can be linked to specific nutrient deficiencies. So if we tell someone that vaccines are actually spreading disease we need to also let them know what causes the disease and how they may avoid it.

Also when they do realize the truth they may blame themselves and be overwhelmed with guilt so we must prepare to help them through that.

Another thing that makes it difficult for victims of narcissist abuse victims to escape from their abusers is the tactics the abuser used to manipulate and control the victim. They the abuser has done things to isolate the victim. They have done things to take their support system away by convincing people the victim is crazy, paranoid or lacks the ability to make decisions for themselves. The pharmaceutical companies and medical communities are big on this. Those who suffer from tick born illness ant interstitial cystitis experience the most narcissistic abuse from the medical industry and government organizations. The medical community and government organizations have even went so far with their intimidation that they have taken children out of the families falsely claiming the children were being abused. They do things like this to convince those around them of the lies or deception. Anyone who question things are labeled. It is necessary to document all things including things that have been stated and not let oneself be provoked into saying anything that could be misconstrued and used against them. If we are helping someone escape the medical abuse we have to help them find the alternative methods of healing and make them aware it exist. The medical community, pharmaceutical industry and corrupt government organizations try to make people believe they have no choice when it comes to health. If they do not believe their lies they will do all they can to pressure them into doing their will and doubting their decisions.

When those who have cognitive dissonance attack those trying to help them, do not take it personal. They are afraid or they identify with the abusers so may be to overwhelmed by the new information to realize the truth of matters. We have to be patient and give them dew drops to help them slowly come around. We cannot figuratively punch them in the eye it provokes them to suddenly go on the defense. Asking them questions that cannot be answered like if vaccines are helping people, why has chronic illness become so rampant it is now considered epidemic. Another question that they cannot answer is if the medical community know how to heal people why has cancer become epidemic to the point studies have shown most will deal with cancer at some point in there life. Cancer used to be a rare occurrence and usually happened in elderly, now infants are actually being born with not only cancer but autoimmune diseases that used to be rare. If modern medicine works so well why has disease and chronic illness become worse? Do not provide the answer unless they ask questions they may already be overwhelmed by the new ideas or information.

We also have to show the hidden motives behind the fake empathy, compassion or acts of kindness and show they are doing these things to hide the harm they have done and are still doing. They need to learn how those acts of token compassion or kindness are being used to manipulate and control peoples thinking and divert their attention from the illegal and dishonest things they have done. They use those acts of kindness to get the victim’s support system around them to also view anyone who exposed the corruption and lies as the bad guy. This also makes the abused victim develop a false sense of security and trust for the abuser. We also tend to believe we are not vulnerable to deception or lies with hidden motives because we tend to want to believe people would not deliberately do things like that. Often times even those who are not victims will make excuses because we cannot except these things would be done by the abuser deliberately.

Often times the victim will believe if they tough it out they can get the narcissistic abuser to come around. We have to remember narcissist are about power, control and manipulation. They will ignore , make fun of , discredit any truthful information that is presented to them and they will surround themselves with people who support their agenda or who are a part of the lies and deception. Often times the victim believes if they show the abuser trust and love they will come around. The abuser will use that trust or love to increase the abuse because once they get away with one form of abuse they will slowly introduce another form to gradually get the victim to accept the abuse as being normal. Since society as a whole are victims of the political organizations, pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries many have been blinded by their deception and lies. They have also put things in place to punish anyone challenging their lies and deception. This is why the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and government organizations have paid trolls to silence those exposing the reality of things.

Another thing that makes it hard for a person to escape the narcissistic abuser is lack of knowledge on how to escape what alternatives there are and lack of a support system. All these things are needed because when escaping an abuser it involves dramatic life changes and changes in thinking. These changes can be scary and cause anxiety and fear. This is especially true if the abused victim has children because this also effects their life. The abuse victim has become dependent on the abuser. Changes can cost money, need knew resources and knowledge. It also involves changing thinking on things. This can be overwhelming and can cause the victim to return to the abuser. It may even be difficult for them to imagine a life without the abuser. Sometimes because of the love bombing and token forms of empathy, compassion or kindness the victims will convince themselves the abuser cares about them and make excuses for the bad things they have done. The abused do not want to admit they were wrong so look for redemptive qualities in those who have abused them and they even will blame themselves for the abuse believing they have done something to deserve it. The abusers will feed off this mindset and continually remind their victims of their redemptive qualities. The medical community has been trained to love bomb their victims. When you see pharmaceutical ads they pain the pharmaceutical industry like they make the person lives better because they care. Naccissistic abusers paint there abuse in a positive light and make it appear they are doing things because they know what is better and they care.

It also becomes shameful for the victim because they have to learn to acknowledge the abuse happened and that they are partly responsible for not maintain certain boundaries. Sometimes when we learn knew information it brings shame on the things that occurred out of that ignorance. We all make mistakes and cannot move on if we do not acknowledge them and move forward making the changes necessary to prevent those mistakes form occurring again. The victims need to learn to get over this shame or feelings of remorse in order to move forward.

How the extreme measures taken to control the supposed pandemic has caused more deaths then it prevented.

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor. This is not complete. I just learned that they are requiring mothers to wear mask while giving birth which causes problems for the mother and the infant. I am going to add that later.

Why does Covid seem so rampant? One of the reasons is when someone has the flu or a common cold they give a clinical diagnoses. Covid has been found to be no more lethal then the flu. So by testing for it those who cried wolf can artificially exaggerate the numbers in order to justify the stupid things they have done.

