Pandemic of the Vaccinated.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

The media, political figures, public figures, medical professionals , and the pharmaceutical industry keep lying and blaming the unvaccinated for the pandemic continuing. In actuality the studies and data are proving they are lying. It is actually the unvaccinated preventing the pandemic from being far worse then it would be. The unvaccinated are actually the heroes in all this but are being used as a scapegoat.
If it was not for the unvaccinated, pandemics of many types would be rampant right now because the unvaccinated are working as a buffer to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. If it was not for the unvaccinated many things that would normally be harmless would be making people ill at pandemic levels. Dr. Malone the inventor of the mRNA injections opposed them from the start because of the effects past mRNA injections had on animals in experiments. As with past vaccine the CDC and other government organizations are hiding data that would show the harm these Covid injections are doing.
It is no longer just a pandemic of Covid. It is now a pandemic of the Covid vaccinated because they are now vulnerable to a variety of infections. Not only that because their immune systems have been damaged they are breeding grounds for infectious diseases causing normally harmless microbes to mutate and become more infectious. The data coming out is showing not only are the vaccinated the ones keeping the pandemic going but they have become the sources of spreading other infectious diseases. So we can expect pandemics by a variety of disease that will be spread by the vaccinated. So this has not only become a pandemic of the vaccinated but it has become pandemic’s of the vaccinated.
The nations with the highest Covid vaccine rates have dramatically higher mortality rates. The nations with the lowest Covid vaccine rates have the lowest mortality from Covid and seem to be immune to the other infectious diseases that are springing up. In nations with the highest vaccination rates a variety of pandemics have sprung up such as monkey pox, new strains of Covid, a variety of lung infections are rampant in nations with the highest vaccine rates. The evidence is showing we now have pandemic’s of the vaccinated. The more they vaccinate the worst the mortality rates get and the more infectious diseases we are seeing spring up.
Studies and data coming out are showing those who have acquired natural immunity are much more resistant to many types of infection while the vaccinated are more vulnerable to infection. With the data coming out showing the vaccines are actually inhibiting the victims immune system and making them more vulnerable to infection, we have to ask why are they still promoting these vaccines? The vaccinated immune systems have become damaged. The studies and reports coming out show the Covid vaccinated have immune tolerance. In other words their immune system are now unresponsive to infections.
The studies and data coming out is showing the Covid vaccinated are developing self antigens especially in the lungs. Meaning they will be having an immune reaction to the cells in their lungs and this would cause symptoms very similar to pneumonia. So you can be sure, to hide that the vaccinated people’s bodies have turned on themselves they are going to announce one infectious disease after another. They most likely will blame the unvaccinated even though the research and data coming out is showing that the unvaccinated have better immunity against many types of infectious diseases so the unvaccinated are actually working as a barrier to prevent the spread of disease the media, pharmaceutical industry and government entities will lie as they have in the past to protect the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry. Both the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry has proven their lack of integrity in the past because they have a long history of criminal activity. If you look at their history you will find they have paid billions in fines for the illegal activity they have been involved in. I find it strange that people put their trust in entities that have such a long history of deception and a history of putting money over human life.
For those who wake up they can stop their bodies from turning on themselves by taking things such as GABA, lactoferrin and anti-inflammatory herbs to help restore balance to their bodies immune system. Pomegranate also seems to shut down the production of the spike protein in the victims of the vaccine’s bodies. Magnesium and iodine can turn on the cancer fighting genes that the Covid vaccines turn off. Fulvic acid and zinc can restore autophagy which will repair the DNA damage done by the Covid vaccines. The victims of the Covid vaccines need to restore the immune systems proper function because if they do not they will be in the news with the statement “Died Suddenly” . You used to only hear that phase when someone died in an accident. With the introduction of the Covid vaccines even young children are dying suddenly for reasons supposedly unexplained. To hide that the vaccines are causing it they are blaming ridiculous things such as climate change or playing video games as the cause of them dying suddenly.
