Time to stop lying about what causes autism.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not a good editor.

Autism used to be almost unheard of. Then all of a sudden we started experiencing 3 out of every 10,000 infants experiencing autistic like behavior. In our present day it is 1 out of every 100. Modern corporate science wants people to only believe their science is the science that matters so they will call the observational science anecdotal and tell people not to follow the science. They will even harass and destroy the careers of any who do. Now days they have corrupted governments so much that even the governments do not allow the science to be questioned. Observation is a key part of science, so should not be ignored. If the science is valid then we should be able to question it because the truth defends itself. When you cannot question something then , it is a sure sign there is something to hide. We cannot blame it on genetics because science has shown that few genetic imperfections get passed from parents to the children even if a mutation does occur in the parent it rarely gets passed to the children. Most children start to develop autism or behavior abnormalities between the ages of 16 months to 24 months old. This is a very good clue to the things that contribute to autism and behavior abnormalities. All these things can also explain why depressive disorders are rampant now days.

Researchers know what causes Autism and behavior disorders but would never directly state what the trues causes are. Most funding comes from corporate sources. Especially from the pharmaceutical industries and biotech industries who are probably the major contributors to the epidemic of autism and behavior disorders. The evidence is very clear what causes these things to occur. It is time to stop pointing fingers and face the truth in matters. The only way this will stop is if the public learns the truth and lets their government know that they know the truth and not let up on the pressuring them to put an end to it. Governments world wide get a lot of funding from corporate entities and many politicians do. So they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them unless the outcry becomes loud enough. Medical professionals get heavily pressured and may even lose their carrier if they speak out about these things. So I will discuss things known to cause autism and the things that cause this to occur.

Some common things found in autism and behavior disorders is brain inflammation, leaky blood brain barrier and a failure of certain areas of the brain to develop. High levels of oxidative stress are usually found in the brains with those who have autism or a behavior disorder. Digestive issues and food sensitivities are also common in children who have autism or behavior disorders. The human body is very resilient so it usually takes a combination of things to make something go wrong. So now I will discuss the things that contributed to the brain swelling and oxidative stress.

Vaccines are known to damage the immune system causing systemic inflammation. Many of the substances used in vaccines are known to stay in the body for a very long time causing inflammation to persist. Some substances used in the production of vaccines such as peanut oil and egg are known to cause a person to develop allergies to them when directly injected into the body which is occurring with vaccines. Consider the fact that the child immune system is already being over stimulated by the vaccines, now add the toxins and other things they come in contact with to a body that is already burdened and as the child gets older they will slowly develop more and more health problems. Many of the chemicals used in vaccines are known to cause excess oxidative stress. Most medical professionals are taught to gas light and brush these things off so the vaccine injury will go unreported. Since the child will develop frequent infections because the vaccines have destroyed their immune system they will be given antibiotics frequently. These antibiotics destroy the gut microbes that keep us from developing autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases and they help keep our hormones balanced. All these things are occurring shortly after an infant is born. So now we can see why by the ages of 16 months and 24 months we start to see children developing autism or behavior disorders. Vaccines have been shown to cause brain inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain. When our microbiome gets altered it causes excess inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

Also by the time a child is 16 months old they are starting to eat solid foods. Most foods contain farm chemicals now days. Glyphosate is one of the most harmful and our food supply is heavily contaminated with it. Glyphosate alters our microbiome, causes inflammation in the gut, causes genetic and metabolic issues that cause our immune system to be altered and causes systemic inflammation that can lead to inflammation in the brain and a leaky blood brain barrier. As mentioned earlier food sensitivities can cause autism and behavior disorders. Glyphosate also causes excess oxidative stress in the body. Now add all the chemicals they are adding to foods that are known to be harmful to the body. The BT Toxin that is found in the genetically modified foods is known to cause inflammation in the gut and body. There is a lot of processed sugar in foods now days. Processed sugar is known to be very inflammatory. There are other farm chemicals found on fruits, vegetables, beans, grains that we are consuming that are known to cause health issues that can lead to brain inflammation and excess oxidative stress. Nutrient deficiencies are very common now days and have been shown to stunt the growth of the brain, cause excess inflammation and autoimmunity. Over farming has cause the foods to be deficient in many micronutrients. Not only that but many crops are hybrid so they grow faster. Studies have shown the fast rate the plants are growing is preventing them from taking up the micro nutrients they would if they had grown at a slower rate. This means the plants are much less nutrient dense. Now add to the fact that glyphosate chelates minerals from the soil and chelates them from the bodies of those who consume them and I think we can see the picture being painted. This also shows why cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver, kidney disease and cancer are rampant. Glyphosate has been shown to increase the risk of lymphatic cancer and pancreatic cancer. Antibiotic uses increases the risk of pancreatic cancer so you can see why it is also rampant now days. Consider the fact these poor children and being nailed by these things left and right. The age of mortality has dramatically declined in the last ten years. These poor kids do not stand a chance. Each generation is dying younger and younger. All these things cause excess inflammation and excess oxidative stress.

