Exposing the social media fact checker and main stream media lies about the Covid vaccines.

Written by , Lee Stevenson I am not the best editor so there will be errors.

Some common sense questions we should be asking ourselves. If vaccines are safe why would the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry be protected from liability from the harm they do? That fact in itself makes a statement about the safety of vaccines. Our own government said that vaccines are inherently unsafe. We need to stop being guided by fear. Studies have shown once fear is induced a person will turn to anyone for answers even those who don’t have their best interest at heart. Studies have also shown when fear is induced all reasoning is thrown aside and a person can be easily deceived. Once the person has been deceived no matter how much evidence a person is shown they will not acknowledge it. So if we let social media and mainstream media induce fear we will lose our ability to be rational and think clearly and we will be more prone to being deceived, once convinced of something it can make us more prone to ignoring the truth no matter what amount of truth is presented. This is a very common tactic used now days to get people to do their will especially by government entities. Our governments have been caught dramatically inflating the number of Covid cases and the number of people who died from Covid, but there are so many people who are in a state of fear and can no longer reason for themselves that I am seeing people using double mask even though data shows the areas with the harshest mask restrictions were more prone to infection, Covid infection rates went up along with other lung infections. Meaning the mask actually increased chances of infection and mortality. Though these injections are not technically a vaccine most are referring to them as a vaccine so I will refer to them as a vaccine in this article.
I am going to cover the lies being spread by media and social media fact checkers.

The list of lies is:
The vaccines are not experimental
The vaccines have been tested for safety.
The effects of the Covid vaccine are reversible.
The vaccine will stop Covid from spreading.
The vaccine will prevent you from getting Covid.
The vaccine will stop Covid from spreading.
The vaccinated do not need to wear mask.
The vaccines do not contain genetically modified material.
Medical professionals and scientist are not speaking out about the vaccines.
The vaccines are safe and effective.
The vaccines have not caused deaths.

The media including social medias fake fact checkers keep making false claims. They claim that the Covid vaccines went through animal trials. When they attempted to do animal trials they found the test could not be done accurately because some animals were naturally immune to various types of Covid. In other trials almost 100% of the animals died. So sure they may have tried the vaccines on animals but the research failed because of the difference in the immune response between humans and animals. Not only that but in many of the experiments almost all the animals died. So what do they do? The president gets these vaccines fast tracked so they can start human trial when they research in animals failed. Meaning they had no idea how these vaccines would effect humans. In studies were the animals did not die they developed autoimmunity so would still die a slow and miserable early death. Research involving similar related species of Covid in animals show many adverse reactions and the animals had little or no protection and often times became more susceptible to a variety of infections after getting some type of Corona vaccine. Since they skipped animals trials by never having any that were successful they pretty much went straight to human trials. The animals that were vaccinated against Corona died when subjected to other Corona viruses. So they could no longer have an immune response against viruses in the Corona family. Now you can see why the vaccinated are the ones dying of the supposed new strains of Covid. They are actually strains that would normally be harmless to humans but since the vaccinated can no longer have a proper immune response to them they become very dangerous for them when they come in contact with the more benign strains of Corona viruses. The human trials of the vaccine will not be over until 2023. They are supposed to inform the recipient of the vaccine that they are participating in a trial but many I talked to signed the papers without reading them so they took part in a clinical trial and most do not realize it.

In post animals trials the animals developed excess blood clotting, inflammation in the heart and blood vessels. They developed liver and kidney disease. Since only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported the reports of people dying unexpectedly , dying from liver , kidney or heart failure is going to climb dramatically. All those involved will be held accountable by God this includes parents leaving their children be harmed by the medical and pharmaceutical industry and all those in the media promoting the lies to convince people to get the shots. It’s all based on greed. The media receives most of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry. God does not accept ignorance as an excuse when the evidence is readily out there and someone deliberately chooses to ignore it. Now the rate for the adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines being reported is going to be far below the 1% because we are hearing of many reports of medical professionals lying and telling people their adverse reactions to the vaccines are a sign they are working. Then later you hear reports the person has died from unexpected causes, from liver, kidney or heart failure. It does not say it was the vaccine and if signs show that it was the vaccine they will claim it was a comorbity that killed the person and not the vaccine. These comorbities are caused by the vaccines. So many are dying from the vaccines and the true numbers we will never know because they are working very hard to keep the harm the vaccines are doing hidden. Now we have to also consider the fact that these vaccines actually enhance a disease state so if a person already has a comorbity these vaccines are going to make it worse. How many who have had, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, liver disease or kidney disease died became sicker from the vaccine when they most likely would have healed?

