Benefits of wild yam.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice , I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and knowledgeable functional medicine practitioner.

Wild yam and smilax (Dioscorea spp)

Most wild yams and smilax are very chemically similar and have the same benefits. They have been found to have antibiotic properties especially against staph infection. They inhibit many pathways Covid and herpes use to infect cells. They have been shown to reduce the symptoms of gout and joint inflammation by reducing uric acid levels.. Also domesticated sweet potatoes are chemically very similar. Wild yams have been shown to reduce the symptoms if arthritis. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are cardioprotective. They have been shown to reduce gut inflammation and prevent the damage caused by infections including corona. Dioscorea Batatas I would avoid it stimulates TLR4 which is overexpressed in Crohn’s , interstitial cystitis , Corona and herpes infections. Wild yam species have potent antioxidant properties. Wild yam inhibits the effects of endotoxins. They inhibit coagulation and fibrin pathways which would prevent excess blood clotting. I cannot find research to support this but many use it to prevent muscle spasms, and uterine spasms and contractions. Dioscorea villosa is the most researched and most used. It has been found to reduce candida overgrowth and bacteria infection in the gut. It helps prevent liver fibrosis so would help with fatty liver disease. It helps prevent the negative effects caused by endotoxins. It protects from endotoxemia induced brain injury. It also increases expression of genes inhibited by herpes and other RNA viruses. It increases beta oxidation which would improve mitochondrial function. It also helps prevent diabetes by improving pancreatic function. Wild yam increases 5-HT which gives it , it’s antidepressant effects. It is supposedly effective against breast cancer but I am skeptic of cancer curing claims because the cause of the cancer should also be addressed and often times in those studies that has not been determined and addressed.

Things that may help with lysosomal storage disease.


Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice. I am posting this for educational and information purposes.

Those who have lysosomals storage issues I noticed also have gut issues.  This is a post on things that may help those with the most difficult gut issues and may help those with lysosomal storage issues. It takes time to heal and lots of research and patients. You have to develop your own protocol there is no one size fits all. As you heal you have to adjust your protocol.


Autophagy and immune system.

Lithium helps with lysomoal protein degreadation by stimulating autophagy.

Inhibiting mTOR helps with lysosomal storage disease, by stimulating autophagy.

Autophagy helps correct Lysosomal Storage issues.

L-leucine and SPNS1 helps with LSD.

SPNS1 is required for activation of mTOR to induce autophagy.

Autophagy also corrects issues involved with fatty acid abosorptions.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism.

Hypoxia increases V-ATPase. V-ATPase is needed for stomach acid production.

Many with Lysosomal Storage issues have IBS, this is information on enzymes that may help.

Endothelium and LSD.

Green Tea may help with LSD.

Nobiletin may help with LSD by inducing autophagy. Autophagy helps clean out the cells.

A list of nutrients that my restore autophagy.

Spermidine found in wheat germ, mangos and mushrooms restore macrophagy.

Exercise induces autophagy.

Beta glucan may help with LSD.

Whey protein may help.

Increasing TEFB expression may help with LSD.

Akt inhibition increases TEFB.

Curcumin activates TEFB.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism.

Sidt2 deficiency can inhibit autophagy.

Autophagy corrects lipid metablolism which is needed to produce bile and digestive enzymes.

Hydrogen peroxide is needed for lipogenesis.

SOD increases H2O2. The only bioavialable source in food is the chaga mushroom.

Curcumin increase SOD but should not be taken too long it chelates iron and can cause anemia.

I found this study interesting ghrelin effects glycogen storage.

Click to access 06_c6.pdf

Fatty Liver, Cirrohsis, thrombosis and other diseases caused by fibrosis.

Gray1086-liverThis is not medical advice. I am posting this for educational and informational purposes. It takes time, persistence and research to heal. One of the number one causes of thrombosis and fibrosis now days are the Covid vaccines.