Infection and fatality rate of Covid is lower then the flu. The infection is usually so mild many had it without even realizing it. Any death or illness is being contributed to Covid even if the person was already under hospice care when the death occurred. They have changed the definition for cause of death which is causing the numbers to be exaggerated. For example if a person has Lyme disease and it damages their heart and they die from heart failure then heart failure is listed as the cause of death. But if someone develops heart disease and have no symptoms of Covid but test positive for Covid then Covid is listed as the cause of death. Many have gotten Covid and experienced no symptoms and did not become ill from it. But if they get in a car accident and test positive for Covid it will be listed as the cause of death. Why are they doing this? Many have already had Covid and don’t even realize it because most will be symptom free. This is quoted from the CDCs guidelines on reporting Covid as the cause of death. “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. However, please note that testing for COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible. “ This is the CDCs new instruction for the ICD-10 code for COVID-19 : “As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (CDC/NCHS) is implementing additional codes into the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) for reporting to include: • Encounter for screening for COVID-19 (Z11.52) • Contact with and (suspected) exposure to COVID-19 (Z20.822) • Personal history of COVID-19 (Z86.16) • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) (M35.81) • Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue (M35.89) • Pneumonia due to coronavirus disease 2019 (J12.82”

As you can see this leaves things pretty much open to report anything even slightly suspected of being covid related as being covid. Even if the person had a comorbity that caused their death the CDC has informed people to list Covid as the cause of death.

Many states inflated the number of Corona infections and deaths. Why did they do this. The worst part of all this scam, even with the numbers inflated the death rate was still lower then death from influenza. Many at the NIH had financial interest in the Corona vaccine and would profit from it. What is even more suspicious is the NIH helped fund the gain of function research the caused the Covid outbreak to occur.

Another question I have is, if someone dies from liver failure or heart failure who has Lyme it is not listed on the cause of death but if someone who has Covid dies from liver failure or heart failure Covid is listed as the cause of death. Why the double standard.!

Studies have shown that wearing mask during exercise has adverse effects on the body.

Many states are exagerating the number of active Corona infections by including antibody test with the covid test. The covid test in itself should not be used to test for covid and I will explain the reasons for that.

Things put in place to try and control the fake pandemic are causing more deaths because the isolation and financial devastation caused by them are increasing deaths by domestic violence and suicide. I would not doubt if some of those are also being listed as being caused by Corona. Economic recessions have been shown to increase domestic violence and suicide rates.

The PCR test was only supposed to be used in experimental studies they were not meant to determine if a person has an infection because there are many things that can skew the results. For example there are many types of Covid , the cold virus is a form of Covid. Most are harmless but if you come in contact with one of them you can test positive for Covid. Not only that if you had an infection from Covid but had recovered you would still test positive. So the numbers of people who actually have Covid are being exaggerated by their faulty methods of testing for Covid. The PCR test is so flawed that even soda pop and fruit are testing positive for Corona. To make things even worse some states were not reporting negative test results they were only reporting positive test results. The PCR test is so unreliable that a person can repeatedly test positive and negative in the same day. The PCR test is pretty much worthless for detecting actual infection. My question is if someone test positive for Lyme they test them again and accept the negative test result and the person is told they do not have Lyme and the first test was in error. But if someone test positive for Covid the results are accepted as being positive for Covid. These constant contradictions in how they use the test is proof in itself the test are pretty much worthless for detecting infections. The CDC themselves stated that a positive test result may not indicate the person has a Covid infection. The makers of the PCR test state that the test are not meat for diagnosing but are for experimental purposes.

Now lets cover if the mask are of any use in protecting someone. First we need to determine if face mask have helped in the past. Many studies indicate they did not help. Respirators proved to be of no use in preventing infection either. Studies have shown there are adverse effects from wearing mask. Wearing face mask leads to increase CO2 levels. Increase CO2 levels have been shown to make a person more prone to infection and leads to many health problems. The mask cause moisture to be retained making it a breading ground for infections and mold which can make a person very ill and has been found to cause skin problems including skin infections. The mask cause hypoxia which inhibits the immune system.

Studies have shown that mask offer very little protection but they have comfort those who are not wise and do not try to educate themselves. So the role the mask plays is symbolic not functional. Mask wearing can cause tooth decay, candida overgrowth, maske which is a term medical professionals use for acne caused by face mask. Some facemask have been found to have toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and certain fungicides.

The mask has been shown to deprive the body of oxygen. This can lead to the brain being deprived of oxygen resulting in the brain not being able to function properly and if this occurs long enough and enough times it can result in brain damage. The mask have been found to reduce lung capacity. During exercise wearing mask were found to can an increase in physical demand. Now imagine those who are experiencing preexisting health problems. Oxygen deprivation for an extended period of time can lead to many serious health problems including lactic acidosis. This also makes a person more prone to lung infection and lung damage.

So it seems to me wearing mask is like shooting yourself in hand to save your foot.

The measures taken to try and contain a supposed pandemic have caused deaths in many ways. Many of those deaths were most likely attributed to Covid. Deaths from suicide and domestic violence have increased. This happening is more then a coincidence because deaths from suicide and domestic violence has increased in most nations who took extreme measures to try and control the supposed pandemic. I say supposed because Studies have shown that Covid-19 is no more deadly then the flu. There are studies that have shown deaths from substance abuse have also dramatically increased since this all started. Many have lost their jobs because of the extreme measures taken so many are struggling to survive now and feed their families. Suicide rates among children have taken a dramatic climb since nations have been enforcing these lock downs. Homicide rates have taken a dramatic climb since the Covid-19 lock downs and extreme measure that have been taken to isolate people and separate them.

Social isolation has been shown to have a negative impact on health and has been research before the lock downs. So we must consider the deaths that occur because of the ill health effects the social isolation these lock downs are causing. Social isolation has been shown to dramatically increase mortality. This occurs because sleep patterns get disrupted, it increases stress, inhibits the immune system, and has been shown to cause systemic inflammation all these have been linked to causing chronic illness and even mental illness. Loneliness has been found to dramatically decrease ones lifespan. The lower oxygen levels from wearing the mask has been shown to cause cognitive decline. Now ad this to the fact that isolation causes cognitive decline. Imagine what this is doing to the childrens health. Studies have shown that socially isolated children have poorer health.

Now consider how severely mask are effecting people health. We know that birthing can take it’s toll on a mother and some have died giving birth. Some hospitals are requiring the mother wear mask wow giving birth. How much harm is this doing to the mother. How much harm is this doing to the infant because it’s brain would be getting deprived of oxygen. When you think man cannot get any dumber they prove us wrong. They usually hide when they are doing stupid things like this so you pretty much have to search online forums to find what hospitals are doing. Even mild oxygen deprivation during birth can cause long term effects on an infants brain. So you have to ask what is the oxygen deprivation from the mask doing to an infants brain?