As for vaccines being tested for safety. No vaccine has been truly tested for safety because the biotech and pharmaceutical industries have used methods of research to work around testing the vaccines for safety for example there are many toxins in a vaccine that the body reacts very severely to. They put those toxins in the shots they give the placebo groups. They also hide certain data to help make their studies appear to be successful.
There are studies coming out now that show the vaccines may be altering peoples RNA in a negative way one that makes those who got the Covid vaccines more prone to chronic illness, cancer and infection. So as time goes by those who got the vaccines will start suffering from many chronic diseases, be more prone to dying from infectious diseases and be more prone to getting cancer. So those who got the vaccines if they do not die suddenly like some have they will most likely have a much shorter life span. All to protect themselves from a virus that had almost the same mortality rate as the common flu. There are also signs these vaccines may be causing sterility in men and women.

Most politicians are heavily funded by the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. So much so they have been working very hard to hide the harm being done. Those who refused the vaccines are much healthier. They are trying to force these vaccines on the healthy to get ride of the evidence. The healthy will be evidence, that the things the vaccinated are experiencing are not normal. So if they force vaccines on those that are healthy they can make illness normal thus hiding the truth.

They are required to have a placebo group in the clinical trials. It is unclear what the percentage of those receiving the placebo are but many state it is 20%. If that is true then twenty percent of the people are not have the reaction as those who get the actual shot would. They are using the total number of people who got the injections including the placebo group as proof the vaccines are safe. The data on who received the placebo is not available yet. So many who did not react the vaccine most likely received the placebo.

Studies have shown most already had immunity to Covid before the lock down. So the extreme measures they took were too late. Vaccinations ruin natural immunity and studies have shown the vaccine provide little immunity and it wanes rather quickly. Natural immunity has been shown to give life long protection not only from Covid but from similar Corona viruses. The vaccines actually make one more prone to a variety of infections.

Proof the Covid vaccines do not work is the fact they keep upping the number of vaccines a person should receive. First they stated they needed two injections when that failed to provide immunity they upped it to three injections. Now they insist to provide immunity they need to keep getting booster shots. If the vaccine worked why would they have to continually get the injections? Now those who have the vaccines are in even more of a state of fear because the supposed new variants of Covid they are more susceptible to they are falsely claiming are coming from the unvaccinated. Why are more dying from these new variants who are vaccinated? The reason is their immune systems are damaged. They are going to be more prone to dying from the cold and flu now also. They will hide this fact by announcing the outbreak of new super bugs. They will hide the blood clotting by declaring there is a pandemic of Marburg virus. They will hide the paralysis that occurs from the vaccines by claiming there are outbreaks of polio or flaccid myelitis. They have become very skilled at gas lighting and blaming the harm they are doing on others or on other things and even hiding them all together by ignoring those who have been injured and not even treating them after them have been injured. What the news reports of these events occurring will do is provide evidence that the same thing that happened in the animal studies is occurring. Those who got the vaccines are more prone to dying from infectious disease of a variety of types because of the changes the injections have made to the body. There are already reports showing the vaccinated are causing other Covid viruses to mutate and become more virulent so the vaccinated are spreading disease just as they have in the past. To try and make it appear that the unvaccinated are spreading the disease. The CDC declared those who have had the vaccine for less then two weeks or who has not had a second injections are to be considered unvaccinated. As usual the CDC is deliberately inflating numbers in favor of their message. They have gotten caught many times doing this and later it was shown they were hugely exaggerating things. Vaccinations in the past have been shown to cause viruses to mutate and become more virulent. They would blame the unvaccinated for the mutations even though research clearly showed it was the vaccines causing the mutations. Nothing has changed they are doing the same thing now , as new variants of Covid spring up they are blaming the unvaccinated even though studies have shown 80% of the new variants have been carried by the vaccinated. A document from the CDC was leaked showing they know this is occurring yet they are lying about it. We have to keep in mind the FDA, NIH and CDC get a lot of funding from the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. So it is in their best interest to promote lies that will benefit their corporate sponsors. The same goes for the medical industry and media. In the CDC memorandum it was recommended the vaccinated wear mask to prevent spreading the Delta variant. So while businesses are convinced forcing unvaccinated employees to wear mask will prevent the spread of disease. They should be requiring the vaccinated to wear mask to prevent the spread of the new Delta variant. Studies indicate mask do not prevent someone from getting infections but they do prevent those who have an infections from spreading it. So it seems it should be the vaccinated who are required to wear mask and not the unvaccinated.

