Died Suddenly.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

It used to be when someone died suddenly it meant they were in an accident. Every since they introduced the Covid vaccine even young children are dying suddenly. Those medical professionals and government authorities are refusing to acknowledge the harm the vaccines are doing and even refusing to acknowledge the victims illness the Covid vaccine has caused. They are blaming the victims and gas lighting. God’s day of judgment is very very near all those involved in doing the harm and those involved in hiding it will have to face God. He does not take excuses for answers so he will not except excuses for the fact they put money and their careers over the welfare of their fellow man (meaning women and men). The bible tells us there will be a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. The unrighteous will experience a resurrection of judgment. The bible tells us that God will add tribulation many times over to those who caused tribulation. So what they have inflicted on others will be nothing compared to what they will experience during God’s great day of judgment. Now I will discuss the things they are doing and the lives they are destroying.

During the pandemic many of the news stations got caught paying actors to pretend they were ill , and staged many of the hospital scenes. My brother was in a local hospital. The news claimed they had so many ill from Covid that the hospital was filled to capacity. The truth is the staff at the hospital told my brother they only had one Covid patient in a month. Not only that the hospital has so few patients they had to close one whole floor. Your hear reports of this happening around the world. To add to it, they found out that many of the Covid deaths were caused by the medical treatment they had given the Covid patients. There were safer alternative drugs but the NIH, Dr. Fauci and the CDC would put pressure on medial institutions if they implemented those things and they were backed by studies that showed their safety and effectiveness. But All the above mentioned worked with social media and tech companies to silence those things and many medical professional lost their jobs for exposing the truth, because of pressure from the above mentioned entities. It is clear those entities not only violated peoples rights but they also cause many many deaths world wide. Who will be held accountable for what they have done? Millions have died and millions more have been injured and had their lives destroyed from the things they have done.

This all started because Fauci started doing gain of function experiments. When they were showing a lapse in safety protocols they had the experiments moved to China and everyone pretty much knows the rest of the story. Governments and public health authorities colluded with tech companies to hide how harmful the vaccine are and hide the harm they are doing. Whistle blowers working for the pharmaceutical industry literally started coming out stating how the vaccine trial were rigged in a way they could hide the harm being done. The FDA knew they were doing it and ignored it. They new these vaccines would cause a lot of harm because most of the animals in their research surrounding the mRNA vaccines died. Some died a slow and miserable death, some died from excessive blood clotting and cardiac failure. The very things those dying suddenly are experiencing.

There are hundreds of sites springing up around the world where victims of the Covid vaccines are trying to be heard because medical professionals refuse to acknowledge the damage the vaccine has done to them. I know people personally who were in the military and was harmed by the vaccine and were discharged because of the injury they received from the vaccine. Many have lost their careers and because there injury is not being acknowledge they cannot be compensated and are losing everything they have. Someone needs to be held accountable for all this. Even now whistle blowers are coming out left and right and they are being ignored and silenced. Medical professionals that do speak out about the harm being done are being silenced and having their careers destroyed by government entities and the medical industry which shows you just how much power the pharmaceutical industry has. This power has caused the loss of many people rights and lives.

These Covid vaccines have many documented cases of the excess blood clotting they have been causing and sudden cardiac failure . Not only that but many others are developing sudden liver failure and hepatitis.

The evidence has shown that not only are the vaccines keeping the pandemic going but the vaccinated are more prone to Covid and other infectious diseases. Many vaccine injured are developing a type of pneumonia cause by the excess inflammation the vaccines are causing in the lungs. Not only that but mental illness and mental decline is going to get worse because the Covid vaccines are severely damaging peoples brains and neurological systems. Many of the Covid vaccinated are showing signs of sepsis and should be tested for it. If you do a search on sites such as Pubmed you can pull up thousands and thousands of documented cases of the injury from the vaccine. Some are even developing flaccid myelitis. When driving now it has become clear this damage to people brains have effected their driving. I have had people constantly running traffic lights, swerving into my lane on a scale I have never seen before. The answer to why that has been happen can be easily found by reading the tens of thousands of case reports of the injury to the brains of those who had gotten the vaccine. Sadly many are being gas lighted and believe the medical professionals when they are told their symptoms are imagined. Or their symptoms are caused by something else so these people will continue to drive and pose a danger to people because they will not seek a functional practitioner that could help them learn to heal.