Can you really trust WHO as a source for health information?

new who


Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

We have to ask ourselves since the U.S. government agencies have been making many claims in areas of health, chronic illness and disease , many illnesses have become rampant. Autoimmunity, obesity, cancer and other forms of chronic illness have reached such levels world wide that they now say they are epidemics. If the U.S. government and WHO knew what they were talking about wouldn’t these things be decreasing? Most infectious diseases had been almost wiped out before the introduction of vaccinations. So we have to ask ourselves what has brought about not only a resurgence of infectious disease but even more virulent forms of these diseases? If the U.S. government and WHO knew what they were talking about and if what they claim is true society should be getting healthier but instead infant mortality his increased in many areas of the world especially the industrialized world and life expectancy has been declining. In many areas grand parents are having to raise their grand children because often times they are out living their children now. We need to ask why are these things happening. Why has mental illness reached epidemic levels? First we need to learn about the organizations involved especially WHO.
WHO has a history of corruption and manipulation. They have been caught lying in order to benefit themselves. Creating false scares to promote corporate interest. The corruption within WHO may even surpass the corruption at the CDC, IDSA, USDA and FDA. WHO also has a history of racism and sexism. WHO crushes whistle blowers so those who work there have now resorted to using anonymous emails. That is an act of desperation showing how bad things have become. Just as the U.S. government works to cover up and hide the corruption or outright ignoring it , WHO far surpasses the U.S. with the dirty tactics they use to hide the corruption.

They have become a sounding board for corporate interest just as the U.S. government has and they do not look out for the people but they look out for those in positions of power and the wealthy. Because of this just as many government agencies in the U.S. have become threats to the world health WHO has most likely become the number one threat to world health by promoting things known to harm others in the interest of the wealthy and the big corporation.

When WHO does research if it does not match the findings of the corporations that heavily fund WHO they will change their standards and methods in order to get their research to match the results of their corporate sponsors. The pharmaceutical industry heavily sponsors WHO and WHO often consults with them for advice. Most pharmaceutical science has been shown to be impossible to duplicate by independent research which means it is fake or flawed. The pharmaceutical industry has been caught doing fraudulent research many times and have even been caught ghost writing research. The worst part of it is many U.S. government agencies knew of this and worked with the pharmaceutical industry to cover it up.

Who has been used to boost the sales of things known to do more harm then good. They contributed to the world wide opoiod epidemic. WHO was found to be involved in promoting sugar for the sugar industry which we know it has been linked to heart disease and obesity and many other types of illnesses.

Corruption starts at the top down. So WHO is only part of the corruption problem because it trickles down into the medical industry. Just as in the U.S. most government agencies suffer from a corporate take over WHO also has this problem. So they no longer promote health but promote what will benefit their corporate stakeholders. Because of the corruption WHO has become the biggest threat to world health.

WHO is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Knowing how corrupt WHO is , knowing how corrupt most U.S. government agencies and government agencies around the world are we should be very cautious who we trust on vaccine information. WHO and others heavily promote vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Many at WHO profit heavily from the sales of pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical industry heavily funds WHO. WHO’s history of corruption and of supporting corporate interest is well known and has been proven. They are not promoting world health they are promoting the wealth and dominance of corporations.

This link is an accurate source of information on vaccines. . I have also put a list of links together on this blog post to accurate and reliable information on vaccines.

All medical treatment comes with side effects. It is very important to learn the risk vaccines carry because many of them list death as a side effect. Many governments no longer require the side effects and ingredients to be listed on vaccine inserts. Many vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue and animal proteins which have been shown to cause autoimmunity. Who has experimented on people without informing them. They have a history of serving their corporate sponsor and putting people at risk.

If you read this blog post I have done I show that vaccinations do not prevent disease they cause and spread disease. This explains a lot of the illness we see now and why children are sick pretty much from the day they are born. The pharmaceutical industry gets them on a medical hamster wheel so they have repeat customers for life. There is no money to be made in a healthy society and if those in power are healthier they would be able to more easily control and manipulate those they have power over.

Now consider that the pharmaceutical industry also own the biotech industry. Genetically modified foods have been shown to have a dramatic negative impact on our health. It is why diseases involving the gut are rampant now. So if the pharmaceutical industry does not destroy your health with their drugs or vaccines then they will create a customer with the foods they supply most people with.’s_Public_Health_of_Our_Time

WHO number one threat to world health. WHO is in survival mode and is only looking out for it’ own interest.

WHO corporate interest.

Corruption in all aspects of medicine.

Corruption is rampant world wide.

There is something much bigger then climate change we should be worrying about.



Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

We have a crisis but it is not global climate change. It is far worse, it makes most world problems seem mild. Our food supply is going to collapse at the rate things are going. The destruction of the circle of life that keeps our food supply going is collapsing at an alarming rate. The toxins man is dumping into our environment is destroying our water ways, the oceans and even our air. This is effecting the fish and amphibian populations which other animals in the food chain consume. We have lost many species of insects especially ones that pollinate are being driven to extinction. Many farmers now have to rent bees and those who own the bees will not rent to ones who use chemicals because the farm chemicals are destroying our pollinators.

The biotech industry is creating the very problem they are falsely claiming to be solving. They claim they are increasing productivity and reducing chemical usage but in actuality they are increasing the use of them. They are causing super plants to arise that are immune to current chemicals so their strength and the amounts used has to be increased. Insect that the plants are supposed to be resistant to are becoming resistant to the toxins the shot gunned into the genes of the plants so they are having to make the plants more and more toxic.  Not only that but the farm chemicals being used have been found to have a dramatic negative impact on the health of those consuming the foods that contain them. The BT Toxins that are found in the genes of GMO foods have been found to cause the body to react in a way similar to how it would react if a person had food poisoning. It is why digestive diseases are rampant right now. The farm chemicals are known to cause autoimmunity , cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses. Now combine this with the effects of vaccines which are known to damage the body 100% of the time. They claim the body recovers from the damage they do but add that with the damage being caused by the toxins in our food and environment. The United States has the highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world. Our children are the sickest in the world. We need to start asking why?

