Can you get Covid from farts?

Written by Lee Stevenson.

Can Covid be transmitted through farts? It may be possible. Since feces particles are expelled when someone farts and Covid has been detected in feces. Since studies have shown talcum powder can be propelled long distances by flatulence and they are at least five times bigger then most viruses including Covid it seems the Covid virus would be much easier to expel through flatulence then talcum powder. A study showed farts can transmit germs through the air. Though fully clothed it was much less likely to happen. There have been documented cases of disease being spread and it was determined flatulence was the most probable route of transmission.

Since Covid has been found to be transmitted long distances through the air and if anyone has been in Walmart and someone farted you know those farts travel a very long distance. It would be possible to walk through a cloud of Covid laden flatulence.

Now something this ridiculous could be used by the fake news and other media outlets like social media to convince people to get vaccines that have been shown to do more harm then good. It is very easy to induce fear now days because people believe those media outlets and the fake science they promote. Instead of being paranoid and letting people induce fear they should be asking why those who have natural immunity to Covid and never got ill from it remained healthy and were not effected. They should be asking why the vaccinated are more prone to infection then those who are not vaccinated.

If they do not want to ask these question then they need to learn to hold their breath for a very long time which I would not recommend because if you smelled a fart you breath it in. Hopefully people will realize I wrote this being humorous and I am trying to demonstrate who science can be used to cause false fears in people. We also have to consider the fact that up to 80% of moderns science has been proven to be wrong yet it is accepted as fact, indicating science is nothing but a tool to mislead people now days and get them to throw common sense and reasoning out the window.

Now to be reasonable if you watch infrared videos of people farting you will notice the farts drop to down rapidly so the amount of particles being breathed in is most likely very small.

Feel bloated, flatulence smell like rotten eggs?

This is not medical advice, I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.




Boating, stinky flatulence that smell like rotten eggs, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, Bile acid refux, headache, fatigue, muscle pain?

If we have to many Hydrogen Sulfate producing bacteria it can negatively impact our health. This occurs if we eat GMOs which are high in glyphosate and glufonisate or from taking antibiotics for too long. H2S inhibits butyrate oxidation in colonic epithelial cells which causes many health problems even psychosis. This also compromises the intestinal barrier function which causes an energy deficit.

Bismuth blocks H2S production ,Lactobacillus Plantarum and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae reduces Desulfovibrio , and other producers of H2S but there are others that produce it. Glycomacropeptide found in whey protein reduces Desulfovibrio bacteria. Lactoferrin and lactulose have been shown to reduce sulfur digesting bacteria. Galacto-oligosaccharide has been found to increase the good microbes that reduce the sulfur digesting and methane producing bacteria. Fiber also helps reduce sulfur digesting bacteria.

High H2S causes increased inflammation, increased Reactive Oxygen Species, and increase neutrophils in order to convert H2S to thiosulfate. If thiosulfate levels get too high in the blood it can cause a type of anemia called Heinz Body anemia. If a person is G6PD deficient this will make their symptoms much worse. Low thiosulfate levels in the urine could indicate low or inhibited Thiolmethyltransferase. High thiosulfate in the blood can also be caused by excess garlic consumption.

There are urine test for thiosulfate. High levels can indicate high H2S producing bacteria in the gut or it can indicate a deficiency in Thiolmethyltransferase. This can lead to CoQ10 deficiency and NADPH deficiency. This can also lead to inhibited sulfide oxidation which can impair fatty acid oxidation. This also causes glutathione to become depleted. You can also test the urine for H2S.

This can effect each differently depending on the level of H2S. They can either become constipated or get diarrhea. It can result in inflammatory bowel, pouchitis, halitosis, fatty acid deficiency from inhibited fatty acid oxidation and malabsorption. Lower H2S stimulates intestinal contraction and higher levels causes relaxation of the intestines.

High sulfur foods and meat increase H2S levels if the sulfur digesting gut microbiota are high. Most fats can also increase H2S and medium chain fatty acids are usually the best to consume when there are high sulfur digesting bacteria levels. Many of our processed foods contain sulfur as a preservative.

In a lactulose test if the levels of methane and hydrogen are not high then it is most likely dysbiosis caused by high sulfur digesting bacteria levels.

H2S cysteine activates GLUT increasing the transport of glucose into the cell. The excess hydrogen sulfide in the body will cause a person to develop sulfur intolerance. High sulfur foods will cause a reaction or they will become ill.

Polyphenols reduce the H2S producing bacteria. Wine and green tea in moderation can reduce the H2S producing bacteria.

The bacteria that can be found in the stool that are sulfur digesting and produce high levels of H2S are Desulfovibrio, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, and Prevotella.

Often times when a person has dysbiosis they will tell them to avoid starch but resistant starch reduces the H2S producing microbiota. Butyrate found in butter helps reduce the effects of high H2S. We can increase our Butyrate by taking a butyrate producing probiotic and making sure they get the starches and sugars they need.

High H2S levels increases Trimethylsulfonium in urine. High trimethylsulfonium levels can effect indolethylamine-N-methyl-transferease enzymes which is needed for the methylation of thiols. When this is effected It can effect hormones throughout the body. Glyphosate uses a sulfonium salt which could increase the negative effects to add gasoline to the fire glyphosate kills the microbiota that help keep sulfur digesting bacteria levels down.

H2S inhibits nNOS which causes nitric oxide production to become inhibited. This also increase NADPH levels and decreases NADH levels. Increasing BH4 counters the effects of H2S. L-arginine can increase Nitric oxide.