Many medical professionals on social media are reporting that most of their vaccinated patients are developing the most aggressive and fastest growing cancer they have ever seen.

The vaccines are damaging peoples immune system making them super carriers, meaning the vaccinated are keeping the pandemic going. Not only that but because the vaccinated have damaged immune systems they become breading grounds for other infectious agents. So we can expect there will be pandemics of many types of infectious diseases in the coming months. Many researchers warned these things would occur and they still did not listen so until the last of the Covid injected either dies or seeks functional medical treatment so they can heal, there will be one pandemic after another springing up.

These supposed outbreaks of infectious diseases they are announcing match The exact same types of damage the vaccines cause especially to the lungs. So there is a good probability that those they claim are getting infections are actually experiencing an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine and not an infection.

Evidence has been coming out showing the tech companies suppressed the dangers of the vaccines. Even banned people on social media about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Government entities were working with the tech companies to suppress the truth about the pandemic and the Covid vaccines. They had statements on many social media sites especially Facebook making false claims that could not be backed by data because the data could not have been acquired because the vaccines were still experimental and the FDA was trying to block people from seeing the data for 75 years because the vaccines caused so many deaths and injuries. Someone needs to hold the tech companies accountable for the harm their lies have caused. Those who were injured because they believed the social media sites misinformation , or have lost a loved ones from the Covid vaccine injury should sue the social media sites because they blatantly lied about the safety of the vaccine when there was not data to support their claims.

What I find very suspicious is the government and Pfizer had been working on a pandemic plan in 2018 , and guess what virus they discussed you guessed it Covid. That is one heck of a coincidence. What is even more suspicious is the U.S. started doing gain of function research in 2017. If you follow the trail of documents it seems the U.S. started the gain of function research, then got sloppy and it became a safety risk so they move things to China. The U.S. was not alone, many other nations where funding the research in Wuhan. The rest is history. This has caused the loss of millions of lives world wide. It has caused financial ruin of many, it drove many people to poverty. Why is no one being held accountable? Our governments are supporting those who are guilty of the harm and protecting them. They are showing they could care less about their citizens but care more about money and power. Many virologist agree the Covid virus that caused the pandemic did not occur naturally. The harm mentally to the children and the set back education wise will take years for the children to recover from.

Even though the data coming out is showing that the vaccines have harmed and killed more then the Covid pandemic, they are still promoting and even forcing the vaccines on people, why? If the vaccines are harming millions and killing millions why are they still forcing them on people and mandating people receive them? The data is coming out showing that the nations with the lowest vaccine rates have the lowest mortality rates from Covid infections. The nations with the highest vaccine rates not only have the highest rates of mortality from Covid but are now experiencing pandemics of a variety of types of infectious diseases.

The number of deaths and injury from the Covid vaccines are much much higher then the data is showing because I personally know people who have been injured by the Covid vaccine and those who injured them are refusing to acknowledge the injury and refusing to report the injury. Consider the fact that previous vaccines only 1% of adverse reactions would get reported and it is much much lower with the Covid vaccine, you can be certain the number of injuries and deaths are much much higher. They will gas light the victims and tell them their symptoms are in their head or they are imagining things, or they are a hypochondriac. I got injured with the Dtap vaccine and that is exactly what I was told. The irony is they told me that I was imagining things based on information I seen on the internet. I rarely got on the internet at the time but I took that as a cue that I should be looking deeper into things and that is when I learned I was not alone many were being harmed by vaccines and the ones who harmed them refused to report the adverse vaccine reaction. With the Covid vaccine the medical professionals doing the harm are harassed and even lose their jobs if they report the harm being done. The governments world wide made it very very difficult for the individual to report their vaccine injury or death of a loved one caused by the Covid vaccine. The AMA even gave guidelines on how to gas light the victims of Covid vaccines, and the families of loved ones who were killed by the Covid vaccine.