There are microbes in our oceans that regulate our climate. Those are being destroyed by the toxins we are dumping into them. We consume the sea food from those oceans but populations of the things we eat are rapidly declining and ones that have not declined have become so toxic we have to limit what we consume or even avoid them altogether.

GMOs have been found to produce less and if they do get comparable production they have been found to be lacking in nutrients because the chemicals they use on them chelates important minerals from the soil and from the bodies of those who consume the foods containing those chemicals. Not only that but they also destroy the microbes plants need to take up nutrient farther reducing the nutrient content of the plants. Now combine that with over farming and the foods produced have very little nutritional value. The government hides the harm being done. They only care about power and money. Not only have they worked to hide the harm being done they have increased the levels of toxins they permit people to use. GMOs and over processing of foods have made it so most of our food is just filler and has very little nutritional content which is most likely contributing to obesity because food is not inflammatory which is known to cause obesity and a person has to eat more of it to get the nutrients they need.

Because the biotech industry has pretty much taken over the education on methods of farming children are indoctrinated to believe that they will make more profit and have better production with GMOs even though the opposite has been shown to be true. Those who use safer non chemical methods of farming get higher production with foods that taste better and have much higher nutritional content and it cost much less to produce.

Many scientist have estimated that the damage we are causing to our soil and water will cause us to lose the ability to produce food within a few decades.

Greed has made people easy to deceive into using less profitable and harmful farming methods. With the modern farming practices it is not a matter of if our food supply collapse but a matter of when it collapses. Once the extinction of our pollinators has occurred there is no recovering because they cannot be replaced. Once an insect or animal that pollinates has become extinct we cannot replace them. Man is trying to develop methods of pollinating because we are so close to losing our pollinators for good. We know how that goes, when man intervenes we usually mess things up even more. They do not want people to take note that this is occurring because the corrupt pharmaceutical industries own the biotech industries and they stand to lose billions if people take note of these things. I wouldn’t doubt if they are the ones promoting the climate scare and the false information claiming that GMOs increase food production and will end hunger.

Now ad this to the fact that people spray chemicals to kill the plants these bees use for a food source. Dandelions are one of the first foods bees have access to in the spring and most will spray chemicals to kill dandelions and other wild flowers needed by our pollinators.

These chemicals are killing amphibians, fish , shell fish and many other creatures. Other animals rely on those for food. Their destruction causes a break in the food cycle. So this even effects our access to animals as a source of nutrition. With man working against the earth we have a food supply very very near collapse. Once those creatures are gone they are gone and there will be no way to produce the amounts of food we do now days.

Fake food

We are losing our ability to produce food.

Most recent oil spill, from the date I wrote this.

Government even works to hide the harm being done.

Effects of agriculture on the environment.

Things we can do to protect our biodiversity.

Loss of biodiversity.

Modern farming techniques reduces production.

Health of soil effects our health.

Oceans being destroyed.

Bayer has a sordid history and has bought Monsanto which has just as corrupt of a history and they both have histories of corruption and government collusion.

The Damaging Effects of Fertilizers on Marine Ecosystems

Food supply in our oceans is collapsing.

What’s the role of factory farming in ocean degradation?

Effects of the pharmaceutical industry on our oceans.

The destruction of our health.

GMO have lower yield and lower nutritional content.

Do GMO Crops Really Have Higher Yields?

Good sources of information on GMOs

GMO destroy the environment.

This is a post I did on climate change and things they overlook when they talk about it.

Farm chemicals and pollution are destroying the mycelium which is the planets neural network. When it collapses so does many eco systems. This causes a collapse of our food supply it has reach what seems to be a point of no return. Studies have found that organic farming produces food with increased nutrient levels and increased production. Studies have also shown organic farming is less costly when done properly. There are many studies showing the importance of the mycelium but very few if any studies showing what the destruction of the mycelium will result in. I do know from personal experience that soil lacking the mycelium layer grows very low quality if any plants life.

The number of ways we are destroying the environment in a way that will destroy the worlds food supplies is too numerous to mention in one article. With this article I am only touching the tip of the figurative iceberg.

9 Bad Habits that are Destroying our Environment


Can you trust the CDC as a source of accurate information?


Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

We need to ask ourselves if the CDC knows what it is doing why are people getting sicker?

Here is an example of how inaccurate information from the CDC has caused disease to become rampant. Their recommendations are rarely based on actual science but are based on corporate or special interest science. This often times has resulted in many deaths and illnesses. Lyme disease is a perfect example of this. The test for Lyme disease and many other tick born illnesses have a very high failure rate at detecting Lyme. Yet that support testing as the gold standard for determining if someone has Lyme or not. This has resulted many becoming permanently disabled from it taking so long to get treatment for tick born illness. Even though there is better and more reliable test the CDC will not approve them even though they falsely claim they do. Even though studies have proven the CDC is incorrect they still promote their protocols when it comes to tick born illness. This is why many die that have Lyme disease and never get diagnosed.

Now combine the dishonesty of the CDC with the chronic dishonesty in medicine and we have a major problem. It explains why when you combine the deaths caused by modern medicine and the death cause by pharmaceutical products combined it is the number one cause of death in the world. The evidence supporting guidelines the CDC and others put into place are often weak and flawed resulting in the deaths of many.

We have the example of the tobacco industry to show how fake science is promoted. The pharmaceutical and junk food industries have learned from the tobacco industry and use the same exact tactics now days in order to promote fake science and just as in times past the CDC would become a participant in promoting it nothing has changed. By the way the tobacco industry is still at it with E-cigarettes.

Cancer research is a good example of modern day tobacco science. When the modern research was scrutinized most of the research was found to be severely flawed or outright fraudulent.

They claim vaccines are safe but they were causing so much death and injury that a bill had to be passed to protect the pharmaceutical industry from the law suit that were being filed which protects them and the medical industry from law suits when someone is injured or dies from a vaccination. This has result in chronic illness reaching epidemic proportions throughout the world. Oh own government declares vaccine to be inherently unsafe and yet the CDC lie claim they are safe.