Many media outlets especially the social media fact checkers claim the vaccines do not have genetically modified material , aborted fetal tissues or animal tissue in them. This is a lie many of the Covid vaccines have at least one of those ingredients in them. The FDA no longer requires vaccine manufactures to list all ingredients in the vaccines but if you look at the patents for these vaccines you will see many of them contain aborted fetal tissue. Some contain animal tissue and most of them contain genetically modified ingredients. All of those have been found to cause adverse effects in the body. So my question is how can you inject things known to cause illness into someone in order to prevent illness? These injections edit the genome and science still does not know the consequences of doing that. Very soon they will find out what the consequences are as those who have gotten these experimental injections start suffering the health effects of having their genome altered. That is another false statement being iterated by media that these vaccines do not alter DNA but it states in the patents for these vaccines they alter the recipients DNA. Studies have shown that nations that are the most heavily vaccinated against Covid has had dramatic increases in mortality rates.

The media and social media fact checkers claim doctors do not have concerns about the vaccines. Many have tried to speak out about the harm they are seeing being caused by these vaccines and they quickly get silenced and often times their employment is terminated. If they produce videos making statements about the harm they are seeing the videos quickly get removed from the net. Many medical professionals speaking out about the harm being done are being banned from social media. Many medical professionals have lost their jobs for refusing the vaccines. Some have worked in the medical field for decades. They are seeing things first hand so this makes a statement. If they are refusing vaccines this should be sounding and alarm and alerting us that something is seriously wrong.

The number of people having adverse reactions is alarming and most are fighting to get the adverse reactions reported. Death from the Covid vaccines is rarely reported and yet the number of reported deaths is alarming. Imagine what the real death tolls are from these vaccines. The number of deaths is so high the CDC got caught deleting that data from their website. Medical professionals and scientist world wide are speaking out against these vaccines but they are being quickly silenced, threatened and harassed. The only time you have to do those things is when you are defending a lie because the truth defends itself.















Children are being murdered on a world wide scale.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry my editing skills are very lacking.

These vaccines have been the most harmful and biggest con the world has ever seen. Why are people falling for it. Because this is how those who con others work. They make sure they gain the persons trust. They usually do not work alone and will gather other con-men to give them credibility. They will try to manipulate things so they and their associates are the only source of information their victims have. If someone exposes their con they and their associates will work together in order to discredit the one exposing them. The weakness they have is they all are corrupt and exposing the corruption exposes what they are really about. When all else fails they will induce fear because studies have shown fear will blind people to the truth and reality of things and people are much easier to con. So do not let them induce fear. Another tactic used by con-men is they will ask your to make a sudden decision and will try to prevent you from having time to think about it. If you do think about it they will try to keep inducing fear or pressure you. We are seeing all this being done with the Covid vaccines now. It is resulting in the murder of many and now they are starting to murder children with these vaccines.

With the vaccines being mandated many medical professionals are quitting. Some of them have worked in the medical field for decades. This should be waking people up. Some have been fired for refusing the vaccine. If medical professionals are taking a stand against the vaccine people should be paying attention. Who gives up their lively hood like that unless they have sounds reasons to? They falsely claim these health care workers are taking in misinformation. They are on the front lines and are seeing the effects of these vaccines first hand. The governments, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry and media are working very hard to discredit and hide what these medical professionals are reporting. Tens of thousands of medical professionals are either quitting or getting fired for refusing the vaccine. This should get people to open their eyes because these ones are seeing things first hand. They are doing all they can to silence them.

