Plantain Herb



Plantago Major and Plantago Lanceolata

Most call P. Major broad leaf plantain and P. Lanceolata narrow leaf plantain. The health benefits are similar but P. Major taste much better though I like the taste of both, I prefer P. Major. Or P Rugelii which looks similar to P. Major but it has a purple or red color at the bottom of the leaf stem. It is the mildest tasting of the three and has a somewhat sweet taste. This is another herb that is a power house when it comes to healing. It can help balance the immune system. Helps with inflammation and poor blood circulation. Kills many pathogens and has amazing healing abilities. It can kill gangrene so the phytochemicals are being researched in it. It also fights chronic illnesses even cancer. I have found it works fantastic for rashes especially poison ivy. To prevent a rash I will take Jewel Weed and use the juices because it is good at breaking up the urishiol. It doesn’t prevent the rash though but will reduce the effects of the urishiol in poison ivy or poison sumac. I then use the juice from plantain to prevent the a rash. It contains biacalein which is what give sculletaria it’s healing benefits.


Speeds up the healing of wounds and prevents infection.

Protects the renal system from inflammation.

It also protects our bodies from oxidative stress which is the cause of chronic illness.

The many benefits are listed in this study.

It contians biacalein and aucubin. This gives it many healing abilities along with the ability to fight pathogens. Biacalein has been shown to reverse some injury to the cardiovascular system and the lungs.

Contains oligosaccharides (mucilage) which help balance gut bacteria and heal the gut.

The seeds have the most mucilage and really helped heal my gut. The seeds are what most know as physillium.

Velvet Leaf Plant

Abutilon Theophrasti

This is not medical advice I am posting this for information and educational purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. If in doubt don’t make certain of a plant before you use it.

I have eaten the seeds but no other parts. This plant is new to me. I know it is Roundup ready because I have seen it in field that had been sprayed by Glyphosate containing products so be careful where you forage it. They can overtake a crop and can reduce production. The fiber is used to make rope. I have seen sites that claimed the seeds can remain viable in the soil for many many years. So when I forage them for the seeds I pull the whole plant out because I get them from a friend who grows his crops organically and uses no harmful chemicals.

The leaves have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves also reduce hydroxy radicals.

Contain Hibiscuslide C which is antifungal.

The flowers are high in flavoniods.



Veronica Officinalis

I  have written this for educational purposes. If in doubt don’t, make certain you know your plants. This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such.

Speedwell, common gypsy weed also referred to as Europe Tea.

Has been used for centuries as food, tea and medicinal purposes. There are hundreds of species but the only one I am familiar with is Veronica Officinalis.

Speedwell has been shown to help with gastric ulcers.

Veronica species have antibiotic properties and great antioxidant properties.

Veronica Officinalis has great anti-inflammatory properties.




Verbascum Thapsus

I  have written this for educational purposes. If in doubt don’t, make certain you know your plants. This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such.

There are many varieties of Mullein which is the Verbascum family.  This is Verbascum Thapsus. It is the only one I have eaten. It is very fuzzy and taste like cabbage. It has many health benefits from reducing inflammation to helping with asthma. It is great at fighting infections.

This site is the best for learning to identify plants. It also has a lot of very good information on how to use the plants.




Berberis Vulgaris

I  have written this for educational purposes. If in doubt don’t, make certain you know your plants. This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such.

Has antioxidants, contains berberine which is known to fight many pathogens. Reduces oxidative stress, inflammation and oxLDL. Has been shown to fight cancer. When I was a kid and I would get ill I would crave the leaves from this plant although it is the berry that is used. When the leaves get red they get very bitter. It has even been shown to help with acne. Has been shown to help with fibrosis.

The bush is invasive and is not native to the US. It can spread and cause problems. I try and isolate my bush and get the berries before the birds to prevent it from spreading. I had to move my bush so I just ripped it out and gathered a few small ones to replant. They are the ones you see in the pictures.




Deep Fried Dandelions.


Dandelions Are Good Food.

   Since the GMO producers have been destroying our food supply and also because of GMOs destroying the insects that pollinate our food supply,  I decided to show people alternative food sources.  One of them is the dandelion, it can be tasty and have many health benefits. Don’t forget this is some of the bees first food so save some for them.

Dandelion is one of the few things that can detox glyphosate and glufonisate.

Click to access Gress-et-al.Dig1-BMC_2016.pdf

Dandelion is listed among the plants that help with obesity, high LDL, inflammation and even cancer.

Dandelion has too many benefits to list. It is a superfood.

I like mine deep fried but there are many ways to use them. They can be used as greens in salads, on sandwiches, in salads, or cook them with other greens. They can be bitter so don’t over do it. They are best picked before the flowers come on. I try to pick lighter green leaves because they seem to taste better. They can be bitter but in moderation they add a nice bite to a meal. Dandelions have been shown to protect the renal systems. They are very nutritious but they are a diuretic like coffee and tea, so you should drink more water when you consume anything from the dandelions.  There is a saying if in doubt don’t, if you are not sure of what the plant is do not eat it.

This is a very good site in learning to identify plants and how to use them.

My Favorite Deep Fried Dandelions Flowers.

  This is my favorite of all ways to prepare dandelions. The flavor is like a cross between artichoke heart and zucchini.

After you pick the dandelion flowers try to remove as much green as possible to remove some of the bitterness. Their is a ring around the flower with little leaflet like things on it. I try to remove them. Be careful if you remove too much green the dandelion will fall apart.


Some people do not wash theirs but I prefer to wash mine because I have seen slugs on them and they carry some pretty dangerous diseases. After I wash them I set them on a plate that has paper towels so that they can dry.

Dandelion drying

   After they have dried a few minutes I dip them in a mix of egg and just a tiny bit of milk. For the breading I use a fifty fifty mix of Italian style bread crumbs and and all purpose flower.


   After I cover them with the breading I let them set a minute or two because it seems to make the breading stick better.


 When you are frying them keep a very close eye on them because they cook very quickly. You will have to turn them once one side has been cooked.  Eat and enjoy.


Fried dandelion