My question is are there people stupid enough to believe that, or is society going to look at what they see happening and learn from it and admit the truth even though the media refuses to. The symptoms of infection are worse in the unvaccinated rather then the vaccinated because the unvaccinated still have working immune systems that can respond to infection and the vaccinated do not. It is most likely why so many of them are dying suddenly. Their bodies are being devastated by infection but their bodies are not launching a proper immune response to protect them resulting in severe damage to their bodies and they die suddenly. They have already shown the vaccinated are going to be much more prone to cancer because the vaccines inhibit the bodies ability to detect and remove cancer. So those who do not die suddenly from the vaccines will most likely die from cancer. Those who have died suddenly from the vaccines have died from cardiovascular disease or organ failures caused by their bodies attacking themselves. They have also died from supposed unexplained lung damage.
The studies and data coming out is showing the unvaccinated have longer lasting and stronger immunity. They are working as a barrier preventing pandemics of various types of infectious diseases from getting much worse. If it was not for the unvaccinated the pandemics that keep springing up for unknown reasons would be much much worse because the studies coming out are showing the vaccinated have damaged immune systems and are spreading many types of infectious diseases. The new strains of infectious diseases springing up are being traced back to the vaccinated. Their damaged immune systems are making them breading grounds for infectious diseases. Studies are showing the vaccinated cannot produce antibodies against future infections , but the unvaccinated are protected by a large variety of infections. Those who have gotten the vaccine can only respond to certain proteins during infection. Those who have not gotten the vaccine can respond to a broader variety of proteins. What this means is the vaccinated now have an inhibited ability to fight infection while the vaccinated not only have a stronger immune reaction and ability to fight infection better but their immune systems learn and develop improved immunity against a variety of infections with each infection they come in contact with. This ability is lost in those who have been vaccinated.
The vaccinated have been shown to have damaged lungs from the Covid vaccine. You can be certain the media, pharmaceutical industry and government entities will lie and say the unvaccinated who are least prone to infection are the cause of infectious diseases that is rampant in the vaccinated.
The unvaccinated are actually the heroes. They they stood their ground even at the loss of income, careers, being ostracized by media, government entities and even brain washed friends and family. In doing so they have prevented things from being much much worse because their bodies are defending against the infectious diseases being spread by the vaccinated. If it was not for the unvaccinated infectious diseases would be much more rampant right now because of the vaccinated being breading grounds for a variety of infectious diseases. You can be sure the lung infectious, digestive infections are going to be rampant now but the unvaccinated will be able to fight the infections working as a barrier to prevent the diseases from reaching pandemic levels. The vaccines are also causing blood clots in the lungs of the victims. You can be almost certain many will lie and some how find a way to blame the unvaccinated.
I am honestly confused by this all. Studies coming out are showing the more Covid injections someone gets the more their risk of infection and all cause mortality goes up. Even if someone does not look at the data or research you can see clearly the vaccinated are much much less healthy then the unvaccinated yet people continue to get the injections. Why? Why are they subjecting themselves to something that is going to dramatically decrease their life span? Hundreds and thousands of injuries and deaths from the vaccines are being reported world wide. Consider the fact that only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported means the numbers are probably in the millions. Who would have thought society would become so blindly obedient that they would even give their life just to comply with the demands of society and their government?
There are many famous people who’s egos are so big when they experience illness because of their bad decision in getting the vaccine they are blaming the unvaccinated. Many public figures that promoted the vaccines are dead or dying. They died suddenly. The evidence is very clear the vaccines are causing death on a scale we have never seen before but peoples ego’s are preventing them from seeing the truth. It seems their egos are preventing them from admitting they were wrong and they look to blame someone else for their illness, in doing so it is preventing them from seeing the truth in matters and they are dying in large numbers. Even though studies are showing it was not the Covid that killed people but the medical treatment they received that killed most people they are still flocking to their medical and pharmaceutical gods. They are also complying with whatever their mainstream media gods tell them to do. They seem to have severe cognitive dissonance and are in denial and refuse to believe they made errors in trusting the people they have. All we can do is protect ourselves from the narcissist causing all the harm and the narcissist who want the harm that has been done to them forced onto others.
For those who wake up and realize they have been misled, we need to be prepared to support and help them the best we can.

When you add all the deaths from the vaccines are causing , the death from accidents from those flying plains, helicopters, and driving cars and having sudden heart failure they is probably millions of deaths world wide. Now add to that the fact people are losing loved ones who dies suddenly from the vaccine. This can cause takotsubo syndrome resulting in heart failure from the sadness or trauma from suddenly losing a loved one to death.

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