Before they give a person the Covid vaccines they are supposed to inform them of the fact this is a trial and they are supposed to inform them of the possible side effects. Most I have talked to told me they were never informed of those things. So many medical professionals are violating the patients rights when they do not inform them. I am going to provide links to information showing that the world governments and medical community are working very hard to hide the deaths that are occurring from these vaccines. When they tested previous Covid vaccines in the past almost all the animals died. So they go from failed animal trials straight to human trials. If the animals died in the trials how can they think they can jump to human trials, if the animals died it would be reasonable to believe that humans will also die during this trial period. People have been indoctrinated to see doctors are heros and believe they only have their own interest at heart. This may be true for some medical professionals but many of they put money over their patient and will do all they can to protect their source of income even if it means hiding the truth. Modern medicine has been shown to be the cause of 1/3 of the deaths in the world. It is most likely the number one cause of death once you consider how many deaths they have covered up and have hidden. Most nations have laws to protect medical professionals right to hide that type of information. Supposedly to reduce law suits against them. If a car mechanic or a plumber causes more harm then good they would be held accountable. This will not occur with the pharmaceutical and medical industry because most political figures are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The news is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry so they are working very hard to hide the harm being done to protect their source of income. The only way a person can see the truth of matters is by searching for web pages and videos of those who have seen the harm done or have been harmed. You will not get the truth from the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, or media.

I am going to discuss how children are being murdered world wide by the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry. All those responsible including the politicians who are pushing these things will have to face our maker and because the harm being down is so obvious the only way they could not see it is if they deliberately choose to remain ignorant. God does not take deliberate ignorance as an excuse so they all will have to answer for they harm they are doing. God will hold them accountable for the harm and deaths they are causing. Some have died shortly after getting the vaccines and some died weeks later. Their obituaries read they died unexpectedly. They do not list the cause of death and governments and the medical community is working very hard to hide deaths caused by these vaccines. Why, both have a history of doing things like this why are people still trusting them? The pharmaceutical industry has a very long criminal history and often times the governments world wide have been caught colluding with them to hide their criminal activity. So why do so many still trust them? Their misguided faith in those organizations have caused society to be sicker then it has ever been and the more faith they put in the pharmaceutical industries, biotech industries , medical organizations and their governments the sicker society is becoming. These people are sick from the time they are infants so they don’t even realize they things they are suffering from are not normal. We need to some how teach them that having certain health conditions such as allergies and diabetes used to be somewhat rare but now have been accepted as a part of life. If people read the informed consent form it state right in the form that the Covid vaccine can make them more susceptible to disease. https://www.sott.net/article/445095-How-COVID-19-vaccine-can-destroy-your-immune-system

These Covid vaccines are causing cardiovascular disease that is deadly but difficult to detect. Many who have Lyme and have been in Lyme groups know very will the dangers of the bradycardia and myocarditis these vaccines are causing. Cardiologist usually brush it off as an anomaly. We have seen many in our Lyme groups get a clean bill of health and they were told their hearts were fine and shortly after they would die from heart failure. When a person has bradycardia or myocarditis the test have to be done in a very specific way and most cardiologist either are not doing the test or do not know how to test for these conditions because it gets overlooked often. When this is overlooked the people end up losing their jobs because the medical community will insist they are fine but they will become very ill and weak on days their heart is not functioning well. These people will go to the emergency room and they will run blood test and put them on an EKG and they will be told them are fine. They will have dizzy spells and bouts of confusion because of the lack of blood flow to the brain when they try and exert themselves or if they get stressed because their heart cannot maintain the blood pressure needed. So those who develop bradycardia or myocarditis usually lose everything they have because the can’t even get disability because the medical community keep declaring they are healthy. Eventually this leads to loss of life either from heart failure and in some instances I have seen people suffering from this become homeless and die of starvation. So we have only seen the beginning of the deaths these vaccines are going to cause.

The trials of these vaccines will not end until 2023. Until then 20% of those getting the vaccine have to be a placebo group. The media and medical community are using the fact that not all are harmed by the vaccine as evidence it is safe but it is most likely the placebo group that are not being harmed because studies have shown there is a high rate of ADE from these vaccines. ADE is pretty much showing the body has turned against itself and the person is going to die a slow and miserable death.

