Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix from

220px-Pepperoni_pizzaPizza Crust Mix.

  When you make anything from keep in mind that all the recipes are on their website they don’t put them on the packaging. They do package them very well though.  As stated in my previous post do not put the amount of water that they have stated on their website it is too much and you will ruin your recipe. What I found worked best was to cut the amount of liquids they called for in half. Sometimes that was to much so I would add a little of the liquid at a time until I got the desired consistency.

So here is my modified version of their recipe:

   1 Pack of yeast , combine it with 1 cup of warm water and let stand.

   2 Large eggs

   2 Tablespoons of cooking oil of choice.

   3 1/4 cups of pizza crust mix.

   Combine the eggs and oil and mix them, then add to the pizza crust mix.  Then add the water with the yeast. Then mix, once you have it mixed split it in half and let sit for twenty minutes if you are making two 9 inch pizzas or if you are making one 16 inch pizza just let it stand for twenty minutes.

I had no problem with it sticking and all I did was use a paper towel with some oil to grease the pain before I put it on. If you have trouble spreading the dough out in your pan put a little cooking oil on your hands.  Do not put the toppings on it put it in the oven and cook it first.

They said to set the oven for 375 degrees but I set it for 350 and it came out fine. The recommended time to cook is 7-9 minutes. I like mine a little crisp so I left mine in for nine.

Take the crust out after 7-9 minutes and add your toppings. Then put back in oven. Keep a close eye on it because it doesn’t take it long to cook once you put the toppings on and put it back in the oven.