Is it time to give up on the flawed modern day science of genetics?




Written By Lee Stevenson, edited by Tracey Northern


After writing this it made me realize that the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry are using the lies about genetics to put a smoke screen up and convince the victims their genes are at fault for their illness when they are the ones actually causing all the chronic illness that has reached epidemic levels.

Time to throw the modern day theory of how genes work out of the window along with GMOs and vaccinations which are based on it. As you learn about genes you come to realize plant and animal genes work as a network and a disruption or change in one gene affects the whole network and can have unintended results. We learned this from genetically modified crops. They are less nutritious and affect the body in the same way as food poisoning. It is why the GMO industry is destined to fail. They have lower yields and pests easily circumvent the qualities they have added to the plants to prevent pests so farmers end up with a crop that produces lower yields and is still attacked by pests. Take as an example the case that happened in India where farmers left their animals to graze on the cotton plants after they harvested the cotton, which was common practice, but with the genetically modified cotton crops the animals died.

They have shown that adding genes has unintended consequences. Genes are much more complex than originally thought and the theories that science clings to are being proven wrong daily. There are so many things that can affect how a gene functions and heritability only contributes a very small fraction of how our genes function. Humans share a lot in common with plants so I believe it would be safe to assume this is true also for plants.

When you see the many variables that affect genes you lose confidence in genetic testing in order to predict what illness a person may be prone to. I have seen those with supposed gene flaws who had no gene related disease and others who do not have those gene flaws and yet have disease specific to those very same genes.

This indicates we are missing something. It also shows how flawed science is. Some research papers that use anecdotal evidence have to be retracted while others, usually funded by corporate science, are plagued with nothing but anecdotal evidence and get accepted as fact and even promoted as proven science. Corporate Science has dumbed down true science, does not tolerate real science and will destroy the careers of those who mention real science or point out the fallacies of corporate science.

What we have learned from the bio-tech’s fake science is that it is more important to support cell signaling and the metabolic pathways than provide the proper nutrients needed to either stimulate or inhibit certain gene functions in a way that take other genes in the network into consideration. Something the biotech industry cannot and does not do.

Now we come to the fake science of the vaccine industry. Vaccines have been found to permanently alter genes and those changes get passed on to the next generation. We can see the effects on society. Children are being born with chronic illness that they must deal with all their life. Most of these things they will falsely claim are caused by our genes. The pharmaceutical industries studies are also plagued with anecdotal evidence and outright fake science that has been proven wrong. For example vaccination is based on germ theory but germ theory has repeatedly been proven wrong. Yes means yes and no means no except when it comes to corporate science. Yes and no mean what they determine them to mean. Now here is where I think the omnigenic model will go wrong. They will not consider the fact that humans/animals and plants have microbes that modulate their genes. Changes in the functions of those genes also change animal and plant microbial makeup. Microbiota can alter host gene expression. These things have definitely not been considered by the biotech industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Vaccinations have been shown to alter the bodies T and B cell balance. This has been shown to alter our microbiome which would alter the function of many genes that are modulated by our microbiome. Something as simple as altering our diet can change our microbiome and alter gene expression in the body. I firmly believe the omnigenic model is much more accurate then the polygenic model.

As you research more and more you can only come to one conclusion. Our external environment is just as important as our internal one for maintaining healthy genes. When all the facts and information are considered a person can only conclude that our internal and external environment and the external (enviromental) biome and our internal biome have more to do with gene expression then anything that is inherited. This is also true for plants.

How our enviroment and our microbiome affect our genes;

Because plants are very similar to humans they also are effected the same way;

If our environment affects our genes more then anything, what are GMOs doing to those who are eating them?;

As can be expected this also occurs in plants;

GMOs change the microbe diversity of the soil. Since we know, just like humans, plants rely on microbes to break down food for absorption, this disruption of diversity would also inhibit nutrient absorption and probably explains why GMO crops contain less nutrients than their non GMO counterparts;

If a plant is genetically altered to produce more of a certain nutrient it will produce less of other nutrients;

Often the genetic modification in plants causes changes in their nutritional value and the chemicals used on GMOs have been found to chelate many nutrients from the soil. Altering the genes of plants alters human genes too;


Genes are they permanently written?



This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

If you have read my post on your gut and gut microbiome you know by now it is the microbes in your gut that influence your genes more then inherited genetics. You can turn genes off and on to correct problem genes. This is known as epigenetics. There are many things that can cause negative epigenetic changes. Stress, toxins, glyphosate breaks the glycine cleavage system in the body causing many negative epigenetic changes. Heavy metals and even the lifestyles we choose like drug abuse, alcohol abuse or smoking. These epigenetic changes can be passed to children. But many of these things can be corrected. I have discussed many things surround this like addressing acidosis, oxidative stress, and correcting metabolic issues which helps our bodies to correct gene issues we may be having. Since our gut microbiome regulate gene expression it is very important to learn the microbiota that modulate or regulate those genes.

The microbes in our gut modulates our genes. That is why pharmaceuticals , farm chemicals found in our food and toxins in our environment have such an impact on our genes.

Stress can cause epigenetic changes that get passed to children.

Meaningful meditation can cause positive epigenetic changes.

Many things can effect autophagy which helps to maintain gene integrity. It is very important to correct any metabolic issues because they have negative effects autophagy.

Even exercise causes positive epigenetic changes.

Even yoga promotes positive epigenetic changes.

Hacking our environment hacks our genes.

Vaccinations are known to cause negative epigenetic changes that is why the vaccine manufacturers are protected from the liability of vaccine injuries and death. Most medical professionals are not trains to identify and report vaccine injury that is why the government stated only about 10% of vaccine injuries are reported.

then you get people like this who believe genetics are hard wired and will blame vaccine injury on genetics even though the toxins found in vaccines have been shown to cause negative epigenetic changes.

Dr. Ben Lynch states it best when he says we cause our genes to become dirty. Once that happens it is a long road back but we can fix them.

Once our genes get dirty we develop excess oxidative stress which increase the rate of the negative epigenetic changes. I have posted on oxidative stress.

Glyphosate which has been found to be high in our food supply and water supplies has been shown to dirty our genes up. So it is very important to detox it and other toxins.

If your genes get dirty it is a long road back to recovery because you will have to become your own researcher because how to reprogram the genes is just now being researched and the information on doing it safely is scarce. Your best bet is to hope you meet some people who have been there and figured things out and are willing to share what helped them.