Fibrosis can result in excess blood clotting, muscle damage, NAFLD, COPD and many other illness. I have posted on oxidative stress, inflammation and infection. I have also posted on toxins like glyphosate, glufosinate, mercury and detoxing them. All those things can cause fibrosis. Modern medicine looks at the symptoms and not the cause for example when the liver or lungs are failing they view those as the problem but most things like that are from a systemic failure throughout the body caused by many things. If you read my post it is your gut and not your genes you will see many things they blame on genetics can be corrected in the gut. Even thought this post is about NAFLD these things should help with just about any illness caused by fibrosis including thrombosis (blood clotting) because many of them have similar causes. The main causes of these disorders now days is vaccine injury, eating foods that contain glyphosate and drug injury especially fluoroquinolones.

Ways NAFLD developes

Genes and NAFLD, keep in mind things they thought were genetic and could not be changed they have found can be and people can heal.

Good list of supplements for NAFLD.

Foods that may help.

Krill Oil and other fats may help with fatty liver.

Pantethine has been shown to reverse fatty liver disease. but excessive use may cause fatty liver.

Ubiquinol helps reduce fatty liver.

Low P5P can cause fatty liver disease.

PPC may help with fatty liver.

SAM helps with fatty liver.

Carnitine helps with fatty liver.

Those with fatty liver have been found to be low in magnesium. This can be cause by oxidative stress, inflammation , toxins and metabolic disorders.

Fruit vinegars help with fatty liver.

Alpha R-lipoic Acid helps with fatty liver.

Treatment options for NAFLD.

Nattokinase also reduces fibrinogen which would help with COPD and NAFLD.

This is a site with a list of things that can cause NAFLD. Most of these issues I have posted on if you search my blog.

Renal function can improve at any stage of illness.

In some Tenascan-C becomes activated which can lead to fibrosis throughout the body including the liver and lungs.

Illnesses that cause damage to the body from increased inflammation and oxidative stress can cause raised Tenascan-C levels.

Tenascin-C is high in tissue injury which is why it is important to address the issues that are causing the injury. Whether it is metabolic issues, nutrient deficiencies, toxins , infection or oxidative stress.

Ace inhibitors may help with fatty liver. I have posted on natural ACE inhibitors in my hypertension post.

Vitamin E found in things like Olive Oil and Fish Oil helps with fatty liver.

Vitamin D deficiency or a number of metabolic disorders or toxins can prevent the body from converting vitamin D to D3. Low levels of D3 can increase Tenascan-C levels. Supplementing with D3 may reduce Tenascan-C levels.

Alcoholics get cirrhosis of the liver because it depletes the nutrients (cofactors) needed for sulfation and glucuronidation.

Cholesterol dysregulation and NAFLD.

Homocysteine NAFLD

Betaine, Homocysteine, NAFLD.

Those who have issues with thiols cannot take betaine. I have posted on thiols.

Estrogen PEMT

Estrogen,PEMT and choline deficiency.

Choline deficiency can lead to NAFLD, there also also metabolic issues that can interfere with the bodies use of choline.

A deficiency in PEMT enzymes leads to fatty liver.

The vagus nerve can effect PEMT levels.

Misaligned vertebrae and vagus nerve.

Dysregulation of PEMT will result in liver dysfunction from choline deficiency. It is not mentioned in this study but nutrient deficiencies and metabolic issues like inhibited sulfation and issues with thiols can cause this. I have posted on those. Carcinogenic estrogen can build up in the body effecting these receptors. This can be caused by vaccine injury, heavy metals and glyphosate. Under normal health estrogen induces PEMT. PEMT homeostasis is important for preventing fibrosis throughout the body.

A deficiency in PEMT leads to fatty liver disease.

This is a more in depth article on PEMT.

PEMT issues can result in lung dysfunction.

High levels of certain gut bacteria , and high endotoxin levels can cause PEMT issues. I have posted on gut bacteria and how to reduce the strains mentioned, I think it was in my gut bacteria post. Leaky gut and infection causes high endotoxin levels and I have posted on how to address those.

SNAIL1 inhibition can reverse fatty liver caused by PEMT dysfunction.