Now consider most drink public water and it is loaded with toxins such as heavy metals, cadmium, farm chemicals, and they are also treated with chlorine or fluoride which has been shown to cause damage to the brain. Well water often times has been found to be contaminated with farm chemicals, or run of from land fills which has toxins in it. Some well water is high in iron or sulfur which is why consumption of well water has been found to be the number one cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. So with the above mentioned things happening to the children and now they struggle to get a safe source of water we can start seeing a broader picture of things. But this is not everything.

Studies have shown that negative epigenetic changes can occur to the child while they are developing in the womb if the mother is subjected to the above mentioned things while carrying the child. So even before the child is born things are occurring to make the child prone to illness, autism and behavior disorders. Stress or trauma can cause brain inflammation and alter hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the brain. If the mother experiences stress or trauma while carrying an infant it can cause negative epigenetic changes in the child that will make them much less able to tolerate stress and trauma. Stress levels are high now days and the family is not like it used to be. The family environment is not as stable as they used to be, chronic illness is rampant causing stress in the family, immorality is rampant causing families to become broken, children are having to deal with many types of stress they did not have to deal with before. All this causes inflammation , effect the immune system, cause brain inflammation, alter hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the brains.

With all the evidence out there to say we do not know what is causing not only autism and behavior disorders but also the epidemic of chronic illness we are lying to ourselves and not holding those responsible accountable. Being silent makes us just as guilty because our silence is a sign of our approval that these things are happening. If someone is drowning and we were in a position we could help them and we walked away , we are guilty if they die. To ignore what is occurring now days and not petitioning our leaders and speaking out about it we are just as guilty as if we seen someone drowning and we walked away.

Benefits of magnolia bark.

Written by Lee Stevenson

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Magnolia bark

Reduces stress and anxiety. Promotes better sleep. Prevent Alzheimers. It normalizes the HPA axis. It reduces inflammatory cytokines caused by endotoxins. It reduces brain inflammation and prevents seizures. It stimulates the bodies natural steroids witch would reduce pain and inflammation and inflammatory diseases like asthma. Magnolia bark helps to prevent glucose intolerance. Magnolia bark is cardioprotective and prevents excess blood clotting. It is effective against a large variety of gut pathogens. It has been found to be effective against the herpes simplex virus and polio virus. Magnolia may prevent gastric ulcers. Magnolia bark enhances the insulin signaling pathway which can help prevent type 2 diabetes. It activates AMPK which increases mitochondrial beta oxidation which would prevent obesity and fatty liver disease. It can inhibit RNA viruses like Covid.









The hidden side of chronic illness.

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

Those of us who have been chronically ill or are still chronically ill need to speak out about what we are enduring. If we do not speak out then society will continue to sweep us under the carpet and falsely justify the things they are doing and have done to us. If they believe in God they have a lot to make up for because they have wronged us and the bible requires they make up for it more then they wronged us. I am not going to cover the biblical aspects of things in this article but we need to speak out about everything we endure including the emotional aspects of it.