I am going to try to provide links to the actual data and to websites set up to give victims a voice but many governments world wide especially Canada are having the websites removed or blocking them to hide the harm being done. Not only should those in positions of authority be held accountable but also any medical professional deliberately ignoring or hiding the harm being done should be Held accountable. The social media sites and tech companies have spread misinformation that convinced people to get the vaccines and many of they have gotten harmed and some have lost loved ones because of it. So the tech companies and social media sites should be held accountable for spreading misinformation about the dangers of the Covid vaccines, and hiding the harm being done by the vaccines and dangerous Covid and the treatments used that harmed and killed many.

Fauci should also be held accountable but never is. He experimented on infants and many of them died. He has a history of doing unethical things , often times he does them in other nations so he can avoid prosecution. Fauci committed fraud during the trials for the AZT drug. I remember it being on the news , HIV patients were begging Fauci to stop killing them. Tens of thousands died from the treatments he had recommended. The drugs he recommended and was promoting for Covid treatment had the same results on the Covid patients as it did with the recommendations he made for HIV patients that caused thousands of them to die.

I am adding this information after I wrote this. I kept wondering why no one was holding Fauci accountable. Turns out the one who is in charge of ethics at the NIH is Fauci’s wife. So it was up to his wife to hold him accountable. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christine_Grady

Now he has been involved in gain of function experiments that have cost millions of lives yet the media paints him as a hero. What kind of world do we live in when such a brutal and uncaring person is labeled as a hero? Fauci was not alone the U.S. government was involved in helping to medically kidnap children so Fauci could experiment on them. Fauci and the NIH has pretty much had a license to kill world wide and no one has held them accountable. Fauci had people silenced who were offering valid medical solutions and even had them arrested and their research confiscated. He kept information hidden that would have helped the HIV patients, it was later discovered he had financial ties to the companies for the drugs he was recommending and benefited financially from them. So he was not concerned about human life but more concerned about fattening his pocket book.

We see the pattern Fauci, The NIH, FDA and CDC has of being corrupt and deceptive. Evidence is showing it has only gotten worse. Fauci and entities in the U.S. government worked with social media sites and tech companies to silence medical professionals who were telling people about safer and more effective treatments. So many died because they did not know that there were safer treatments for Covid. There is also a lot of peer reviewed research that got censored on nutritional recommendation that could help prevented infections that got censored. The data coming out show most of the deaths from Covid were most likely caused by the medical treatment people received. It seems like Fauci has struck once again, only this time it has caused a lot of death and many have been harmed. The numbers are most likely in the millions. Many have lost rights world wide and have had medical treatments forced on them that harmed and killed them. What Fauci, the NIH, CDC and FDA has done has caused more death and harm then many wars, and many pandemics. My question is, are they every going to be held accountable? If man does not hold them accountable God certainly will and he does not take excuses for answers. Whether they believe in God or not they will still have to face his great day of judgment and true justice will be served.