There is a history of CDC employees and those in charge at the CDC investing in the very things they are supposed to be safe guarding us from showing they have a conflict of interest and if they expose the truth it would cause a financial loss to them. How sad is it when the scientist at the CDC write a letting asking for the CDC corruption to be investigated and it gets ignored by our government. The CDC is often caught up in bribery and collusion scandals.

Click to access CDC_SPIDER_Letter-1.pdf

Groups to CDC: Stop Falsely Claiming Not to Accept Corporate Money

The CDC frequently gets caught covering up the harm that is being done to citizens and even colludes with local governments in order to accomplish their goal.

The research they did on the safety of mercury was done by a man known to do fraudulent research and he is still on the most wanted list for his fraudulent activities and they still rely on that research as proof that mercury is safe yet if someone spill even a small quantity of it is a big deal because it is so toxic. The CDC has caused science to become so perversely corrupted that it has had a negative impact on science world wide.

There has been many studies showing how corrupt the CDC is and how inadequate they are.

The CDC is known for skewing data to mislead people. The CDC literally appear to make the numbers they use up. They even quote information that is ridiculous and obviously a lie. For example they quote a statement Paul Offit made saying an infant could handle 10,000 vaccinations when in actuality vaccines have never been tested for safety. Paul Offit had many invested in the manufactures of the vaccines he was promoting.—-influenza-deaths-request-correction-rfc

It has become clear the CDC is not concerned with public health but they are concerned with promoting corporate interest and special interest and fattening their own pockets. If you do a patent search on vaccines you will see that the CDC owns many vaccine patents. Even though congress has investicated the CDC many times for their conflicts of interest it still continues. We cannot leave WHO out of the picture they even did a report on how much profit can be made from vaccines. It is becoming clear the CDC is a for profit organization.,ptss:g&num=100

Because of the fake science and the CDC always serving corporate interest. Autoimmunity, obesity, cancer and contagious diseases have reach higher levels then they ever have. You would think people would ask themselves if what the CDC says is true and people have been following their advice for decades why are all these things increasing instead of declining? The CDCs ties to corporate interest are too tight and they have no concerns with preventing disease their man concern is their good the dollar. They put many and prestige over human life and well being. This has become clear from the history of their behavior.

Global climate change is it real? What are some facts not discussed concerning climate change science?

This is my take on climate change. I am not ruling out the possibility that it is occurring but I am not entirely convinced of it. If it is occurring the present day models of how it could occur do not add up and are severely flawed. If the polar caps are truly melting at the rates the claim then New York and Florida should be under water by now because the ocean levels should have dramatically risen but they have not.

They use an IPCC model to determine worse case scenario outcome when it comes to climate change. It seems they ignore certain data and variables to get the desired worse outcome then what is realistic. They manipulate the data to support their preconceived notions behind their flawed climate change models. WHO which has a history of corruption is the biggest promoter of using IPCC model in predicting the outcomes of things. WHO has a history of being in error with their predictions. They pick and choose which research they will accept and reject any research that does not support their conclusions. This is about as unscientific as you can get.

Click to access NIPCC%20Final.pdf

Most know how the toxins from farm run offs, toxins and chemicals being dumped in our water effects our health.

Here is a link to the EPA website explaining how these toxins get into our water.

They claim that the CO2 man produces causes the ocean to become more acidic. This CO2 model has been debunked and it is so flawed I am not even going to get into it. It is a waste of time and ridiculous.

Greenhouse gases cannot physically cause observed global warming

Run off from toxins and minerals and many other things man is putting into our rivers is changing the PH of the ocean. This is causing unintended shifts in the chemical makeup of the ocean which does effect temperatures globally. The change in PH makes it difficult for plants and animals to absorb the minerals man is dumping into the water ways world wide. It is river runoff that is causing the PH of the ocean to change which could be effecting the temperature of the planet globally.

Studies that show eutrophication is causing the temperature of the earth to become warmer are being ignored and they are blaming the rising temperatures while they promote a theory that green house gases are causing the global warming even though that theory has been proven to be nearly impossible to cause climate changes.

Eutrophication changes the makeup of the biome of the ocean. It increases biome that absorbs light. How is this effecting the tempeture of the ocean.

We know suspended solids can cause water to absorb more solar radiation. So consider the erosion caused by man, farm run off and other solids man has cause to be flushed into our oceans and lakes. No consider the algae dying off adding more solids to the ocean and the possibility is there for the ocean to warm increasing the temperature of the globe.

Even this model of global warming is flawed because the algal blooms prevent sunlight from hitting the water which would prevent the water from absorbing the solar radiation so would have a cooling effect on the ocean. So it seems the ocean has some pretty strict things in place to regulate it’s temperature. But there is one more often times overlooked idea that does contribute to micro-climates forming that have been shown to cause warming.

Man tends to like to gather together instead of spreading out. In order to do this we build cities. Cities do contribute to global warming and it has been will documented that they create micro-climates that are warmer then areas that do not have all the buildings, concrete, pavement and vehicles absorbing solar radiation. With thousands of cities world wide what impact is this having on our global temperature? You do not hear it mentioned often because there is no money to be made from the truth if it is those in control who are actually causing any possible climate changes but they are researching how to prevent what they know is really happening. They have been researching how to increase the folage in urban environments.

We know that the earth has went through cycles of drastic tempeture changes in the past there has been evidence of very warm and very cold cycles. What caused these to happen because they occurred before man built thousands of cities or polluted the oceans. In their models of climate change they fail to include in their calculations the normal cycles of the sun and the fluctuations in the amount of solar radiation it emits.

The methods climate science uses have many flaws in them and that is not including the variables they are excluding. NASA who everyone tends to believe to be the authority on climate change has been caught in massive data fraud so they could support their false claims. Many look to the United Nations as an authority on science but they are often caught in fraudulent activities and have been caught creating problems so they could extend their outreach and influence in areas. Climate science does not consider the Chandler wobble of the earth when they are making their calculations on climate. It goes in 20 year cycles and is believed to effect our climate. The climate scientist do not consider the fact that the earth travels around the sun in an elliptical and not a circular pattern , this has been shown to effect the climate of the planet.