I am doing this article based on my personal experience and my experience with helping others to heal. I am going to discuss as accurately as I can the emotional aspects of what happens when someone is chronically ill and how the vast majority of family and friends react to those who are chronically ill. There are a variety of emotions involved with chronic illness and they occur for many reasons. Oftentimes there is brain inflammation. Oftentimes these emotions result from the person desiring to be able to function normally again . I have found oftentimes it is because the person’s friends and family have emotionally and physically abandoned them and even ostracize them while putting on a show that they cared. I experienced all this. Yet when others were not around their actions and the things they would say to me contradicted what they made things appear to others. Now combine all this with the fact that most who are chronically ill have brain swelling and are struggling mentally with the many issues involved with brain swelling. For example mood swings, personality changes, sometimes it takes so much mental energy to block out the pain they have very little mental resources left for emotional or even basic functions of life. I am finding society as a whole abandons the chronically ill especially if they have a tick borne illness or interstitial cystitis some of the most painful conditions but the illnesses cannot be seen and because the person looks healthy most refuse to believe they are suffering as severely as they are. These are referred to by those who suffered from them as invisible illnesses. Since I suffered from them it had a double meaning to me. One meaning is no one believed I was chronically ill because they could not see my illness and two because after I got chronically ill I seem to become invisible to family, friends and society. Society puts on a show that they care, but from personal experience I have found that is exactly what it is just show. When it comes to providing for the real needs of the chronically ill with things like emotional support or physical support the chronically ill are pretty much on their own. Society takes a non biblical approach and tries throwing money at the problem while ignoring the actual needs of the chronically ill. The chronically ill are victims of family, friends and society.

Usually some of the main feelings a person who experiences chronic illness is sadness because they cannot be there for others or they cannot fulfill their responsibilities that are necessary for example family, or household responsibilities. I have found society puts on a good show at pretending they care about the chronically ill but in actuality they abandon them by not providing for their emotional and physical needs which includes trying to reduce emotional and physical burdens so the person can focus on healing. Because they offer very little help and oftentimes expect a lot from a person who is chronically ill it dramatically increases the time it takes for the person to heal. It often takes every ounce of energy for someone who is chronically ill to just fulfill their basic life functions. Even eating often can be very exhausting, things like taking a shower or even brushing our teeth become very labor intensive for those who are chronically ill. When a chronically ill person has good days and can easily do certain things they cannot normally do society seems to take that as evidence they have healed and abandon them even farther. We experience even more sadness and anxiety because now we are trying to fulfill what others expect of us because we do not want to let them down and in the meantime we can feel the added emotional and physical stress causing our health to decline. When we try to express what is happening often we are met with responses that are cold and uncaring. This causes those who are chronically ill to become emotionally and even physically isolated. The very support system they thought they could count on is completely neglecting their needs and not even acknowledging them. This causes the person who is chronically ill to experience extreme loneliness even if they have many people around them.

We often times become irritable because we are struggling to maintain our composure because of the pain and mental anguish we are experiencing. Top that off with how the chronic low grade inflammation has affected the brain it takes all we have not to lose our tempers and get angry over the littlest things that normally we would think nothing of. Add this to how most who are chronically ill are being treated and neglected it makes it even more difficult to not become irritable. Not only that but the chronically ill realize how something someone is doing is affecting them mentally and physically and they are trying their best to conserve mental and physical resources to survive and heal and for the most part their needs are being neglected and ignored.

There is a lot of anxiety that comes with chronic illness because it takes many many doctors visits to get diagnosed and because modern medicine has been so heavily indoctrinated by the modern day corporate science they have no idea how to help those who are chronically ill so those who are chronically ill also end up getting abandoned by the medical community farther isolating them. Most chronically ill have to become their own researchers and spend many many hours studying so they can learn to heal. In the meantime they are very aware of how close death is. Many who are chronically ill have others who are counting on them and they do not want to leave them by dying. They also want to be a part of their lives but the illness takes so much away from them physically and emotionally that they have very little left for friends and family. They watch their lives crumbling around them and their families will put the blame on them farther adding to their anxiety. They will nit pick at the chronically ill pointing out responsibilities they are neglecting. Not understanding why they are spending so much time researching and speaking to others so they can learn to heal. The chronically ill are doing the best they can to learn to heal and want nothing more then to be there for their friends and family yet those very ones will be the ones pointing out their inadequacies that the chronically ill can do nothing about. Oftentimes this will cause the chronically ill person so much emotional distress that it starts taking from them physically and it causes their health to decline even farther causing even more anxiety.