The medication and treatments used were causing people to die of things that supposedly Covid was causing. Many had been over ventilated resulting in their deaths. Now add to the fact because of the lock downs people did not have access to the medical care they needed and died, millions of none Covid related deaths have occurred because of the lockdowns. The lock downs have since been shown to only prolong the duration of the pandemic causing increased numbers of people to get infections. Studies have since shown the mask were useless against protecting from infection and could have made people even more prone to infection. There were many studies showing the safety and effectiveness of alternative medications such as ivermectin but medical professionals were being prohibited from using them. Often times the studies showed they were more effective then the much more harmful medications that were being used. Why was Fauci, NIH, the FDA and CDC pushing treatments that were very dangerous and harmful when there were more effective and safer treatments available? The trials using remdesivir for the treatment of Ebola killed 54% of the patients. Yet the U.S. government was paying hospitals to administer it to patients. Why would they do that knowing how lethal the drug is? Studies even showed remdesivir was infective against viral infection. So why would they recommend drugs with very harmful side effects that have been shown to be ineffective against viral infections. We know those in government positions do get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry and do not have to disclose it. Knowing the harm that has been done, I feel they should have to disclose if they are making a profit off the things they are promoting and supporting. Fauci, many at the NIH and FDA have made profits in the past from pharmaceutical products and medical products they recommended in the past. They should have to disclose when they are profiting from things they recommend.

Religious organizations became a part of the corruption and falsely labeled the vaccines “a gift from God”. They could not have honestly made that statement because the vaccines were still in experimental phase and the FDA was refusing to release the data. These organizations claim to represent God so they will be held more accountable for misrepresenting God and being deceptive. Vaccines are known to come with the dangers of permanently injuring a person and even known to cause death. These vaccine had been in the experimental phase when these religious organization called them a gift from God. Gifts from God do not come with hidden dangers, they do not come with the risk of permanent life altering injury or death. They will have to face God on his great day of judgment for their misrepresentation of him, because they carry blood guilt for the harm they caused to people by persuading them to get a product that harmed and killed so many.

Studies showed ivermectin and other much safer drugs were very effective against Covid yet hospitals were firing any medical professionals that had given their patients the safer and more effective alternatives. Not only that but the Biden administration was actually pressuring government entities to revoke the license of medical professionals who used the safer more effective alternative. If medical professionals reported on the injuries and deaths they were seeing the vaccines cause, the Biden administration was pushing to have their medical license revoked. Many medical professionals have lost their jobs because they refused to take part in the medical experiment. They are suing and winning because it was an experiment and no one had a right to force the vaccine on them. Many companies forced their employees to get the vaccine in order to stay employed. Those law suits are being won also, but the harm is done, the lives lost cannot be replaced, and the damage caused to so many peoples bodies is overwhelming.

The saddest part of all of this is many medical professionals and public figures who were promoting the vaccine are now dead or dying. The headline reads “Died suddenly”. They used to list the cause of death but they are no longer doing that because most media and government entities are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. If they admitted it was the vaccines or the medications used that are killing people they would lose that funding. They will face God and have blood guilt for the harm their deception is causing.

I could go on and on about the harm that has been done and is being done and the corruption surrounding it but I think this should have painted a fairly good picture of the truth about the Covid pandemic and the Covid vaccine which have been appropriately labeled the “clot shot” or the “death jab” by many. The CDC, FDA and WHO have a history of corruption and this pandemic and these Covid vaccines have thoroughly exposed how corrupt things are and how much control and power the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry have over governments and people world wide. It appears that the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry has put the whole world under their fascist control. Imagine the disappointment of those who got involved in the medical community , or a government entity thinking they were going to help people , only to discover the corruption and deception they are truly dealing with.

The world has fallen under the fascist authority of narcissist and this will not end unless people speak out about the corruption, expose it and take a stand. Those who remain silent are just as guilty because they are empowering the corrupt and leaving the harm continue. Their fear of losing their career, or losing their standing in society is causing a lot of harm and all will be held accountable by God.

I do not make money from this blog. By the time I recovered from the Lyme and the damage from  the fluoroquinolones I was too old for anyone to even look at my application, so I have not been able to find work. I suspect I do not get phone calls because of my age. I am 58 years old and they probably view hiring me as a liability. So I have no source of income. I do have a link where a person can donate to help me out. As long as I am not working I am going to try and post things I believe will help people. I post this information for free so don’t feel obligated to donate. I would prefer if it came from the heart and not because of a feeling of obligation. This is a link to my Cashapp. https://cash.app/$TrulyWildHerbs

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