Click to access Zotov.pdf

NASA Exposed in ‘Massive’ New Climate Data Fraud

Why would the media and governments around the world be spreading false fears? Notice even they refer to it as the climate scare. What is to be gain by instilling fear in people? Historically fear has been used to get people to fall into submission. It has been shown when there is fear then we lose the ability to reason and instead of reasoning things out we become reactionary and do not think things through. Since we do not have the resources to effect what they falsely claim man may be doing then we will turn to someone who we believe has the power to correct these supposed climate changes. It is no different then the medical industry and pharmaceutical industries instilling false fears so they can get people to trust them. If you combine the number of deaths caused by the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry together it would be prove to be one of the number one causes of death in the world. It is best not to let fear in or to not make a decision when we are in a state of fear. Meditate and think about who the messenger of the bad news is and what is in it for them. If the message is a message to provoke fear be extra careful when making a decision because it is very easy to be deceived when in a state of fear. Using fear to control society is nothing new and many leaders throughout history has used it to deceive people into doing their will. The pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry have been caught paying trolls to use sarcasm and put downs because man fear ostracism and will avoid those who are ostracized so they do not become a victim of the ones doing the verbal assaulting. Those who are week minded will fall for this tactic and often times leave the victim at the mercy of the ones doing committing the verbal abuse. This empowers them even more because they have managed to instill fear into those observing.

Something the climate scientist do not consider in their flawed and even fake science are things like orbital precession. Our planet wobbles and this effects the climate.

The Climactic Effects of Earth’s Orbital Cycles

The earth’s magnetic field changes this effects how much radiation can enter the earths atmosphere. This is not considered in most of their climate research.

We also have to consider the moon and other planets effect the earths climate. Geological orrery considers the other planets effects on the earths climate.

They have no way to accurately measure the supposed green house gases on the earths temperature because there are so many other variables they do not even consider, when they are factored in you start to realize the number they come up with when they make the claims in their research certain gases cause global warming, you realize they are speculating. They cannot accurately calculate the effects of supposed green house gases on climate because of changes in the amount of radiation the sun puts out varies.

This is a good articles explaining the many tactic deceptive people use to deceive others.

Something the climate change scientist do not consider is that volcanoes also have effects on the climate. A super caldera is causing ice at the north pole to melt and they can cause volcanic winters.


Are Undersea Volcanoes a Cause of Melting Sea Ice?

Something overlooked in the climate change models is the fact our atmosphere has a microbiome and it effect the weather. It can influence the amount of rain we get, snow levels, it can even effect whether a hurricane occurs or not.

The ocean also has a microbiome so how are all the toxins going into the oceans especially the farm runoff effecting our weather?

There is something much bigger then climate change that is happening and we are very near to it being too late to do anything about it. That is the collapse of our food supply. The very ones causing the collapse of our food supply are the ones yelling the loudest about climate change. Could they have an agenda?

Vaccine ingredients. Wow this stuff is being injected into people!!!




Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

I decided to look at ingredients. Keep in mind they do not have to disclose ingredients considered trade secrets liked aborted fetal tissue so not all ingredients found in vaccines. Also many vaccines have been found to be contaminated with things considered toxic like certain metals. Many studies have shown that a large percentage of vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma or mold which causes autoimmunity. Now combine those things and the synergistic effects they would have and you now know why autoimmunity and other chronic illness is rampant. Many of these ingredients are found in combination in vaccines. Foreign DNA even in small amounts can cause autoimmunity and there are animal cells and human cells found in vaccines. Many of these ingredients have not been tested for effects on the body. You can find the ingredients in vaccines on the vaccine inserts.

Studies on the toxic effects of herbicide and pesticides have found that often times ingredients viewed as inert dramatically amplify the toxic effects of the product. This would be true for almost any toxin. What shocked me the most was thimersol was found in many vaccines even though they falsely claim it is not longer used. Thimersol is a form of mecury that has been shown to be very toxic to the body, especially the brain. Aluminum is used in vaccine and studies have shown that when vaccinated with an aluminum adjuvant it goes to the brain. We all know the damage aluminum causes to the brain, it is the reason many stopped cooking with aluminum products.

This is what is being injected into people. Imagine what this is doing to babies. An infants immune system takes months to develop. While developing the infant relies on the mothers immune system through breast milk for protection. Imagine if the mothers immune system has been damaged by vaccine which is a well know side effect of vaccines. Now the mother and child have been harmed.

When you look at the vaccine inserts you can see why the side effects list on many of them are so long. You can also see why death is listed as a side effect on many vaccines. The ironic part is many vaccine list getting the disease you are supposed to be protected against as a side effect of the vaccine. Not only that but now the immune system has been damage so a person would be even more prone to contracting disease.

Perfect business model. Get everyone unhealthy by injecting them with things that harm the body. They slowly over time start to develop health problems that will be blamed on genetics even though studies have shown genetics have very little to do with chronic illness. They make billions from injecting the toxins into peoples bodies and then they make billions off the drugs they will be prescribing to their victims to treat the symptoms they have developed.

I am going to try to post research on the effects of the adjuvants on the body the best I can in another article.

Here is the list of ingredients that are in many vaccines:



anyhyudrous lactose

caster oil





bovine serum


plasolones polacrilin potassium


aluminum hydroxide

benzethonium chloride


bovine serum

human serum



iron ammonium citrate

aluminum phosphate


2-phenoxyethanol aluminum

plysorbate 80

aluminum potassium sulfate

calf serum

neomycin sulfate

polymyxin B

MRC-5 cellular protein (aborted fetal tissue)


hemin chloride

nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide


sodium borate

yeast or yeast protein


egg protein

peanut oil

sodium taurodeoxychoalate




sorbitan trioleate

sodium citrate dehydrate

citric acid

monohydrate barium

octoxynol (Triten x-100)


gentamicin sulfate


sodium deoxycholate


polysorbate 20

MDCK (Madin Darby Canine Kidney cell protein)



nolyphenol ethoxylate


monosodium glutamate


bovine albumin

mouse serum


protamine sulfate

human serum albumin

human albumin


chicken protein



potassium glutamate

amino acids

sodium hydroxide



bovine muscle tissue



hyadecytrimethylammonium bromide


ethylenedamine tetra acetic acid

monosodium L-Glutamate

Vaccine inserts.