A natural pesticide form the melia toosendan tree inhibits SNAIL1. It is used to get rid of parasites in the body.

Eucalyptol is a SNAIL1 inhibitor.

Insulin resistance caused by inflammation and oxidative stress can lead to NAFLD.

Betaine (TMG) helps with fatty liver.

Antitrypsins defiency can lead to NAFLD. Raw egg whites and Lima beans inhibit trypsin but I do not know if it will help , I could not find research on humans. Though there are studies on mice that show beans that have trypsin inhibitors in them being effective. There are studies showing the trypsin inhibitors in beans fight cancer.

Ursodeoxycholic acid reduces liver fibrosis. Inhibited sulfation can cause a deficiency in ursodeoxycholic acid. It can also cause sulfated ursodeoxycholic acid to build up in the liver causing damage. This can also cause problems in the intestines, resulting in inflammation and even intestinal lesions. There are a number of things that cause liver fibrosis and many of them can be addressed by increasing the gut bacteria that produce ursodeoxycholic acid.

I gut bacteria help keep our liver healthy.

Our gut bacteria also protect our livers from infection.

Parental nutrition effects the health of an infants liver.

Enterococcus Lactis protects the liver from oxidative stress.

Oligosaccharrides increase the beneficial bacteria that produce ursodeoxycholic acid, this helps with liver fibrosis which has been found to be common in those with SIBO.

Obeticholic acid reduces liver fibrosis.

Bile acid dysfunction has been connected to many chronic illnesses.

Metabolic issues effect bile acid production which can lead to illness.

Our gut bacteria regulate our bile acids, bile acid dysfunction can lead to kidney and liver disease.

Lithium in low doses heals the kidneys in high doses it can damage them.

Dybiosis can cause poor liver health regardless of our body fat levels.

Fasting increases HSP70 which helps with NAFLD. I have posted on HSP70

Ginseng may help with liver fibrosis.

Oligosacharride helps normalize our gut bacteria.

This study shows the importance of bile acid homeostasis in the prevention of NAFLD.

Nrf2 regulates bile acid homeostasis. I covered Nrf2 in my antioxidant post.

Trehalose reduces oxidative stress by regulating Nrf2/keap1 pathway and induces autophagy.

Choline metabolism and our gut bacteria are connected to liver disease. A sign of metabolic issues that need addressed is gall bladder trouble and indigestion when eating foods high in choline.

We need to get the correct fats an adequate amounts of cholesterol for bile production. We also must address issues that may cause a loss of cholesterol and fats by oxidation . I have posted on oxidative stress and inflammation.

I have posted on thiols. Cholesterol dysregulation can cause NAFLD.

Hemochromatosis can cause liver fibrosis. They claim it is genetic but I have seen studies showing toxins, infection and excess oxidative stress can cause it. Curcumine also reduces iron overload but taking it for too long can cause anemia. Lactoferrin reduces symptoms of iron overload by normalizing levels of iron in the blood though I have not research the safety of it’s use in liver disease.

This is a list of herbs that helps with hemochromatosis.

Liver fibrosis is caused by increased collagen production.

Porphyria can lead to fatty liver. I have posted on it.

Stringy Stonecrop help with liver fibrosis.

NAD+ may help with fatty liver.

Eleuthero reduces fatty liver.

Diosmetin found in citrus fruit reduces liver fibrosis.

Inhibiting USAG1 may help with Alport Syndrome. Proteinuria is part of the problem with Alport Syndrome. If I get a chance I will research the effects of protease on Alport Syndrome.

Biochanin A which is found in red clover and in the red papery covering of peanuts prevents liver fibrosis.

Relaxin helps reduce lung fibrosis which would help with COPD.

Bacteriodes Fragilis reduces liver injury.

I found this interesting IDO deficiency causes liver fibrosis. IDO deficiency can be caused by metabolic issues, toxins like mercury, glyphosate and glufosinate. Infection cause high quinolinic acid levels which can cause IDO deficiency. Also toxins from mold can cause IDO deficiency. High IDO levels can cause cancer so this is not something you would want to increase but something you would want to restore homeostasis to.

