Importance of human photosynthesis in health.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.


In order for melanin to produce energy carboxylation is necessary. If the citric acid cycle is not functioning then carboxylation will be inhibited and so will melanins ability to produce energy.

Melanin is photoelectric.

Human photosynthesis helps prevent alhzheimer’s.

Human photosynthesis helps prevent chronic disease.

Human photosynthesis produces ATP.

Difference between plant and human photosynthesis.

Humans can also capture energy from chlorophyll and is probably the reason we have more energy after we eat greens.

Melanin protects us from ionizing radiation by converting it to electricity. What a shocking discovery, sorry lol I couldn’t resist.

Things linked to Alzheimer’s and Chronic Illness.

Amyloid which can be cause by toxins, oxidative stress or inflammation has been linked to both.

Aluminum found in vaccines and many products like under arm deoderant has been linked to alzheimer’s and chronic illness.

Mercury still used in some vaccines and found in dental fillings can cause both.

Glyphosate and other farm chemicals found in high levels in our food has been linked to alzheimer’s and chronic illness.

Inflammation has been linked to chronic illness and alzheimer’s

Oxidative stress has been linked to alzheimer’s and chronic illness.

Tick born illness which we know causes chronic illness has been linked to Alzheimer’s along with other infections.

So imagine the synergistic effects of all these things.

Alzheimers, Amyloidosis and amyloid plaque.


This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

If you have high amyloid levels in the body you may get lumps under your skin and the plaque can build up in organs and other tissues. Serrapeptase and a few other things will break up amyloid plaque.

I am posting what they believe about amyloid plaque. I believe amyloid plaque is a symptom and not the cause. I believe amyloid is used to protect the body from infection and toxins and if not addressed it will lead to amyloid build up. I also believe if others read the research they will most likely come to the same conclusion. Also if my theory is right natural helicase inhibitors , mugwort and other things that fight infection should also reduce amyloid plaque. I am going to look at the research and will post it in here if I am correct. I also believe amyloid is used when there is mitochondrial damage . It most likely will be found in cancer and I will post if I find that to be true in this information. If mitochondrial damage also causes amyloid plaque build up then I should be able to find research linking EMFs to amyloidoisis or Alhzheimers. Since all these things can be caused by gut dybiosis there should be a link there also. I have a theory I do not have time to prove but I think that amyloid could be found in many types of cancer because I believe the body is using amyloid plaques to try and isolate things from the body.

If not addressed amyloidosis can result in chronic illness and organ failure.

It can even form structures in the body that will remind you of something out of and alien movie.

My question is why are amyloid plaque formations usually round and cyst formed by a pathogen contain amyloid and are usually round.

Amyloid has been linked to alzheimers and chronic illness. Infection, toxins like aluminum found in vaccines. Mercury still used in some vaccines can cause high amyloid levels. Also some farm chemicals found in our foods can cause it. Excess EMF exposure has been linked to amyloid plaque formation in the body. Amyloidosis is when amyloid plaques form throughout the body and can be caused by the same things. Infections especially Lyme disease can result in B-amyloid formations. Also keep in mind that the amyloid plaques do not only build up in the brain but in others areas of the body and can result in amyloidosis instead of Alzheimer’s. In my opinion amyloidosis and Alzheimers run hand and foot because they share so many commonalities. So what helps one should help the other. I could list hundreds of studies showing vaccines cause Alzheimer’s even those that do not contain aluminum and mercury. As I looked at the research the things that help Alzheimer’s also helps with amyloidosis and Non Alcohol Fatty Liver disease. I would not doubt if it helped with COPD also. I am starting to think high amyloid levels can be linked to many chronic diseases. I will most likely be updating this because seeing the links of amyloid in other chronic diseases make me curious of what other illnesses it can be linked to like diabetes, hormonal issues, thrombosis etc.

Ironic that doxycycline fights Lyme and amyloidosis.

Oxidative stress induced.

Since iron is an oxidizer it stands to reason that it would be link to amyloid plaque deposites. Since curcumin chelates iron it recudes amyloid plaque, it also reduces BACE1

Usually I recommend lactoferrin to those who are healing but seems it should not be recommended to those with high amyloid levels.

Vaccinations can cause amyloidosis.


Many things can cause autoimmune disorders and they have been linked to brain damage. Which can lead to amyloidosis.


Drugs can induce amyloidosis.

Ethylene Glycol is found in vaccinations. This is antifreeze.