Being chronically ill also comes with the feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, guilt, and we may even feel worthless. Those who are chronically ill lose much of their emotional and physical and even financial support. Those they needed the most distance themselves from them or even add to their stress and physical demands instead of supporting them so they can heal. The mental energy needed to focus on healing and on working just to function takes a lot and there is not much left for even basic things such as planning a meal or even going shopping. The chronically ill person feel emotionally empty from being isolated and from having to use so much of their mental energy for others things they have very little left for emotions. With the chronically ill being expected to function normally and fulfill the normal aspects of their lives which become a mental and physical burden that hinders their healing and they can feel it they start feeling hopelessness. With the medical community being so corrupted , family , friends and society expecting more from the person then they can actually give it causes a sense of hopelessness because the chronically ill person forces themselves to do things that are emotionally and physically demanding which causes their health to decline. Things such as family gatherings can be very emotionally and physically taxing on someone who is trying to block out pain and who is physically wiped out. The slightest bit of stress can dramatically set someone who is chronically ill back. When I was chronically ill and would point this out to people they would tell me “life is stressful get over it. “

A person who is chronically ill is usually so focused on healing that things they used to find pleasurable like going to social gatherings or going on a date become non pleasurable because of the physical and emotional resources that have been used to do those things. Even sitting and talking with family had become emotionally and physically taxing for me because I had to watch what I said or did because I would get a lot of criticism about how I lacked responsibility and didn’t seem to care about things anymore. In actuality I cared deeply but was so emotionally and physically drained and I was trying to do my best to conserve energy mentally and physically so I could heal. Guilt comes from this because we realize we are not fulfilling our responsibilities and we have become a burden to others. Usually the guilt is farther increased by those around the chronically ill pointing out the things they are inadequately fulfilling. The mental resources it takes for a chronically ill person to block out the pain , the fatigue and many other health issues causes those who are chronically ill to become absent minded, have memory loss, become emotionally distanced because of the amount of mental energy it takes to deal with the illness. Oftentimes we do not want to burden others so we will try and pretend we are not as sick as we actually are which comes with it’s own guilt because now we are deceiving others adding to our problems because they will expect more from us. So to reveal this to them after we have put on a show of being better then we actually are means we expose we have been deceptive. This can cause a flood of emotions between the people involved and oftentimes for me resulted in them not believing I had been pretending to be better than I was so they would still not offer the support I needed. I learned from experience when we hide how much we are actually going through we do a disservice to all those who are chronically ill because we are enabling the behavior towards the chronically ill by hiding our suffering. We also are enabling the medical communities to sweep us under the carpet and discredit us and make us look mentally ill instead of exposing the truth of the medical inadequacies and neglect.

All of the above mentioned things may cause those who are chronically ill to have trouble remembering thing, trouble in planning things, difficulty in making decisions. The chronically ill will have good and bad days but society only sees the good days and are critical of the chronically ills mental inadequacies when they are having bad days. It seems that society only chooses to see the good days the chronically ill are having and mentally block out the bad days and use those good days to justify their lack of support and their neglect of the chronically ill. They start making unreasonable demands setting the person back mentally and even physically.

Adding to the problems a chronically ill person has is the fact their sleep is affected by their illness. Because the body needs sleep to heal they may have difficulty waking also many health problems can cause excessive sleepiness. Some may switch between being excessively sleeping to having lot of energy which is what occurred with me. There would be times I would sleep for a week none stop then there would be times I could not sleep for a week at a time. Oftentimes the circadian rhythm becomes disrupted when a person is chronically ill causing them to wake at the wrong times of the day and sleep at the incorrect times. I experienced all the things mentioned. This adds to the stress because all we want is to be normal again but oftentimes people will complain how much we sleep and say if we would get up and move around and quit being so lazy we could get some things done. This also adds to the guilt because we are very aware of how our irregular sleep patterns are affecting our lives.

The things a chronically ill person experiences can cause them to have thoughts of death. Suicide attempts and suicide is very high among those who are chronically ill . I thought of dying and desired to and even prayed for it. I believe because of the damage my body had suffered there was no way it could recover. I thought I would be useless the rest of my life and felt like I was a prisoner of my own body. Though I did not try suicide nor would have I wanted to die. The pain was beyond anything I ever thought I could endure. Yet no one would acknowledge my suffering and my pain. Even now if I mentioned what I endured people will criticize me and even make it appear as if I am crazy when I mention them. Oftentimes they even blame the chronically ill person’s behavior on being mentally ill. This further adds to the desire to die. I am glad I did not die and I am very happy I have learned to heal and have had the opportunity to teach others they can heal.

I am not blaming those who neglect, ignore or add burdens on the chronically ill only but the blame also goes to the chronically ill oftentimes because we try not to burden others with what we are enduring. When we do get criticism for what we endure we easily just go back to hiding it believing it will make us less of a burden on others. We go back to trying to pretend like everything is ok in the meantime it is causing our health to decline because we are fighting very hard to appear to be somewhat normal and functional. In doing so we are doing a disservice to all those who are chronically ill because we continue to let the medical communities and society as a whole including families to ignore those who are chronically and not acknowledge how sick they really are.  