Symptoms and types of vaccine injury.

5 Most Common Types of Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine Reactions

Vaccines are a scam and why your medical professionals most likely do not know.

Written by Lee Stevenson,



sorry I am a lousy editor.

Medical professionals are taught vaccines are safe and effective. Even though science and the compensations for for vaccine injury and death show otherwise. Billions have been paid out in compensation for vaccine injury and death.

Most of medical professionals training is in promoting vaccinations.

Vaccines are safe? Then why have billions been paid out for vaccine injuries and deaths. Report for FY2018.pdf

The proof that vaccinations are unsafe is in the vaccine inserts themselves if a person reads the side effects most have death listed as one of the possible side effects. Most illnesses they tell people are genetic are listed on vaccine inserts as a side effect of the vaccine. If you ask a medical professional if they know the ingredients in vaccines or the side effects most have told me no. I have ask ones who did not offer me vaccines why and they said because they know what is in the vaccines. So the ones who do not offer vaccine have most likely looked at the inserts and the ingredients list. Most ingredients found in vaccines require a hazmat time to clean up even if spilled in small quantities. Many chemicals used in vaccines have been banned for example formeldahyde has been banned for use in building products because of it’s toxicity yet it is used in vaccines. Most know how toxic mercury is. They falsely claim it is not used in vaccines but many vaccine still contain it. Aluminum cause damage to the brain. Many know not to cook in aluminum because it can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is illegal for them to deny the opportunity to see vaccine inserts but often times they do. There is a solution for that. There is an app that give you the oppurtunity to download and view vaccine inserts.

Many have come to mistrust vaccines because they have come to realize how corrupt allopathic medicine, our government and all things surrounding modern day medicine is.

When you look at the recommend training on identifying vaccine injury very little is mentioned about vaccine injury and how to identify it. I have spoken with many health professionals and ask them what training they have had in identifying and reporting vaccine injury. Most of them were reluctant to admit they received no training in identifying and reporting vaccine injury.

Even though vaccine have been proven to be unsafe and cause injury. The CDC’s language shows that they recommend brushing vaccine injury of. They make statements like “perceived adverse reaction” like as if vaccine injury is a myth. No wonder so many medical professionals brush vaccine injury off. Or when I parent realizes something is wrong with there child they are told it is in their head or they are being paranoid.

When you look at training manual used to educate medical professionals and staff very little is mentioned about identifying and reporting vaccine injury. It mostly covers how to promote them and how to keep track of the finances surrounding vaccines. Most manual discuss how to brush the concerns about vaccine injury aside but do not discuss how to identify and report vaccine injury. You notice the pattern? They are taught to ignor and brush the possibility of vaccine injury aside as if it is a myth.

This is a website that you can take free courses on. Notice in their vaccine material they mention how to brush vaccine injury off but they do not discuss how to identify vaccine injury. These course are put together by major universities.

Even though vaccines have not been tested for safety the HHS lies and falsely claims they have been tested for safety and that they regularly test them for safety.

Vax Lie Smoking Gun!

Many have done like I have and ask medical professionals how much training they have involving vaccinations and they admit they have very little training and that most of it involves pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacist have the least training in administering vaccines. Most of there training involves giving the vaccine and promoting it.

Doctors receive perks from the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies to promote vaccines even though they have no idea how to identify and report vaccine injury and they are taught to brush the symptoms of vaccine injury under the rug like the parent is having a paranoid delusion. You can check to see how much the perks they receive are worth . This goes to show you that even the insurance companies have fallen for the vaccine scam. Even though autoimmunity and other chronic illness has reached epidemic levels the insurance companies are clueless that they are contributing to the cause.

They do not train to identify vaccine injury because vaccine injure 100% of the time. Often times it is subtle and can take years to manifest completely as the body slowly breaks down health wise. They will blame it on hypochondria, mental illness, paranoia you name it. They have a lot of training in how to brush vaccine injury under the carpet. This is why it is very important to learn how to identify vaccine injury because most of the time it is very subtle at first.

Vaccine Reactions

Vaccine injury table.

The CDC is pretty much a business that receives millions from the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry has been caught many times using fraudulent methods to make their products look effective and safe.

The governments around the world are involved in the corruption surround vaccines. Even the U.S. Department of Justice is involved in covering up for the pharmaceutical industry which is nothing new. The U.S. government has a history of covering up for the harm the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries are doing. The CDC is the most corrupt.

The CDC is known to exaggerate things to promote false fears. They stand to lose a lot of money if people stop vaccinating. Fear marketing is one of the CDCs and pharmaceutical industries biggest weapons. They count on peoples ignorance it is what causes people to be easily conned be cause it has been shown that if you cause fear in people the lose the ability to reason properly. Files/PublicHealth/MicrobialThreats/Nowak.pdf

Pharmaceutical corruption is far reaching and they practically control governments around the world, so much so many governments are powerless against their corrupt influence.

Researchers themselves admit to scientific fraud being heavy during clinical trials. The reason they get away with it is because research fraud is very difficult to detect.

They have become very skilled at hiding vaccine related deaths. They have become very adept at manipulating data to get the results they desire in their research.

Studies showing negative results are hidden from public view so they can paint things in a positive light. Not only that but if they publish a study that had negative results it could cause them to lose grant money.

The list of ingredients in vaccines are known toxins or know to cause autoimmunity. Some ingredients in vaccine require a hazmat team to clean up if they are spilled. The ingredients list alone should frighten most. Now imagine the synergistic effects these additives have considering many of the ingredients are found in combination with each other in vaccines. Vaccines are loaded with foreign DNA which is known to cause immunity. Many contain food ingredients which has been shown to cause food allergies.

The media is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry so we would never get the truth from them concerning vaccines. They would be biting the hand that feeds them. The media outright lies about disease related statistics in order to spread fear.

Even WHO gives a sales pitch for the pharmaceutical industry and then vaguely covers vaccine injury and how to identify it. Then they include information on how to brush the vaccine injury off and blame it on other things. If all else fails they have information in there on how to blame the medical professional who administered the vaccine for the adverse reaction.

