Benefits of grape seed extract.

Written by Lee Stevenons, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please find an experienced and qualified functional medicine practitioner.

Grape seed extract.

I like grape seed extract because it is high in OPC, resveratrol and querciten which are three of the most potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and OPC is one of the few things that can reduce inflammation in the bladder. Grape seed extract also prevent excess blood clotting and prevents the flu and Sars-Covid spike protein from attaching to cells. It helps prevent obesity and high blood pressure. Grape seed extract is very effective at reducing pain and inflammation. It prevents high blood pressure by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Grape seed extract speeds up wound healing in the body. It prevents high blood pressure and is and ACE inhibitor which would help with high triglyceride levels , and Covid. Grape seed extract prevents the overgrowth of H pylori and candida. It prevents tissue ischemia (blood deprivation) by improving blood glow. Grape seed extract reduces gut inflammation. Grape seed extract inhibits Sars-Covid spike protein from attaching to cells. Grape seed extract prevents mast cell degranulation which would reduce histamines. Grape seed extract activates NRF2 which reduces oxidative stress.




IMG_20180622_135147Galinsoga Parviflora

Galinsoga Parviflora is the one I am familiar with and the one I grow. There are many varieties and they have similar health effects. Galinsoga is one of my favorites when it comes to taste. It has a mild taste. It also has many benefits and is a natural ACE inhibitor. Has antioxidant abilities comparable to silymarin. Has antimicrobial abilities.

Galinsoga I also and Alpha glucosidase inhibitor which would help with diabetes. It would also inhibit viruses like HIV and Hepatitis. Those with glycogen storage disorders would want to avoid eating Galinsoga.

Galinsoga is also a urease inhibitor which would prevent many types of infection and reduces urinary stone formation.

It would also help with high blood pressure because it is an ace inhibitor.

All those benefits and it is tasty to.