I am not blaming those who neglect, ignore or add burdens on the chronically ill only but the blame also goes to the chronically ill often times because we try not to burden others with what we are enduring. When we do get criticism for what we endure we easily just go back to hiding it believing it will make us less of a burden on others. We go back to trying to pretend like everything is ok in the mean time it is causing our health to decline because we are fighting very hard to appear to be somewhat normal and functional. In doing so we are doing a disservice to all those who are chronically ill because we continue to let the medical communities and society as a whole including families to ignore those who are chronically and not acknowledge how sick they really are.

One thing I have not recovered from mentally is the isolation I now feel. I no longer seem to have anything in common with anyone because becoming chronically ill taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and taught me to appreciate keeping life simple. I no longer enjoy watching TV, movies or the many other worldly things they are distractions that take from true happiness. I also feel isolated because I feel in my heart I could never count on those I trusted to be there for me. It has seemingly distanced me from them. I still love them deeply but feel when things get tough they are going to put their own interest first no matter what the cost is to me or others. This has caused me to mistrust most farther isolating me. I still try my best to let love guide all I do and I love others deeply but do not have the confidence they will be there for me and I am pretty certain I would be on my own like I was when I was chronically ill. It would take quite a bit from those who let me down to convince me I could count on them and trust them. I would have to see in their actions they understand what I endured and what I am still enduring as I continue to recover. Also those scars of them letting me down will remain. I have forgiven them but I am not confident that even in their actions they are wholeheartedly going to be there for me. I know I am somewhat selfish but I always gave everyone my all and thought when I was down and out they would be there for me. The fact that they were not and actually did the opposite had made me lose any confidence I have in them and it most likely will not be restored because I still see in the things they so and do towards me they do not fully understand what I endured and how it has changed me mentally , financially, and even physically. They further isolate me by trying to compare their health issues to mine and I came very near dying a few times. I cannot see how they can compare achy joints or a burning stomach to the complete failure of my body and being very close to dying. It further shows their lack of even caring or being interested in what I had to endure. It feels as if they are down playing what I endured and even insulting my intelligence.

From a mothers perspective they may want to give up because the pain is so severe and their bodies are struggling to function. They feel guilt for not being able to be there for their children mentally or physically as they would like. They feel guilt for wanting to give up because if they died who would take care of their children. Who would make sure they remained healthy. What if they suffered from the same illness, who would guide them through it. The mothers know that no one would love and care for their children like they do. They want to get healthy because they know no one will keep the children as safe as they do but the mental , physical and emotional aspect of being chronically ill are so overwhelming that it is a struggle to go on each day.

For those who have a loving father , the father worries about who would take care of the children while he provided for him. He would be very aware no one would love and nurture them like their mother would.

Sadly I have seen the opposite occur. While a parent is struggling to maintain their health the spouse offers very little help or support. This further increase the mental, emotional and physical stress causing the parents health to decline even more.

Hyper Excitement of NMDA (autism also known as encephalitis)

This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.


The NMDA receptors in the brain is one of the most effected when we are ill. It can cause blurred vision, trouble with light it will glare to those effected. You may get buzzing in the ears. It can cause bipolarism, autism , schizophrenia, dissociative behavior and tunnel vision among many other issues.

The main causes of this now days are tick born illness, vaccine injury and consuming genetically modified foods and other foods high in glyphosate.

Most things like metabolic issues , oxidative stress, autoimmunity that I mention in here I have posted on and you can find it using the search feature in my blog.

NMDA Receptors

Information on how the NMDA receptor functions.


L-glutamate or glutamic acid is one of the most important of the excitatory neurotransmitters. It is released by many different types of neurons and stimulates other neurons at the synapses. The excitatory neurotransmitters act to stimulate the next neuron to fire.

Excitotoxicity is when levels of excitatory neurotransmitters are to high, at which point the level of neuronal activation or induced firing of neurons becomes damaging.

