You could be worshipping Satan and not know it.

If you don't read it how can you have faith.Superstition

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines superstition as a belief or way of life based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck. The bible tells us we are to fear God not some false belief and to put our faith in him not some foolish demon inspired notion. (Proverbs 9:10, Habakkuk 3:18,19)

There are a lot of teachings of demons out there, if we get caught up in listening to those foolish things we could actually be doing an act of worship to Satan. (1 Timothy 4:1-4)

Paying attention to those foolish stories defiles your mind and draws you away from God. (Titus 1:13-16) We are told not to go to fortune tellers and spirit mediums. God found them so detestable that he would have them destroyed. (Leviticus 20:27, Leviticus 19:31)

When you believe in foolish superstitions then you are worshipping Satan. When you do not put your faith in Jehovah and you worship false Gods you seriously offend the true God. (2 Kings 1:2-4)

If you put your faith in something like a rabbits foot or four leaf clover then you would be doing an act of worship. There are those who even put their faith in angels, all those things God does not approve of. (Exodus 20:4,5 Collissians 2:18,19)

It is foolish to believe in superstitions and customs of man. Our God is a living God, those superstitions and customs are foolish. (Jeremiah 10:2-8) We do not want to suffer the same fate of those who are involved in those things. (Revelation 9:20-24, Revelation 21:8)

There are times in the bible God had Israel do things that may have appeared to be superstition but they were not because God had told them to do them. So it was clear God was the source of the insight or information.

If you want to build your faith then you need to seek God because he isn’t far off from us. (Acts 17:20-30)

If you want to learn more go to and search for terms such as idols, images, false gods etc.