So if anyone believes the vaccine lies they are most likely already vaccine injured and cannot properly reason things out or they are ignorant and have not chosen to educate themselves so their ignorance is being used to control them into doing what the pharmaceutical industry wants and that is to become a lifetime customer once they are damaged by vaccine because then they will be looking to a pharmaceutical industry for answer to the health problems caused by the vaccines. They only treat the symptoms thus keeping them on a medical hamster wheel creating a lifetime cash cow. Now they immunize babies so they get to create the cash cows in the beginning of a child’s life. The child will be told their health problems are genetic and they will offer drugs for the symptoms.

Should you trust Monsanto about the safety of their products?


Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am not a very good editor.

You have to ask yourself can you and should you trust the biotech industry and the things you hear on the news and from our government? After reading this I wold say Bayer has a major lawsuit in the works because it would be crazy if they did not sue. The immoral and illegal activities Monsanto has done has caused Bayer to lose a lot of money and is now smearing their reputation and it probably isn’t to clean now and it will draw more attention to them and put them under a microscope. Bayer most likely was not aware of Monsanto’s activities when they bought them out.

There are many documents that show Monsanto had research ghost written and falsified. I linked to the documents at the end of this blog post. Not only that but many who worked for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry held or are now holding positions of authority in our government. The picture I have made shows their connections. I researched those to verify whether it was true or not.

Monsanto would declare war on real science produced by honest researchers. They would go to extremes to discredit them or hit them with so many lawsuits they would end up broke. Many governments knew what Monsanto was doing and turned a blind eye.

Monsanto throughout history has been known to poison our environment and showed no remorse about it but went out of the way to cover it up. We have the history of PCB, Agent Orange and many times they poisoned the environment with dioxins. They went to such extremes that they formed a black ops in order to hide what they were doing by threatening people, harassing people, destroying their careers and even bribing people. The government has even colluded with them to cover up the harm they are doing and have done.

When you read about the things Monsanto has done it is like you are reading more about a crime syndicate then a corporation. Even supposed charitable organization who supposedly supported honest science had taken bribes from Monsanto. Monsanto corrupted science so severely it is hard to know what to believe now days. They have severely smeared the credibility of science. I personally believe very little science published now days because of the tactics used by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to get ghost written and outright fake science peer reviewed and published.

The U.S. government admitted that GM products had not been adequately tested and they still colluded with Monsanto to hide the harm their products are doing. Supposed independent research had been funded by Monsanto and they worked to hide that fact.

If GM products and the chemicals used on them are safe why would a company have to go to such extremes to silence people?

Not only that but Monsanto had been paying Internet trolls to discredit and spread false information promoting the safety of their products. If you look at the hundreds of documents to the links provided below you will see the drastic measures they took to hide the harm their products are doing.

Monsanto often times attacks a study done by Serilini that had been retracted because of the illegal activities by those associated with Monsanto. The study has since been peer reviewed and published in more credible journals. Arrest were made and people charged for the illegal activities involved in discrediting Serilini. Many scientist protested the ethical violations surrounding the retraction of Serilini’s research.

While the news and media outlets promote Monsanto’s fake science they contribute to the oppression of real science. They will do anything for a buck even if it means the lives of many will be effected negatively by chronic illness and death. When the media would attempt to publish the truth Monsanto would threaten and harass them. The scientist who did the review for WHO showing glyphosate is carcinogenic will not talk to media out of fear because of the harassment of Monsanto. Monsanto has pretty much declared war on real science.

I had debates on social media with some of the biotech trolls and realized that I was wasting my time. I would respond to them. They would delete my comments and pretend like I had not responded. The whole time they would be requesting I provided peer reviewed research as proof, when I provided it they would delete my comment and respond with propaganda and they themselves would not provide peer reviewed research to support their stance

Bayer now owns Monsanto and they also have been known to use the tactics Monsanto used so nothing will change.

Monsanto harassment and threats on media.

Monsanto silenced real science.

Even the EPA admitted GMs had not been adequately tested.

Monsanto pretty much declared war on honest scientist who showed the harm their products were doing.

Much of Monsanto’s research was ghost written and even falsified

Stanford Academic unmasked as Monsanto Shill

Monsanto paid a supposed charitable organization to paint them in a favorable light.

Monsanto had a black ops to help them hide the harm glyphosate is doing.

No matter what nation Monsanto does business in they usually violate the law.

Basic human rights mean very little to Monsanto.

Click to access 189791450.pdf

Monsanto has lied to the patent office making some their patents invalid.

Monsanto has put many farmers out of business, they use their patents to harass the farmers and sue them.

Monsanto left the legacy of agent orange. They have a history of poisoning the environment. They have poisoned the environment with dioxin, PCBs, glyphosate and who knows what else. They go out of their way to hide the harm they are doing.

Monsanto even resorted to bribery.

Toxicity testing is corrupt and flawed.

In the U.S. it is pretty much ignored when a company makes false claims about their product but Monsanto has been fined in other nations for making those false claims.

Monsanto hired internet trolls to discredit those who were exposing the harm their products are doing.

Monsanto Employing Troll Army To Silence Online Dissent?

This is a good site that a person can download many court documents showing the illegal activities and shady behaviour of Monsanto. In those documents you will find that many governments even colluded with Monsanto to hide the harm their products have done and are presently doing. The U.S. government even knew that Monsantos science was counterfeit and participated in covering that fact up.

Whatever happened to the belief we were headed for an ice age? Are we?



Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.  I do not believe man contribute to changes in the climate. I believe things go in cycles and the climate change is a natural occurrence. That being said lets look at the other side of the coin.

In the 70s data seem to indicate there was a global cooling many had believed this was occurring because of that and they claimed we were headed for the next ice age.

They believed the particles from pollution man was putting into the air was having a cooling effect on the planet.

They speculated variations in the earths rotation caused ice ages so we may be headed towards another ice age.

They even speculated the pollution from man would cause another ice age.

There were volcanic eruptions in the 70s and they speculated that was going to send us into a new ice age. Even now they speculate this could happen.

Scientist even theorized we were in a cooling trend.

Even now there are scientist speculating that we may be headed for another ice age.