The most ridiculous part of all of this is they are trying to force these deadly vaccines on people even those who acquired natural immunity. Vaccines have been shown to destroy natural immunity and natural immunity has been shown to be much better. So why would they destroy natural immunity and want to force vaccines on those who acquired natural immunity. Natural immunity not only protect you from the virus that the immunity was developed , but it also protects you from viruses that are similar. Vaccines cannot do this and have been proven to destroy natural immunity. So why would they want to force vaccines on those who have natural immunity. Destroying natural immunity would make people more prone to infection it would not prevent infection. This is why we are now seeing those who got the vaccines develop pneumonia they are now susceptible to infections that would normally be harmless.

Now I am going to discuss how they are murdering children by the thousands. President Biden even ordered OSHA not to record adverse reactions to the vaccine if a work place requires their employees to get it. I do not understand how they can legally force their employees to get medical treatment that is still in the experimental phase but that is another article. They are now wanting to force these vaccines on children and in some nations they have when the Pfizer vaccine caused an adverse reaction and even death in 86% of the children it was tested on. They are not reporting that the vaccine is the cause of death they are reporting the heart or organ failure as the cause of death in those who died as a result of the vaccines. Most are dying from heart or renal failure because of the systemic inflammation and excessive blood clotting and cardiovascular destruction the vaccines are causing. Sometimes the death can occur months later making it much easier to hide the actual cause. Most who received the actual vaccine and not the placebo are most likely slowly dying and don’t even realize it. The health issues they may mention to their doctors they are having will be brushed off, they may even be laughed at as being paranoid or being a hypochondriac. They may even tell them they are reading too much on the internet. By the time a person finds a doctor that will listen it is usually too late and the vaccine has taken it’s toll on the body and death will be most likely inevitable. Things seem to occur much more rapid in children so as they vaccinate children the death rates for children is going to take a dramatic climb. Any health issues the parent has that their child will be presenting from the vaccine will be brushed under the carpet and ignored. Thousands of deaths have already been reported from the vaccines. Now keep in mind our own government did a study and had determined that only about 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported. So most likely tens of thousands have died from adverse reactions to these vaccines but the chances are they had not gotten reported. Now add to the fact they are deliberately trying to hide the deaths caused by these vaccines. Imagine how many children have died and are going to die as they start vaccinating them. I will discuss how children have died already some while still in the womb.

One term often used by the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry is “correlation does not mean causation. “. What they are actually saying is ignore the evidence and believe only what we say. They brush things off as coincidence to hide the harm being done. Doing actual research when you see a correlation then you would develop a theory and then research to see if that theory is correct or not. Instead they ignore the correlation and even work very hard to blame it on other things such as comorbities. Often times those comorbities that caused the deaths were actually caused by the vaccines. So as these children die they will blame it on the comorbities the vaccines caused.

Keeping in mind that only 1% of adverse events from vaccines are reported and even less for these Covid vaccines and there have already been reports of miscarriages from the vaccines. Most would not have been reported so imagine how many infants have already been murdered by these vaccines. Since they are working hard to hide the deaths being caused you will not find this information from any medical and government organizations but there are many speakihttps://www.npr.org/2021/06/22/1009268874/153-hospital-workers-quit-or-were-fired-because-they-refused-to-get-covid-vaccinng out about the harm being done. I have had friends who were banned from social media sites because they posted videos showing the death and harm being caused by these vaccines. Why are they working so hard to hide this. They have even pressured social media sites to hide the death and injury being caused. Unborn infants have already been murdered and now they are wanting to murder the children. These vaccines have been so ineffective that they keep telling people they have to get more and more injections and now they are telling them they have to keep getting booster shoots. If the vaccines worked then why would they have to keep giving them injections. People should be asking why the ones who died from Covid died and what can I do so that I will be protected like those who acquired natural immunity. Studies have shown most who acquired natural immunity didn’t even know they had gotten Covid because they showed so few symptoms.

If you want to see the harm being done then look on video sites. I provide links below to people telling the harm they have seen or experienced from these vaccines and you will see the reality of how many children are going to be murdered by these vaccines.











Read this case report and you will see how they falsely claim the cause of the miscarriage is unknown. You can clearly see how they try to explain away the vaccine as being the cause.