High MMP levels causes fatty liver.

This is a list of MMP inhibitors. I find it strange that many of these also fight viruses.

Fraxinux Excelsior seed helps reverse fatty liver.

Theraputic targets to help with fibrosis.

Those with liver fibrosis have been found to be deficient in Vitamin A.

Other vitamin deficiencies connected to liver fibrosis.

Zinc deficiency is common in cirrhosis of the liver.

Berberine helps with NAFLD.

Metabolic issues, oxidative stress, toxins especially mecury and glyphosate can cause the loss of retinoic acid receptor. I have posted on how to address those things.

Rumex Visicarius can help prevent liver disease.

Burdock root is hepaprtoective.

Kudzu has many healing properties. It is hepaprotective.

Though this is the kidneys I am sure this could happen in the liver also. Infection especially tick born illness can cause antiphospholipid syndrome. Vaccine injury can also cause this. Antiphospholipid syndrome can cause fibrosis in the kidneys.

Paeony helps reduce symptoms of kidney disease.

Low carbohydrate diet reduces kidney disease in diabetes. I have posted on diabetes. This would be a temporary fix. It is better to address the issues causing it.

List of herbs that help cleanse the kidneys.

Many medications can cause liver fibrosis especially fluoroquinolones.

Murcormycosis is a lung infection and if not addressed it can lead to liver disease and COPD.

Cristifolin found in Joe Pye helps with liver fibrosis but it contains an alkaloid that can build up in the body so I would not recommend over use.

How isoflavones protect the liver.

Sirt1 activators help reduce NAFLD.

Inhibited Sirt.

Silymarin found in milk thistle seed inhibits mTOR which has been found to help with NAFLD.

Stevia Extract has hepaprotective properties.

Glyphosate causes liver damage resulting in liver fibrosis.

Cathepsin B causes NAFLD.

There are natural Cathepsin inhibitors but have not found studies on their effectiveness.

Japanese Honeysuckle helps with liver fibrosis.

Plantain herb is hepaprotective.

Artichoke is hepaprotective.

Yarrow protects the renal system and reduces oxidative stress.

yarrow protects the renal system.

reduces oxidative stress.

Ginger is hepaprotective and reduces oxidative stress.

Hibiscus is in the mallow family. Most plants in the mallow family are hepaprotective.

Hibiscus is hepaprotective.

Rose hip is hepaprotective.

White malberry helps with NAFLD

Sages have many healing abilities. Red Sage helps with liver fibrosis.

Red Sage helps reverse liver fibrosis.

Sirt activators help with NAFLD. Resveratrol found in grape seed extract is a sirtian activator.

Beta Glucan found in mushrooms, whey protein and whole grains help with liver fibrosis.

Beta glucan protects from fibrosis which is found in COPD and NAFLD.

Rooibos protects the renal system by reducing oxidative stress.

It also protects the renal system the same way.

Causes of lipid storage disease.

Oxidative stress causes renal damage, this is how Tylenol causes liver damage. Corn Silk helps protect the liver from oxidative stress, it is yummy to.

miR22 promotes liver fibrosis.

miR22 is modulated by our gut bacteria, our mRNA communicate with our gut microbiome. So if we have undressed health issues then this could be disrupted.

Plants that should be avoided because they have alkaloids that can destroy the liver or kidneys.

Plants with poison alkaloids.

Lipoxin reduces inflammation which should help with NAFLD. I have not had a chance to research how to increase lipoxin.

I do not like metformin because of the effects of long term use on the body. I am posting this to show that folic acid is toxic to the body and is used to damage the liver of animals in test. It is man made and our bodies make very little of the enzyme needed to break it down. This causes the excess that cannot be broken down to enter the blood stream causing damage throughout the body. Folate which is natrual does not have this effect on the body. They fortify our food with folic acid making it toxic, so those with NAFLD should try to avoid foods containing folic acid.

Glycogen storage disease.

Beta Glucuronidase is bad for NAFLD but helps with lysosomal storage disease.