GABA inhibits firing of neurons. GABA is synthesized from glutamine. It needs the active form of B6, pyridoxal phophate. When there have been inhibitions in metabolic pathways the body may not be able to convert the B6 to the active form causing a build up of glutamine or glutamate. This can lead to dysfunction in the brain. It can also lead to high ammonia levels. Raised ammonia levels can kill our good gut bacteria and let the sulfur digesting and methane producing bacteria increase in numbers. This will also happen in the bladder. Also high ammonia levels will make candida go from commensal to pathogenic form. This will cause high sulfite levels which will interfere with BH4, I discussed earlier the problems that creates. The high sulfite levels can also cause problems with the CBS pathway which can eventually effect the Krebs Cycle.

GABA and glutamate are balanced in the brain . P5P deficiency can result in elevated glutamate to GABA ratio in the brain which results in elevated levels of exitotoxicity.


Taurine performs manby vital functions in the body including nutritional metal transport into the cells.

L-glycine is an inhibitor of neurotransmitter.

N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptors found in various nerve cells or neurons in the brain. They are stimulated by glutamate and aspartate (aspartic acid). There are 4 main types of of neurotransmitters. NMDA, AMPA, Kainate and Metabotropic receptors.

NMDA primary role is to respond to glutamate or aspartate. NMDA is also stimulated by glycine and polyamines. Aspartate is also involved in the Krebs cycle. Polyamines are interesting, they do not know a lot about them but from what I have read they are almost like software that will zip or compress files then decompress them. They also have a lot of other functions.

Post synaptic NMDA receptor hyper excitement by the presence of elevated glutamate and aspartate levels and/or insufficient GABA, Taurene or Glycine levels results in the receptor opening a channel in the cell membrane allowing the influx of calcium (Ca2+) ions and a reduction of potassium (k+) ions. This has been linked to many brain disorders and it is a common theme in a variety of disorders effecting the brain. The influx of calcium into the cells stimulates NOS leading to NO production in post synaptic cells. I discussed eNOS and iNOS in my post on Nitrosative Stress. Most of the NO production in the NMDA receptor is from nNOS. This can increase peroxynitrite levels because of elevated superoxide levels from oxidative stress. This can damage the brain and blood brain barrier. This can also deplete ATP , when ATP levels are low the NMDA receptors become hyper sensitive.

When the NMDA receptor is hyper sensitive a person will become sensitive to many thing, sound, light, certain odors especially toxic ones. It can make a person sensitive to chemicals because of the over stimulation.

problems with the NMDA recptor can cause the immune system to be inhibited


NMDA issues can also have effects on the heart.


There is a connection between the NMDA receptor and pancreatic cancer.


Issues with the NMDA receptors can result in chemical sensitivities.


Copper moduclates the NMDA receptor. When we have an infection our bodies will hide copper in our soft tissue. This can make us appear to be deficient in copper. Vitamin C frees the copper from our soft tissue. Do not take too much, in high doses vitamin C destroys red blood cells. If you are deficient in copper liquid chlorophyll is a good source of copper.




Vitamin C interacts with the NMDA receptor to reduce pain. Has been shown to help with sciatica.


Most know vaccinations damage the brain.





It is a good idea to learn the symptoms because damage to the NMDA receptor is common in those vaccinated.




Information on NMDA and supplements that help with NMDA issues.


Magnesium and Zinc helps to counter the influx of Ca2+ from the NMDA stimulation.


Restless legs has been caused by high glutamate levels.


High ammonia levels will cause high glutamate levels.


Oxidative stress.







How the body regulates glutamate levels and how to protect the brain.










The blood brain barrier.


Glyphosate, this has been found to be in very high levels in our food supply. They have found the environment is so contaminated that it is even in the air and rain. So almost all have glyphosate in them.





BH4 and autism.


The NMDA receptor has been tied to interstitial cystitis.


Brain and gut.





















GMOs and the farm chemicals used on them cause leaky gut. This is a cause of autism.








Getting GMOs out of the diet helps.





Our toxic food.






Our parents past can have effects on our brain.




How infection causes NMDA issues.



Our environment.





Proton Pump inhibitors damage the brain.


Endotoxins can contribute to NMDA excitability. Astaxanthin helps.




A number of autism studies and causes.


Over active immune response which can be caused by tick born illness, vaccinations or glyphosate.







Inflammation from Lyme can even cause aneurysms.







Oxidative stress


Immune system





Encephalitis is part of the illness.



Brain being deprived of cholesterol. This shows how statins cause it but metabolic issues can also cause this.









This I have researched it is caused by oxidative stress from toxins.