This is a list to links of videos of medical professionals and victims telling what they have experienced or seen. Some have had their medical license revoked for exposing what they are seeing.

This is a memorial page to thousands who have been killed by vaccines.



Why are they hiding Covid vaccine deaths and adverse reactions?

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

When you can no longer question things you are living in a fascist society and you are no longer free. When you get silenced for questioning things it should frighten a person. When one group of people loses their rights it opens the door for everyone to lose their rights. We have the example of Nazi Germany first the Jews lost their rights by the time people realized what was happening they had all lost their freedom.

First there are those who will argue that the vaccines are not a vaccine technically they are not. They are gene therapy they alter your DNA. Many will claim that is not true but if you read the patents for the vaccines you will see they explain how they alter the DNA right in their patents. These vaccines have never been tested on animals they went straight to testing them on humans in a world wide clinical trial that is still ongoing so anyone who gets the vaccine has enrolled in a world wide clinical trial. The earliest these clinical trial will end is 2023. This means these vaccines which I use the term lightly but it is what most are calling them have never been tested for safety and they are testing them now on humans. So anyone getting these vaccines are participating in one big human experiment. Most vaccines have long term effects and the injury from them starts out subtle and gets worse over the years. You can be certain that will occur with these vaccines and the people will be told that the adverse effects are genetic or that the cause of their illness is unknown or as they have done in the past they will tell a person their illness is psychological and the need medications for the psychological issues they have.

The results of much of the research now days is false. We find out decades after just how errant it is even though many warn about the false science. This happens repeatedly throughout history people seem to prefer listening to the people who gain power or wealth from the false science. Most modern research has been proven to be wrong or falsified. It is more about careers then it is about scientific accuracy. Most modern research has been proven to be wrong, fraudulent and even ghost written yet it frequently gets peer reviewed and published. Many have even got paid to peer review and approve a paper that was written even if the results were in error. If the science concerning vaccines was real you would be allowed to question it but now people are being banned from social media if they question any medical or pharmaceutical science. The truth speaks for itself but you have to silence the truth when it is exposing the lies because it takes more lies to hide the the original lie and eventually the lies get too numerous to be able to defend them anymore so those telling the truth must be silenced because if they could prove those speaking the truth wrong they would not have to silence them. If you want to put their response to those not getting vaccinated into context compare how they are treated those who refuse the vaccine to how they treated the Jews in Nazi Germany. By the time people realize by taking others rights away they are losing their rights also and it will be much easier to take even more of their rights away once that door is opened. This is not about protecting people it if was they would promote health life styles and preventative measures which have a much safer track record then vaccines which our own government admitted were inherently dangerous.

We need to ask ourselves why are they hiding the deaths and injury from the Covid vaccines. They have even gotten social media giants involved and any medical professionals reporting how they are hiding the deaths and injuries from the vaccines not only have their post removed they even get banned from social media. I have even seen people get banned on Facebook and Twitter when they posted about the death or injury of a loved one. We need to ask ourselves why they would hide these things? Now they are hiding the vaccine injury by claiming Polio has re-surged, or there are new cases of flacid myelitis. They are even claiming there are new variants of Covid but offer no proof that is true. I was checking the CDCs website daily keeping track of the injury and deaths from the vaccines. All of a sudden that data started being removed from the CDCs website, we need to ask why? Consider the fact that only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines are reported and there have been so many reports and death by families and friends on social media that Biden declared anyone mentioning these things are considered terrorist and ordered they be banned from social media. Why are they working so hard to hide the deaths and injury from these vaccines? Now consider the fact that this is a clinical trial being conducted on a world wide scale so adverse reactions would not be reported but documented in the clinical trial data. Now we know the pharmaceutical companies have a history of omitting data to paint their studies in a positive light so they will most likely brush aside the adverse reactions and death from these vaccines and they will blame the paralyzes that results from the vaccines as polio or flaccid myelitis which is what they have done in the post. You can gaurentee they are going to start announcing outbreaks of polio and flaccid myelitis.

Fortunately if you use alternative search engines other then the mainstream ones you can pull up some sites where people screen shot the information before it got deleted. The mainstream search engine have been censoring the harm vaccines do for years.