Those with NAFLD can be deficient in B12

Mitochondrial disfunction is common in NAFLD, PQQ improves mitochondrial function.

Hibiscus is hepaprotective.

Red Sage helps reverse liver fibrosis.

Beta glucan protects from fibrosis which is found in COPD and NAFLD.

Reduces blood pressure.

Rooibos protects the heart by reducing oxidative stress and by reducing inflammation. Rooibos is also an ACE inhibitor.

Tenascan-C is needed for heart repair.

Tenascan-C is high in COPD

Tenascin-C is high in tissue injury which is why it is important to address the issues that are causing the injury. Whether it is metabolic issues, nutrient deficiencies, toxins , infection or oxidative stress. This also causes high oxLDL levels.

Fructose and NAFLD, fruit fructose is different it is processed fructose that causes the problem. Just as processed honey loses it’s health benefits so does processed fructose.

Insulin/Snail1 issues are involve in macrophagy which shows that NAFLD is a macrophagy issues.

Macrophagy issue also cause lipogenesis issues.

Those with NAFLD have glycolysis issues. This indicates macrophagy issues.

macrophagy issues have been linked to NAFLD.

Genetically modified foods destroy our health glyphosate and glufosinate add to the toxicity.

Monsanto now owned by Bayer and has dropped the name but when the company was Monsanto they colluded with the government to hide the harm their products are doing.

What it does to the enviroment.

Symptoms of high glyphsate or glufonisate levels.

What it may be doing to your health.

Possible risk involved with eating GMO foods.

Studies have shown that most of our food contains high levels of these toxins.

Many studies show we have high levels of glyphosate in us.

So now you can see the importance of testing for glyphosate or glufonisate.

Take all the evidence below and compare it to the rise in many health issues and you will see what is causing many of them.

Neurological deaths increased as glufonisate and glyphosate usage increased.

There is obvious conditional bias in biotechs research.

Going by Monsantos standards all of Monsanto’s studies are invalid.

GMO are regualed as a pesticide by the FDA.

Studies showing the dangers of GMOs get ignored.

The effects of the toxins are lethal.

Studies showing the dangers of any of Monsanto’s products are ignored.

GMO producers try to pass off privately funded studies as independent studies.

Why are the GMO producers working so hard to keep everything a secret?

There has been proven conflicts of interest in the research on the safety of GMOs.

GMO increase herbicide and pesticide use.

GMOs raise production cost.

GMOs cost farmers more and create super bugs.

One of biotechs biggest advocates have had many studies retracted and some involved GMO research

The positive hype surrounding GMOs is based on studies that have been retracted

There was a hidden viral gene found in GMOs

They are not sure what the affects on humans or plants will be.

They know there is the risk of horizontal gene transfer. So what if the genes transfer to those consuming the GMO food. Now their bodies will become there own enemy.

I believe it is one of the contributing factors behind autoimmune disease.

They are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. There has always been food that sits and rots. The real problem is food wastage.

Now the proven harm GMOs are doing.

Glyphosate used to dry beans and grains and used to spray on crops that are RoundUp ready causes many health issues. Bayer has their version called Glufonisate and it causes the same problems.

Destroys bone marrow

Can cause menningitis.

Can cause erectile dysfunction

Can make a man sterile

How do we know this didn’t cross pollinate with other corn?

Can cause heart issues.

Can cause high dopamine levels.

Can cause convulsions.

Causes excess oxidative stress and makes aluminum more toxic.<39%3A%3AAID-EM5>3.0.CO%3B2-6<39%3A%3AAID-EM5>3.0.CO%3B2-6

Causes fatty liver

GMO cause celiac disease.

Causes cell division disfunction.

Causes bladder cancer.

Exposure to farm chemicals in children’s food raises the risk of cancer.

Glyphosate depletes nutrients from the body. I will provide the supporting research later.

BT Toxin is cytotoxic to our cells and adding glyphosate or glufonisate makes things worse.

BT Toxin cause an immune respronse. Which causes gut inflammation.