Fluoride damages the brain.






Fluoroquinolone drugs destroy the brain.


Reversing autism



Certain metabolic issues caused by toxins, infection or nutrient deficiencies can cause high ammonia levels which can lead to brain injury. These can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, toxins, vaccine injury, inflammation, over active immune system or infection. Many studies have connected metallothionein deficiency with autism.







These metabollic issues can be caused by vaccine injury and glyphosate.





Low CoQ10 can contribute but under certain circumstances it could increase oxidative stress making things worse. So I would so address the issues causing the low CoQ10 before taking it.


Mast cell activation can cause a number of illnesses.




Spinal fluid leak can be caused by fluoroquinolones or tick born illness.


Mercury can cause problems with the NMDA receptor. They claim it is not in vaccinations but that is a lie some still contain it.



They try to blame genetics for mercuries effects on the NMDA receptor.


Serine helps.


vitamin B6 helps by reducing brain inflammation.


Ashwanga enhances memory through the NMDA receptor.


If the body is not producing enough endocanabinoids , phytocanabinoids my help.



Sarcosine helps with NMDA issues.



D3 also helps reduce psychosis through the NMDA receptor.


Those with anti-NMDA antibodies have been found to be low in vitamin D.


The NMDA receptors help regulate glucose homeostasis.



Fasting reverses some aging in the brain through NMDA.


PQQ helps with nuerotoxic injury.



Cat’s Claw helps with NMDA issues.


Not sure what Acorus is but it helps with NMDA issues.


Psychotria Colorata helps with NMDA issues and opioid addiction.


Huperzia serrata contains huperizine A which helps with alzheimer’s


Aspertame an atrificial sweetener can cause damage to the NMDA receptors.


MSG also has a negative impact on the NMDA receptors.



Muscarinic receptors are G-protein (molecular switches) coupled acetycholine receptors. They are found on the outer membrane of certain neurons and cells. There are five types of Muscarinic Acetylcholine receptors (mACHRs). M1-M5 , when the odd numbered receptors are stimulated they produce increased levels of cytoplasmic (material within a cell) calcium ions in the cell. The odd number receptors trigger synthesis of a chemical messenger IP3 (inositol triphosphate-a phytate) which releases intercellular calcium stores from certain calcium stores that have been sequestered away in the cell. The increased cellular calcium concentration will lead to increased NO production by nNOS and eNOS this can lead to high peroxynitrite levels.

Over stimulation of mACHRs from farm chemicals and many other toxins like heavy metals cause high acetycholine levels by inhibiting acetylcholesterase enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine. This causes high levels of acetycholine which causes the release of NO leading to the production of peroxynitrite. Excessive supplementation of DMAE or Centrophenoxine which has a DMAE component can result in elevated acetylcholine. This can also lead to excess inflammation throughout the body because it is involved in reducing inflammation.

High acetylcholine levels can cause anxiety and high risk taking behavior and mood swings.


Scopolamine found in belladonna can inhibit muscarinic excitability.


Nutrients for the muscarinic receptors.https://ecommons.aku.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://swisscows.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1032&context=pakistan_fhs_mc_bbs


Mugwort helps


Tylenol autism.



Psychological Stress or Trauma

Psychological stress or trauma causes high NO levels which can lead to high peroxynitrite levels which is very damaging to the brain and body. iNOS is upregulated in the lungs and liver during stress. High iNOS levels have been found to be common in post traumatic stress disorder and many illnesses involving chronic fatigue. iNOS is also unregulated during physical trauma which makes those who have been abused more susceptible to chronic fatigue disorders.

Vaccinations and NMDA

It is stated on many vaccine inserts that brain swelling is a side effect. Vaccinations have a dramatic impact on the NMDA and Muscarinic receptors causing the above mentioned things. If you look up the symptoms of autism you will see that brain swelling is the main symptom. But the pharmaceutical companies play the rename game. When people start figuring things out they will rename an illness. They now call it encephalopathy. They played this very game when people figured out that Gulf War Syndrome was caused by vaccinations. They now call it ASIA syndrome.

Aluminum is in vaccines.

























They claim mercury has been removed from vaccines but that is a lie because some still contain it.

















Toxins cause oxidative stress which leads to brain injury.


Nutrients that help.


Saffron can help with the effects of these things.



Increasing Ghrelin may help.


Melatonin helps.