Glyphosate has been found to effect the human brain also. It can even alter a persons sexual preference.

There are many toxins we are subjected to that damage the brain.

Oxidative stress.

Even sleep deprivation can contribute to the build up of amyloid.

Food sources that can cause amyloid plaque build up.

Infection as a source of amyloidogenic proteins.

Amyloid works as an antibiotic in the body so is a sign of infection.

Proton Pump Inhibitors cause B-amyloid to build up.

Some food additives contribute to amyloid build up.

Lyme uses calcium to form cyst to protect itself. The body tries to farther isolate it from the body by building up a layer of amyloid on it. This can severely effect the health of our body and can result in amyloidosis. There are other infectious diseases that can cause this to occur. I remember I was looking at an image of Alzheimer’s and the amyloid plaque on the brain. As I was looking at it a friend sent a picture of the Lyme cyst on her brain. I was shocked they looked identical. Could Alzheimer’s be an infection?

It stands to reason that diabetes would be linked to Alzheimer’s. Diabetes can be caused by oxidative stress, inflammation, and even autoimmune disorders. All these things can cause amyloid plaque to build up.’s-disease-actually-type-3-diabetes

Toxins in our food like BT Toxin , glufosinate, and glyphosate can cause a leaky blood brain barrier. Many drugs can also cause this especially fluoroquinolones. Leaky gut and gut dysbiosis can also lead to a leaky blood brain barrier. The can cause amyloid plaque to build up. So can metabolic issues that lead to acidosis or alkaloidosis.

Our gut bacteria protect us from toxins.

The glymphatic system is involved in keeping the brain cleaned out. I am not certain but I think I covered this in my detox post. When it becomes blocked it negatively effects the brain.

Bad body posture can result in poor glymphatic system function. Chiropractors were ahead of their time on this one.

Fluoride found in most public drinking water damages the brain.

Vaccine injury , toxins, mold and infections can cause high quinolinic acid which can cause inflammation the the brain. They can cause B6 to become depleted which raises quinolinic acid levels.

Tick born illness especially Lyme can lead to high quinolinic acid levels.

Heavy metals like mercury and aluminum damage the brain. Metallothionein helps remove heavy metals from the body thus protecting the brain. It also helps protect from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Chromium increases metallothionein but we must be careful because chromium can increase insulin levels and we do not want to increase them too much. Zinc is also needed for metallothionein, I get my from unfiltered raw honey. What confuses me is they consider zinc an inert molecule that is not part of the redox system but it is heavily involved in redox.

There are many nutrients that can increase metallothionein.

They claim it can be genetic but many things they claim are genetic often times are not genetic but can be linked to habits passed down to us from family, our microbiome or environmental factors. So even though they claim it is genetic I believe change the environment internally and externally and you can change the condition.

Since amyloid is part of the immune system and cancer can be caused by immune dysfunction it stands to reason that amyloid would be tied to cancer. Have a blog post on cancer that could compliment this information.[]=2990&pubmed-linkout=1

If amyloidosis is not addressed it can lead to cutaneous amyloidosis.

Yep stands to reason EMFs can cause mitochondrial damage so increasing amyloid in the brain is bound to occur. Frequency does matter. There are studies showing certain frequencies actually reduce amyloid.

This is the frequency of many cordless phones.

Leaky gut can permit more LPS to enter the blood stream resulting in high amyloid protein levels. Glyphosate, glufosinate and BT Toxins in GMOs can cause leaky gut. So can heavy metals like mecury and lead. Many antibiotics especially fluorquinolones can cause leaky gut so even if they reduces symptoms of Alzheimers they would cause changes that increase chance of getting Alzheimer’s.

BACE1 involvement in amyloid plaque.

Inhibiting BACE1 reverses Alzheimer’s.

Alpinia Officinarum has galagin which reduces BACE1.’s_Disease_Therapeutic

Pastacia integerrima known as zebra wood contains a BACE1 inhibitor.

Genistein may inhibit BACE1.

Other compounds that may inhibit BACE4

Things that may help.

Detoxing aluminum.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase help reduce amyloid and in some studies has been shown to reduce amyloid plaque. These should be used in moderation, very high doses can cause damage in the body.

Black Sativa helps protect the brain.

There are a number of intervention methods that may help with Alzheimer’s.

Reducing inflammation helps with Alzheimer’s.

Probiotics can help with alzheimers.

Cognitive reserve can help protect from Alzheimer’s.

