How toxins are removed from the brain.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

Our brain like any other organ needs to clean out toxins and waste. The glymphatic system is the brains lymphatic system and helps to clean toxins and waste from the brain. Our brain is protected and it is very difficult for things to cross the blood brain barrier. If the glymphatic system fail we can develop a leaky blood brain barrier or leaky dura this leaves us open to toxins and pathogens. It is very important to keep our glymphatic system healthy.

How it works.

Many illnesses can suppress the glymphatic system this can lead to neurodegenerative disease.

If blocked it may cause issues with our eyesight.

They believe stimulating lymphanglogeinic growth factor may be able to reverse many age related neurodegenerative diseases. In theory it should help with cleaning the brain out.

We must get enough sleep.

The glymphatic system drains through the lymph nodes in our knecks so it is improtant to keep them healthy.

It is important to get inflammation down in the blood vessels and stimulate blood vessel repair in order for the glymphatic system to function. Inflammation hinders blood flow and causes hardening of the artieries.

Excersise is important in helping the glymphatic system clean out.

Low levels of alcohol consumption improves the flow of the glymphatic system. High levels do the opposite.

Zinc may be needed for clearance of waste from the brain.

Proper body posture is important for the proper drainage of the glymphatic system.

How to keep things running smooth.