Fish oil helps.


Removing aluminum from the brain.


Black Sativa helps.


Having pets helps.


Corn silk helps but must be organic. The BT Toxin and glyphosate in GMOs have been shown to cause autism.


Anise oil helps.


orthosilicic acid may help or silica



To increase my brain glycogen levels in the morning I started using maple syrup, honey or organic unsulfured blackstrap molasses.


Luteolin helps.


Niacin may help.


Wild violet helps with insomnia.


Some natural therapies that helps.



Ebselem helps by reducing oxidative stress.


Ferulic Acid found in wheat bran and angelica helps.


Sulfur and autism.


Flaxseed increases MAO release which may help.


Tryptophan my help with some but there are certain metabolic issues this could make worse.


St. Johnswort may help.


Plants that may help.




Plants that help reduce acetycholine.


Honeysuckle may help.


Metallothein helps.


Lionsmane mushroom helps.


Gingko really helped me but the first couple of times I took it, it gave me a headache. It you take it for too long it can damage the liver. But certain vitamins can do that.


Some herbs that helps.




Palmitoylethanolamide helps.


Baicalein found in sculletaria, fleabane and plantain herb helps. Helped me a lot.


Hydroxocolbalamin may help.


Diet for those with phenylketonuria. I fixed mine.


Thymus found in savory, juniper berries, thyme, black sativa and bergamot will help.


Passion flower helps but I have seen studies that make me question the safety of it’s long term use. I would only use when needed.


Self heal helps.


Pyrroluria is a symptom of porphyria. This will help the pyrroluria part of the symptoms.


For those who have symptoms severe enough to cause convulsions these herbs have been researched.


Tips for reducing brain inflammaton.


Rooibos helped me.


Roseroot helps. Actually I looked at the phytochemicals of the whole plant and they are pretty much the same throughout the plant.


Quiet time helps.


Serrapeptase and nattokinase helps but very high doses can have serious negative health effects.


For better sleep.


Pyrroloquinoline Quinone helped me a lot with healing.


N-acetylcysteine helped me.


Hops was another one that helped me a lot. It has a cannabinoid similar to THC, I react bad to THC but not to hops.


God info on healing nerves and the brain.


Good info on healing children with autism.


Reducing endothelins can helps, this would also help with high blood pressure.


Cut toxic people out of your life. If they cared they would not be so toxic.


Thiamine deficiency can cause many health problems.


Those who are G6PD deficiency or metabolic issues especially porphyria or sulfation issues need to address them because the foods that contain thiamine could make them ill if they do not. They may have to supplement until they have addressed them.



Folic Acid is man made and not good for the body and can cause problems.





Folic acid has been linked to cancer. Folate has not.


the gut and cholestokinin



Trypsin inhibitors increase cholecystokinin.


Things that raise GABA like , mugwort, wormwood and rooibos reduces cholecystokinin levels. High estrogen levels cause high cholecystokinin levels. High dopamine levels increases cholecystokinin. High levels of cholecystokinin causes glutamate toxicity and NMDA toxicity.


Potatoes increase cholecystokinin


If not addressed it leads to autism.



Meditation now called nuero feedback can help heal the brain.



There are various meditation technique depending on the desired outcome.



Those who meditate have higher cognitive function and less stress.


Meditation even helps with inflammatory bowel disease. It can turn bad genes off.



Lobelia also known as indian tabacco.

Lobelia Inflata

This is not medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. If in doubt don’t please know your plants before using them. Helps those with breathing issues.

Has been used to break nicotine addiction. Has an alkaloid similar to nicotine but non addictive. Has been shown to reduce nicotine withdrawal. Can cause overdose similar to nicotine overdose so has to be used with causion. Most of the lobelia have the same phytochemicals but Lobelia Inflata is the most potent and the one I am most familiar with. I cannot identify the others.



Nicotine like alkaloid.


Can reduce the cancers resistance to apoptosis.


Can help with depression.


Has sedative properties.


Stimulates the VMAT2 receptor also known as the God receptor because it activate when we participate in spiritual things. Vaccines can damage and inhibit the VMAT receptor which can cause psychosis and bipolarism. It also helps break the abuse when addicted to psychtropic drugs.



Some of the chemicals in lobelia are Sigma1 agonist so would help with methamphetamine addiction.


When used in moderation it is hepaprotective.


Helps with asthma and bronchitis but has many side effects if over used.