All environmental chemicals have effects on our guts especially antibiotics which glyphosate was originally patented as.

This can lead to many metabolic disorders.

Can also lead to mental disorders.

Causes fatty liver.

Glyphosate is toxic to the liver.

GMOs cause symptoms similar to food poisoning.

Glyphosate impedes our cells ability to repair.

My alter the DNA of children.

Glyphosate can cause blood disorders.

The health effects of BT Toxins have not been researched properly.

This covers all the illnesses glyphosate and toxins like it can cause.

The body mistakes glyphosate for glycine.

Glyphosate combines with heavy metals to become more toxic.

BT Toxin is toxic to our bodies and now it grows inside the GMO food.–danger.pdf

Plants regulate our gene expressions can you imagine what GMOs are doing.

Glyphosate causes neurodegeneration.

Even in small amounts it is toxic.

Is the cause in the rise of gout.

Crosses the placenta.

Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor.

Now you know the real reason wheat is toxic.

How to detox glyphosate

Glyphosate causes miscarriages and preterm births.

Self Heal

self heal

Prunella Vulgaris is the one I am familiar with Prunella Grandiflora has bigger flowers and I have never seen it. They are known as heallall, or self heal.

This is not medical advice this is form information and educational purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. If in doubt don’t, if you are not certain of the identification of a plant do not use it. Has many health benefits and has been shown to stimulate healing throughout the body including areas that are difficult to heal like cartilage and ligaments. Has been shown to fight cancer and infection.

Fights cancer through multiple pathways.

Protects against UVB damage and aging.

Prevents renal fibrosis so would help with fatty liver.

Protects cognitive function.

Helps with diabetes.

Helps with autoimmunity,excess inflammation and allergies.!divAbstract

Helps fight Ebola.

Helps with leaky gut.

Helps with fatty liver.

Is high in ursolic acid which has many health benefits.


Anti inflammatory

Prevents heart disease

Great for detoxing.

Helps with ADD

Reduces oxidative stress.

Inhibits HMGB1 which helps with sepsis.

Inhibits HIV infection

Inhibits virus replication

Helps with mast cell activation syndrome or allergies.



This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such , I am posting this for information and educational purposes only. If in doubt don’t please know your plants before using them.

There are many plants that are poisonous that get mistaken for Scutellaria and are sometimes contaminants in supplements containing Skullcap. Two of the most common that can be mistaken for Skullcap that are poisonous are Downy Skullcap (scutellaria icana) and Germander which is in the Teucrium family.

The ones with the most health benefits in the order of effectiveness are Sculletaria Racemosa, Sculletaria Biacalensis, and the one with the best sedative effects is Sculletaria Lateriflore.

They contain biacalein which I have seen miss spelled as biacalin in some studies. It has amazing healing abilities. S Racemosa has the highest levels of biacelain. It has been shown to be very effective against cancer with little side effects. One of the problems I had with Skullcap was that it healed my nerves and improved my blood circulations so fast that all heck broke loose. The best way I can describe it is when you sleep on your arm and it goes to sleep. As the blood flow returns you experience muscle spasms and major tingling. That happened to me for about three days when I started taking it and then I started to feel much much better. I was surprised at how fast it was healing me. I used Sculletaria Racemosa.

Biacalein has been shown to be effective against liver fibrosis and correct metabolic disorders.

Skullcap helps with asthma and COPD.

It has antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects which helps prevent periodontal disease.

Effective against various types of cancer.

This would also help interstitial cystitis because this is something cancer patients and those with interstitial cystitis have in common.

Reduces artherosclerosis by reducing oxidative stress.

Reduces inflammation and the way it does it would be very beneficial for those with interstitial cystitis.

Reduces hypertension

Improves chances of having a successful pregnancy.

Helps with autoimmune disorders.

Protects the brain and nerves and stimulates healing.

Helps with NAFLD, fatty liver disease.

Helps fight the flu.

Prevents heart failure.

Reduces bone inflammation.

Helps heal leaky gut.

Helps with diabetes.

The list goes on and on as to the benefits of Skullcap.