Astaxanthin found in krill oil reduces oxidative stress. I have posted on oxidative stress.

High cholesterol improves memory function.

Statins damage the brain by depriving it of cholesterol.

Low cholesterol can harm your health.

Cholesterol dysregulation contributes to Alzheimer’s. This has also been found to contribut to NAFLD.

This is usually caused by oxidative stress or an autoimmune disorder.

Cholesterol regulation in the body.

Cholesterol decreases inflammtion but high insulin levels can interfere with that.

Desmosterol and other natural phytosterols are LXR agonist and help with cholesterol dysregulation.

Silica may help with Alzheimer’s.

All the above mentioned things can cause brain fog. Luteolin helps reduce brain fog.

Tryptophan improves brain function.

Citric acid and citrate found in the white part of citrus fruits help protect the brain.

Ebselem a drug for mental illness has been found to reduce oxidative stress and protect the brain.

Flax seed oil reduces oxidative stress.

Phosphatidylserine has been shown to help with cognitive decline.

Balancing GABA and Glutamate help improve cognitive function.

B6 reduces brain inflammation and quinolinic acid. High quinolinic acide levels can lead to alzheimers.

Increasing melatonin helps reduce the toxicity of quinolinic acid.

I prefer natural sources of melatonin if they it is low there are natural sources and natural ways to increase it.

Sulforapane helps reduce quinolinic acid so it is important to get things that inhibit sulfation like glyphosate and mercury reduced in the body and address things that cause high hydrogen sulfite levels like gut dysbiosis addressed. If not then high sulfur foods will make a person sicker.

Selenium reduces quinolinic acid. A good source of selenium is brazil nuts.

L-theanine reduces quinolinic acid.

Curcumine reduces quinolinic acid and is absorbed better when taken with black pepper. If curcumine is taken for too long it can make a person anemic. It can chelate iron from the body.

Inositol Hexaniacinate is a special form of niacin that prevents the uncomfortable flushing that can come from taking nicacin. Niacin can reduce guinolinic acid by reducing tryptophan shunting to the quinolinic pathway. It has also been found to reduce oxLDL levels.

There are many plant extracts that effect the brain in a variety of ways.

Insulin-like Growth Factor protects the brain, helps build muscle. Now the bad high levels can feed cancer. It reduces insulin tolerance, and can be linked to cardiovascular disease. In my opinion this should only be increased if you are healing because it is a hormone needed when we are young and still growing. Vitamin D, Fish, milk and chicken increase IGF-1. Getting enough sleep and exercise increases IGF-1

Inhibiting acetycholesterinesterase helps with alzheimers.

Linarin inhibits acetylcholesterinesterase.

Japanese honeysuckle protects the brain by reducing inflammation.

Manganese deficiency can lead to chronic illness it is need in many metabolic pathways but should be used in moderation because if taken in excess it can damage the brain.

Gingko helped me a lot but I have seen studies that have shown long term use can cause liver damage. I had a strange reaction at first it gave me a bad headache but after a day or two of taking it I noticed I could think clearer.

Wild Violet protects from oxidative stress.

Their are many nootropic herbs they improve cognitive function.

NAC reduces oxidative stress. NAC is one of those supplements that should be pulsed because I noticed that if you take it too often it can start having negative effects on the health.

High glutamate levels can damage the brain. There are many environmental factors now days that can cause high glutamate levels.

Passion Flower protects from glutamate toxicity but I have seen studies that show long term use can start damaging the liver.

There are natural ways to reduce glutamate.

Self heal helps improve concentration.

Rhodiola helps protect the brain.

Silence promotes brain healing.

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase help with Alzheimer’s , it stands to reason because they break down amyloid plaque.

Saffron helps with memory loss.

PQQ helps repair the brain.

Increasing myelin to improve brain function.

Cannabinoids help break down amyloid plaque.

Naturals that help reduce amyloid plaque.

Coconut Oil reduces amyloid plaque.

Antioxidants that help with amyloid.

Looks like more then a theory.

Mugwort kills many types of pathogens and it reduces amyloid.

Antioxidants reduce amyloid.

Though I do not like the antibiotic used in this study because fluoroquinolones do more harm then good this show antibiotics help.

Other antibiotics work also.

Mullein has antibiotic properties and reduces amyloid.

Olive leaf kills pathogens even HIV, it reduces amyloid.

Gotu Kola kills many pathogens and it reduces amyloid.

Cinnamon kills pathogens and you guessed it.β-amyloid-oligomeri